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Clint Barton

"Heroes can be normal people too."

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a character in “Avengers: Life After Loki”, as played by bandgeek



Full Name: Clinton Barton

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: Hawkeye has blond hair and blue eyes and a strong psychical body. He wears a black vest with a scaled
armour-like appearance, a black band around his sleeveless right bicep, darker grey fingerless gloves to allow to full dexterity,
black pants and black boots. He carries a grey quiver around his back filled with arrows, which also has his collapsible bow
attached when not in use.

Personality: Hawkeye is cocky and very confident in himself. He has a jokey nature as well, evident mostly while in battle.
His constant jokes are not seen as a distraction to others and often either ignored or smiled upon by his comrades. He is very
sarcastic, even in the midst of battle. He also has a tendency to correct others, often at the most suspenseful of times.
[will add more once more developed]

Likes: Quiet, respect, archery, the outdoors, Christopher.

Dislikes: Being stuck inside, disrespectful people, Tony Stark, noise.

Abilities: Clinton Barton is a skilled marksman with an exceptional ability in archery. His aim is such that he is able to send
an arrow into a moving targets with pin point accuracy, and he has even shot an enemy warrior off a fast moving vehicle while
looking the other way.

Weaknesses: Hawkeye's ranged combat superiority is severely restricted by the limited supply of ammunition he can keep
with him.

So begins...

Clint Barton's Story


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She smirked after checking to see if there in fact was gum on her boot and finding there wasn't. "Psh men." She tisked. Selina pulled his wire he had 'used' to get down here and cut it with her heel. She used the line to tie Clint up and tie the line to her belt and drug him all the way to stark tower. It was not easy dragging a full grown man and keeping to the shadows quietly but if anything selnia was a fighter. With a little manuevering on her part she was able to successfull break in and set Clint on the nearest availible surface. "Damn this place is swanky." She noted.