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Gudrun Adler

"I have no ties to earth and yet, here I am..."

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a character in “Avengers Reloaded”, as played by Child of the Winged


Gudrun "Secret" Adler
"I have no ties to earth and yet, here I am..."

Age: 22
Appearance: Long brown hair curled into soft ringlets and an Asian look to her face, Gudrun doesn't look at all Germanic, but she is. She tends to wear pants and shorts more than skirts, if she even owns any. She pretty tall for a girl, coming in at 5'9" and a half. She's only 112 but it's mostly muscles. Her chest is smaller than she'd like but she's by no means flat.
Personality: As the daughter of Jormungand and thus the granddaughter of Loki, Gudrun is used to pain and loneliness. She's a person that thrives in her room, alone, with the music turned up. She's a bit antisocial but she has a good reason to be, seeing as how she's related to the enemy. She's a little viper once you get to know her, fiery and volatile.
-The heat: She the daughter of a giant snake. No brainer
-Snakes: Again, duh.
-Music: It helps her escape her past.
-Stark: She looks up to him because he did so much without powers.
-Water: Her father instilled this love in her.
-Thor: The man is fated to kill her father, the only person that cared for her.
-Chains: Her uncle, Fenrir is caged and she doesn't like it.
-Loki: Her grandfather wants nothing to do with her and she loathes him for it.
Writing Sample:
Gudrun was sitting in Stark's lab, looking over some data for the suit when Stark walked in. "Hey, kiddo." she smiled slightly. "Hey..." He moved to stand behind her, making her look up at him. "Whatcha doing?" he asked, his hand on her head. "Just looking over some data... Should I leave?" Stark merely laughed and headed over to a computer. "Only if you wanna, Snakey." That had a full blown smile on her face. "Shut it, tin can." she joked back. Stark wagged his eyebrows at her. "Your words wound me!" "Oh shut up and work."

So begins...

Gudrun Adler's Story