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Lena Aspin

"Why did I ever agree to move in with you morons?"

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a character in “Avengers Reloaded”, originally authored by LoonyLunaLoo, as played by RolePlayGateway


Lena "Ghost" Aspin

*Age: 24 going on 25
*Appearance: Image
[center]Lena has beautiful blonde hair and gray/green eyes. She is short, only about 5 foot 3, and has a full figure. While Lena considers herself fat, she is far from it. She looks a little stuck up, but she really isn't. She tries to be friends with everyone, but some people she just can't handle. Her nickname "Ghost" came from Bruce when she first got there because she was able to sneak around unnoticed. However, she took this nickname on officially when she became a member of the CIA with Black Widow and Hawkeye.
*Personality: Lena is a joker, no doubt about it. Having been raised with all brothers, she's good at dealing with guys, not so much girls. While she has usually lived alone, she moved into Avengers Tower on invite to help them out. She loves it, but she'll never admit it.
*Likes: The Avengers
Being a part of something bigger than herself
Scary movies
*Dislikes: Sappy romance movies
Being alone
Thor, he's to much of a stuck up ass for her to handle
*Other: Loki'ed
*Example of writing: Lena was sitting on the balcony, legs hanging over the ledge, watching the sun come up. She was thinking, just thinking, about how much she loved being here. One thing that she loved, more than anything, was watching the boys be boys. As a young girl, she had grown up with her brothers, and now it was like she was home again. Lena heard someone walking behind her, and looked. "Oh, hello Bruce," She smiled, making room for the good doctor to sit near her. "Ghost," He said quietly, smiling at the nickname they had given her, and taking the seat beside her. Dr. Banner and Lena had grown close since she had moved in, and she loved that they could just sit like this, and not have to talk. That's one thing that bugged her about some of the other guys, they always had to be talking...
*Teacher: Clint

So begins...

Lena Aspin's Story