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B.J. Barton "Black Hawk"

"hurt my friends, or my country. I will flay you where you stand."

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a character in “Avengers Teens”, as played by mistsong99


Bryce Johann Barton




Anything that threatens to hurt or harm what he holds dear.

+ A Compound Bow Image
+ full quiver of carbon fiber arrows
+ two hunting knives

+ Enhanced immune system
+ Abnormally superior athletic condition
+ Hand-to-hand combat
+ Martial artist
+ Acrobat
+ Hyper-psychic (telepathy, empathy, minor telekinesis, limited astral projection)
+ Elite archer

B.J places great importance on having things orderly and systematic in his outer world. He puts a lot of energy into identifying the best system for getting things done, and constantly defines and re-defines the priorities in his life. On the other hand, B.J operates within himself on an intuitive basis which is entirely spontaneous. He knows things intuitively, things he has no prior knowledge of and cannot identify why he knows these things. he is usually right, and he usually knows it. Consequently, B.J puts a tremendous amount of faith into his instincts and intuitions. B.J has uncanny insight into people and situations. he gets "feelings" about things and intuitively understands them.B.J is protective of his inner self, sharing only what is absolutely necessary. He is a deep, complex individual, who is quite private and typically difficult to understand. B.J tends to hold back a part of himself and can appear quite secretive.
But, regardless of his standoffish manner he is as genuinely warm as he is complex. B.J is concerned for people's feelings, and he tries to be gentle so to avoid hurting anyone. He is very sensitive to conflict, and cannot tolerate it very well. Situations which are charged with conflict may drive the normally peaceful B.J into a state of charged anger.
Because B.J has such strong intuitive capabilities, he trusts his own instincts above all else. This results in B.J's stubbornness and tendency to ignore other people's opinions. He believes that he is right. Conversely, B.J is a perfectionist who doubts that he is living up to his full potential. He has a strong value system, and needs to live his life in accordance with what he feels is right. He doesn't believe in compromising his ideals. B.J is a natural nurturer; patient, devoted and protective.

Hero Name:
Black Hawk


Brief History:
Bryce was a miracle. Black widow was told by every doctor she had ever seen that she was infertile, the modifications to her body and the changes to her DNA made by the U.S.S.R Researchers had made that so. Despite this, something special occurred in the union of Black Widow and Hawkeye. Bryce was born in a relativity quiet time of the hero's lives and for the first three years of his life he lived as a normal child with caring attentive parents, in a secluded cottage high in the northern Appalachian mountains. The child was extremely in tune with his parents emotions and at times he would seem to understand his parents feelings at a level that was much too complete for a child his age. At three years his father began his basic combat training and Bryce's hyper- psychic abilities began to manifest more clearly. He could pluck sentences out of his mothers mind before she could say them and could anticipate his fathers combat moves before he had executed them. He could also aim and adjust his arrows to hit the bulls eye on the target every time subconsciously. Unable to train or control these powers Hawkeye and Black widow sought out the advice of Professor Charles Xavier who agreed to train Bryce under the condition that he attend Xavier institute. At the age of 6 Bryce and his family moved to a small town in Westchester county, NY so that Bryce could attend the Xavier institute and get the training he desperately needed. Durring his 13th year he chose his alias "Black Hawk" to honor his parents. At the age of 14 Bryce's parents had been called away on an extended S.H.I.E.L.D operation. The house was sold, their belongings pared down to the bare minimum and packed away in a storage unit and Bryce was sent to Xavier institute as a boarding student. Two weeks before his 18th birthday Super-storm Sandy damaged the school and though Storm kept the worst of the winds away from the building she could not stop the storm surge. He and many of his classmates were transferred to a school on a military base at an undisclosed location.
They were blind folded.
The driver knew were they were going.

So begins...

B.J. Barton "Black Hawk"'s Story


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B.J. Barton

B. J dropped his standard issue duffel bag on the tarmac with a soft thump. The sun was blinding as his eyes adjusted. Shifting the weight of his overstuffed backpack he took in the surrounding area.

"Was the blindfold really necessary?" he asked exasperation thick in his voice as he turned to face his commander, his eyes narrowing as they were struck again by the bright sun.
He received no answer.

" You're late, the school is over there behind the barracks" said the man, no emotion resonating in his voice.
He waved a hand disinterestedly towards a squat grey-brown building off in the distance. And with that the man got back into the jeep and took off the opposite direction.

Slinging the duffel over his shoulder so that it rested slightly on his backpack he jogged lightly down the runway towards the turnoff to the small complex of buildings . In no time he rounded the corner of the barracks and the school came into view. It didn't quite fit with the military style of the complex but it seemed to be the only building buzzing with life. Without a moments more hesitation, he made his way toward the main double doors.

Taking a deep breath he grabbed the cool metal of the door handle with his free hand. It was as though he had touched a horse fence, he jerked his hand away unsure if this was some kind of security system. Shaking away the strange tingling feeling in his fingers he changed tactics.

he took a step back, rolling his shoulders he took a deep breath to center himself and concentrated on the door handle, just like professor X had shown him. The doors lock popped open and it swung out slowly until the gap was wide enough for B.J. to push through and as he did the PA system which was in the middle of an anouncement whent dead and then buzzed back into life blaring Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses. A smile spread across his face and as it did he began to accentuate his swagger many eyes turning towards him.


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"That's a nice name. Astrid comes from the old Norse elements 'god' and 'beautiful'. I think that suits you, you're rather pretty."

Astrid blinked she didn't think of herself as attractive in anyway, she was taller then most other girls and guys were intimidated by her. She hadn't ever anyone say that she was... "pretty".

"Yeah sure my moms really into Norse am I, it's where she got my name" she said as the girl shook her hand.

"I'm Elyse, Elyse Banner."

Banner now Astrid was sure she had heard that somewhere before but she wasn't sure wear.

"Nice to meet you" she said with a smile "Well I got to get going I got to get to my next class" she started go on down the hall and turned into an art room. While she sat working on a project the teacher handed a paper to her telling her she need to meet in the cafeteria after school. Astrid blinked and the stuck the paper in her notebook. What was it this time she hadn't gotten in trouble this week what was cause for her to have to meet somewhere after school she just sighed and reserved herself for whatever punishment she was sure to get.

Unknown to Astrid this same note was sent to four other students.

((OOC everyone has received a similar not asking them to meet in the cafeteria after school))


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Character Portrait: Astrid Foster Character Portrait: Elyse E. C. Banner Character Portrait: B.J. Barton "Black Hawk"
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He noticed a tall strikingly beautiful and thin girl standing off to the side of the hall follow him with her eyes. She had flaxen blonde hair and seemed to be having a conversation with the shorter dark haired girl across from her who was equally as beautiful.

He heard the last snippets of the conversation between the two as he approached " he's James Bond or something," his swagger dropped off as he drew nearer to the two girls. He shook his head slightly at the comparison to James Bond.

"Pardon me miss, but would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of the administrative office?" he said,tapping the brown haired girl on the shoulder lightly, the slightest hint of a tremor in his voice.

"I do apologize for the interruption. It was my intention to slip in unnoticed, but, alas my plan backfired," He said to the blonde haired girl, flashing a lopsided smile. following their thoughts he moved around the girls, farther into the building.

"Down this hall then?" he asked brusquely and rhetorically,

"My name is Bryce Barton by the way. But, please call me B.J." he said as he made his way down the hall towards the office.

- - -
The lady at the desk was nice, if a bit clipped and strangely he had no idea what she was thinking. It was as if there was a wall between there minds much like the ones Professor X and Jane had used to help him gain a stronger control over his powers.

She handed him a welcome packet and pointed to a shelf with a stack of books and handout packets placed neatly in a pyramid. Unzipping the duffel he had been carrying he gently moved his folded re-curve bow out of the way and pulled his empty backpack from the top of his clothes. immediately he zipped the bag back up and opened the empty bag placing the books inside neatly, then he placed the welcome packet in the front pocket.

He suddenly noticed a small white piece of paper paper-clipped to the side of the packet. he removed it and zipped the bag up, slinging it onto his shoulders. unfolding the paper he found that he was to meet in the cafeteria around 3 pm after school.

"Well that is odd," he muttered to himself under his breath. folding the paper and shoving it into his back pocket he lifted the schedule the admin had printed off the counter and scanned to the class he had during the current period. He was surprised that by late the man who had dropped him off had meant that the last period of the day was more than half way finished.

Before he knew it the last 30 minutes of the day had come and gone and it was time for him to make his way towards the cafeteria. With a little hesitation he moved against the flow of students, back towards the cafeteria, waiting at the door to see if other people were going to show up.