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David Stark: Protodigy

" I am not....Iorn man.''

0 · 312 views · located in Marvel Universe

a character in “Avengers Teens”, as played by Mr. Fly on the wall


name:David Stark
hero Name:Prodigy

Likes: Much like his father. David is always one to Party hard, and flirt with any girl he see's. However when comes to his performance as a avenger. He takes on more admiral qualities. He can become selfless and courageous, and will lay down his life for the rest of the team if need be.

Dislikes: He often complain's that S.H.E.L.D is often too evolved with the avengers activities and feels that Avenger's should be under the Duristion of Stark industries. See as he
provied's the most Money for the Project.

Brief History: David Stark is the Inheritance of the multy million dollar Stark Corporation, and Proudly owns the Avenger's base of operation's though he may not have complete ownership
of the company. He dose have the board's ear, and can meet any demands that the Avenger's might require.

So begins...

David Stark: Protodigy's Story


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The PA chimes as the Principal begins to drawl on about some lame announcement. when suddenly he is cut out by static, Which then replaced by the song Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses. Suddenly the front doors swing open, and a boy comes striding into the school halls. He waring a Leather jacket and think dark sunglasses, wares expensive converse sneakers, and a silver Rolex on his wrist. As he walks through the halls Some Girls swqee at his as he past.

" Okay, Jarvis you up and running.'' He mutters to himself. In a ear peace carefully hidden. '' Yes sir...searching SHEILD files for possible traced Individuals from the other side of his glasses a heads up display Pointing out identities of anyone he passed. He playing points at a girl and clicks his tongue at them. Jarvis Snides. '' Your enjoying your self arn't you Young master Stark..''


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Astrid looked around wondering who was playing the prank and had the balls to play Gun's and Roses over the PA system. As entertaining as it was she was curious how they would get in trouble. That was when a guy came busting through the doors of the school she watched Baileys expression go from confusion to that of childlike glee. The only thing Astrid could think of is how this reminded her of a bad eighties high school movie where guys steal and crash they're best friends dad's car, or stand outside girls bedrooms in the middle of the night blasting a song for her on a huge boombox in a trench coat.

"Who does this guy think he is Ferris Bueller?" a sarcastic smirk forming on her mouth.

Bailey just stood there gawking as the guy passed them then winking and flirting with some ogling girls. She rolled her eyes and grabbed Bailey by the shoulder, "Come on Bailey I want to get out of here before I puke" she was surprised when Bailey grabbed her hand.

"Do you know who that is Astrid?" he said his voice in a slow drawn out manner as if he was in shock.

Astrid raised an eyebrow and looked the guy over again as he continued down the hall, "I have no clue should I know who he is?".

Bailey turned and placed his hands on her shoulders gently shaking her "Are you serious! What rock have you lived under for the past 18 years? It's... It's..." his voice lowered and he stood up on the tips of his feet to whisper in Astrid's ear.

She leaned down so Bailey didn't have stretch so far "It's Iron Man's son" his voice trailing off into a high pitched squeal that reminded Astrid of a girl who and just seen her crush cross her path.

Astrid glanced back at the guy confused, she knew Bailey couldn't be mistaken he knew his Avengers and if he said it was Iron Man's son then he was correct. "Why would he be here Bailey?, He wouldn't have no reason to go to some dinky military base high school" she said.

Bailey just stood there in awe, after a moment of waiting for him to come back to Earth she gave up and started to walk down the hall in the opposite direction of the Stark kid.