Levi Halvorsen

"Oh, I can get my freak on."

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a character in “Avengers: The Next Generation”, as played by ImraeHelvach





Them Bones | Alice In Chains

Name: Levi Halvorsen

Nickname: Bones | Reaper

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Role: Reaper (Mutant #2)

Ethnicity: German | Russian | American



Hair color:

Eye color:


151 lbs.

Skin color:
Pale Tan

Because of his natural ability to regenerate, Levi has the appearance of a 16 year old, even though he is 21 years old. He has a muscular build and a strikingly built facial structure. He keeps his hair short and gelled to keep it out of his face. He has a very greaser-like appearance as far as his overall look goes, which tends to do the opposite of keeping him out of sight and out of mind. His appearance has gotten him stopped on the streets by cops on numerous occasions.

White undershirt, brown leather jacket, jeans, old Vans tennis shoes

Pocket Leatherman's tool.

Bone Manipulation
The user has complete control over the bones of oneself, including growing, shaping, manipulating density/weight, creating constructs, etc.

The user can rapidly regenerate. In other words, they recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs, and sometimes slow, or even stop aging.


ImageImageLevi tends to prefer to keep to himself more than anything else. He is a glutton that doesn't show it physically, but he's always down to eat. He regularly enjoys competing in eating contests, unless they involve hot-dogs. He eats himself into food comas more often than not, so he generally spends his free time either eating or sleeping. Growing up in New York gave him a wild side, and he's pretty good at accidentally getting himself into trouble.

Growing up a mutant gave him an innate need of self-preservation, but he'd willingly give his life to protect innocents. He has dealt with too many mutant haters to have much empathy for them, and he can't stand mutants who abuse the power that they have over others. He thinks of powers as a gift that should be treated with respect and that people should learn to control their gift(s).

Despite these ideals, Levi has his own set of problems. He still has trouble controlling his powers when he's put in a dire or stressful situation, and he has some anger issues that he needs to work out. He tries his best, but he knows that nobody is perfect or exempt from having inner demons that they have trouble putting to rest.

Music | Eating | Video Games | Coffee | Cats | Sleeping

Mutant Hating Humans | People who abuse others | Mutants who abuse their powers | People who think they're better than others | Tea | Hot-dogs

Playing video games | Competitive eating

Wrongful death | Killing innocents (by accident/without knowing) | Outliving a lover due to his regenerative power

Trouble controlling his powers in stressful situations | Loner | Anger issues

ImageImageLevi started his life with his parents in the heart of New York City. When he was seven years old, his powers came to light in the presence of a few people who weren't very keen on mutants or supers. His parents decided to send him away to Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters. He spent two years under the care of the Professor before leaving of his own accord, hitchhiking his way back to New York City. He was nearly kidnapped by one man that he'd gotten into the car of, but his powers went crazy and large bone spikes found their way into the body of the man, killing him near instantly.

When he finally made it back to New York City, he took care in keeping far enough away from his parents' home, if they'd even stayed there. He took care of himself on the streets, stealing when he needed to, participating in eating contests to keep himself fed.

After an incident with a mugger who found himself impaled with bone needles after getting into a scuffle with Levi, he was approached by a man he knew to be Tony Stark, who asked him to come with him, as there was some sort of plan he was a part of. Knowing he had nothing to lose, Levi agreed and was whisked off.

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Levi Halvorsen's Story