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Headmaster Tabtill

"Welcome to Avolair Academy!!!"

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a character in “Avolair Acadamy”, as played by Axel4win


Name: Traril Tabtill
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Type: Alchemist/ Necromancer (Necro-Alchemist)
Weapon: Long sword with poison slots in Hilt
Abilities: Master: Making Poisons and "Zombie Potions"
Average: Standard Potions
Poor: Creating Construct
Can't: Put Ghosts in a new host body
Weaknesses:All potions are made useless with water, Constructs don't listen most of the time, "zombie potions" take 48 hours to kick (minus Skeleton Acid)
Signature ability: Skeleton Acid, Burns off all persons flesh before causing them to rise as a "zombie"
Race characteristics: Human Nothing Special

Personality: Traril is very social he talks to every one. He doesn't discriminate based on Race or rank. He has qualms against a good chuck of the Necromancers society since many of it members are for harm innocents with there powers. When Traril is caught in combat all pleading fall on deaf ears for all he hears is the singing of his blade as it kills with its many poison and acids
Likes: Manga, Compassion, Respect, and sweet foods
Dislikes: Dictators, Oppressors, Reality TV, Bland/Bitter Foods
Fears: Becoming a Cliche Necromancer
Strengths:High Intellect, Powerful Potions
Weaknesses: When angered he is settled on winning by almost any means necessary even about trivial things

Biography: Traril never knew about his parents life style till the unfortunate day he finally explored the Shed that he was forbidden from entering since he was born. When we went in he found alchemical devices that he never though existed and potions and poison that are probably illegal by normal standards. As he worked his way in the smell of death increased and he found himself in a crypt full of the walking dead. At that moment his parents came. Now that Traril knew they decided it was time to each him. And his lesson began till the news of Avolair High School came round and he was sent off to learn from the professors there. After graduating from Avolair Traril explored the world wanting to understand it. After spending many years doing this Traril returned to Avolair with the intention of making it better for the world outside. After nearly 20 years of working at the school in various position Traril was accepted to be head master in the new year.

This is the gernal look but his clothes are more often like the schools being a black jacket with the schools emblem in red on both shoulders versus the usual spot of the breast pocket.

So begins...

Headmaster Tabtill's Story

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Headmaster Tabtill stands up in fronts of the gathering growing crowd. Hoping things would stay peaceful between possible clashing races and he wouldn't have to intervene. Once the crowd had settled down and taken their seats the Headmaster stands and beings to speak "Welcome all of you to Avolair Acadamy!" taking a short breath "I wish to welcome all you personally to your new home. We are hoping to make sure you are ready for the ever changing world" looking over some of the scruffier students "As headmaster I ask that you do your best from fighting among each other. We are here to improve your lives and keep you safe. To do that report to your classes daily and other wise enjoy your selves in a safe way" Taking in another breath the Headmaster finishes "Your homeroom teachers will go over the school rules otherwise you are dismissed" The headmaster finished with little flair and began talking to different students.

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Mira sat quietly listening to the headmaster's speech. She could literally feel the other student's glares on her back. They were all thinking the same thing. Why is there a student sitting with the teachers? Well, she was sitting with her adopted father, that's how. Her eyes were darting around nervously, there were way too many people in the room for her liking. More to the point, too many strangers.

As soon as the speech was over and they were dismissed, Mira shot up from her seat. She began to weave her way through the people, cringing every time she brushed into someone. She was so preoccupied with the people around her, that she forgot to look in front of her. She suddenly found herself crashing into someone and being knocked into the ground.

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#, as written by Mashotu
Nell Tish

Nell was bored out of his mind. He didn't enjoy the speech because every year it was the same damn thing! He'd seen a girl with white hair sitting up with the teachers but didn't care as to why. For all he knew, she could have been the student council president or something.

After the speech was finally over, Nell looks up at the giant ass school. He never could get over how big it was. And even though he was a highschool senior, he still got lost. But while he was looking up at the school he felt someone run into his back. He was startled, but instantly turned around to make sure no knives were in it. It'd be scary if Bel followed him here.

But instead of knives he found the girl with white hair. "Oh..." He said before holding out his hand for her to take, "You okay, lady?"

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As the head master concluded his speech alex groaned. She began walking around the area when a kid bumped into her on purpose "watch it alexandra" the boy said. She clenched her fist and said a quiet spell before sending a blast of magic to hit him right in the back. The kid crumpled into a pile of clothes and a small frog appeared where they were. She picked him up and smirked "you know I just got a pet snakr and I think he's hungry." Suddenly a teacher grabbed her by the arm amd pulled her towards the headmaster turning the boy back to his normal state before she left. "Headmaster it seams alex has got herself into trouble already" the teacher said

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#, as written by Amun
Casteil sat in the corner listing to the Head Master give a speech " stupid.... just stupid..........." Casteil really did not want to be here at all, to many people for him. He made his way to the door slowly. Every move he made he either ran into someone, was pushed, or someone stepped on him feet. He did not say anything as everything happened he just kept moving towards the door. As Casteil approached the Exit a rather all burly student walked right into him, he had to be a college student and a jock at that too. This guy had to be at least a hole two feet taller than himself. Casteil took a step back bumping into more people, he had enough of it all.

Casteil crouched down putting his hands on his ears and closing his eyes tightly, he started to mutter 'Make it stop... Make it stop, No more, no more" in a crowd of people he tents to freak-out a little, it always happens to him no matter how much he tries to stop it.

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Belle stood silently, listening to the Headmaster give the speech. She rolled her eyes in an slightly annoyed, and boring fashion, sighing silently when it was over.
She stood still, the crowd pretty large, she figured she would wait it out, then find her way around when everyone else was gone. Belle grunted, being pushed around several times as she waited for it all to clear out. She started to wonder if such a miracle was possible.

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Ranae Amya

Ranae listened to every word that poured out of the headmasters mouth, and tried to stuff them in her memory. She always likes to feel secure with information, so she always knows how things work around places.

As soon as the headmaster said they were dismissed she suddenly realized how big the student body was. "Great." She muttered under her breath as she tried to go with the flow of the crowd. Of course just her luck along the way she had got smashed in between two huge fat guys. "I-I can't breathe." Ranae hoarsely croaked trying to get their attention. Soon her face was turning a pale blue, and yet the people didn't save her from the mass of flubber.

Then to her last option. With the one arm she could actually move she started hitting, and a failed attempt at screaming. It was more of a croaking sound from lack of air.

Finally one of the guys looked down at her, and took a step back in order to set her free. "Watch it punk." The guy said in a deep voice. Ranae just ignored him. Taking in huge breaths of air she went with the the crowd.

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#, as written by Kapento
Iris Baron & Gerdy Townsend - -

Iris listened keenly as Headmaster Tabtill spoke. Since she was new to the Academy she felt that it was of the utmost importance that she learned everything that she needed to know, and quickly.

This place sounds really nice, actually. Perhaps I was over-worrying… again, She thought.

During the speech, occasionally, Iris dared spare a moment away from the Headmaster and curiously gazed around the room at the rest of the students who were also present in the room - realizing at that point in time just how many students there actually was apart from herself and Gerdy. Oh dear. For the remaining duration of the speech Iris returned her focus back onto the Headmaster, taking a few odd notes from his speech every now and then before they were dismissed, and then placed her small notebook away securely into her backpack as everyone began leaving their seats.

Oh my, everyone is leaving now. But… where should I go? I don’t really know. Puzzled, and with an evident frown, Iris thought to herself for a few minutes whilst allowing the students that surrounded her to leave the area without bumping into her. She really didn’t want any strangers getting too close to her, not that she thought highly of herself, but who would want people they didn’t know invading their person space so suddenly?

“Hey, Iris! Snap out of it!” A silent voice called from within her head. “We can’t lag around all-day, you know.”

No, I suppose not, Gerdy. We, or I, better move our-self quickly or else someone may get concerned.

With a confident nod, and a light brushing of her skirt, Iris promptly got to her feet. The girl, who was somewhat shorter than some of the students, looked around for a possible method of exiting the room.

I saaaaay… that a-waaaaay! She laughed to herself mentally before regaining composure. Say Gerdy, I think it would be best if we keep our conversations to a minimal, emergency only basis. I find it harder to concentrate, so, I’ll reestablish communication with you when I find out where our dorm room is, understand? For now I request your silence, sister. Please.

“Aye-aye. I got you.”

As she was about to leave the room something caught her attention, suddenly, which then caused Iris to miss the exit entirely and walked straight into the wall instead with a thump!

“That was… not very wise of myself.” She muttered after rubbing her forehead. “Hm?”

Iris noticed a young male sitting, his music loud enough for all to hear and the reason for her sudden lack of concentration. She didn’t blame him - the music was pleasant enough if not only just a little bit too loud for her own personal liking. The high level of noise caused her control over Gerdy to slacken briefly, though not enough for anyone to really notice bar her little accident just moments prior.

“Excusie’ me…” She spoke softly, walking over to the blonde boy and tapping his shoulder lightly. “Could you turn your music down ever so slightly? Just a little bit? Not much…” Her voice grew quiet towards the end of her sentence, knowing that she had no right to actually ask such a thing. It was his music and not his problem. “Please pay no attention to me, sorry. I didn’t mean to trouble you.”

Closing her eyes and gathering her focus, again, Iris took a step back from the boy and attempted to gain her barings.
- - - -
(Sorry about the length. I realize that it is a bit long!)

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#, as written by Elyon

Grace tried to listen to the Headmaster. It was, after all, her first day at the academy. However, her curiosity soon got the better of her as she allowed her bright blue eyes to search the room for cracks in the wall. Cracks meant a hidden doorway.

She had become a master at finding missing objects and differences. Not to mention noticing minuscule details. Spending time looking for places to hide will do that to you.

While it started as trying to hide her unusual vampirism, her love of exploring soon turned it into a hobby.

After noticing the other students leaving, she quickly rose and took off into the hallway. Eager to find an adventure.

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"What it does is none of your business Alexandra." the headmaster said sternly not willing to put up with her attitude any more. "You will drink it and find out. And its not poison I would rather not get fired on my first day." the Headmaster uncorked the potion, pulled out a small cup and pour a little into it. "In case your still nervous" and drinks the potion in the cup. "Now drink the rest of the bottle" handing the flask back towards Alex. This time with more force beyond it and a flare in the headmasters eyes.