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Jacob Vyre

For ye beings are sin in eternity and shall fall to thy righteous blade, amen

0 · 253 views · located in Avolair Academy

a character in “Avolair Academy: School for the Supernatural”, as played by Nyxeth


Name: Jacob Vyre

Alias: The Missionary

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Role: Hunter

Orientation: Heterosexual

Race: Human

Type: Pure blooded human, the taint of the occult shall be cast out of this world!

Weapon: Jacob has in his possession a small but refined arsenal of holy relics. From ideological artefacts such as holy symbols of varying historical pertinence to Conceptual Weaponry. Conceptual Weapons are magical items that cause more than physical results by being imbued with effects that extend to rewriting or damaging natural laws. They often have an accumulated history, and they are made to act under predetermined circumstances. They are made to directly crush the soul with a concept on a spiritual plane and affect space with semantics and logic. They can overwrite immortality with "natural life" to nullify such a condition, and apply concepts such as "severing and binding". In Jacob's case, he wields an unnamed broad sword, baptised in the blood of its forger, it is designed with the sole intent of destroying that which the wielder deems contrary to his own beliefs - in this regard it will effectively kill anything Jacob sees as a 'sin', such as the occult.

Statistics: Ranging from F to A+ Where D is the effective level of a 'Normal Human'

Strength: Jacob is stronger than a normal human but physically is not on par with most of the supernatural.

|||||||||| C

Endurance: Jacob is extremely resilient to harm due to his nature (outlined below).

|||||||||| B

Agility: Jacob is faster than the average human although once again, not on par with the occult.

|||||||||| C

Magical Energy: Jacob is a font of power for the True Faith.

|||||||||| A+

Skills, Abilities & Attributes:

Detect Evil (Innate): Jacob is at all times able to detect the presence of the occult and their workings, invisibility and concealment by supernatural spellcasting or otherwise does not work on him.

Divine Instrument (Innate): Jacob's massive reserves of holy power constantly course through him, healing wounds and allowing him to project it as a force of energy.

Righteous Fury (Mastered): Every blow struck by Jacob against the occult is imbued with his zeal and holy power. This allows him to dispatch lesser creatures with little effort and defences not designed to resist magical energy will be shattered instantly.

Zeal (Mastered): Jacob is unwavering in his duty and will fight until dead, even in an unconscious state from intuition and instinct, there is no giving up mid way through against Jacob as he will endlessly pursue his quarry until he has killed it, died trying or lost hold of it.

Weaknesses: Jacob as an instrument of the True Faith must at all times uphold his own beliefs lest his powers cast him aside, if he fails to continue to fulfil his own code of conduct his powers will diminish if not vanish all together. Otherwise he is still human - albeit an incredibly hard to kill one - who has the same fails as everyone else. He must breathe, eat and sleep, loss of blood and fatal injuries are well, fatal to him assuming they are not treated or healed promptly.

Signature ability: The True Faith - "My faith is my shield, my fury is my sword". The True Faith is the basis of religion, alone religious objects and concepts are meaningless and most talks of their effect on the occult are false. However the True Faith is above and beyond this, it is the power of belief created by the human spirit and it can repel the occult as their strongest anathema. Jacob is a font of power for the True Faith, he believes and feels so strongly for his own beliefs that his very presence inflicts mental and physical stress to anything of the Occult around him and simultaneously bolsters his own strength when in their presence. Whilst already in peak human condition, his strength in all regards is bolstered when confronting anything of the Occult. It is this power that has made Jacob, The Missionary, the most feared hunter to walk the earth. While this effect is active, consider all of Jacob's statistics at A+.

Personality: Jacob believes all things Supernatural are that of sin and must be systematically eradicated. Without empathy for those with even a drop of unholy blood in their veins, his life and sole purpose is this task. All other things are secondary to him if at that.

Likes: Those firm of faith, solidarity and working alone.

Dislikes: The Occult, non-believers and hypocrites.

Fears: The loss of ones faith, the supernatural 'winning'. Being sidetracked.

Strengths: Infamously zealous, once set upon a tasl he will work towards its end with single minded efficiency.

Weaknesses: His single minded nature is both his boon and cross he must carry, if he does not work by this method with pure focus his powers wane.

Best character trait: Predictability, in a sense, he can always be expected to act in certain manners and ways and as such those who known of him, if not knowing him, generally know what he can and will do at most given points.

Biography: Of unknown age and of unknown origin, Jacob - The Missionary - has always been in the hidden histories of the Occult and the battle with them. Seemingly living and ever constant in nature, his known past is stained with the blood of the fallen, friend and foe alike as his zealous nature carries him from hunt to hunt of the supernatural every waking day. The first records of his appearance date back to the middle ages and the Holy Crusades where he did battle against those not of faith or of human sanctity. From there on he seems to of been part of most major events that include the dispatching of the occult - folklore or otherwise - or of heathen like people.

Family: Unknown.

Relationship status: Unknown

Years as a hunter: Unknown

Organization: 'Freelance', or alternatively he merely goes where information takes him.

So begins...

Jacob Vyre's Story