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Voix de R??ves (Re`)

Small but packs a big personality

0 · 134 views · located in Avolair Academy

a character in “Avolair Academy: School for the Supernatural”, as played by Machubi-Uniki


Name: Voix de Rêves (Re`)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Grade: Junior in High School
Race: Witch
Type: Type C
Weapon: none

Voiceless Aria: The ability to cast a spell without the need of voicing it (Exceptional)

Wandless Cast: The ablility to cast a spell without an object that focuses and directs the magic (Exceptional)

Energy Manipulation Spells (Kinaesthetic or Kinetic Energy KE & Regeneration Energy RE)

Kinaesthetic Toss: Charges small objects around her with KE and then they are thrown at an enemy - the destruction from impact is mediocre. (Mastered)

Kinaesethetic Impact: Charges w/KE and throws large objects which impacts with extreme destruction. (Good)

Kinetic Static: KE is applied to anyobject which she holds so when she strikes something with it KE energy blasts forward and pushes the object away with extreme force. (average)

Popcorn: *nicknamed by Re`* among her favorite attacks since it can't be registered by the eye untill the attack actually occurs. KE is flowed through her feet and into the ground beneath them and lies dormant until she triggers the upward charge/motion. Anything touching the ground at the time are 'popped' up with extremed force. -many targets end up with broken legs, it doesn't effect anything unless the object is touching the ground, she and flying targets can be hit by rocks/debree- (Good)

Kinetic Charge: Charges parts of or all of her body with massive amounts of KE energy which is then released upon a target -close ranged- -destruction is ranged from mediocre to massive depending on the nearness of the target- -can register serious kickback- (average)

Kinetic Net: KE is gather in the air around Re` and focused so much it registers as a mist like substance - it absorbs the Kinetic energy of the attack thus stopping it in its tracks -requires alot of energy- (below average)

Energy Freeze: Literally drains a longranged attack of any and all KE thus causing the object to freeze in air due to the lack of energy for it to move with (KE energy) -only works on non-living or physical things- (Great)

Kinaesthetic Burst: Takes all energy -leaving only enough for Re` to live with- and modifies it into KE energy with is stored inside her body untill she is ready to release it into a singular, larger ranged, and massively destructive attack. -This is a last option since afterwards she has no energy left to even remain conscious with and usually gets very sick afterwards, it has only been used once in training. The range of the attack depends on how much energy she has left in battle- (weak)

Self Regeneration: Uses the energy in her body to speed up the process of regeneration and thus heal her wounds -no other spell can be used during this and it requires alot of energy- (Great)

Selfless Regeneration: Utilizing her own energy she transforms it into RE and then releases it from her body, in a focused, controled state, and then uses it to heal another -usually appears as a greyish mist that trails after her hands, also requires massive amounts of energy- (average)

Self Sacrifice: Similar to Kinaesthetic Burst, however instead of transforming all energy into KE it is changed into RE and thus when when released in a explosive form it heals instead of destroys -the outcome of the uses is the same as Kinaesthetic Burst so it is also used as a last resort- (weak)

Weaknesses: In concern to Energy all energy she controls in her magic originates from her body so she tires more quickly than most other type Cs. Also, when using a RE spell she cannot use any other spell until the casted one has finished completely. RE spells also take a longer time to cast than others leaving her vulnerable to attack. KE spells, when it actually strikes something physical, will sometimes record some kick-back. Last but certainly not least, being born with an incurable and possibly fatal disease, she does not have the same amount of energy any normal type C witch would have. This also causes bad after effects that could leave her immobile for a while.

Signature ability: Kinaesthetic Movement – the ability to move objects around her through the use of KE magic. (mastered)

Race characteristics: All the characteristics of a human of course, pale, somewhat sickly in her case but not ‘vampire’ pale, dark hair, and dark eyes are also common in witches.

Personality: Re` has a large personality which makes it hard to miss her even though she is rather small in size. It is common to find her forcing herself to become the centre of attention, usually she does so through harsh speech. ‘Harsh’ meaning negative and rude. Oh and let us not forget sarcastic and disdainful. Usually, these severe words are directed at people she doesn’t like, but on occasion she does use them as a way of joking with the few she does like. It takes a lot of work to get her to trust and like you but once she does trust you she is extremely loyal. It will always be your word over the world’s, on the same token, however, once you lose that trust it might as well be labelled as impossible to earn again. Re` is also extremely confident in her abilities, however this confidence is escorted by doubt in her own strength. Her magic is strong, but due to life-long illness her body is not. Her personality was built upon her desire to hide her reservations and illness, while all the while acting on her desire to boast her assurance. What only she knows is that beneath her big personality and critical words is a scared girl who is trying everything to hide from her fears. These fears are mainly in concern to her future, she knows her illness is usually terminal and because of that she wishes so hard to stop time and just stay as she is now. Perhaps it is this fear that makes her so willing to help people who are sick through illness or injury and thus in effect learn about RE magic. Perhaps, it is this fear that gave her the want to never give up, and so she won’t.
One possibly surprising personality trait is that Re` loves to sing, and is very good at it too. She has taken many an opera course, and she can still sing it though not as often as she would like to because of her current health state. Besides opera she can sing many other kinds of music, though she does not enjoy rap or heavy metal.
She collects rocks. As strange as that sounds it comes from her fascination with the world and its energy. Not only that, but among the best things in the world to throw at opponents – via magic – is rocks.

Likes: Listening and singing opera (specifically 'The Phantom of the Opera - the song and the soundtrack/movie - yes it is an actual song too, specifically the theme song- she can actually sing all of the soprano part of it, she likes the song Glitter and be Gay also), music in general, classic works of arts, reading mystery novels, rocks.

Dislikes: loud 'noises'. In this case noises would be defined as rap and heavy metal, doors - she despises them. Not very fond of bugs or arachnids, but can deal with them when necessary. Being stuck inside a room, specifically medical rooms, and she hates - no despises- no loaths with a passion, hospital food.

Fears: Death, hurting others by her death. Long torture that leads to death, immotional and physical pain, getting dizzy, experiencing palpatations and/or chest pains etc. (Symptoms of her disease although the heart problems are her biggest fears)

Weaknesses: As spoken of before Re` is terrified of her future, she doesn’t want to die but knows it is pretty much an unavoidable occurrence. Her illness also makes it hard for her to be all alone, quite honestly she can’t help not wanting to die alone. In effect she also doesn’t want to hurt anyone through her death so she is constantly driving them away too. This causes her to become trapped in a never ending circle of ‘don’t leave me’ and ‘go away’.
Best character trait: Her Perseverance.


1st Class: Chemistry
2nd Class: English
3rd Class: Magic Mastery
4th Class: Math
5th Class: Runes
6th Class: US History
7th Class: P.E. -though she has never once showed up-
Extra curricular: Music Club
Group: none
Label: A Spitfire
Ranking: no application (human)
Academic achievements: High Honors
Tournament awards: none

Biography: Re` was born into a family of what could be considered a ‘pureblood’ of witches and warlocks since never had anyone married anyone else who didn’t have magical abilities. Though, of course they aren’t actually purebloods. Re`’s mother, Fluer, was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia, which in of itself is not deadly. However the resulting conditions meant that Fluer died in child birth. Re` was told of her mother’s fate when she was old enough to understand, and though she mourned for a little while, soon became accustomed to it. Her father, Désir, and herself lived together all by their lonesome for quite some time. However, all things good could not last. 14 years after her birth Re` got very sick and all doctors diagnosed her with multiple illnesses due to a weak immune system. Désir had his suspicions but was too scared to voice them until his notions were approved. Re` had inherited her mother’s disease: Aplastic Anemia. It took almost six months before they were able to both restore her back to health and begin to take some control of her AA. However, ever so slowly the treatments are failing and the doctors have already began giving her death dates. After her diagnoses Re` begged her father to allow her to stay in school, and after long consideration he agreed on one condition, no one could know about her disease for her own personal safety (Aside from the nurses of the school).

Description of Disease:
Aplastic anemia is a condition where bone marrow does not produce sufficient new cells to replenish blood cells.[1] The condition, per its name, involves both aplasia and anemia. Typically, anemia refers to low red blood cell counts, but aplastic anemia patients have lower counts of all three blood cell types: red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, termed pancytopenia.

Anemia (do I really have to describe that?) with malaise (general discomfort or 'feeling unwell'), pallor (Pale skin) and associated symptoms such as palpitations
-A palpitation is an abnormality of heartbeat that causes a conscious awareness of its beating,[1] whether it is too slow, too fast, irregular, or at its normal frequency. The word may also refer to this sensation itself. The difference between an abnormal awareness and a normal awareness is that the former interrupts other thoughts, whereas the latter is almost always caused by a concentration on the beating of one's heart. Attacks can last for a few seconds or hours, and may occur very infrequently, or more than daily. Palpitations alongside other symptoms, including sweating, faintness, chest pain or dizziness, indicate irregular or poor heart function and should be investigated.

Thrombocytopenia (low platelet counts), leading to increased risk of hemorrhage, bruising and petechiae
Leukopenia (low white blood cell count), leading to increased risk of infection
Reticulocytopenia (low reticulocyte [immature red blood cells] counts)

*this description is to 1. help me and to 2. help others know what disease I am talking about and be able to know what and how this could be a weakness. Also as I said before, this disease is not fatal by itself, however this illness is an autoimmune disorder much like AIDS so it leaves her very vulnerable to other fatal diseases. This also means diseases that would be consider uncomfortable but not danger to her is deadly. One possible explanation (and the one I am using) for this disease is that is is a genetic disorder in which the white blood cells of her body -the few that there are- attack her bone marrow and slowly destroy it. Bone marrow transplants and (sometime blood transfusion) are used as treatments along with a long list such as chemotherapy. I will on occasion make comments on these. Bone marrow transplantation was a potential cure however her body rejected it quite chaoticly (to all matches) and so her immune system is continuing to decline.*

Relationship status: single
Friends: Nurses
Foes: PE teacher, Nurses (I know wierd right?)
Enemies and rivals: The PE teacher - they have been at it for years now. Her never showing up and his attempting to make her.

Appearance: Because of her anaemic symptoms Re` has a very pale complexion, and at night some have mistaken her for a vampire, however she lacks the fangs of course. She is also very small and slim in stature, some doctors tried to relate that to her disease also as a ‘new symptom’ however her father insisted it was a genetic trait. Re` has very feminine features in general however most of her femininity converged upon her face, her lips are small and dainty, and her eyes are entrancing in both shape and colour which is a rich dark chocolate with some slight caramel hews when she is in a good mood. Her hair is mostly straight but does have some very slight waves and reaches to almost knee length.

So begins...

Voix de R??ves (Re`)'s Story