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Amelia Turner

"Join the hunt and get a trophy... or become one."

0 · 1,352 views · located in Baltroid Prime (Aliens Vs Predator)

a character in “AVP: Embers Of Fate”, as played by R.T.M.X.


Human Name: Amelia Turner

Yautja Nickname: Mei-jadhi-Hult'ah ("Sister Watcher")

Species: Human (Female)

Rank: Apprentice (Elite)

Age: 120+

Height: 5'11

Weight: 145 pounds without gear.

Armorment: Amelia uses personalized state-of-the-art equipment similar to that used by her mentor, more advanced and far superior than that of other clans, not being affected by a Xenomorph's acidic blood. The same design of her equipment is the same as her armor. The armor is primarily black with red lights decorating it, modified to represent Nracha-dte's personal design, with purple fabric added for that personal touch. Apart from the usual body mesh, mask, and active camouflage, Amelia utilizes a Medicomp and a Sat-com.

Weaponry: For her first excursion without the guidance of "Breaker", she has equipped herself with personal variants of the Combi-stick, a double-bladed 12' wrist blade attached to her right gauntlet, a gauntlet plasma bolter on her left gauntlet, and a gatling-style shoulder-mounted plasmacaster, which was upgraded by Nracha-dte.

Appearance: Many have nearly dropped dead at first sight of Amelia, and many more have fired upon a closer look at her.

It is what happens when one is a superb hunter. Bodies are left in her wake, and many others want her dead on first sight. It should be noted though that not a few have found her ravishingly beautiful.

While she might appear mostly human, the blood that Nracha-dte had shared with her has improved her strength, endurance, and speed over that of the average human, and due to the genetic mutation of absorbing such blood, she has begun to take on some racial features, such as their enhanced lifespan, and she had taken the time over the years to enhance these aesthetic differences through the use of tattoos and cosmetics.

Standing at a tall 5’11” with shoulder length, raven black hair, gleaming green feline eyes as sharp as knives, prominent cheekbones framing a sharp face, and an exotic, richly tanned skin tone, she fulfills the desire of countless males. First, with her raw beauty, and secondly with the tenacity of a lioness that boils only barely beneath her surface. Her feminine form is fairly concealed beneath her armor, but nothing can truly mask her lithe frame. Nevertheless, one glance at her piercing eyes reveals nothing but an emerald blade’s edge gleaming back, one eager to spill blood--anyone’s.

With the other Yautja, at first glance they see her as an easy target, but soon back off when they realize that not only is she's marked with the emblem of Nracha-dte's clan, but she's also the Elder's apprentice.

That is, if they catch her without her gear.

Personality: Amelia has been called many things, many of which have been flattering, others vulgar, and some outright beyond but somehow inclusive of both. From “bitch” to “staff-rider,” the Infiltrator shrugs them all off. Many of her former targets have tried to act upon her violent attractiveness, only to find that she didn’t stop with breaking their fingers and arms. It was once joked that Amelia caused more casualties than the enemy—and gods save you if it was that time of the month. Such jokers did not have much time afterwards to spread the pun around. She is, and it is simply a fact (although one look at her could tell you so), a wildly assertive, aggressive, lethal----

Firecracker. Try to contain her and she’ll burst out and burn you.

Succubus. No stranger to her moods, she’ll take what she wants, or at the very least take advantage of a good piece of meat when she sees it.

She-Devil. She’ll kill on sight without a bead of regret, or even a second thought. And if she can afford to take the non-lethal shot first, just to prolong her quarry’s suffering, then all the better.

“Vixen,” “Valkyrie,” and “Femme Fatale” do not even cover her. Call her that, and she might just be insulted at how low you think of her and fillet you on the spot.

Bio: Her background and upbringing on Earth remains a mystery, so Amelia's life, in essence, was Tabula Rasa until she was "rescued" by an elite hunter, none other than Nracha-dte, from an Xenomorph hunting excursion that had went awry atleast a century ago. It was during this time, when she was only twenty years of age, that she had teamed up with the Predator, and survived until they reached the hunter's ship, while containing the small outbreak at the same time.

Observing her being able to hold her ground against a Xenomorph by her self, Nracha-dte claimed her as one of his own, a new member to add to his clan of elites, sharing his blood and marking her with the symbol of his clan.

Over the course of many years, Amelia, now going by the name of "Sister Watcher", travelled with her mentor, completing hunts against both Human and Alien. One notable excursion was the hunt that they were to capture a Queen that had emerged on Earth, but she refuses to speak about it to others.

Now, technically an elite with her clan, she and Nracha-dte had answered a distress signal from the Baltroid Prime colony, with being the last hunt for the elder, while this will be the first for her without the guidance of her mentor...

So begins...

Amelia Turner's Story

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Character Portrait: Amelia Turner Character Portrait: Ni'Charak
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As thunder clapped and lightning roared,
Metal owned the sky.
Darkness swept across the lands below,
the metal belly had made its cry.
Seven shards piercing,
each of Death's design.

The soft skin of the earth cried,
as the flesh of hunter appeared.
Water poured from the sky-wound,
darkness burning as death soon neared.

The hour of the Hunt was heard by all,
but only a few had made the call.
Each a hunter, in their own right,
Each a fearsome sight.

But as their prey dies,
They will soon take their prize...

Amelia had watched from above as the seven pods sliced downwards towards the planet surface from a descending scout ship, but she had other plans. She never did like the use of pods, as they were often a one-way trip, and there was little to do when a resupply was needed. Her mentor, the elder known as Nracha-dte, had set her up for her first hunt without his guidance, but she was not nervous.

Even though she is known by the Yautja as "Sister Watcher", she was not one of them. She was still mostly human. She had just finished equipping her armor when another hunter appeared in the hallway of their shuttle, one with a particularly pale green skin tone. Ni'Charak

Normally, other Yautja would challenge her due to her human blood, but this hunter was a trusted ally of her mentor, and thus, regarded as a friend. A simple nod was given, her own gesture for an aknowledged greeting, and she had moved on towards the armament chamber.

This was the duo's personal scout ship, as it was oftentimes just Amelia and her mentor. As her eyes moved from trophy to trophy, she realized that if this excursion works out in their favor, despite being outnumbered 758-to-1, this would be their fifth trophy from a queen.