Matthew "Pete" Peterson

"Keep your head down, eyes open, ears alert and keep in touch and we will make it out of here"

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Name: Matthew Rodger Peterson
Nickname: “Pete”, “Peterson”
Height: 6’3
Weight: 224 lbs.
Occupation: US Marine core staff sergeant
Rank: Staff Sergeant


Pete has a marine’s usual appearance for having one to many days working in the sun. He is lightly tanned and well-muscled from being a marine. He has a kind of hard worn appearance even though he’s young he’s seen a lot. His features are pretty much normal, brown hair with hazel eyes. He is the average blue collar Joe kind of person.


-M41A/2 pulse rifle /with under slung grenade launcher
-Hand grenades
-2 K-bar tactical Combat Knives
-Ithaca M37 "Stakeout"
-2 M4A4 pistol
-W-Y industry’s scoped rifle (advanced scope)

-M3 patterned ballistics armor/with all fixings
-Flash light
-Health Stims and med-kit
-Motion tracker



Born and raised on earth Pete lived a fairly normal childhood. It had its ups and downs and is was a pretty good one. Pete when he was eighteen went and joined the US marine core. His first mouths as a marine were rough as boot camp was completed in icy sheets of rain. Then Pete worked his way ever so slowly but surely up the military ranks until he reached the rank for staff sergeant. During this time period Pete had fought many battles and yet never had gone on a bug hunt before. He showed incredible luck during his carrier and managed to survive things that usually would kill a person. Mostly Pete did some small things in the corps and gave support to many fire teams and lead even more. Now with a distress signal being recovered from Baltroid Prime Pete knows that he might need all the luck he can get.

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So begins...

Matthew "Pete" Peterson's Story

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#, as written by Endgame

The sky seemed to split as his pod rocketed downwards towards the ground as sense of calmness fell over the hunter inside. This feeling was not knew to Thern for it was better to step out of your pod calm and poised then a bat shit kill the world mood. The pelting rain tore and the pod as it finally slipped through the first cloud layer. The pod crashed into the ground with ear cracking boom as Thern check the area around him with scanners inside the ship, nothing but a few foxes trying to find cover.

The pods top rolled back slowly as Thern stepped out into the pouring rain. The sky had darkened but the rain would let up soon and then the hunt would begin. He closed his cock pit lid and waited for the others to arrive. He took this time to ready his weapons for the coming hunt. He unsheathed his wrist blades running his finger across their cold steel surface be retracting them and moving on to his other weapons, soon they would taste blood


The predalien roared as the hive made its way out into the rain. The cold hive would be safer but if anyone stayed Eversor would personally see to their death. The predalien made its way to the wall before it started scaling the wall quickly and threw away any xeno unfortunate to get in its way. The creature pulled its way up the wall until it reached solid ground above inside the old labs. To this the creature bowled his way though other xenos before coming upon the entrance to the labs and moving out into the rain. The hive swarming around him, they needed hosts and he was going to get them.

Sgt. Matthew Peterson

The drop ship engine hummed slowly as the ship proceeded to make a landing on the pad. It had been a long ride, 3 mouths in cryo-sleep and the this long ride down made it just a bit longer than planed. Pete sat up slowly before making his way over to a transit window of the ship and watched the W-Y landing crew scurrying around trying to get the drop ship locked down so it wouldn't blow over with all these gale force winds. He stood with the rest of his unit and made his way over to the door.

"Now, were here to figure out what happened to some men and protect the colony, the bug hunt comes as a second objective if we find any, but keep frosty marines were dealing with W-Y and history with them says things can get dicey quickly with them." His men responded with a quick yes sir, before the door opened and they stepped into the storm and moved quickly inside to meet up with the other squads.

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#, as written by Endgame
Ire (predalien, just changed the name)

Time: 5/21/2083,10:53 am
Location: Outer Colony of Baltroid Prime, 14 miles from from the City
Weather Pattern: Storming, estimated 45.8 minutes until cloud break through

The monster of a creature moved through the rain like a snake, its xenomorphs harvesting like a well oiled machine. Many thoughts raced through the hive mind mostly just the queen was getting tired of waiting. The predalien hissed hurrying the xenomoprhs along before sensing the pheromones of Klaw and his hunting party. Ire's head twisted before grunting at two drones to drag away the hosts, he had other things to do. His pheromones were going crazy to an area just north of here

He growled circling up to the to the area were he had sensed the pheromones and found Mr. Cade's scout team.

"Yes, Mr.Cade we've found nothing.... no sir there is nothing in hell out here that even resembles a xenomorph." Oh how wrong they were.

Ire slithered down behind the first two, they were easy, the predalien rammed its razor like claws through the to synthetics chests allowing their blood to spill out onto the ground. The other turned to see what was happening, another mistake. The predalien was on the others in a flash, one pulled up his gun to shoot but the monster grabbed the end of the barrel pushing it upwards towards the sky allowing the burst of the bullets to travel harmlessly into the sky. Ire then rammed its tail through the synthetic snarling as the next synthetic pulled its gun to fire another burst the bullets tearing through the air barely missing Ire. The creature turned to this new opponent and grabbed both of the small creatures arms and tore the synthetic in half as the thing screamed.

The next target fired the bullets tearing into the predaliens back, Ire roared in pain before turning to synthetic. The poor humanoid tried to get of another shot but the beast was upon him quickly, its acid tearing through its body. Ire watched the synthetic quivering to death as the acid tore through its vitals.

Ire seemed to sit gloating in its victory before leaving to go to regroup with Klaw's group, they had much to do and the Queen would not wait much longer without information on what was going on. The abomination crawled its way down into the mines after Klaws pheromone trail.

Sgt. Matthew "Pete" Peterson

Time: 5/21/2083,10:56 am Zulu Time
Squad: Kessler 1-3
Location: Outer Colony of Baltroid Prime outlet district, 14 miles from the City
Weather Pattern: Storming, estimated 43.6 minutes until cloud breakthrough

Pete passed by the cold shopping centers as his squad moved slowly through the outlet mall. It would have been crowed with people, but now it was barren and void of life. The rain kept falling in sheets of wet ice as it ran down the gutters of the facility and pooled on the ground. "Check your corners boys...." He muttered over the comm link before looking inside an abandoned shop. Pete turned his head outside the shop before making his way to the regrouping point, it had gone well so far, nothing notable. Pete looked around silently before the rest of his squad grouped up.

"Anybody have anything to share....?" Pete asked quietly but only received a shake of heads, then it happened.

The sky broke lose with sounds of gun fire "to point men, get eyes on with the target before you fire..." Pete growled charging through the dense brush towards the noise, and there he found the carnage....

"my god..... what the fuck could have done this?" He muttered as his men circled around the dead synthetics, he quickly press the link on all coms including Mr.Cades "This is Sgt.Peterson..... I've found some casualties outside the outlet mall... they look like Cade's scout team... they're torn to shreds and I'm having trouble even making out which body part is which, whatever the hell did this... its not human...." he grunted before seeing something strange. "Holy shit..... is this...." the com went silent before Pete answered through. "Cade.... you better start praying to every god in existence, because we have some kind of infestation of bugs on are hands.... and the thing that killed your androids.... it an't a normal bug... no warrior could have ripped a synthetic in half. I'll swing the bodies by base camp see if we can't figure out what the hell did this.... Pete out." Peterson looked around silently and he had a sickening feeling on what happened to the marines.

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