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a character in “Awake”, as played by angelwolf123




Love that song. Makes me feel like smashing somebody's face in.

Normal Theme || Touchin' On My | 3Oh!3

Fighting Theme || You're Going Down | Sick Puppies

Emotional Theme || Heavy in Your Arms | Florence + the Machine

β™” Full Name β™”
Better to introduce yourself first, buddy.

Alicha Zmaj, the Sun-Stealer. Pronounced "ah-leeks-HA" (think a contorted version of Alex), "zuh-MAI" (meaning dragon). His world doesn't do middle names, only the birth name followed by clan name.

β™” Nicknames β™”
Call me whatever you want. I've heard 'em all.

Alklha | Alternate pronunciation/ different version of name.
Arakho | Alternate pronounciation/ different version of name.
Alex | Some people don't want to have to deal with the whole pronunciation thing, and just stick with the closest English equivalent.

β™” Age β™”
Numbers aren't my thing.

To draconians, Alicha would be considered a young man entering his prime. To humans? Ancient.

β™” Gender β™”
Shhh, he's lying.


β™” Romantic Interest β™”
Too busy fucking up my homeworld.

None, never found the time.

Imageβ™” Sexuality β™”
Why? You interested?

Pansexual. Attracted to whomever his instincts deem worthy.

β™” Role β™”
Ah, shit, I'm stuck here, aren't I?

Slot 2, the "mythical role".

β™” Race β™”
What, couldn't tell?

Siberian Dragon.

β™” Face Claim β™”
I've got a twin somewhere.

Gunji from Togainu no Chi.

Imageβ™” World β™”
Not worth talking about. Just a bunch of cowardly shits.

My world is a harmonious blend of sunlight and shadow... or at least it used to be. Nowadays it's wartorn, with the Children of Lune fighting for supremacy over the Children of Sol. With forces evenly divided, combat has produced nothing more than bloodshed. We don't have much in the way of technology (nothing involving gunpowder, for example) but we more than make up for that with our supernatural tendencies and the abilities of the people. We look down on humans for their greed and lack of occult understanding. We have ways to visit their world, doorways that open at the right time in the right place. As a result of this limited contact, the humans have formed many a myth and legend about our kind. I know plenty about the Labyrinth; there was even a whole section about it in school. But I was messing with powers that I shouldn't have, and now I'm here. But I know what I have to do to get out.

β™” Physical Description β™”
How can I fucking describe myself? Look at the damn pictures.

Devastating good looks, if you're into the whole punk/bad boy fad. For starters, he's extremely well built. Tall (over six feet), broad shouldered, with long legs. Peak physical condition, well muscled to boot. Alicha's body is comprised of hard planes and handsome. All of this is normal for a dragon, of course.

His face is almost sculpted, with high cheekbones and a strong, well-defined jaw. A fang-filled, smirk-prone mouth sets off the picture, and gives Alicha's face an almost wolfish quality. The dragon has long-ish eyelashes for a guy, but that quality is typically overshadowed by his ultra-vibrant aqua-blue eyes. All of this is framed by tousled blonde locks that brush against his collarbone. Alicha's hair, in all honesty, is a well-managed mess. It's cut in ragged layers, but covers his left eye completely.

Alicha walks with a lazy, sure-of-himself gait. He radiates confidence in waves, but it's not cockiness. Rather, it's a more grounded, natural feeling of being comfortable in one's own skin. It's the stroll of someone who's had extensive physical conditioning, and is now able to move with habitual grace. He'll wear whatever, provided it's comfortable and provides unrestricted maneuverability.

Imageβ™” Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features β™”
➑Several Ear Piercings- It's normal for male dragons to display bits and pieces of their hoard via jewelry, and while earrings can be ripped out during combat, at least they won't suddenly fall off while Alicha is running around, and his speedy healing nullifies that as a problem. Not just for style, they're also a social tool for interacting with other dragons. Alicha's piercings in particular mark him as a "young single male" who has "little to no familial attachment".
➑Extensive Tattooing- Also common among dragons, but more specific to the members of his clan. They're seals to Alicha's dragon powers. It's where Alicha stores his "wings" while in human form. He can undo the seals at will, and his human appearance will not only gain wings, but scales and much more dragonic in general. It's a great power boost, but somewhat taxing over long periods of time.

β™” Personality β™”
And I'm not changing anytime soon.

[img]Picture%20or%20Gif[/img]β™” Likes β™”
I fucking love cats.

β™₯ Cats

β™” Dislikes β™”
I get pissed real easy.


β™” Powers β™”
Can't be a terrorist if you can't do shit.


β™” Flaws/Weaknesses β™”
Plenty of this to go around.


β™” Fearsβ™”
Just don't fuck me over.


β™”Secrets β™”
Say a word, and I'll rip your damn tongue out.


Imageβ™”Bio β™”
No-one needs to hear this crap.

A Siberian Dragon with dark black wings able to cover the entire sky. He lives above the earth and occasionally attacks the sun and the moon. The patterns on the moon are said to be the marks left by the attacking Alklha. Whenever an eclipse occurred it was believed to be the Alklha attacking the sun and so people would throw stones in the air to discourage it. The gods eventually cut the creature in two and put on half in heaven and the other on the earth preventing the Alklha from consuming the sun or moon.

β™” Other β™”
Fucker, this doesn't mean you know me.

Anything else.

So begins...

Alicha's Story