Kibo Kassia Jagoda

"Don't you dare run away from your problems!"

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a character in “Azuline Academy: The Beta Test”, as played by AeJylhis


“You deserve the fate of those you hurt.”

• Age: 15

• Grade: Freshman

• Gender: Male

• Appearance:
Kibo inherited all of his mother’s looks, only keeping his father’s gender. He has Kassia’s flawless, porcelain skin, accompanied by pure white hair and bright green eyes. Kibo stands at 5’4”, not tall for his age and has a rather slim build. One could say that he looks too beautiful to be a guy and it’s not far off. Kibo looks akin to a younger Kassia, except with broader shoulders and lesser curves. Kibo has a penchant of wearing a scarf around his neck, which was his mother's. Kibo generally dresses in warm clothing, as he has a mild dislike for the cold. It isn’t surprising to find him in a hoodie while inside his room with the AC turned all the way to max. Kibo often has a cool, passive face plastered upon his face and carries himself with confidence when he walks. Despite this appearance, Kibo's eyes twinkle with hidden friendliness.

• A complete rundown of Personality:
First glance of his outer self to newcomers; Kibo comes off as an antisocial, withdrawn young teen, who doesn’t seem to speak much. He answers his peers with single worded answers as if to show that he has no interest in speaking to them, or that he finds them uninteresting. Yet, he shows a warmer side to him, willing to point out flaws and fix them - perhaps a wrongly spelled word in English, or even a wrong formula used for calculation – it seems that Kibo truly has an interest to help people. However, when approached by people, he may shy away and make excuses to make himself unavailable to talk to. This antisocial behaviour can be frowned upon, or even add to the white haired youth’s air of mystery, as Kibo rarely speaks about himself and seems to bury himself in his education, sometimes his small self-made constructs. Kibo also is quick to display dislike towards people who have wronged him and can become very competitive towards people whose academic excellent exceed his. To many, Kibo is the White-Hearted Freshman, for his pure intentions and transparent ‘No Nonsense’ attitude.
Deep down however, Kibo has a child’s heart. He grew up a little too fast, the single-parent factor spurring his mentality as well as affecting his childhood. He has a great grasp on responsibility and has an immense dislike for irresponsibility, surprising for his age. Kibo, when stripped of his facade, is a shy, frightened kid who feels like he has no place in this world. Kibo quickly alternates between being hyperactive and happy, to sullen and quiet, sometimes even to angry and explosive, something he has no control over. Kibo also tends to bottle up his feelings, and cries a lot in secret. The white haired teen usually tries to see the good in everyone, however, if you wrong him once, you are forever blacklisted in his life. Kibo never laments his fatherless childhood, so where does his hate for Ryosuke stem from? Kibo loves his mother and thus, Ryosuke abandoning her is something he can never forgive. Straight to the point, deep down Kibo is a warm, quiet, shy little child who wishes to have friends of his own.

• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Nationality: Polish-Japanese

• Likes:
-His mother, Kassia Jagoda
-Berries of all kinds
-Sweet foods, especially a chocolate éclair.
-Small animals
-Watching movies and reading books
-Wearing warm clothes in a very cold environment as it feels comfy, according to him

• Dislikes:
-Males coming from a rich family.
-Blackforest Automobile Industries, Blackforest automobiles and any Blackforest merchandise
-Spiders and bees
-Being sick because of the cold
-Himself because of his bipolar disorder
-Eating fish with bones. Fillets are fine.
-Seeing neglected plants
-Being second in terms of intelligence
-People who aren’t responsible

• Skills:
-Natural Tinkerer – Kibo can build small toys from spare parts of anything he can take apart. With some batteries, he can even turn these masterpieces into machines. He has really nifty fingers and they are deft enough to knuckle roll two coins in the same hand. He seems to have an innate aptitude towards machinery.
-Linguist – Kibo has master approximately four languages(English, Polish, Japanese and German), and knows a little bit of French and Italian. He chooses to keep this a secret though.
-Dolphin Underwater – While not the fastest swimmer, Kibo is capable of holding his breath for long periods of time underwater. The longest he’s ever gone was a minute and 37 seconds precisely.

• Flaws:
-Socially Withdrawn – Kibo has a problem interacting with people because of his bipolar disorder. He fears that he will go into a sudden outburst that will make him lose close friends. Thus, he puts up a wall and hides his frightened self with a cool persona.
-Grudge Holder – Thanks to Kibo’s upbringing, his trust is easily shaken. If you fail him once, he will find it very hard to forgive you and will remember your faults for the rest of his life, even if you have done a million rights for him. The only exception to this is his mother.
-Anger Issues – Kibo can go into a fit of rage towards people with a lack of responsibility, have no empathy for the misfortunate or are just cocky in general. This stemmed from the issue with his father, who abandoned him and his mother.

• Attributes:

-Intelligence: 15
-Trustworthiness: 4
-Popularity: 0
-Charisma: 0
-Responsibility: 4
-Sporting Ability: 2

• Attribute I strive for: Trustworthiness, Responsibility and Intelligence

• Which Attribute is attractive in a potential partner: Trustworthiness and Responsibility

•Personal History:
We start from the beginning, before Kibo was even born.
Ryosuke Kuromori, the CEO and founder of the Blackforest Automobile Industry, went to many countries for many meetings and business trips. While he already has a family, Ryosuke always seemed to have a female companion with him to spend the nights with. When Ryosuke was in Poland, he chanced upon an angelic beauty during his trip. Meeting in the most unlikely of places, Ryosuke was in a car when he saw Kassia Jagoda on a bicycle, her basket filled with various berry produce that she had harvested from her family’s farm. Ryosuke insisted the driver to give Kassia a lift and the two got to know each other. Within a few days, Ryosuke’s charm, good looks and dangerously sweet personality had smitten Kassia. They had a passionate night the day before Ryosuke left. Several months later, as fate may have it, Ryosuke returned to Poland with the intent of meeting Kassia again, would find that she was pregnant with his child. The coward gifted Kassia with promises of money, who declined them, asking only to “Take care of Kibo, when the time comes”. Kassia was able to forgive Ryosuke for being a married man, yet bedding her. The strong woman was able to shoulder her burden and raise her son alone.
And so we come to Kibo’s story.
Kibo was born, a beautiful child, named after the Japanese word for ‘Hope’, as Kassia believe he would be the symbol of ‘Hope’ to many. Indeed, he was. Kibo grew up to be just as beautiful as his mother, even at a young age. His kind behaviour and pure love for his only parent was envied by many and he was truly called a gifted child. However, at school, Kibo would always wonder to himself why other children seemed to have both male and female parents, but he never questioned his mother and was content enough with just one. While Kassia never spoiled him, she did gift him with all of her love, attention and care. It wasn’t until his 11th birthday when Ryosuke came to meet with Kassia again and was finally introduced to Kibo. Instantly, there was friction. Kibo would later know that Ryosuke was his father and that his mother was actually his mistress. Defiant, Kibo denounced Ryosuke Kuromori as his father and was only able to forgive his mother for keeping this terrible secret during her death bed as an unknown brain illness claimed her during his 13th birthday.
Kibo became withdrawn after that and the talented child who scored straight As would soon discontinue his education to tend to his berry fields. Many tried to console him, but Kibo would push them all away. He stayed alone, ate alone, worked alone, no longer with the company of the angel who took care of him. Despite his hiatus from school, Kibo’s mind remained ever vigilant and sharp, absorbing information like a sponge. When he wasn’t working in the fields, he would be reading the small stack of educational books that he would buy with the money he earned from selling berries, in hopes of one day returning to school and beginning his education again.
One day, he received a letter stating that he was accepted to Azuline Academy, a rather prestigious school located in Japan, the country of his father. Urged by his grandparents, as well as the customers who had taken a liking to the white haired teen, Kibo finally relinquished his work in the fields and packed up what little he had, leaving the fields to be attended by his grandparents. He headed for Azuline Academy, determined to pursue his educational dream and make amends with the spirit of his mother by being the ‘hope’ he was always meant to be.


• Secrets:
-Favourite colour, bright cyan.
-The bastard son of Ryosuke Kuromori, the CEO of the rising automobile industry.
-Has arachnophobia and apiphobia
-Isn’t good with cold, can easily get cold during winter. However, Kibo loves to wear warm clothing and stay in cold environments. To Kibo, it gives him a sense of closure in doing so. The true reason behind this is the fact that when Kibo was younger, he ended up getting sick in the winter season and Kassia took care of him, hugging him to sleep. So whenever it’s cold, Kibo warms himself up to feel comforted.
-He has severe bipolar disorder and can quickly go from cheerful to moody in a split second. For this very reason, he interacts very little with others.
-He really wants friends... but he has become so efficient at pushing people away that he does it without thinking. He’s really a lonely child at heart.
-Kibo’s motivation for his academic pursuit is to be a medical researcher and scholar.

• Family members/Who you live with:
Image of Ryosuke Kuromori
Another image of Ryosuke Kuromori
Ryosuke Kuromori – The CEO of the Blackforest Automobile Industry that has recently made a breakthrough with the hydrogen powered cars for a greener future. Despite his kind mannerisms, Kibo swears upon her mother’s grave that Ryosuke a cold-hearted monster, capable of abandoning a son and wife. He is a womanizer and often has several one-night stands during his business trips out of the country. However, Ryosuke loves his children and despite his stern appearance, is generally the one who spoils them. Ryosuke loves his wife, Maya, and he loved Kassia just as much. Despite the friction between him and Kibo, he wants to bridge the gap between the two, but is too cowardly to approach the seething teen. He is the current guardian of Kibo, upon Kassia’s will and was the one who was responsible for the beginning of Kibo's education in Azuline Academy.

Image of Maya Kuromori
Maya Kuromori - The wife of Ryosuke Kuromori. Maya works as Chief in her police task force and is a well-respected woman. She is the opposite of her husband, being the stern figure of the Kuromori household and keeping Ryuga's antics in line(In fact, several of Ryuga's speeding tickets were given to him from her personally). Maya loves her husband with all his heart and is unaware of the many affairs he has had when he is out of the country. She is unaware of the existence of Kibo KUROMORI.

Image of Ryuga Kuromori
Ryuga Kuromori - The oldest child of the Kuromoris, older brother to Rumi and older stepbrother to Kibo. Ryuga works directly under his father as the next in line to succeed the Blackforest Automobile Industry. He takes after his father, a playful man who enjoys the company of woman. He however, does love his family alot and does everything for his parents and younger sister. He's a real speedster, revving around the streets with his custom-made, one-of-a-kind superbike made by Blackforest, named the 'Ryuga Special'. He is unaware of the existence of Kibo KUROMORI.

Image of Rumi Kuromori
Rumi Kuromori - The youngest child of the Kuromoris,younger sister to Ryuga and older stepsister to Kibo. Rumi is currently studying college and barely meets with her family. A very charismatic person, she is popular and has been a model for several fashion design magazines since she was a teenager. Rumi has a more down-to-earth personality despite her rich family and the attention she receives from the media. She dislikes her brother's bombastic lifestyle, but loves him regardless. Similar to Ryuga, family is everything to Rumi. She is unaware of the existence of Kibo KUROMORI.

Image of Kassia Jagoda
Kassia Jagoda – The angelic woman that Kibo calls mother and can never forget. Kibo keeps a photo of his mother in his phone and by his bed. Kassia was a lowly, but beautiful woman who tended her family’s berry fields. She met Ryosuke Kuromori sixteen years ago during one of his business trips. Kassia’s kind-heart was able to forgive Ryosuke when she found out he was already married. Kassia raised Kibo as a single mother in Poland as Ryosuke fled back to Japan. Kassia is now deceased after falling victim to an unknown brain illness.

So begins...

Kibo Kassia Jagoda's Story