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Azura Chronicles: Our Last Hope

Azura Chronicles: Our Last Hope


The Emperor of Arkaeius has been acting strangely since he and his men had stumbled upon the Crystal Valley. You, a loyal Knight, want to know why. Trust me, your life is about to get SO much more complicated.

642 readers have visited Azura Chronicles: Our Last Hope since zody created it.


(*NOTE: I think I currently have a bit of writers block, as I can't really think up storyline things and big words XD*)

It was the third day of Ocstauyis when Emperor Lazarus D'Brightaine announced that his Military would siege any and all of the surrounding powers. The war has already consumed almost a quarter of Gaia, and soon enough The Emperor will have half of the world under his command. Fifty years ago, and Ancient race sent two of their own to Earth, in hopes that they would destroy all life on the planet so that they could leave their dying one and take control of Gaia. One of them is the Emperor and the other is the Knight. The Knight, being noble and chivalrous as he is, is determined to stop the Emperor from continuing his quest and is going to have to use all of his skills to even harm the Emperor. To make things more complicated, the Emperor has summoned the Four Elemental Archlords from their homes in the pits of Hell to aid him.

TL;DR: Some crazy guy is killing people and it's up to you to stop him.



The Side Of Evil

The Emperor: ____ Played by Me
The General: ____ Played by ____
The Black Mage: ____ Played by ____
Archlord of Earth: ____ Played by ____
Archlord of Water: ____ Played by ____
Archlord of Air: ____ Played by ____
Archlord of Fire: ____ Played by ____

The Side of Good

The Knight: ____ Played by ____
The Princess/ Prince: ____ Played by ____
The Thief: ____ Played by ____
The White Mage: ____ Played by ____
The Wizard: ____ Played by ____
The Spy: ____ Played by _____
The Hermit: ____ Played by ____

(* I will add more if you guys want me to.*)


Here I will list some things that need to be in the Characters profiles.

The Emperor: Extremely powerful Magic user.

The Knight: Has been close to the General and Emperor as he is a Knight.

The General: He is the Emperors right hand man. He is an extremely powerful Melee fighter.

The Prince/ Princess: Their parents are dead, and they could possibly be in love with the Knight, General or Emperor.

The Black Mage: Fairly powerful, has no/ barely any healing spells.

The White Mage: Has no/ barely any offensive spells.

Archlord of Earth: Is extremely efficient in the use of Earth Magick. Remember, as with all Archlords, they can look as Human or Inhuman as you want.

The Thief: Easily hurt, but It's hard to do so. Weak but fast attacks, so no 1 hit K.O's for you.

Archlord of Water: Pro at using Water Magick.

The Wizard: The Wizard is a mix of Black and White Mage's, so they've got both Black and White Magick, and they are fairly good with weapons, but not really. =]

Archlord of Air: Pro at Air Magicks. Out of all of the Archlords, we need at least one Female, and I feel like having a Female here, but as I stated before, it's up to you.

The Hermit: Has basically no connection to anyone else in the game, over time they will gain more Magicks and stuff.

Archlord of Fire: Read the other Archlord Rundowns. Oh, and also, this person here is the Leader of the Archlords.

The Spy: Will have worked for the Emperor at some point, but then rebelled, may also work for the Emperor as a Double Agent.

Character Skeleton

Side of Good -


Age: (The Hermit gets to be really old. The youngest person is the Thief, who should be in their Teens.)
Role: (Knight, White Mage, Thief, etc.)
Description: (Stuff such as behaviour, likes, dislikes, etc.)
Picture: (Preferably Anime, cuz it's going to be hard to find pictures of Real-Life Knight, especially because it's 2011.)


Magicks: (Remember, White Mage can't have Flare, or anything too powerful. Maybe a really bad Fire spell.)


Relationship To Other Characters: (NOTE: This does NOT need to be completed, it's entirely optional.)
Theme Song(s):
Sexual Orientation: (Yes, there should be Romance, as it sometimes helps to further the plot and make it more dramatic.)
Target of Affections?: (If your character is in love with anyone, who is it?)

Now, my FAVORITE PART. The DEATH RATIO. Those who have been in any of my other RP's will remember this, or not I guess. I'm only starting to notify people of it's existence in my RP's, and most of the time it will affect the entire RP in some way. Now, let me explain:

The Death Ratio is like an EXP bar. The more enemies there is, the more danger there is, and the more danger there is, there's more chance of Death. Now, you CAN be resurrected by a White Mage, or by someone who has a Resurrection Scroll. If you're fighting an Archlord, then you're DM (DangerMeter) is going to be fairly high. I mean, they're from HELL. Anyway, every time you fight an enemy, your DM goes up, and I'll classify the 'Ranks' now:

0 - 10 = Green - You're safe, good, cool, you're fine.
11 - 20 = Dark Green - Meh, you won't die.
21 - 30 = Moderate.
31 - 40 = Still moderate.
41 - 50 = Slightly harder.
51 - 55 = A bit tough.
56 - 60 = Ouchie.
61 - 80 = Agh, god this is Dangerous.
81 - 90 = Why am I here? This is stupid!
90+ = You are SO screwed.

This only applies to bosses such as the Archlords or the General, and if you fight The Emperor, he'll be somewhere between 61 - 80.

List of Monsters:

Basic Mobs: 1 - 20
Int. Mobs: 21- 30
Hard Mobs: 31 - 40
Special Mobs: 41 - 55
Rare Mobs: 56 - 60
Bosses: 60+

Well, I'm tired and I'm going to sleep. I'll keep working on this tomorrow. Nite all! =D

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