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Baby Steps

Baby Steps


The year is 2053, and mankind, after a number of social and technological breakthroughs, has managed to colonize a portion of the solar system. Yet when a vacant, alien vessel is discovered on the edge of the solar system, steps may soon become leaps...

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The year is 2053, and humanity has progressed far in a short amount of time. Computers grow in ability every year, the world is powered by alternate energy (primarily nuclear), the population has stabilized to nine billion, and humankind is facing a new golden age. Though the world has not united just yet, global peace is now on the verge of being complete, with each country and their ideologies keeping to themselves. Space-travel has made a comeback, having been stagnant until 2040, with technology allowing manned space objects to travel nearly 50% the speed of light. Like those who built the first trans-oceanic vessels, mankind is now itching to see what's out there.

Colonies, outposts, and research stations have been established on both Mars and a number of moons and dwarf planets within the solar system, not only to preserve man if something terrible were to occur on Earth, but simply because of new ideologies stating that in is mankind's destiny to expand across the stars. Still, the big question loomed whenever one gazed upon on the stars: who is out there? Are they like us? Do they have hopes, dreams... souls? Or is the Fermi Paradox right? Are we alone? Though UNSA (United Nations Space Association) had discovered a number of habitable planets with the power of new detection technology, and was on the verge of sending interstellar probes, and possibly even sleeper ships to them, no evidence of ET had been found...

That was: until an alien vessel was discovered on the edge of the solar system, all systems powered down (and unable to be powered back up) and nobody home. No bodies... no anything. Though estimates were sketchy, it was determined by Earth's best astrophysicists that the ship came from the star system Gliesse 581. It seemed to be some form of scout ship, with no attainable technology to be had, and its age was determined to be only one hundred and twenty years old.

Save for its hyperspace engine, of course: which was quickly reverse-engineered.

The discovery of the vessel led to mixed emotions from Sol's residents. Though many were excited by the prospect of alien life existing, some questioned what the aliens' intentions were... and some even feared what technology they may now posses. Still, mankind agreed that the benefits of further explorations outweighed the risk, and within a year, hyperspace technology had been approved for regular use (though manufacturing was still heavily expensive). Soon after, three of the UNSA's peacekeeping vessels, the battleship Hyperion, the cruiser Thunderchild, and the science vessel Apollo, were retrofitted with Earth's first tested FTL engines. Their purpose? Leave the sol system on a three year voyage of discovery. Scout local star ships for any sign of life, gain more insight on habitable planets, potential threats, technology to be used, or even potential allies.

In other words, employ caution, but boldly go.

Now, led by the Grand Admiral of the UNSA (his flagship being the Hyperion), and given free reign to adhere to his judgement and his judgement alone, the ships, converted slightly to be more hospitable to civilians, have been cram-packed with not only UNSA Navy and Marine personnel, but dignitaries, scientific geniuses, diplomats, interpreters, five-star chefs, historians, mineral surveyors, you name it, as well as their families, all with one purpose in mind:

To see what, or who, may be waiting for them in the great beyond.


1. Feel free to be creative with the lore, though please follow what is already up. If you have suggestions, I'm more than open to chat :).
2. Check the home page frequently for updates and such, as well as information about Earth's current level of technology, planetary holdings, and fleet positions. The wider universe changes constantly.
3. Please don't power-play, be a dick, or create over-powered characters.
4. All characters must be human at first (you'll know when you can create aliens). Civilian or military is fine. Hell, if you want to play some sort of terrorist even, that's fine too.
5. Don't meta-game. Allow me to execute important events. (Aliens are discovered or detected, new technology. Basically, anything that may change the posted lore. Ship status can be changed at will, however) simply from preventing this from becoming a clusterfuck. I want it to have structure in certain regards.
6. The admiral of the three-ship fleet determines where ships go, however captains may have a certain free will to go where they want. All ships must stay within the same solar system though, as ordered by the UNSA
7. Feel free to become a captain on any of the three ships if available. You can also roleplay on any of the three ships.
8. Have fun :).

Character Creation

Occupation (And Rank, if Navy or Marine. None needed if a family member of a scientist or such):
Ship You're On (Hyperion, Thunderchild, or Apollo):

Important needed filled before roleplay can begin:

Grand Admiral (Feel free to give name. Leads the expedition and chooses where to go/what to do.) - Taken
Captain of the Hyperion (Can give name) - Taken
Captain of the Thunderchild (Can give name.) - Taken
Lead Scientist of Apollo (Equivalent to captain. Can give name) - Taken

Current Ship Equipment


2x Heavy Magnetic Accelerator Cannons (Heavy damage versus armor. Light damage versus shields.)
10x Point defense and obstruction clearing rapid-fire cannons. (Decent against small celestial bodies and fighters/bombers.)
10x Fighter-class light vessels. (Each equipped with multiple anti-lightship missiles and 2x rapid-fire cannons.)
5x Bomber-class light vessels. (Each equipped with heavy anti-armor missiles and one rapid-fire tailgun.)
1x Crude Hyperspace Engine (Two light years in one day.)
No Shields.
1x Artifical Gravity Generator (Prototype. Currently produces gravity equivalent to that of humans on the moon. Daily exercise required by all crew to prevent bone-decay.)
1x Carbon-fiber armor and heat-deflecting alloys. (Good versus minor energy and anti-armor weapons.)
1x FTL Communications Device
1x Sublight engine and multiple maneuvering thrusters.
No nukes.
3x Nuclear Reactors


1x Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (Decent damage versus armor. Light to no damage versus shields)
5x Missile chassis. (Decent against fast-moving craft. Impact about 1/4 the force of a standard MAC.)
20x Point-defense and obstruction clearing rapid-fire cannons.
1x Crude hyperspace engine (two light years, one day.)
1x Artificial Gravity Generator (Worse than the hyperion. Gravity 1/2 of humans on the moon.)
1x Carbon-fiber armor and heat-deflecting alloys (Good versus minor energy and anti-armor weapons.)
2x Master sublight engines and multiple manuevering thrusters. (Fastest ship in the fleet sublight wise.)
1x Local communications device. (No FTL communications).
No nukes.
No shields.
2x Nuclear Reactors


5x Point-defense and obstruction clearing rapid-fire cannons.
1x Crude hyperspace engine (Two light years, one day.)
1x Artificial Gravity Generation (Best of the three ships. Gravity equivalent to Mars.)
1x Sublight engines and manuevering thrusters.
1x Local communications device.
1x Heat deflecting alloys. No heavy armor. (Ship shouldn't be exposed to danger unless necessary.)
1x Advanced sensor and scanning devices (can detect objects as small as 1 cubed miles a light-year away. Can scan planets easily when in the same solar system.)
No shields.
2x Nuclear Reactors

Faction Information (planet holdings, tech level, fleet positions.)

UNSA (Player Faction)

Current Technology Level: I (Out of V)

Relatively Primitive.
Crude Hyperspace Engines (Two light-years per day travel).
Minor, bulky cybernetic augmentations.
Decent medical technology. Most cancers curable. Most ailments curable.
Decent sub-lightspeed engines and thrusters capable of producing somewhat complex maneuvers.
Decent weapons technololy, for projectile-based weapons that is. Magnetic accelerator cannons, rapid-fire cannons, railguns... ext.
Crude armor tech. Not fit for any serious interstellar battle.
No shield tech.
No energy weapons capable of decent damage.
Basic artificial intelligence (human-level)
Basic robotics (functional, though only semi-effective land, air, and space drone craft. Human-driven craft usually more effective.)
Most advanced power source at the moment is Nuclear Power. Experiments in cold fusion underway.

Planetary Holdings:

Sol System

Mercury (Solar Monitoring Station)
Venus (High-Atmosphere Research Station)
Earth (Home World)
- Luna (Colony, Military Outpost, and Shipyard in Orbit. Also houses a Supermassive MAC Cannon for Earth's defense.)
Mars (Colony)
- Deimos (Research Station)
- Phobos (Shipyard in Orbit)
Asteroid Belt
- Ceres (Mining Outpost)
- Europa (Colony)
- Io (Military Outpost)
- Titan (Colony and Military Outpost)
- Triton (Colony and Mining Outpost)
Kaiper Belt
- Eris (Long-Range Interstellar Object Monitoring Station)

Fleet Positions

1st Patrol Fleet (3 Scout and 5 Light Ships) - Kaiper Belt
2nd Patrol Fleet (3 Scout and 5 Light Ships) - Inner Solar System/Outer Solar System
1st Vanguard Fleet (5 Heavy Ships and 20 Light Ships) - Lunar Orbit (Positioned Around Expeditionary Fleet)
2nd Vanguard Fleet (5 Heavy Ships and 15 Light Ships) - Titan Orbit

1st Expeditionary Fleet (Two Heavy Ships and 1 Research Vessel) - Lunar Orbit. Preparing to exit the Solar System.

Kaiper Liberation Front

Current Technology Level (I)
Desc: Born when a large colony, a research station, and a small fleet suddenly and mysteriously went rogue on and around Pluto. Fiercely defensive of their territory, and claim they have found a 'better way' than being dependent on Earth for resources.

Technology: Same as the UNSA. Strangely, their medical technology is greater than that of the UNSA, however.


Sol System

Pluto (Colony)
- Chiron (Research Station)

Fleet Positions:

1st KLF Defensive Fleet, formally the 3rd Vanguard Fleet (5 Heavy Ships and 10 Light Ships) - Orbiting Pluto. Sometimes serve as space pirates.

Important All-Faction News
- First Expeditionary Fleet prepares to exit the Sol System. Destination to be determined by the Grand Admiral. Fanfair and celebration throughout the solar system.

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 16 authors

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Well, this place brings me back, Hello Admiral McCart, Veris. What brings all of us here today? Well, other then hyperspace and being the first ever out here." Dr. Tesla sat down and wrote down some stuff. "I remember when I was an Admiral, But I can get that back."

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Character Portrait: Lt. Markus Worf Character Portrait: Nakasagi Rai Character Portrait: EUCLID-II
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#, as written by LaXnyd
Rai, having heard the speech and the announcement of exiting hyperspace, sighed and opened the windows. So... they really were the first ones here, or at least the first humans.

Getting dressed, he turned off his personal computer after waiting for the song he was playing - a song played by a band known as "Jam project" over a century ago - to finish and exited the room, heading for the bridge and wondering if Lana would head there as well. He preferred to keep his music on his own private devices instead of letting Euclid take care of it. He was an early riser; perhaps it was due to the fact his body had still yet to adjust to the jet lag... if it even existed in space.

Entering the bridge, he saw that neither Lana nor his friend were here yet, and gave only a silent nod to the American Lieutenant as he headed for his work station.

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Character Portrait: Lt. Markus Worf Character Portrait: Nakasagi Rai Character Portrait: EUCLID-II
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Electronic sensors track the movements of Nakasagi Rai as he makes his progress from his quarters to his work station. The information is fed to EUCLID-II's central brain, processed, and stored for future reference in 4.2 nanoseconds. Not like it'd ever be useful again anyways but protocol is protocol.

"Greetings Dr.Rai..." his monotonous voice chimed out of the panel on the wall "You seem to be up early, at least going by ship time. Although you got up 14 minutes and 42 seconds earlier yesterday. Are you sleeping quite alright? Perhaps the terrible sound quality on your personal computers speakers is causing your eardrums distress."

EUCLID-II was incapable of developing feelings such as jealousy, or so his manufactures claimed. But any system running so continuous on its own is bound to develop anomalous snippets of code and mutations in his genetic algorithms. Try getting him to admit that though, he was beyond such "inefficient and illogical chains of thought" as jealousy. So it simply bleeds through as passive aggressive concern.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: EUCLID-II
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0.00 INK

Click hum click hum go EUCLID-II's main tower as he runs several weather mapping algorithms.

There's been a mountain of incoming planetary data from the probes that EUCLID simply couldn't wait to get his processors on. Moon and small debris orbital trajectories, thermal maps, wind currents, atmospheric composition, etc. All of which has been stored and is awaiting analysis by scientists aboard.

As EUCLID-II tracks the wind patterns and thermal systems, he notices a small vortex located at planetary coordinates 34.112053,-117.876533 that reminds him of a pattern when he mapped sub-ice sheet ocean currents on Europa.

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Character Portrait: Boris Yakunin
Boris Yakunin

Knight of the Krasnaya Bratva Mafiya

Character Portrait: Kirill Tsvetkov
Kirill Tsvetkov

A Major Boss of the Krasnaya Bratva Mafiya on Phobos

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Fyodor "Fedya" Voronin

ультра-рыцарь of the Krasnaya Bratva Mafiya

Character Portrait: Perseus Isocrates
Perseus Isocrates

"Into the past, to find the present; maybe then it will be we can find both our future, and our place here and ever after."

Character Portrait: EUCLID-II

Number crunching supercomputer assigned to run the intense calculations for hyperspace travel aboard the Apollo. Can be a bit of a smart-ass, likes to play logic games.

Character Portrait: Captain Jack Harkness (Thunderchild)
Captain Jack Harkness (Thunderchild)

"People say I got this chair by sleeping with Admiral Ross... well, they're wrong. There wasn't actually any sleeping involved."

Character Portrait: [NPC] Randall Flagg
[NPC] Randall Flagg

"Most of what we think we know is false, and the truth is not often what we want to know..."

Character Portrait: [NPC] Secretary Maybourne
[NPC] Secretary Maybourne

"Next person to give me another stack of papers gets a bullet through the hand."

Character Portrait: Dormus Executes VIII (Edward Buoy)
Dormus Executes VIII (Edward Buoy)

Listen, I'm sure we can settle this, though you'll have a few holes in you if this gets ugly.


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