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Perseus Isocrates

"Into the past, to find the present; maybe then it will be we can find both our future, and our place here and ever after."

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a character in “Baby Steps”, as played by Dominator046


Perseus Isocrates

Ship Thunderchild ... y=1&loop=1
Listen in highest quality.

“I dream but all the gleaming figures of the mighty pageantry that have passed before and shall come after. In this coming of great things of times before, and their place in our far present today; perhaps I will find my place, the meaning of my place, that will exist then and ever after.”

Character Biography


Primary Information

Basic Details
Name: Perseus Isocrates
Proper Pronunciation: Per – see – ous _ Iso – krat - tays
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Race: Human
D&D Alignment: Neutral Good
Marital Status: Single
Living Relatives: Aging Father, Older Brother, Two Younger Brothers.
Philosophy: Skeptical, but not without spiritualism/religion.

Aesthetic Details
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Eye Color: A deep forest green.
Hair Color: A dark, Jet-like color..
Hair Length: Corporate fashioned moderate length.
Facial Hair: Stubble from sideburn to sideburn.
Weight: 171-176 lbs
Height: 5'11" -or- 180.4 centimeters -or- 6.5 forearms.
Build: Athletic, supplementary musculature.

Socio-economic Details
Nationality: UNSA Citizenship, Domestication on Triton, Deimos, and Earth.
Birthplace: The Former United States, Earth, UNSA
Occupation: Engineer, Courier, and Dreaming Archaeologist
Economic Standing: Working Class, financially stable.
Economic Variability: High paying courier jobs.

Misc. Details
Accent: None.
  • Standard UNSA Linguistics
  • The Common Speech of Deimos
  • The Common Speech of Triton
  • English
  • Rough Latin

Character Traits

Rough Attributes:
  • Physique: His Physical Capabilities.
    <6/10> -Physically fit and of noted endurance.
  • Intelligence: His Mental Capabilities.
    <5/10> -A good ability to understand and learn.
  • Augmentation: Supplemental Physiological or Psychological Enhancement:
    <1/10> (if that) -Untouched by any unnatural additions to his mind or body.
  • Willpower: His spirit.
    <8/10> -Perseus is strong-willed.
  • Cunning: Craftiness and Quick Thinking
    <6/10> -A sharp wit lies behind Isocrates’ eyes.
  • Guile: Sleuthiness and Rogue-like nature.
    <4-10> -Perseus can throw a lie, and perhaps use charm and tact to his advantage..

  • Resourcefulness and Adaption - "We do what we have to, just to keep breathing in and out."
  • Courage - "You’ll never find anything if you sit around and wait for it."
  • Calm - "Getting pissed and burning all the bridges around you is the quickest path to a particular creek, and I don’t think you’ve got a paddle."
  • Hard Working - "A hard day’s work isn’t always a great, but hey, it builds character."

  • Lovecraftian Horror/Paranoia - "What could truly lie out there… in the dark corners of our worlds and space."
  • Foolhardy -"When you’re torn between do or die, there aren’t a lot of options."
  • Fear of Death -[i]"I haven’t found my place in the universe yet."

Character Physique and Demeanor

Perseus is a spry man with a lively step and a stoic expression usually avoiding eye contact. Perseus is fair in height, standing at roughly 5’11 in his working attire and boots. With solid, lightly charming features, his stubbled, chiseled, facial features are set against two green eyes and a strong, but proportionate brow, which alludes to neck length, moderately kempt, dark hair atop his head. Perseus shows signs of conditioning and training suitable for a member of the fleet; while he’s physically fit, this does not mean he’ll probably win the Stormchild Bi-Weekly Arm Wrestling championships; he probably would not even make the semi-finals in such an affair. However, upon his form sit two shoulders noticeable enough to be considered broad, and his height keeps him from being easily noticeable. Perseus is a dynamic fellow, sometimes brazen and bold, and the next calm, cool, or perhaps hesitant; one moment he’s sleuthing in the shadows approaching a group of shady individuals, the following moments he listens carefully to what they say while noting his surroundings, and next he’s calling the shots upon pain of tactically advantageous ambush. Perseus retains a somewhat tanned complexion, though still more pale than others whom have done in the sun as much as he has. Perseus's form is relatively uninterrupted by scars, save for a cauterized laceration scar on his cheek, and a burn scar on his left forearm. Perseus does well in his motions, usually well composed and swift as he acts, whether in a simple and calm environment, or in a quick paced chaotic maelstrom.

Character Skillset

  • Education and Intelligence
Overview [Average]: Perseus is a moderately intelligent soul, capable of learning things just as any other human being, with his own advantages and disadvantages. Adahn has devoted survival skills, as well as the simple knowings of carpentry, geology, metallurgy, woodcare, and construction; however, these fall in the shadows of a much greater knowing: Perseus is an accomplished Engineer. Perseus grew up around industry, metallurgy and the skills involved in creating tools and items were taught to him and mastered quickly. Perseus knows the math to accommodate the work of his various constructions and the conceptual understandings of the mathematics he applies.

  • Cunning and Wisdom
Overview [Depending: Adept]: Perseus utilized his brain greatly in his early life, building a path to become the person he wanted to be, by evolving above the standards of a simple working brute. Perseus has used his head to avoid dangerous situations, either before they happen or after encountering them. Perseus also hones his spirit as he goes, taking wisdom in his tread and learning from others as well as himself, and developing an enlightenment that spreads well unto others, and makes him seem perhaps older than he truly is.

  • Physical Survivability/Combat Ability
Overview [Adept]: Perseus was born into a sterile, cold world, but not always a kindly and systematic one. Several times he’s come to find that there are people whose only known language are their fists, and so, Perseus became well versed in the language. Specializing primarily with his hands, he’s dealt with attackers and threats in suitable fashion as he must, developing a skillful set of ability as he has grown through his years. He has at odd times developed a use of firearms, though this skillset is much less useful than anything he’s found he can use with his hands.

  • Cybernetics/Piloteering
Overview [Poor]: Though having traveled far, and knowing how to operate and pilot simple smaller craft, and handle computers well enough to perform maintenance on them; Perseus is not vastly schooled in the use of cybernetics or the piloting of large vessels. While skilled enough to work with these utilities, and repair them; he is not a hacker, programmer, no more than he is a leviathan pilot.

  • Survival Ability
Overview [Average]: Though not having the skill or know how of a devoted wildsman, he knows a good fathom of how to survive in his native wilds, and the general principles of survival thereof. He knows the characteristics of wildlife, how to distinguish if something is poisonous, a little tracking knowledge, and a fetch of field doctoring.


Combat Archetypes, Stratagems, and Acumen:

  • Combat Fundamentals:
Perseus is a man whom has traveled rather far in his time in existence, and as done his best to draw this path as pleasantly as possible; but when caught with only the option to fight, that is the option he must choose. He fights with tact and cunning, with instinct serving alongside his experience to allow him to react appropriately and effectively in dangerous situations. Perseus fights fairly simply, his actions are not flashy, but neither does he open himself for reprisal or expend more energy than necessary. He keeps himself in sturdy form, a light horse stance, drawn lightly to intercept a foe, instead of being clenched and withdrawn. He chooses to act like water, fluid and graceful one moment, then harsh and crushing the next. His limbs are known tools to apply with this effect, as are items that utilize sharp edges, blunt faces, vicious heads, and extended hafts. While having handled firearms in times past, and learned their handling and proper use, he has much less experience in this form of combat.

  • Instinct and Cunning
Those who have seen Isocrates in battle may be able to analyze the processes going through those deep eyes of his, but they certainly can comment on two things: his tenacity, and cunning. This pays homage to his fiery drive, his stamina holding strong into the fight, keeping heart and mind working with the same beautiful, brutal, stampeding force. Perseus however does not blind himself with anger, he will maintain control over himself, remaining keen and calculating, working to progress the battle as his body moves in fluid, instinctive motion. If passion is to play a part in a fight, it is surely to adamantly boast this ability further, without drowning himself in it.

  • Advanced Footwork, Coordination, and Conditioning
Perhaps one of Isocrates’ greatest strengths is his great swiftness and mobility; his strong legs have carried him miles at various paces, and his ability to perform in combat shows how he is able to do such with relative ease. Perseus has developed strong stance as well as movement patterns, he knows how to step, run, roll, jump, land, climb and how to properly cancel or augment these movements to suit his abilities. Of particular note is his ability to control, to relax while in control of these abilities; a mixture of plyometric and cardiovascular/muscular training alongside stretching exercises have given him the ability to maintain composure and quality throughout his efforts.

  • Dexterity and Free-Running:

Perseus has, as almost every engineer must, be able to fully maneuver in his workplace and or reach places of particular interest; then again, this has been a particular point of his life even before he pursued this far education. He retains his ability to move quickly, as well as for an above-average period of time; in addition to knowing how to handle obstacles that he might encounter, and how to scale moderate inconveniences. Such obstructions would include rock faces, walls whose summits can be grasped by his hands, heavy inclines, shimmy ledges, as well as suspended hand-holds.

  • Firearm Handling:

Perseus understands the aspects of a firearm mechanism, and how one should be properly held and maintained. While this is the strongest point of his aspect with them, he also has experience using them in practical fashion. He has worked his best to stead his aim and work breathing while aligning sights on a target. Shooting quickly and accurately might be difficult for Perseus, but with enough motivation, he might be willing to try. Perseus has never fired anything of incredibly high power or station, having mostly utilized handguns and rifles with burst-fire and fully automatic features.

Character Specializations:

Primary Weapon Specialization(s):
  • Unarmed: Boxing/Wrestling
  • Small Weapons: Knife/Dagger
  • One-Handed Edged: Axe/Military Trowel

Primary Armor Specialization(s):
  • Cloth Armor/Unarmored: General
  • Light Armor: General
  • Medium Armor: Armguards/Footwear

Secondary Weapon Specialization(s):
  • Unarmed: Kickboxing
  • Thrown Weapon: Knife
  • Semi-Fire Pistol: General

Secondary Armor Specialization(s):
  • Medium Armor: Chestpiece
  • Medium Armor: Headpiece
  • Heavy Armor: Armguards.

Tertiary Weapon Specialization(s):
  • Standard Caliber Rifle: General
  • Explosive Charge: General

Tertiary Armor Specialization(s):
  • Medium Armor: General
  • Heavy Armor: Chestguard

Forbidden Weapon Specialization(s):
  • Blunt Weapon: General except for Hammers
  • Poison: General
  • Firearm: Light Machine Guns
  • Firearm: Machine-Pistols

Forbidden Armor Specialization(s):
  • Heavy Armor: Headwear
  • Jewelry: General except for Rings
  • Power/Great Armor: General
  • General: Mitten Gloves

Character History

  • Perseus Isocrates is born on the planet Earth thirty-one years ago, as a series of conflicts aimed at dissolving global tension come to a close.
  • Perseus grows up in a relatively happy middle class family, with three brothers, his mother and father. One of his brothers is older, the other two are younger.
  • Perseus shows he is a curious, energetic youngster. He often enjoying seeing new things and going to parks and the like.
  • Perseus’ mother dies when he’s rather young, leaving his father to care for the four boys, whom does a fair job. Things get financially tight, but they squeeze by.
  • Perseus gets through school well enough, not doing his absolute best, but still well enough; not interested in it much more than a means to an end.
  • Perseus tries to make a living as a reporter, travelling and reporting stories across the Earth as the second space race begins to churn. He also attempts to sign himself on to various archaeological expeditions.
  • Perseus never manages to make it into Archaeology, especially as interests dwindled in the retrospective view of the Earth, in the face of looking onwards. Perseus does what he can working as a Reporter, going far and wide to try and earn what he can.
  • The work is arduous, dangerous, but pays well. Perseus gains a great deal of his experience travelling the world, covering KLF rebellions and peace matters through what was the old third-world. Eventually, he makes enough money to cover his going to college.
  • Unsure of what would be best for him, he looks to the interests of space, and going further into the great beyond. This thought kindled his wanderlust, and love of discovering the past and of far foreign cultures. Thinking of what may best suit him, and his unique skills, Perseus thinks it over his first college year.
  • Without any setbacks, Perseus graduates a credible university on planet Earth with a degree in mechanical engineering. With this in his hands, and a need for skilled hands, Perseus was recruited to journey to the planned hub of knowledge and research: Deimos.
  • The journey through space is trying, as is most first-time voyages, but Perseus makes it to Deimos, and applies his unique skills well in establishing the subterraeneous systems and facilities therein. He hoped to find something that would make his love of ancient connection theories come true, but they didn’t. He roamed Deimos and Mars for a time, working at the various opportunities that came his way in establishing the systems on those bodies.
  • As the facilities of Deimos came into full play, and engineers were needed less in this sector, a job offer was presented to engineers still in the area to oversee the initial habitation of the Triton system. Posing its own set of unique challenges, Perseus took the job, and the fair pay that came with it. Most of this pay went to supporting his aging, and frail-growing father.
  • The trip to Triton wasn’t nearly as arduous as his first inter-planetary trip. Once there, Perseus did well in the somber gloom of the planet’s new atmosphere. He helped in the process of building the mighty colony that situated itself near the great mining camps.
  • The artificial environments inside the habitation domes felt stale to Perseus, and while he wished to continue his work on the planet, building it into something potentially great as resources and industry came together, he felt turned-off by the idea until full terraforming came into effect, which wouldn’t be soon.
  • Finding himself in need of work off-world, Perseus began to hear of the great opportunities posed to only the bravest of interstellar peoples. A trip to leave the solar system, to explore beyond our own back yard, to begin the babysteps and journey unto a fold far beyond anything any human has ventured unto before.
  • His wanderlust, and various other desires struck, Perseus managed his way across the solar system, relying on shady dealings and cross favors. Sometimes these turned ugly, but eventually, Perseus came to one of the main stations of the UNSA.
  • Placing his credentials and extended resume alongside the various tests the fleet had to propose upon him, eventually, Perseus was approved and selected for proper admittance for the great project that threatened to make his greatest dreams, and greatest fears, a reality.


Quality: Poor - Common - Reliable - Potent - Awesome - Epic

Simple Inventory

The Dark-Iron - Item Type: One-Handed Edged: Axe/Military Trowel
Steel-Spike - Item Type: Small Weapon: Knife/Dagger
Archaeologist’s Luggage - Item Type: Storage and Utilities
Large Medical Kit - Item Type: Restorative and Utilities
Filtering Canteen - Item Type: Restorative
Thick Bracer - Item Type: Utilities
Vagrant’s Working Garb - Item Type: Clothing [/quote]

Advanced Inventory:

The Dark-Iron – Found by Perseus in the third world, and having remained useful, trusty, and every strong and sturdy unto this day is a military trowel he has come to call The Dark Iron. This was the name he had heard it called when he had acquired it, one way or another, and is in-fact a high grade steel and polymer utility. He has used it to break the Earth, and enemy skulls on multiple occasions, and it has ever since been a vastly useful piece of equipment on his journeys. The edges of the trowel are kept venomously sharp.

Steel-Spike – A vastly useful utility tool, and incredibly simple in that very facet, makes this a very reliable piece of equipment that Perseus always carries with him. It is a bowie knife made of a strong steel and kept ready to assist those friendly to its wielder, as much as it is to strike down those whom aren’t similarly so inclined.

Archaeologist’s Luggage – With the combination of two bags, shifted well over his form, Perseus has maintained mobility while being able to hold and store a veritable amount of gear over his body. On these bags are mounted various pieces of small equipment. A compass on one shoulderstrap, a waterproof match and lighter case, and a light coil of rope are some of the things that are held on these straps, and there are small loops that seem as if more things can be added if acquired.

Large Medical Kit – Kept within the luggage he carries is a gracious kit of medical supplies, capable of treating multiple grizzly wounds and conditions on up to eight people at a time.

Filtering Canteen – Water is needed to live, and even then, not all water is safe to drink. This canteen can help ensure that the water found and ingested by Perseus will be safe and restorative to his being. The filter is replaceable, and has a lifespan of up to one-hundred gallons. Perseus always carries a spare filter, just in case.

Thick Bracer – In addition to a compass on his luggage, Perseus also keeps a small one on a thickly padded leather bracer that goes over his left forearm. This piece of defensive equipment also mounts the reliable planetary-adjusting compass that also doubles as a space-farer’s watch.

Vagrant’s Working Garb - Not being one to look frilly or prissy, Perseus has always found it pleasant to look reasonably well, while also being functional. This outfit, simple, to the point, breathes well, isn’t restricting, and makes him look reasonably presentable.

Recent Activity - Achievments

None yet.

So begins...

Perseus Isocrates's Story

Characters Present

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ImageGrand Admiral McCartImage

”Veris. Thank you. I am confident that those diagnostics are already in capable hands and are being attended to. Please notify me when the pods return.”

McCart finally allowed himself a moment of… jubilation, as he stared out over the Bridge’s primary windows. Such awe. Such wonder. Planets unknown to mankind, around a star previously just a blip on a telescopic image. A message on the Admiral’s inbox came up.

"Congratulations old man, how does it feel to be the Grand Admiral of the first space expedition outside our solar system? Forget Mayor of Lockhart, Admiral. I'd be surprised if you weren't nominated for president. Congratulations in advance."

McCart joyously shook his head. He was content with the message.

[color=DarkSlateBlue]”Congratulations to you, too, Hunter.

It feels… overwhelming. We’ll talk about it more over a bottle of wine sometime.

And president? President of what? I do have dual-citizenship, you know? President of Texas, or were you thinking something more… D.C.? Or maybe President of Toy Land? President of St. Henry’s Home for the Senile?

I suppose we shall see.

The uproar that had erupted on both the Bridge and the Relay was most definitely echoed throughout the whole of the ship, indeed the whole fleet. It seemed almost like a deafening buzz of applause and cheers, right for at least 15 minutes. From the FCC, the Admiral could see the various smiling faces of the young men and women aboard. It inspired a ‘kink’ of pure ecstasy in the old man for a moment. He remembered Katie at that moment – she’d love to be here.

He waited for a moment to allow the hum to die down, slightly. At what seemed the apex, he stood up from his chair and stood just in front of the navigational module, using it as a pulpit above his congregation. From his raised position over the Bridge, he stared off into a few of the eyes that caught his own. Raising his right hand as if calling a cab, he called the attention of Captain McCoy.

”Veris. Bring up a camera and focus it on me. I’d like to address the fleet. Broadcast to all public facilities,” the Admiral said to his trusted side.

A small, spherical pod was discharged from the ceiling of the Command Level and kept itself in hover around the Admiral’s FCC. It’s lights turned from green to red, indicating broadcasting. The screens and holo-modules of the Bridge, likewise, manifested the Admiral’s face. It was safe, at least to McCart’s mind, to assume the case was the same on the Thunderchild and the Apollo.

Clearing his throat, the Admiral began to speak, culling the roars of the crew to attention.

”Ladies and gentlemen, damen und herren, madamoiselles et monsieurs, damas y caballeros: my… fellow children of Gaia, my fellow Earthlings. Welcome to Kepler-62.”

The crew burst into cheering once more, forcing the Admiral to humbly stretch out his hand as if to understandingly snuff their cheers away.

”After over two years, we are finally at our destination. Many of us have just woken from cryosleep today. Many of us haven’t been in cryosleep for awhile but with all the busy-bodying, I bet it feels like cryosleep.

“We are all the very first humans to use hyperspace, leave our local system, and see with our very own eyes the horizon of another star. Before us lies perhaps a system filled with destiny.

“For the time being, we will engage slowly. Apollo shall work on deciphering which of the planets will be the safest to engage and then I’ll determine who’s going where and when.

“Congratulations. Now if there be life out there other than our own, let’s introduce ‘em to our King.”

At that, the Admiral initiated a track from his personal datacore, and broadcasted it to each of the ships public facilities.