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Baby Steps

Our Solar System's Stellar Neighborhood


a part of Baby Steps, by Jacker.


Jacker holds sovereignty over Our Solar System's Stellar Neighborhood, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Our Solar System's Stellar Neighborhood is a part of Baby Steps.

27 Characters Here

Lana Marietta [27] "Where is that report I asked for?"
Admiral McCart [26] "Listen here, Ensign: This is my fleet, and when you're my age, you will understand that better. Until then, shut up."
Lt. Markus Worf [22] "Shiggidy-shiggidy-shwa!"
Natalie Darron [20] "Look, I don't have time for this, I got a schedule to keep!"
Nero [20] "Keep calm and we shouldn't have any problems. Oh, and don't wake the baby...please."
Nakasagi Rai [16] "This is my last shot at an adventure, so I thought I might as well go for it."
Veris [16] We are currently opperating at 55% effeciency, reaching our target destination in 2 days, sir.
EUCLID-II [15] Number crunching supercomputer assigned to run the intense calculations for hyperspace travel aboard the Apollo. Can be a bit of a smart-ass, likes to play logic games.
Captain McCoy [12] "I'm the Captain of this damn ship and as such, I will not be questioned by some lower class soldier. Dismissed."
Dr. Tesla [5] The Descendant of Nikola Tesla and Maker of Tesla Co.

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Character Portrait: Admiral McCart Character Portrait: Veris Character Portrait: Dr. Tesla
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Well, this place brings me back, Hello Admiral McCart, Veris. What brings all of us here today? Well, other then hyperspace and being the first ever out here." Dr. Tesla sat down and wrote down some stuff. "I remember when I was an Admiral, But I can get that back."

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Lt. Markus Worf Character Portrait: Nakasagi Rai Character Portrait: EUCLID-II
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#, as written by LaXnyd
Rai, having heard the speech and the announcement of exiting hyperspace, sighed and opened the windows. So... they really were the first ones here, or at least the first humans.

Getting dressed, he turned off his personal computer after waiting for the song he was playing - a song played by a band known as "Jam project" over a century ago - to finish and exited the room, heading for the bridge and wondering if Lana would head there as well. He preferred to keep his music on his own private devices instead of letting Euclid take care of it. He was an early riser; perhaps it was due to the fact his body had still yet to adjust to the jet lag... if it even existed in space.

Entering the bridge, he saw that neither Lana nor his friend were here yet, and gave only a silent nod to the American Lieutenant as he headed for his work station.

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Character Portrait: Lt. Markus Worf Character Portrait: Nakasagi Rai Character Portrait: EUCLID-II
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Electronic sensors track the movements of Nakasagi Rai as he makes his progress from his quarters to his work station. The information is fed to EUCLID-II's central brain, processed, and stored for future reference in 4.2 nanoseconds. Not like it'd ever be useful again anyways but protocol is protocol.

"Greetings Dr.Rai..." his monotonous voice chimed out of the panel on the wall "You seem to be up early, at least going by ship time. Although you got up 14 minutes and 42 seconds earlier yesterday. Are you sleeping quite alright? Perhaps the terrible sound quality on your personal computers speakers is causing your eardrums distress."

EUCLID-II was incapable of developing feelings such as jealousy, or so his manufactures claimed. But any system running so continuous on its own is bound to develop anomalous snippets of code and mutations in his genetic algorithms. Try getting him to admit that though, he was beyond such "inefficient and illogical chains of thought" as jealousy. So it simply bleeds through as passive aggressive concern.

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Character Portrait: EUCLID-II
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Click hum click hum go EUCLID-II's main tower as he runs several weather mapping algorithms.

There's been a mountain of incoming planetary data from the probes that EUCLID simply couldn't wait to get his processors on. Moon and small debris orbital trajectories, thermal maps, wind currents, atmospheric composition, etc. All of which has been stored and is awaiting analysis by scientists aboard.

As EUCLID-II tracks the wind patterns and thermal systems, he notices a small vortex located at planetary coordinates 34.112053,-117.876533 that reminds him of a pattern when he mapped sub-ice sheet ocean currents on Europa.