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Yoon Nam Joon

"I have sex get high and that's it."

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a character in “Babylon”, as played by Secute


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Yoon Nam Joon

Babylon Prostitute

Character Name
Yoon Nam Joon



+Doing What He Wants

-Condescending People
-Surface Society
-Clingy People
-Being Poor

Drug of Choice

None at the moment

What Brings You To Babylon?
What brings Joon to Babylon? He had a pretty normal childhood in the surface world. Both parents held stable jobs and nothing really happened to him. It all changed when he was 13. He was becoming increasingly aware of his own sexuality, which of course some on the surface world treated like a disease. His mother was running for office in their city, and having a gay son wasn't exactly ideal at the time. His parents pulled him out of private school to be homeschooled. He wasn't allowed to leave the house or have much human contact. This caused him to grow a strong disdain towards his parents.

He remembered while still in school some kids talking about a 'sin city' per say. He heard you could be free and unbound to be who you really are. Joon jumped on the chance, and at 16 years old he left to find this dream world. It would seem Babylon chose him, so he found his heaven. It wasn't long before he fell into true Babylon culture. At 17 he started making a name for himself for sleeping with the wealthiest Babylon had to offer. He built a name for himself, which in turn gave him money. Joon finally got everything he wanted within a short timespan.

What Are You Like?
Joon is rather much a control freak. No exactly OCD, but instead of doing certain things to relieve anxiety, he just wants to have control over what he does or the people around him. It is considered a bad habit, but he can't help it. It sounds contradictory considering he take a drug that makes people lose control, but that is a different topic. While Joon doesn't like snobby people, he likes snobby people money. His rather greedy in that aspect. He doesn't want to be viewed as a dirty prostitute, so living in luxury is a way of him countering those thoughts. There isn't supposed to be any judging, but in Babylon it still happens, it's just not as noticeable as in the surface world.

Joon is a very reserved person. He isn't one to be extremely loud, nor does he require much attention to be placed on him. He likes to be alone, but not in total quietness. He often plays classical music when he is at home and not serving a client. He prefers privacy as well. His loner personality also causes him to be a rather lonely person. Joon will also seek human contact occasionally to fill the void he feels growing within him. He wasn't sure if it was Elysium or what, but he wasn't able to feel anything emotionally. This caused him to back off the drug usage some, and he has been able to get some type of human emotion.

Any Thoughts Of Babylon?
"Ah, Babylon. Home to the misguided and the loners. Let's not forget the runaways, as I myself am a runaway as well. I have been here for almost a decade and it's a miracle I haven't died yet. I guess I'm lucky in that sense. Anyways I don't love Babylon nor do I hate it. Sometimes I'm not so sure it's better than the surface world, for the only reason we are different down here is because of Elysium. I have thought about leaving, because I just don't feel good anymore. Heh this place is more like a prison. You stay you die, you leave you die."

So begins...

Yoon Nam Joon's Story


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#, as written by girlwt
Looking down at the pill in his hand, it sort of took Riley by surprise for a second, "Thanks," was the only thing he said to Rivers before the other walked up to them. Riley looked startled by this new person, and maybe it was the way he was looking at him, Riley got really nervous for some reason.

He didn't quite register the words the other was saying to the drug dealer, he just seemed wrapped in confidence. Riley became even more nervous as the other put his arm around him, "Um..I am sure you are busy," that wasn't a very good way of getting anyone to leave him alone, especially since he barely made it audible.

The other was right about one thing, he did need a way to relieve the stress, not only the stress, but the pain also. Of all the rumors about Elysium, the only thing that remained constant was that it changed the user. He looked back over his shoulder for a second, and tried to give the others a smile he wasn't actually feeling. Maybe the guy was right, maybe you shouldn't experience it alone. He had sort of hoped that he could have experienced with his friends, but having Meredith walk away, he didn't really know if it was worth it anymore.

"Riley," he answered the other finally, "where we going." He was curious, was this guy going to take him down some dark alley or something. He had to glance again, well he didn't look like he was homeless, in fact the guy looked pretty well dressed. He didn't smell bad either but why the hell that thought came into his mind, Riley had no clue. In fact with how close he was to the guy, Riley couldn't believe that he hadn't tried to pull away.

"I can walk on my own," he mumbled, it was more of attempt to build up his own courage then make the other annoyed or anything.


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#, as written by Kagerou
Elda Wyvern

Elda just shook her head as some random guy swept Riley away from them. It was nice to see Riley associate with someone other than them. As for the drug dealer, she didn't like the way he looked at Kadence. It was like an animal looking at its food of choice. Elda wasn't having that. Casually stepping between the two, she was careful to block Michael's view of the younger girl. She shivered at the word beautiful. "You may call me Elda." In a way, Kadence was like her younger sister. Even though Elda chose a life of horrible choices, she wasn't going to let Kadence ruin her life again.

Deep down, however, she knew Michael wasn't going to leave them alone until he got what he wanted. If he really wanted a client list, fine. Elda would play his game. She handed him $200 in cash. "One for me and one for her." As she saw Yoon take out the pills earlier, she reached in and took two of them. Showing him that she only had two, she grabbed Kadence. "We'll be on our way." Elda quickly headed off in a direction that wasn't the same as Riley or Meredith. She saw a woman smoking above them, but that didn't matter. "I'm sorry, Kadence. I just don't trust you with this yet. I'll take one to see if it's bad or not...If something happens, get some help." She pointed to the woman above them. Maybe that was stupid, but someone would surely call a doctor, right?

Within a few minutes of taking Elysium, Elda was unconscious and her body was in seizures. Powerful drug, alright. But at least Kadence was there. And that mysterious woman...