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Isobel Turpin

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a character in “Back Again”, originally authored by lightningpoint, as played by RolePlayGateway



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" I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be. "
— Dita von Teese


F U L L N A M E:
Isobel Turpin

N I C K N A M E:
Iz [ close friends & family ]
Izzy [ everyone ]

"When I was in elementary school, I developed this deep hatred for my name without a reason, so I forced everyone to call me either Izzy or Iz and started introducing myself to people with that name. Eventually, it stuck around."

G E N D E R:

A G E:

"As my dad used to say when I was younger: you can't be old and wise if you where never young and crazy."

S E X U A L I T Y:

"Because I was a volleyball player in high school, most people assumed I was a lesbian (pretty mean stereotyping, if you ask me) but my beliefs have molded me into the heterosexual lady I am today. I have nothing against other sexualities, I'm just not sexually attracted to women, that's all."

O C C U P A T I O N:
High school teacher

"It's all I'd ever wanted to be since I was a little girl. Yes, I was a pretty talented volleyball player and a passionate athlete, but teaching has always been my passion. Since I graduated high school and decided to study Education, I knew I had to come right back home and teach here in Virginia City when I finished my career in Phoenix, Arizona."



H A I R:
Izzy has naturally dark brown wavy hair, but after graduating high school she dyed it blonde and cut it short.

E Y E S:
Yellow-ish hazel.

H E I G H T:
5' 0"

"Yes, I'm short, trust me when I say I know; people have pointed it out since I stopped growing in middle school and all my friends ricocheted up but me."

W E I G H T:
119 lbs

S T Y L E:
Izzy's apparel is nothing out of the ordinary. She is a fan of fashion items and girly clothes, so she's often seen wearing cute dresses or jeans and floral tops.

O T H E R:
Single pierced ears and no tattoos.


P E R S O N A L I T Y:
A good descriptive paragraph about your character really is on the inside.

H O B B I E S:
At least 3

H A B I T S:
At least 3

Q U I R K S:
At least 3

L I K E S:

D I S L I K E S:


Image Image
Image Image

S C H O O L Y E A R S:
Just a quick synopsis of what high school was like for your character, what they did, and who they were friends with.

H I S T O R Y:

W H Y I C A M E B A C K:
Why is your character back? Family reasons, personal reasons? Disregard if you're reserving Josh Dallas, instead mention why you never left.

So begins...

Isobel Turpin's Story


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Character Portrait: Isobel Turpin
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SONG // Flowers In Your Hair - The Lumineers
LOCATION // Virginia City, Local Coffee Shop

Isobel had finally gotten the job she had dreamed about her whole life: teaching English Literature in high school. Sure, when she was younger and a passionate athlete she swore she'd join a professional volleyball team and play that sport for the rest of her life. But after investigating and finding out that most professional volleyball players where 5' 8" and taller, those hopes and dreams had been crushed forever. That sadness didn't last for long, because soon enough after getting heartbroken by her favorite sport she found another passion to conquer: teaching. She never really realized how much she loved teaching other people, until her English teacher assigned her as a tutor to some of her freshmen students, and Izzy discovered her new dream career.

But she didn't want to teach English at just any high school. She wanted to go back to Virginia City and teach English there, at the high school she once attended to and lived most of her memories in. She had been in Virginia City for about three weeks and a half now because classes had just stated this week and she needed time to come back from Phoenix and settle in, but she hadn't seen any of her past friends or classmates around town, leaving her to believe she was maybe the only girl from her generation who returned to their hometown. But well, it's not like she did much but wake up, go to the school, teach, go back home, grade some papers, go to sleep and repeat. Being a teacher was no easy job and even if it was only the first week of school, things where picking up pretty quickly.

Today her first class wasn't until around 10:00 a.m. so she still had time to go grab a coffee before work. Since she still didn't have money to buy her own house or apartment, Izzy had settled into her parents' home again, just like old times. But now instead of sleeping and spending time in her room, she had turned the basement into her own makeshift apartment. Will a little minibar and all (which mostly contained left over take-out food and a ton of Arizona tea). As she made her way up the stairs, all dressed up ( x ) and ready for another day at work, her mother stopped her before she could get out of the house.

"Iz, honey, there was a letter in the mail for you this morning!" she called out from the kitchen.

"Alright ma, just leave it in the counter and I'll read it when I get back!" Isobel called out from the front door while she slipped on her shoes. But as she made her way outside, her mother followed her and stopped her in the front porch to hand her the letter.

"Don't kill me. I opened the letter, I was too curious. I think you should take it with you and read it while you get your coffee, it's got exciting news," her mom said smiling. Izzy had no idea what the woman was talking about so she just snorted, shook her head, smiled back at her and waved goodbye as she grabbed the letter from her mother's hand and got into the car, driving to the school's nearest coffee shop.

She parked, got out, ordered a cold coffee and sat down for a couple of minutes to relax and read the letter her mother handed to her and insisted she read. As Iz opened the envelope with delicate movements she realized this wasn't an ordinary letter; it was an invitation. A high school reunion invitation to be exact. Izzy couldn't help but smile excitedly at the thought of getting to see her friends and classmates again, and all grown up.

"Well, tonight's surely going to be an interesting night."


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Ava blushed from her head down to her toes. So he had remembered her... and the nickname he had given her back in high school. One time, just one time, he had mentioned it after a football game when Ava had gotten down from the stands to give a celebratory kiss to Josh for the team's victory, when Dave had sauntered over and called them the Dynamic Duo. That was all it took, for everyone then after to call her the female half of the double D. Inwardly cringing at the memory of that horrid nickname. She knew everyone meant well by it, but it just made her feel as if she was nothing without Josh. As if without him, she was just plain old Ava.

She had just been taken it all in, when he grasped her in a tight bear hug that caught her by surprise. Yeah, same old David, she thought laughing as he released her. "Good to see you too. I've been alright, thanks for asking. I hope you're doing alright as well." She had heard him mention Josh but she thought best not to reflect on and and pretend she hadn't heard him. Truthfully, she didn't know how Josh was. She hadn't spoken to him in six years. It's not as if she was bitter over the whole breakup; she just didn't know how to go about contacting him or, more importantly, what to say. "Hey, how's it going? Remember me? Your old high school girlfriend? Just checking up to see how your doing, considering I still think about you more than I probably should."

Dave seemed so excited to see a familiar face he started bombarding her with questions. It was good to have someone appear to be so happy to be back and connect with old friends. Walking down to the examination room, they chatted. "I do indeed work here... well not specifically here, more so the emergency room, but I'm here for now. After high school I went to Dallas and got my bachelors in nursing and biology. And aside from you and Gavin Richmond, I'm not entirely sure who's here. I guess we'll find out tonight and tell me your coming," she mentioned as an afterthought, smacking him in the shoulder with her clipboard for emphasis. As they arrived to the room, she motioned for him to head over to the examination bunk and pulled the curtain closed.

As she looked over her nursing notes, she started to fill out the basic paper work that followed a routine physical, asking Dave standard questions; how's your mental health? Notice any unusual symptoms? As he answered, she heard him disrobing and she couldn't help but blush all over again. She has been a nursing for about to years now and see just about everything and anyone naked or practically naked, but something about seeing Josh's former friend half naked alone in a room, made her a little embarrassed. It was childish really, but she couldn't help but fiddle with her pen and pretend she was busy looking over her clipboard. As he poked his head from behind the curtain, she caught a glimpse of his bare chest. "Uh, no. That's alright, you can keep your pants, I'm just going to listen to your lung and heart, then get some base vital signs." Coming around the corner of the curtain, she removed the stethoscope dangling from around her neck and cleaned it off with an alcohol pad. "It might be cold," she warned as she pressed it to his chest to listen for a heart beat.

As she proceeded with her examination she kept her eyes directed on her task. Dave just watched as she went about her work, completely unabashed over being shirtless and having Ava touch him to feel for any abnormalities. He was probably use to women fawning over his godly physique and masculine look, it's probably what made him so unashamed of how he appeared, because he just knew he looked good. He was a fine specimen, no doubt, but she wasn't about to praise him for it. Plus she had the fond memories of his jockish ways back in school to keep any troubling thoughts from her mind.

Wrapping up her assessment with checking his reflexes, she documented all her findings and washed her hands. "Alrighty Dave, you are all set. You can get dressed and find your way back to lobby, you can request any results and follow-ups with the secretary." Feeling quite proud she didn't lose her composure, she rewarded herself with a lollipop and also handed one to Dave. "See you tonight" she smiled as he walked out. Looking over to another nurse she mouthed to Ava , "Who the hell was that?" as she bit her lip and hungrily stared at Dave's departed back. Shaking her head she laughed, "Nothing to concern yourself with Lydia, just an old friend."

Location: Home
Time: 7:45pm

Finishing up on the final touches, Ava felt like she was ready. Taking a once over in the mirror, she smoothed out her soft mandarin orange dress, turning from side to side, to catch a glimpse of herself in every angle. She sighed tousling her hair. At first she had straightened it, thinking not to over do anything, but later decided she wasn't feeling it. So for half and hour, which was twenty minutes more than she liked to spent on her hair, she had curled it and ran a brush through it, creating a natural beach wave. Makeup had been another ordeal. So she went with a subtle brown eyeshadow, that enhanced the blue of her eyes, a little blush, and a light red lip.

Stepping into her heels, she hoped she wouldn't regret wearing such high heels. But she had wanted to look good, and the heels really completed the outfit, after all, beauty was pain. Heading to the door she waited until the headlights of a car shown through the trees to stop at her front steps. She was thankful Mrs. Richmond had offered for Gavin to give her a ride to the reunion, if it wasn't for him, she would of probably ridden her bike, and that would certainly make a lasting impression on her classmates after six years of not seeing them. Heading out the door, Gavin was there holding the door open to his impala. Before getting in though, she threw herself into Gavin's arms hugging the tall bearded man as tight as she could, before releasing him, and smiling kindly into his eyes. "Thanks for the lift, although I'm sure you didn't have much of a choice," she smirked playfully as she got in the passenger side.

On the short drive to the lake, Ava had been wringing her hands in her lap as her and Gavin caught up with one another. She wasn't sure who she was going to see. Wasn't sure how she should greet them, or if she would even recognize them. All she knew was that she was both excited and extremely anxious.


Lowering the hook from the old tow truck, he attached it to the mustang that had clearly a busted alternator from the hazy smoke coming from underneath the hood. As he lifted the front of the car onto the tow he spoke to Josh, "I thought that was you. And thanks, it certainly changes how a person looks, huh?" The idle conversation was exactly Gavin hopped he could do with his other classmates, that is if they weren't unsure of how to approach him, which meant he might have to approach them first. "Mum's alright. She's been battling for some months now, but she's a fighter and will pull through." True his mom had been battling her cancer for months now and it had shown that she might be going into remission soon. The local hospital didn't have a huge oncology floor so she had been going into the larger cities to get treatment. The drives were long, but the treatments seemed to be working so it was all worth it in the end. Hell, if she needed to be flown halfway across the country, he would for his mother.

As he got the front of the car up onto the tow truck, he watched the quick exchange between Rachel and Josh. He remembered Rachel then, she was always different from all the other kids, for obvious reasons, but she was always bursting with intelligence and potential, and one look at her now and the nice car she was driving, proved that she had made good on her potential. The look also proved that she wasn't the same 'four-eyed' girl she was back then. She also wasn't so meek and quiet either by the look of annoyance in her eyes and her body language. No, Rachel had definitely changed, and it looked as if for the best. Josh it seemed had also changed. True in high school, he played the part of a jock quite well, but Ava had balanced him out. Yet, he had his tendencies to be the stereotypical jock when he was with Dave.

"I think I can take it from here, good seeing you Josh. And I guess I'll be seeing you tonight as well." He patted Josh once on the back before hopping into the truck and pulling away with Rachel following close behind. Pulling into the garage, he noticed his dad had already left, probably to go home and be with Gavin's mom. Stepping out of the truck, he began to lower the mustang onto the ground carefully, before popping the hood to take a closer look at the engine and alternator. The engine was perfectly intact and rather in pristine condition, however the alternator was clearly damaged. She must of ignored the signal in the car telling her there was a problem with the car.

Closing the hood he turned to Rachel. "Your alternator is busted. We're most likely going to have to replace it, there's no way I can fix it considering the damage done to it. That means we'll have to order the part and wait for it to come in since we don't have the type of alternator your car needs. It's going to take a while..." He ran his fingers through his hair. Hopefully the news wasn't going to anger her. If he couldn't have his car for a couple of weeks, he'd be mad too. Although, Rachel did seem to have a replacement at hand. Grabbing some papers from the truck he passed it over to Rachel, "if I can just have to sign this, you're good to go. Don't worry about payment now either, and.. I guess I'll see you later at the reunion?" He really did need to work on his social skills, but that was something that could easily be remedied.

Location: Ava's house

It hadn't taken him very long to get ready. He was a simple kind of a guy, and he was a guy, so it didn't require much to get ready. His outfit was as good as it got when it came to a causal formal event. When he had gotten home, his mom had told him if he could, more like demanded, bring Ava to the reunion, he couldn't say no. Anyway he like Ava. She was one of the few who tried talking to him through his lows, when he didn't want to be bothered. It had actually benefited him, if it wasn't for her, he would of probably been completely closed off.

When Ava came bounding out the door and into his arms, he hugged her back. Strange how even though they hadn't seen each other in some time and that they weren't exactly the best of friends, the camaraderie between them was good and real. "You look beautiful." He got himself a sound playful whack on the shoulder for that and a giggle. Ava hadn't changed a bit. On the short ride to the lake, Gavin talked about his time in Indiana and Ava talked about her studies in Texas. The conversation was light and refreshing, and before they knew it they had arrived at the lake.

Lights shined in the trees, and lanterns were hung up all around. The gazebo held a up a portrait of the Class of 2008 with a sharpie for people to sign. Tables were set up sporadically and a few people were milling about already. Getting out of the car, he opened the door for Ava to step out and spoke, "now or never." She smiled and repeated him, "now or never."