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Back in Time: Stonybrook Style

Back in Time: Stonybrook Style


8 teens must put aside their difference in a fight for survival! Join the teens of Stonybrook on an adventure to get back home.

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Stonybrook, Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to live. The cookie cutter houses, the incredible landscape, the ''perfect families'', it is a dream come true to live in Stonybrook. Well, at least the environment is nice. The gossips, rumors, and petty competition is not so nice. Sure, the older adults are involved in the stereotyping of people, but it is the teens of Stonybrook who apply it to their daily lives. Cliques are coming from every direction, and their seems to be no stopping this dilemma. They stick to their own crowd, and do not mingle. Mingling is almost like an unwritten law of Stonybrook. Now this story revolves around eight teens from the Stonybrook Cul-de-sac section.They live in a cul-de-sac, and most of them have lived in that cul-de-sac for years. They each have their own cliques, and they do their own thing. One day things change. They have to change. No more of this fake fairytale exsistent they have lived. No more ignoring the others, there are no more looking down at people or up to them (maybe).

All that is left is survival. Survival, and getting back home.

Now, I am getting ahead of myself. So I will turn this story over to Willa.

Alright, my name is Willa Tate, and it is okay if you don't remember the name. I am labeled the social outcast of Stonybrook, meaning I am lower than the nerds, but higher than the shit that you left on my porch last week. So yeah, I suppose what you do need to remember is the last name. My last name is what got me in trouble in the first place. I wish before parents do their little sex thing, and procreate that God allows us to choice if we want to be implanted by them. I would have said 'hell no' because I don't want that last name. Okay, maybe it is not the last name itself, but the association that comes with it. You see, I was created by Quinton and Basil Tate, sounds like some pasta dish if you ask me, but you didn't so I continue. Anyway, my parents are known around town as the freaks of 13 Stonybrook drive, we had to live at an address 13. So, yeah, parents are freaks, nothing new. Lots of peoples parents are freaks, your probably saying to yourself. Sure, they are, but do your parents blow up the backyard on a regular basis? Does the carbon monoxide detector go off mulitple times a week? Do your parents cause CITY-WIDE Blackouts at least twice a month....? Didn't think so, but my parents do all that, times 10! They are scientists, well that's not their specific title, but I am too worn out to think of it. So my parents are freaks, sad to say that even with my parents infamous title around town people at school still don't know my name. They do know my snobby cousin who has made it her goal to pretend I don't exist. For goodness sake, it was not my fault my parents burned her hair off in the second grade, it grew back. Anyway classic tale between us, she's pretty and popular, and I'm Willa, the social outcast. So maybe it is not the name, or the association that got me into trouble, maybe it just plain being Willa.

Alright I will get down to the story, you see it all started when my parents decided to invite the cul-de-sac teens over for a playdate for me. Seriously, a playdate is what they called it, and how they advertised it. Maybe my status will sink past the dog shit level after this is all over. Anyway so they invited over (for anonymity sake's): Mr. Player (cousin's boy toy atm), The Jock Guy, The Bad Boy, The Slacking Gamer, My Socialite, Queen Bee, Cheerleading cousin, The Nerdy teacher's pet Girl, The Preppy Girl(cousin's best friend). So yeah, I do not hang out with any of them or I should say none of them hang out with me, but really this isn't a pity party for me, because they are all weird, and I am content being by myself. I guess my parents didn't think so cause they invited them over to my freaking house! Did I mention my life is over? Either way my life is over. I am not really sure why they all came over probably to make fun of me or my parents, maybe they wanted to see the house of danger. I do know my cousin was forced to come so that is the reason three of them came. They all should have stayed home, and lived their lives in peace without all this trouble that followed them, us, me.

Okay, so ( I seem to use this word a lot), here we are sitting in my awkward living room, my parents are downstairs in their lab, my cousin is making fun of something (probably me), random insignificant chatter, and me, Willa (in case you forgot) sipping some lukewarm lemonade, when all of the sudden we hear an explosion. Nothing too unusual in this house, but this time it was different. This time my ears felt as if they were on fire, my eyes were seeing black spots and then nothing, I seriously thought my parents just made me blind, and deaf for life. I am not sure what actually happened, and I am still not sure I am not dreaming, but when I woke up I was surrounded by trees, and these weren't you average maple trees, they were huge canopy trees, like the ones you see in Jurassic park type trees. The ground was wet with something gross, and I was almost eaten by a flower. I wasn't sure where we were, but we sure as hell are not in Stonybrook anymore.

Hey, everyone, Lu-lu again so these Stonybrook kids, were kinda transported back in time by Willa's parents. How it happened is a mystery, and some of them are probably in denial, but they can't deny the fact that dinosaurs are chasing them, plants are trying to eat them, cave people are trying to skin them, and the weather changes faster than something fast? Just where exactly are they? No clue. Will they survive this primitive enviroment, will they get along, will they get home, also are there other humans from their time here?? Join us in Back in time: Stonybrook Style.

Toggle Rules

Expand on the characters immensely. I am open for freedom of expression so you can make your character however you would like, but please follow the sketch, and do not create a character that is similar to another persons character or I will choose another person's sketch. Fighting for a spot is welcomed, and I will choose the better skelly. The selection will be based on the following: literacy, length, creativity, and if you can follow direction. Also, I may make more Chance house spots available if a lot of people want to join.

Social Outcast: Willa Tate
I am basically the girl no one would trade their lives for. I am not known at school for anything except as the girl with the freak for parents.

The Egotisical Player: Open
I am the guy every girl wants to be with, and I like to spread my time out equally. Sure I have a big ego, but why shouldn't I?

The Nerdy Teacher's Pet Girl: Open
I am an exceptional student, and the teachers love me. I like to do extra credit in my free time, and am a human calculator!

The Bad Boy: Open
I am labeled as the bad kid at school (and for some reason popular for it), and I see myself more as a risk taker, and annoying whore girls seem to follow me for it...

The Socialite Queen Bee: Open
I am a cheerleader, and awesome. I am pretty, popular, and poise, girls wish they were me, and I can't blame them.
Note: I have a freak for a cousin, and me and the player our in an open relationship.

The Jock: Open
I live off of sports. I am buff, popular, and atheltic. I have a full-ride to three different state colleges because of how talented I am.

The Preppy Girl: Open
I am the QB's best friend, and I have lots of money. I only wear designer clothes, and I smart, and pretty. Hate me, but I am still rich.

The Slacking Gamer: Open
I spend my day with the latest technology. I could care less about school, yet my grades are never affected and I am an avid gamer.


[Banner: Must have]

The Basics
Age: [16-18]

Facts About You
Biggest Regret:
Biggest Fear:

Favorite Thing to do:
Worst Thing to do:

Favorite Food:
Favorite Color:
Clothing Style:
Favorite Expression:

Single? Let's Mingle.
Relationship Status:
Relationship Interest:

Your Interests//Disinterests


All about who you are.

Biography: [I'd prefer it in story form]




+Be literate! I mean it!
+5 sentence minimum!
+ Having a detail skelly gets more points. *wink*
+Reserves last 24 hours.
+Read each other skellys. It is important.
+ No perfect characters.
+If someone wants to fight over the spot the better skelly wins!
+No one is the main character!
+Don't ignore people's post
+Be respectful
+Have clear pictures. No Anime Pls.
+Pm me if you are not going to be on for awhile. I can find a way to kidnap your character
+Pm me if you want to add a twist, or excitement, or something dangerous! I am always open for suggestions! :D
+Blah, blah, blah. HAHAHAHA, I tricked you. This was not a rule! Muahaha. Okay, I am done. Lol.


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Character Portrait: Willa Avery Tate


Character Portrait: Willa Avery Tate
Willa Avery Tate

Social Outcast


Character Portrait: Willa Avery Tate
Willa Avery Tate

Social Outcast

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Willa Avery Tate
Willa Avery Tate

Social Outcast

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Re: Back in Time: Stonybrook Style

Come to think of it, I'll take the preppy girl. Is that okay?

Re: Back in Time: Stonybrook Style

Sure, I am not sure what character Ylvie is reserving though.

Re: Back in Time: Stonybrook Style

may i reserve the queen bee or the preppy girl?

Re: Back in Time: Stonybrook Style

Ah, perfect. That's what I was planning.

I'll get the skelly done in a jiffy!

Re: Back in Time: Stonybrook Style

I prefer realistic. I like anime, but I am thinking realistic pictures will be better for this RP.

Re: Back in Time: Stonybrook Style

Oh, one more question. Which style should I get for the picture? Would you prefer realistic, semi-realistic, anime, etc.

Re: Back in Time: Stonybrook Style

Of course! I like doing that as well. :]

Re: Back in Time: Stonybrook Style

May I fill in the skelly in character? You know, as if I WERE the character.

Back in Time: Stonybrook Style

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