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Willa Avery Tate

Social Outcast

0 · 151 views · located in Past

a character in “Back in Time: Stonybrook Style”, as played by lunamist


The Basics

Username: lunamist
Name: Willa Avery Tate
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Grade: 11th
Role: The Social Outcast

Facts About You
Biggest Regret: Not going to boarding school when she had the chance
Biggest Fear: Her parents will end up blowing up the house
Flaw: She has asthma, and she is insecure in who she is. She is also a pushover.

Favorite Thing to do: Read a book
Worst Thing to do: Interact with people, it's awkward.
Favorite Food: She enjoys fruit, and the occasional steak.
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Clothing Style: Normally just thrift store clothes. She doesn't think she needs to spend tons on something like clothes.
Favorite Expression: "Take it a day at a time,"

Single? Let's Mingle.
Relationship Status: Single
Relationship Interest: Currently Nobody

Your Interests//Disinterests
+Romance novels
+ A warm fire. Not that she's a pyro

+ Swimming (Drowning)
+ Driving (She can't)
+Idiots, snobs, egotisical people, whinners, jerks, players etc.
+The Feeling after you watch a scary movie
+Um, there are lots of things she hates so I am going to stop now.

+Good under pressure


All about who you are.

Willa may hide her feelings on the outside, but on the inside she is a reck. She is an average girl with average looks, and average grades but she has always been looked down upon so she doesn't think too highly of herself. She doesn't have the latest fashions or technology, but she is fine with that as long as if she isn't made fun of. She was once called ugly, and it was by her 6th grade crush so it sort of broke her heart. She is an insecure in herself, but she gets by.

Willa doesn't really trust others. She doesn't do betrayal and a way to avoid this is by not trusting. She thinks people are deceptive by nature so why trust someone who can't be trusted. She has a hard time trusting herself, and her own feelings as well.

Willa, probably from all the books she reads, has an overactive imagination. She could be looking at something, and all of the sudden there is a mess of things in her head from that one thing. She is creative, and inventive, but she refuses to take after her parents.

Willa is a strong person inside and out. She tends not to let things get to her, and if it does she just pushes back in the corner of her mind. She is strong willed as well. She doesn't cry over little things, and she doesn't like people to see her hurting.

Willa is a very sarcastic person. Normally it is her thoughts that are sarcastic, but she sometimes lets it slips, but ususually it is well deserved. She tends to be blunt, and very cynical when she wants to be. She doesn't care what people think about what she says, and half the time people aren't evn paying attention to her.

Socially Awkward//
Willa is a socially awkward person meaning she doesn't fit into any category. She isn't into the music or reality shows others watch so she never has anything to add to people's conversations. She is somewhat clueless when it comes to the 'dirty jokes' and the opposite sex, hell even the same sex.

Push over//
Willa likes to keep the peace therefore she always does what she is told as long as it is reasonable. She gets pushed into doing things she really doesn't want to do, but she isn't very outspoken, and keeps most of her opinions to herself. She doesn't enjoy fighting so she does what she is told. Her cousin is one of the main people who pushes her around.

Although she doesn't have any friends she is a friendly person. She is nice, and funny, and easy to like, once someone does get to know her. She may not be popular and know all the lingo, but she has a sweet spirit, and a friendly personality.

Romantic yet uncommitted//
Willa spends a lot of her time reading romantic novels (not the sketchy ones, but cute ones!). She doesn't want to ever fall in love, because in every book she reads she doesn't think all the heartache is worth it just for last page happy ending. It's too much work, but she likes the idea for others. Not that someone would ask her out.

Reserved Loner//
Willa, because of her lack of friends, spends a majority of her time alone in her room, or outside on the porch reading a book. She is hard to read because she doesn't tend to release her emotions too much, and if she does it can be unpredictable. She tends to be quiet because she doesn't have anything to add out loud at least.



So I always knew my family were freaks, and I guess I didn't care as much when I was young. People were always coming up to my parents and asking if it was safe to have me living with them. Come to think of it, I use to think it was just because of the explosions, and toxic fumes, but those men and women always looked really scary almost like 'we are going to drug your family and make it look like a murder suicide,' but I do have an active imagination. Please do get me wrong I do love my parents, but sometimes (all the time) I just wish they would stop playing in their lab, and come to reality.

So it was at the age of six....editing

So begins...

Willa Avery Tate's Story