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James Hook

"A pirate without a ship is like a ghost without a burden."

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a character in “Back In Wonderland”, as played by KingJuggalo


Captain James Hook

(Caption: Captain James Hook with his guitar as he was performing on his ship.)

Why, hello there, ol' Mate! Welcome to me ship!

◄Full Name►
James Karter Hook III

Hook &/or Captain Hook


◄Apparent Page►

◄Theme Song►

A man unwilling to fight deserves what he gets.

(Caption: Captain Hook in Pirate Town's Witch Doctor Saloon sitting next to Mr. Zuka, one of the old Witch Doctors who did some mummy spell on themselves.)

James Hook stands at 6 foot 4, weighing about 200 pounds, most of it being muscule while ten out of it goes to the weight of his hook. That's right, captain James Karter-"Hook" got his name from the masive metal hook that replaces his right hand. We'll go over how he got the hook in the first place later. Hook is your adverage jolly pirate, seeming to always have a jolly ol' grin on his face. His clothing has the normal pirate garb, though in a darker tone. His hair is long and straight and dark, coming down past his shoulders. He has a little bit of a beard and mustache that matches the darkness of his hair. He's also almost always seen with his little ebony pipe. He has one gold earring in his right ear as well as a gold tooth near the back of his jaw, though its usually not seen. Another thing he is always seen with is a hat atop his head. Hook has too hats; one for when he's aboard his ship and one for when he's aboard land. The one for aboard his ship is the usual pirates hat made of a dark, hard fleece with a leather edging over the seam as well as brass buttons throw the seam. The other is a short top-hot made from the same kind of dark fleece.

Even the darkest of villains can have a hero's heart.

(Caption: Captain Hook in his normal outer where when aboard land.)
Captain James Hook is like any other pirate out there. Obsessed with treasure, he travels around in his flying ship with his crew aboard looking for all the precious treasures in the world. Now, captain hook does have friends in high places. He's one of the Evil Four after all. Now, it's not necessarily that he's evil. He doesn't really have a problem with anyone...well except for Peter Pan of course. He'd like to see the boy hanged. Walk the plank of his ship. Be eaten by that bloody crocodile.

...Okay, maybe James Hook is a little evil, but he alone want's to see Pet Pan die. He doesn't care about anything else. Speaking of which, the only reason he kill's like he does and raids like he does is because he's paid to do so. He's not the type of person who really cares about stuff. To him, everything's perfectly fine as long as him and his ship is okay. That's one of the reason's he's always smiling. Little can bring him to frown, though very much can make him angry. Being the captain of the Jolly Roger has grown James Hook accustom to yelling like he yells at his crew very often, so he can sometimes start speaking in a rather loud voice. This can make him seem likes he's angry. And it makes him angrier when he actually is yelling out of anger and no one knows he is anger and just laugh. And when Captain James Hook blows his top, all hell breaks loose. It's like this: every heard the expression "curse like a sailor"? Well, if you have ever used the expression for yours or someone else self, you'd have to be more specific because I'm telling you now, James Karter Hook the third curses far worse than a sailor.

▲His Ship▲
▲The Dark▲
▲His Hook▲

▼Peter Pan▼
▼Time Being A Limit▼
▼His Hook▼

◙Has a hook for his right hand, rendering him with only his left, and he used to be right handed...◙
◙Can be very sarcastic and cocky◙
◙Can become very spazzy when around crocodiles and too many clocks◙

■Sword Fighting■ - "Ey, 'tis a pirates weapon after all."
■Stealing■ - "Either it be by word or by sword, I have a way to get what I want; which is thy treasure of course!"
■Reading the Stars■ - "Ey, a pirate captain like me must know how to read the stars from any point in thy world or I'd get lost and be taken further away from me treasure!"

Courage is the decision to fly straight into the flame while knowing the consequences.

(Caption: Captain Hook bearing wear for trip to invade Royals ship.)
James Karter Hook III was born and raised in Pirata Ville. Pirata Ville was a small town hardly big enough to be called a town. All the families lived on ships that they'd take to port to tie up. James himself was even born on a ship. They port they'd go to be close to the England peninsula and all the Pirata children would go to the English schools, though most would drop out once high school came along as they'd be picked on by their sea bird talk, as the English would call it. Even James dropped out, hoping to take the Grim Reaper from his father. The Grim Reaper was the name of James' fathers ship.

Once a week, James was forced to go to mainland to get the daily food, drink, and news for the surrounding people and James Karter Hook II prepared the ship for that weeks parting. One day, James' father left early, before James had returned. His father had a sudden heart attack while sailing and caused the ship to crash into the reef, falling overboard in the process. The crew wasn't able to save Captian James Karter Hook II before he drowned to death. The ship was repaired and was expected to go into recommissioning. But, being as the deed to the vessel was left to James Karter Hook III, Hook could keep his fathers ship. He got the ship a new look and everything, even renamed it The Jolly Roger, and set off to life at sea.

James made a name for himself. Small seaside ports would cringe over the mention of the name Captain James. It wasn't until he got his hook that they feared him even more. He had brought a gypsy above his vessel. The Gypsy was an odd folk, but was paying for a round trip to a place James himself hadn't even heard of. They had seemed to flown through the air one night and made it to an island. The gypsy called the place Neverland. James laughed at the name and the gypsy seemed to had disappeared into thin air. That night the ship was attacked by damned crocodile people. Stuff happened and he lost his hand. From there, there was no more James Karter Hook III. Just Hook. Captain Hook.

No god should ever be invoked to inflict harm.

The Jolly Roger
▓▓▓▓▓▓Face Claim▓Aurelio Voltaire░░░░░░

So begins...

James Hook's Story