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Avaline Yoroshima

"I'm sure it'll all be worth something in the end, don't you think?"

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a character in “Back of Beyond”, as played by AttackonFluffy



Quiet || Lions!


✦ Name ✦
Avaline Rose Yoroshima

✦ Nickname(s) ✦
Ava, Avie

✦ Physical Age ✦

✦ Mental Age ✦

✦ Actual Age ✦

✦ Height ✦

✦ Weight ✦

✦ Hair ✦

✦ Eyes ✦
Dark Blue

✦ Likes ✦
Poetry || Small Animals || Wind Chimes ||
School || Sakura Trees || Summertime
|| The Ocean || Music Boxes || Action Manga

✦ Dislikes ✦
Lightening || Spicy Food || Scarey Movies ||
Sad Stories || Elevators || Cigarettes
|| Sour Things || Loud Music || Peanut Butter

"You can only experience true happiness when you've endured true pain."


✦ Personality ✦
Avaline is what most would call the exact image of innocence. Or at least that's the impression she leaves on the majority of people she is meeting for the first time. She is friendly and easily pleased by anything that she finds to be pretty or interesting. You could say she's learned to love the small things in life that most would consider to be unimportant, such as a flower-shaped cloud passing overhead or a pebble that glitters in the sunlight.

Her kindness may be one of her best features. She can be a little naive and clumsy at times, but her heart is full of forgiveness and she always tries to see the good in everything around her. She rarely allows the negative energy of others to steer her off her own path of happiness. She'll let just about anyone be her friend and does her best to keep a smile on the faces of those who are dear to her. Almost everything she does is purely for the sake of others which, depending on the point of view of the other party, can be considered admirable or annoying.

Because she is the eldest sibling in her family she's got a hard soft spot for small children. Although she may act like a silly child herself most of the time, the second someone younger than her is in trouble she'll jump to their side to protect them. She can be very mature, even motherly, when the situation calls for it. The fact that she's an older sister, however, is exactly what gives her her bubbly imagination as well as her courage and strength.

She's not the most logical person in the world since she's always following her heart and gut feelings. Her emotions often over-power her own mind even in the smallest scenarios. She can't even pick something off of a restaurant menu without arguing mentally with herself for several minutes only to end up confused and having someone else decide for her. On the other hand, if she focuses on something hard enough or if she takes interest in something, then there is nothing that can distract her or pull her away from what she's doing.

Death, though, has a way of changing a person. Avaline is only just beginning to understand her situation, so at the moment she is remaining happy and confident. Who knows how much longer her soul will last until she starts to cave into her fears and the slowly increasing longing she may feel for the life she has involuntarily left behind.

✦ Positive Traits ✦
Caring || Determined || Brave(in a sense) ||
Kind || Adventurous || Compassionate || Polite

✦ Negative Traits ✦
Naive || Clumsy || Gullible || Spacey

✦ Fears/Weaknesses ✦
Athazagoraphobia - The fear of being forgotten, ignored or abandoned. This isn't exactly something that Avaline acknowledges. She's had plenty of friends who have left her, but she never let her sadness overtake her. However a fear like this that's been buried deep down for years could easily find an opportunity to arise at any given moment.

Acrophobia - A fear of heights. This is something Avaline developed at a rather young age, but there was no real cause for it.

Coulrophobia - To put it simply; a fear of clowns. Another thing that she developed at a young age. Avaline is absolutely terrified of them.

"I think the world can only be as beautiful as you allow it to be."


♫ ♪ ♬
✦ History ✦
Avaline rarely thinks about her past. The days when she was just an innocent child doing everything she could to gain the approval of her parents. She was born in a run-down area of a big city in France. Her mother, an exotic dancer, was rarely home and worked long nights and spent most of her spare time sleeping or going out to do who knows what. Her father didn't have an actual job, but instead spent most of his time gambling away his wives money in hopes of hitting it big. Why these two decided to have a daughter in the first place was a question no one could answer. Even so, Avaline learned to depend on herself. She kept she house clean, did the laundry, washed the dishes and would often be sent out to buy groceries alone.

Avaline didn't mind it all too much. The smell of alcohol and cigarettes became an everyday thing. It was a smell that would stick to her clothes and hair wherever she went. It was when her brother, Benji, was born during Avaline's older years in grade school, however, that things began to change. According to her father, there was no way that the child was his and the two would fight every second they were near each other. They'd argued before, but never did the ever place a hand on each other. Not until now, that is. Her younger brother was born and after a few months the abuse got worse. Avaline, who promise to protect her new sibling, had become a target. She would be barraged with insults and curse words, end up getting pushed against walls and having object being thrown at her whenever she said something wrong. Avaline was only in middle school when the neighbors reported screaming from the home and, charged with child abuse and neglect, her parents were dragged away and Avaline and her brother were placed in an orphanage.

The court case took months before anything was decided. Her mother would not be sent to jail, but she was declared unfit to raise children while her father, well, Avaline never heard another word from him. Her and her brother, after only half a year, were then adopted by a couple in Japan. They began their new lives in their new home with home-schooling so they could learn Japanese before going to the public school. Her little brother was as happy as could be, but Avaline was different. She was still battling with her love for her parents and the fact that she had to live in another country now. Her foster parents acknowledged Avaline's depression and struggle and decided to admit her into a private rehabilitation school for young teens. It was a boarding school, so she would live on campus and only be able to talk to her brother over the phone or through web chat, but her foster parents thought it would be for the better.

And for the better, it was. With counseling and therapy she was able to overcome her struggles and accept that she had nothing more to worry about. She made friends who had been in similar situations and grew very close to four in particular. She was now enjoying her high school life and could be the bubbly, cheerful girl that she was without having to hide anything. During the summer and other breaks she could go home and spend it with her brother and her new parents. It was on winter break that she took the subway took to go home, unaware that she would never make it. There was a deafening screeching sound, sparks flew up past the windows, and the gravity seemed to disappear for mere seconds. Then, there was nothing but darkness.

"I wonder if everyone will be alright without me? It kind of hurts..."


So begins...

Avaline Yoroshima's Story


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"I didn't mean for..


I'm sorry."

The sound of crunching leaves grew louder as Miles approached the entrance of the school yard. In the chilly autumn air, just before the sun reached it's peak, Miles took the same walk he always did right before his final day of school. It was memorable to him, even if he chooses not to view it as his last peaceful moment, rather his favorite. Perhaps even now, after a few years, he's made up most of the memory due to much of it being corrupted.

The basics were still there, though.

As he walked by the houses of people he could not remember the names of, he could distinctly hears the whispers of the living. Light conversations about himself, mostly, but he'd learn something he did not notice before if he listened close enough. For a few moments, he heard the words 'Wait' and 'Heart' whispered. Miles was tempted to turn his head to see who was whispering, yet If he moved his head towards the voices or glimpses even slightly, everything would vanish. He'd have to start all over again.

That's alright. He already knew who was saying it, in the back of his head.

Miles made it to the front door of the school. He stood there for a few moments, staring down at the handle as if it'd shock him to death if he'd touch it. Miles grabbed the handle with little hesitation though, and was immediately sent through a portal of bright emotions and colorful tunnels. He slipped his shivering fingers down into his hoodie pockets, and made his way through, humming nursery rhymes.

Miles turned around from the entrance of the school, taking a breath of fresh air and smiling fondly as he looked upon the faces of people passing on the sidewalk. People were really happy here, weren't they? That wouldn't be possible if they were dead. No one could truly find happiness after death, Miles thought to himself.

As he walked down the path he had taken only moments before, there had been a noticeable change in his appearance and attitude. Before, he wouldn't dare look at his surroundings. Now, as new people appeared around him, he just couldn't stand staring at each on. He hosted a clearly visible smile now, one that wound be shared with a wave with each and every single passing visitor. A lot of them didn't smile back though, strangely. Some didn't even look at him. Strange. One thing Miles had recently noticed though from the amounts of people he's passed by in the past week; there had been a lot of redheads recently, especially males. Luck of the Irish running thin..? he joked to himself, not entirely understanding it half a moment later.

As Miles continued down the street, a breeze caught his sight, and he squinted while his hair blew into his eyes. He brushed his hair our of his eyes quickly, putting on an annoyed face for a moment. And that's when he saw her.

She looked... girly, at a first glance. Quiet, at a second. But the longer Miles stood staring at her from across the busy street, the longer he found her as someone he had never met before. Of course, he hadn't personally met any of these people, but he knew what most of them would possibly be like by the look of their faces. She was different though, very different. She looked the same, yet...

Though the crowds of people were passing by fast and the cars passing faster, and she was possibly going to leave with them soon, Miles decided he'd somehow find his way across to her without getting hit. (Well, luckily there was a stop light, but let's say he dodged traffic. he sounds more heroic that way. ) From behind, Miles stalked her for a few feet, catching his breath before lightly tapping her on the shoulder. Miles cleared his throat quickly, and put on his friendliest smile towards her. "Ello! How are you doing? Nice weather we're having, aren't we?" he chuckled lightly, glancing up at the sky briefly after saying such. "...My name is Miles. What's yours?" He asked with hidden enthusiasm, suddenly holding out his hand near hers.


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A bright orange sunset that tinted the houses with gold light as it faded to the other side of the Earth. That orange light was the first thing that she saw when her eyes opened. The second was the unnaturally dark blue sky as she fell backwards and landed in the soft dirt, the sound of the swings creaking as she did. It was something she couldn't really understand at first. She just stayed on her back with her blond hair sprawled out around her and her eyes gazing at the sky. Never had she felt so strange before. It was as if she had been sleeping for a long time and had woken from a dream.

Avaline kicked a small pebble with her shoe and it made a pretty pattering sound as it bounced through the water. She was thinking of that time again. Only a few weeks ago she found herself in this strange place, to what she decided to call 'Wonderland'. That's what it felt like to her. It was a wonderland that she had fallen into, though that wasn't quite the cause of her being here. There was no rabbit whole that she tumbled down to arrive here. It took her a few days to realize it, but she knew she wasn't alive anymore. She didn't really like to think about that though. Nothing good would come out of sulking over something that was out of her control.

Instead she decided to enjoy herself in this world. Sure she was rather sloppy at changing where she was at first, but she kind of had the hang of it now. This was her favorite place to be. It was green and full of plants and trees with streams and little waterfalls. The sky overhead was bright and she could hear the sound of birds singing to each other. She'd come here on a school camping tip once. There was swimming and curry and ghost stories at night. The teacher had scolded them for staying up late and chatting.

She stopped for a second mid-twirl. For a moment she felt her heart sink in her chest and her eyes saddened. However at the sight of her reflection in the water she swallowed and put on a smile, finishing her twirl and then looking ahead. "I think I could go for some cake! Or maybe some ice cream with whipped cream and brownie?"

The pastry shop a few blocks down from her school was the first thing that came to mind, and with a little concentration she found herself standing on the sidewalk of a somewhat busy street. There was something not right, though. This didn't look very familiar to her. Maybe she'd let her mind wander a little too much before moving.

When she was able to get to a street sign she recognized it and realized she was quite a ways down from where she'd originally intended to be, but this wasn't upsetting at all. She could do for a nice walk, after all! Perhaps she would meet some new people? So far the only one who'd talked to her was the man at the cake shop. He was the son of the man who founded the shop and ended up dying from heart disease at a young age. All she could really tell him was that she was on her way home and....well then she woke up. It was really confusing to be honest.

She'd come to a stop light now and was waiting to cross the street. You'd think in the afterlife you wouldn't have to worry about getting hit by a car, but Avaline wasn't about to risk it. Her curiosity did get the best of her at times but to throw herself in front of a vehicle to see what would happen well...that was a line she wasn't about to cross. The light turned green and she took a step forward only to nearly fall over when she stepped on her shoelace that had somehow become untied. She didn't fall on her face, luckily, but now she would have to tie her shoe and likely end up waiting for the light to turn green again. As she was just about to kneel down and tie her shoe she felt the tap of a finger on her shoulder and she nearly jumped.

"Ello! How are you doing? Nice weather we're having, isn't it?"

Eh...ehh? That was the first time since she's been here that someone on the street talked to her. She was sort of dumbfounded for a moment, but then her eyes widened slightly and her lips slowly parted in a smile.

"...My name is Miles. What's yours?"

"Y-you talked to me!!" She took Miles's hand with both of hers and shook it enthusiastically, her eyes sparkling like that of a toddler on Christmas morning. She blinked quickly and let go of the boy's hand, feeling a little embarrassed, but she was a little too happy to let that show. "Ah, I'm sorry! My name's Avaline Yoroshima and it's nice to meet you." She placed her hands on her lap and gave him a small, quick bow; something she'd learned to do from her time living in Japan. "Oh, actually. Do you know how much further the cake shop is from here? I think I'm on the right path but I might be lost too..." She said sheepishly as she raised her hand and placed her pointer finger on her cheek.


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Nothing interesting ever happened in the Black, Asher had come to realize. Sure, you could go pretty much anywhere, meet pretty much anyone, and do pretty much anything you wanted, but after a certain amount of time 'pretty much' was replaced with 'boring', and Asher was beginning to realize just how bored he was with the usual boring. Couldn't there be, like... parties or something? No one ever said that the people in the afterlife had to be so dull. A party for being dead. He thought, nodding his head. There could be balloons and cake, maybe even a few cut-out gravestones and plastic ghosts if the guests had a sense of humor. The idea, to him, wasn't all that bad. He'd have to remember it for later.

He passed by a few people as he continued his walk, but none of which he recognized. The downside to choosing to leave his vision very rarely was that he hadn't given himself any time to meet his neighbors. Not that any of them seemed like they were interesting enough to get to know, though. Most of the people he saw were either old or flat out ancient. In other words, weren't in Asher's interest.

He kicked a stray rock out onto the road and watched as it rolled across the pavement. It hit the curb, tipped over, and Asher scowled before walking away. Of course. What had he expected? The rock would get up and do a little dance? Oho, look a me! A tiny rock doing an Irish Jig! Hahaha, what fun! Asher scoffed at the thought. Even in a world where everything was left to the mind, rocks still wouldn't provide entertainment. Obviously.

Asher shook his head and took a step forward, except this time when his foot hit the ground, it didn't make contact with the pavement. Nothing would have been out of the ordinary if Asher had intentionally switched to a different vision, one that took place in the park a few blocks from his house. Except, he hadn't. And where he was wasn't in a vision at all. He was in the Light. Confused, Asher looked around and worried that someone would be able to see him. No one in the park began to freak out and scream 'GHOST!!', though, so naturally he assumed he was invisible to them. That was good. No freaky I saw the dead Asher Chattway news reports were to be written anytime soon, thank god. Watchers would be all over him if the people in the Light began to talk about seeing the people in the Black.

When he tried to take a look around, Asher found himself back in the vision. Not intentionally, again. He was in the Light one second and then back in the Black the next. If he hadn't been out in public, Asher would have thought that he was going off his rocker, but the eruption of voices around him assured that he wasn't the only one it had happened to.

Asher reached out for the first person that walked past him, but he couldn't get a single word out before the street fell silent. The person's face went white and her eyes widened, and Asher turned his head two see two Watchers on both sides of the road. Aha! What a bunch of wimps.

"What was that all about?" He shouted, pushing past the gathering crowd in attempt to get close to the first Watcher. "If the rules are we don't go to the Light, then why the hell did that just happen?" He demanded, spreading out his arms. Like all the times before, when Asher got too close the Watcher disappeared into the air. He glanced back at the remaining one, but it too was gone. Right. Unhelpful and useless as always. He turned fully around to face the crowd, and to his surprise every one of them was staring at him. "What?" He snapped, feeling a bit awkward to have so many sets of eyes trained on him.
"Redhead, you're uh... you're fading." One woman spoke up.
One man snickered, and a second later Asher heard "Bet he's getting sent to the Blood for speaking out like that"
He narrowed his eyes and ignored him, but then a set of surprised gasps erupted from the crowd and Asher had to focus in order to hear what everyone was saying.

"Everything's fading!"
"Quick, change visions!"
"Hurry, go!"

In the midst of the panic, Asher took the advice and jumped to a different vision. It wasn't his home where he ended up, though. It was a large field, once again in the Light, and was completely packed of spirits from the Black.


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Miles's smile dropped at Alavine's first exclamation, showing his surprise as to how audibly she responded. She wasn't as quiet as she was expected to be at all, was she? He shook her hand respectively though, let her introduce herself ("...Did she just bow? Was she a princess or something?"), and listened to her question about some nearby cake shop she was looking for, all the while starting new curiosities about her in his consciousness.

Was she new? Did she not know of the visions? Did she not know that she was sleeping? Oh my. The moment someone realizes they're in a comma isn't the best thing to experience in the world. Most people were quite angry when Miles tried to tell them. But Avaline -as she called herself- didn't seem the type to react in violent ways. Not yet, at least. She was pleasant. Perhaps he should bring it up while they talked at the coffee shop.

People passed by the two teens on the sidewalk, walking hastily, trying to hold on to the streets of their past memories. Two people had bumped into Miles, almost a reminder for him that the girl Avaline had asked a question. "...Oh! You mean that little cake shop on Smith Street? With the.. Ah... Cakes? I think I know that place. " Miles answered after a few moments of silence, his smile returning with a nod. He looked up to the sky for a second, trying to visualize the place. Plants in the front, Lady with a coffee always sitting outside.. He put his chin back own and turned his head, glancing around in all directions before finding and pointing his hand in the general direction of South. "It's a little walk down from here; just keep going straight, and you'll get there. The sidewalks get pretty crowded around now though, so I think it's best if you take the shortcut.. You know the shortcut, right?" Miles's voice got a little softer with his final statement. He blinked twice at her, then quickly took her hands in both of his with his chin up, eyes closed. "Think of the cake shop. What it looks like, smells like, sounds like, tastes like and..."

A marvelous feeling swept over the two as the image of their presence faded from the street. For a brief moment, like the tunnel between visions, colors, feelings and everything else of emotion, the whispers of the living could be distinguished from the people among the street. That moment quickly ended though, because by the time they would care to listen in, the sounds of dishes being clanged and chatters and sips took their place.

"...And we're here!"
Miles opened his eyes and let go of her hands promptly, turning his head sideways to look around the shop. He stuck his hands into his pockets and with a smile and a tilt of his head, he mumbled, "It smells like ice cream.. Mm."



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"...Oh! You mean that little cake shop on Smith Street? With the.. Ah... Cakes? I think I know that place. "

It had taken a minute for the blond boy to reply, but Avaline waited patiently with a friendly smile on her face. When he did reply her smile widened at his answer.

"It's a little walk down from here; just keep going straight, and you'll get there."

She gave him another quick bow to show her gratitude. "That's great! I'm heading in the right direction after all!" She was quite proud of herself, actually. It wasn't hard for her to get lost sometimes and she rarely visited this part of the city when she was on the other side, but it turns out she was finding her way along just fine. However it never hurt to ask for directions if you're unsure of the way. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

"The sidewalks get pretty crowded around now though, so I think it's best if you take the shortcut.. You know the shortcut, right?"

At this, she was slightly confused. "There's a shortcut?"

She felt his hands wrap around hers and she blinked at him, somewhat curious but also rather confused. That's when the surroundings around them began to change. Avaline never really paid attention to the detail of it all. She did when she tried it the very first time, but she mostly pushed it aside from then on. It only lasted for what felt like a single second and then the two of them were standing inside the cake shop.

Miles let go of Avaline's hands and smelled the air, but Avaline was too amazed to pay attention to her surroundings. "Y-you did that really well!", she said, fixing her eyes intently on Miles as she did. She almost always ended up a little further down from where she intended to go, and here he led them right into the shop.

"Ah, Ava! Welcome back. I see you brought a friend along this time?"

Avaline turned her attention to the young man behind the counter and gave him a wave. "Good afternoon! And this is Miles. He helped me out because I sort of got lost again." The tall man let out a small laugh. It wasn't the first time Avaline had explained to him her troubles of ending up in the wrong place, so this was nothing new.

The blond girl raised her hand in the air. "I'd like a Brownie Caramel Cake Blast, please!", she exclaimed excitedly and then lowered her hand and turned to Miles. "What would you like? It's my treat to say thank you."



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Miles smiled radiantly towards the owner as he heard himself being mentioned, and waved as Avaline did. His actions seemed to be more reflex than actual politeness though, or perhaps both, as he wasn't as familiar with him. Avaline seemed to be though, he noticed. She was talking so fluently with him. It was like they were life long friends. At least she wasn't as new as he thought she was, though. Unless she did happen to be friends with a guy who worked at a sweet's shop, which, didn't sound as farfetched as he originally thought.

"What would you like? It's my treat to say thank you."

Miles turned his attention back towards Avaline swiftly, tilting his head to the side a bit. He responded truthfully, "Hm? Oh, uh.. no thanks. I'm not very hungry." and shook his head. Though the scents did smell fetching, he wasn't in the mood for sugary treats. Usually he would, but perhaps he had just been fed in the real world? That could be reasonable. Obviously, he had to eat sometime, otherwise he'd just be a starving vegetable sitting in a hospital bed. Ew.. No, they'd have to give him baths too.

Miles shook himself out of his thoughts, and glanced around the shop once again. "Actually.. Do they serve any hot chocolate?" he asked, turning his head towards the worker, walking away from Avaline and towards the counter. He portrayed the same smile as before when he crossed his arms over the counter and murmured, "I haven't had a hot chocolate in forever.." in a persuasive manner.

As Miles viewed the different kinds of cakes under the counter, an odd scene began to play outside. Behind the double doors and windows to the front of the store, gathered a group not larger than the amount of usual passer-byers on the sidewalks, conversing over what they'd order their friend for his birthday. Normally this wouldn't seem odd, but at the moment it would. Why? Because you could nearly see right through them. Isn't that funny? People who are sleeping look alive, and people who aren't don't. The vision of them only lasted a little while because of the attention that grew upon them outside. A few people gathered around, wondering what had just occurred. Miles was too busy thinking of what kind of world he would like to build with Avaline to notice any of it.

As the owner came back with Avaline's Brownie Caramel Cake Blast and Miles's Hot chocolate, Miles instantly backed off of the counter and offered to take the two with his hands extended. He must not have had a good grip though, because his cup of hot chocolate, along with Avaline's BCCB, fell through Miles's hands and spilled fiercely all over the glass counter. Sticky crumbs and dark liquid combined to make a horrifying mess any mother would mourn over.

Mile's eyes opened wide, and he took a careful step back, holding his arms away from his torso in disgust. "..O-Oh ssssnap. I am so... so sorry..!" he responded to the mess on his outfit, the counter, and the young man, trying his best not to cuss or freak out. He promptly turned around and went to grab a few paper napkins from a side table, avoiding eye contact- or any sort of contact for that matter- with Avaline at all costs. " I'm... not usually that clumsy.." He murmured to himself, cleaning himself off as the owner did with his counters. "I could've swore that I.. I-" Miles's blinked twice in Avaline's direction, dropping the napkins on the floor without noticing. "Avaline!" He shouted with eyes wide. He then continued much more loudly, "Avaline, you're fading!" and took a few steps away from her in shock. However, he didn't get very far as he happened to slip on the napkins previously dropped. Expected to hit his head on the back of a table that had previously helped him, he instead landed on a pile of leaves that crumpled underneath his weight.

Out in the cool air and bright sunshine, Miles laid there for a few moments while his heart raced, the same expression still holding strong.



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The shop owner nodded at Avaline's request and went on to make her treat while Mile's made his way to the counter.

"Actually.. Do they serve any hot chocolate? I haven't had a hot chocolate in forever.."

"One hot chocolate then.", The man said with a smile as he finished up with Avaline's choice. He now moved onto making the hot chocolate. As for Avaline, she was now paying attention to the strange scene outside. Her eyes had shifted to the glass door and windows and she watched curiously. It was as if the people outside were somewhat transparent. She tilted her head slightly at the sight, wondering if maybe she was seeing things, but it was too clear to just be a trick of the eye.

Her thoughts were distracted by the sound of glass as it shattered on the tile floor of the shop. She jumped a little at the sound, but once she realized that it was because Mile's had accidentally dropped their tray on the floor she settled down. Avaline took a step forward and looked at Mile's with concern in her expression.

"Oh my gosh, are you oka--" "..O-Oh ssssnap. I am so... so sorry..!"

She watched him reach over to a table and pull out a few napkins from the dispenser. She would've let him know that it was no problem at all and then offered to help clean up, but that wasn't what what on her mind right now. Just like the people outside of the shop, Miles looked to be transparent, but even more than what she saw before.

It seemed her own body was the same, judging by Mile's expression when he finally looked at her.

"Avaline! Avaline, you're fading!"

Avaline raised her hands, but found herself looking right through her palms. She opened her mouth to say something, but her attention drew to Miles as he fell backwards. Avaline reached out to him, wanting to keep him from falling and getting hurt, but the shop became distorted and in a single second she was standing outside.

She lowered her outstretched arm, no longer transparent, and turned her head slowly from side to side. She could see trees and grass, but also a whole group of people standing around her. Some of them looked confused while others seemed to be terrified. Come to think of it, how was she feeling right now? Confused, most likely, but it was kind of a mixed emotion that she couldn't distinguish. She suddenly felt the need to find Miles and began to look more intently at the faces of the ones around her. None of them she recognized, unfortunately.

She began to walk around, trying to get passed people without bumping into them, and started making her way to the outside. That's when she noticed the blond boy laying in a pile of leaves under one of the trees. A spark of relief rushed through her and she hurried towards him, but suddenly felt her right side run into something. She clumsily took a few steps to the side and turned towards the blond boy who was much taller than her and gave him a quick bow. "I'm so sorry! Excuse me!"

Without waiting for the strangers reply she once again made her way to Miles until she was standing in front of the leaf pile and took a moment to catch her breath. "Miles, are you alright? I wonder what happened?" She turned around and took in her surroundings, then she realized it. "I..I think this is the other side."