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Elijah Barker

"I can't go back, and I don't want to go forward...I'm stuck in between, surrounding by the darkness of my failing memories"

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a character in “Back of Beyond”, as played by Tea.Or.Coffee




Famous Last Words
"I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone..."


[Name] Elijah Joseph Lee Barker

[Physical Age] 19

[Mental Age] Depending on his mood , either very childish (approximately 13), or very sombre (80's+) though normally he acts around 21.

[Actual Age] 19

[Height] 6'1

[Hair] Blonde

[Eye] Blue

[Likes] His Vision || Keeping his journals || Ice cream and cookies || Cider || Guitar || Cats

[Dislikes] Watchers || The dark || Alcohol || Silence || His reflection || Strangers

"They call it a Vision. But I think of it as home. Well, a second home. It's a farm a spent a week on, once. A big, old, Victorian house in a small forest, surrounded by lush fields of verdant. The bricks are old, but sturdy, and inside it is somewhere to be warm and dry. The sky is difference though, at night. At night the sky isn't a shiny black, but deep purple, and the moon is unrealistically huge. Every night the Aurora Borealis lights the sky; fires of emerald and sapphire dancing across the horizon, and I watch every night from my library where I keep my journals. Every day I forget more, so I write in my library, and watch the lights flicker mockingly above me"

[Basic Personality]
Eli, in life, was a lively and loud young man with a quick wit and a sharp humour. He loved to be around people, and was at his best when surrounded by peers that he felt comfortable with. He was friendly and outgoing, though always tended not to divulge much of his personal information - not that anyone noticed, of course. And as much as Elijah enjoyed being with other people, he always enjoyed time alone. This time was usually spent with his guitar, or one of the family cats, listening to music and just generally being the quiet individual that most people expected he was incapable of being.

Since passing, however, Eli became more reclusive, and stayed in denial for years, mostly alone. He realized that he could no longer trust people as he could, and took to mistrusting those that he met. Since then, it can now take Eli months to get used to a new individual, and longer to even choose to become their friend. He can often be cold and cruel without meaning, but he still remains to be the same kind individual as before at heart, if bitterness obscures that facet of him on occasion. He is sweet and kind, but most of his negative traits come down to his reluctance to trust those around him.

[Positive Traits] Kind || Considerate || Forgiving || Witty || Good humour || Passionate

[Negative Traits] Shy/Self Concious || Bitter || Cold || Easily Angered

[Fears/Weaknesses] Being stuck forever

" was supposed to be a laugh. No one was supposed to get hurt. I never...I never thought...That's not the way things were supposed to go...That's not the way I was supposed to die..."


Elijah was named after his father's father, born in 1995 in a small Scottish town. His father was a bus driver, and his mother was a teacher, and he had one elder brother who was four years his senior. Growing up, Eli was almost completely ignored by his elder brother, and through his primary education, was a quiet, shy, reserved young boy who rarely spoke a word to another person. He had a pretty typical childhood - he spent much of his free time outside, exploring the fields and woods that surrounded his home, though he never let his insatiable curiosity prevent him from working hard at school. When he was six, his mother became pregnant again, and nine months later delivered a little girl.

Though his brother, Matthew, seemed indifferent towards his sister, Eli instantly loved her more than anything and anyone else. She was a beautiful baby, and as months passed, she grew a head of thick, curly blonde hair, and she had the same fearless blue eyes that Eli shared with her. He would do anything for her. At school, he often made cards or posters for her nursery, and he was right beside Lily as his parents trained her to walk and talk. Four years later, the day that Lily entered her first 'big school' was the proudest day of his life, and it wasn't long before Eli himself entered secondary school.

Compared to his tiny primary education, his secondary school was at the nearby city. Each day, he caught his dad's bus there with his brother, who always ignored him with a focus that implied quite the opposite. At first, Eli didn't understand why Matthew was so indifferent around him, but it soon became apparent in a furious argument they had a few weeks in to their first term, in which his elder brother thoughtlessly told him that he never wanted him to be around. Dejected and rejected, Eli withdrew from the fields and forests around his home, and from his brother. Heartbroken by the older boy he had always looked up to, Eli simply gave him as he wished and avoided him, both at home and at school. Of all the people he could confide in, Lily was still young, and he refused to voice the negative thoughts he held for his brother.

For a few more years, Elijah was one of those people that didn't quite fit into a niche. He drifted from friend to friend, and from group to group, always on the edge. At home, he took solace in the guitar his parents had bought him for his tenth birthday, and his time alone with his instrument soon became the only times that he didn't feel lonely. He began to study music at school, and it was only then at the age of sixteen, after his brother went to university, he really found himself a group of friends that he connected with. It was only a small group, but they were close and true to each other. Michael was a slim, tall blonde who had a voice that set shivers up the spine, and his sister Anna played the flute like an angel. There were others, Chloe, Ryan, John, Paige, Rhea, Violet, Luke, and so on, but Eli grew close to two in particular.

Alex was the centre of the group; a rich only child from the city who instantly connected with Eli. They soon became inseparable - the typical pair of easy going jokers. They took care of each other, and though there was a lot of bravado, there was also an undeniable ease with each other that only they were aware of. The other was Rowan, and she was the most beautiful girl that Eli had ever met. She had dark brown hair and green eyes with gorgeous flecks of brown, and they darkened when she sung and they lightened around the edges when she was sad or angry. She was elegant, and funny, sweet, considerate and kind. She was an old soul, and that was something that Eli could relate to.

He and Rowan shared their first kiss. It was fumbling and awkward, and they both dissolved into giggles as they realized that each other's lips weren't scaly like they expected, but soft and warm. They were a match made in heaven, and their relationship was almost fairy tale in how easy it was.

Elijah Barker died two years later, at Alex's eighteenth birthday party. He was thrilled, and excited to attend, though the date coincided with Lily's birthday. They argued before he left, choosing Alex's party over Lily's. It was a big party at his house, and he invited everyone. Everyone Eli knew was there, and everyone was drunk and lively. Eli went with Rowan, and now, much of the evening is a blur, except for one clearly defined image he has of her. That night, Rowan dressed up especially nice. She was hot, sexy, and beautiful, all in one, but Eli could never forget the way that she looked at him when they danced together in the corner of the room. The night went on, and it wasn't long before Eli's parents came to collect him.

Really, his death was a mistake. He'd had too much to drink, and couldn't even think straight. When he saw his parents pull up across the road, with teenage Lily in the back seat. He leaned out of the highest window in the four storey home to call to them, and fell. His death was abrupt, sudden, and painless, and the last thing that he saw was Rowan's face as she screamed and tried to catch him. Elijah was never sure which part of him landed first. His death was cold, and unimportant, dull, and idiotic, and even in 'the afterlife', he knew that. Now he spends hours at a time, scribbling in his journals to record the memories that he is swiftly forgetting, agonizing over his easy dismissal of his little sister, the love and fear in Rowan's scream as he fell, and the fact that it was just so quick.

So begins...

Elijah Barker's Story


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The Library; a slow, cold draft stirred the mess of papers on the large mahogany desk, and the hearty fire that flickered in the grate spat at the air that fed it. Shadows lingered broodingly in the hidden corners, and the room was pervaded with the smell of ancient books clad in calf skin. The rich scent of vanilla from the aged parchment gave the air a musty quality, which made the room seem closer and more claustrophobic than it was. The desk dominated one side, and each wall played host to a bookshelf that ranged from the thickly crimson carpeted floor to the decorated ceiling. Upon the shelves, a multitude of books sat, slowly gathering dust. The room was lit by a golden, six pronged chandelier and the fire which sat in a fireplace decorated with tiles, each depicting a different scene. In one, a man sat, fishing, by a river, and in another, a mother nursed her child. Each tile was unique and hand painted, set against the dark wood of the fireplace and giving it a dark, rustic feel. The panelled walls held a myriad of decorations, from paintings to maps and posters. The room was large, but cosy and warm, with several lush armchairs arranged for comfort.

Sighing, Eli drew the curtains to the large bay windows shut. Outside, it was a day like every other day, as usual. The fields surrounding the House were damp with morning dew, and the sky above was the normal watery shade of blue. The forest in the distance was obscured by a light fog, but Elijah knew that it'd pass in a few hours as the sun began to warm the little world he lived in. Irritated already, he turned his back to the window and strode through the empty, cavernous halls of the House to the library.

The door opened with the same silence as usual, and the room was just as warm and welcoming as usual. Elijah instantly relaxed in the comfort of his familiar space; it had been a long night, and he'd woken up with the feeling that he was going to forget more by the end of the day. It was a problem that Eli found he had to face since his...death...and he wasn't sure why he was afflicted with it. So, desperate to keep his memories, he had taken to writing everything down that he could remember from his true life.

He moved to the desk, where his most recent journal sat waiting. He'd forgotten most things up until his twelfth year so far, and one hundred and thirty completed journals rested in their places on the shelves. He'd found that, immediately after the start of his 'new life', he could remember everything effortlessly, but then the memories had started to fade. With a small sigh, Eli sat and leaned back in the chair, before reaching into the desk drawer and retrieving a pen, which he then set to a new page.

July 12th,

Today was a hot day. Matthew didn't wake up until after midday, but Lily was up before seven, so we did a puzzle and then I made her breakfast. As far as Saturdays go, today was average.

July 13th,

Still hot. Woke up late by Lily. She jumped on my bed, and started crying when I told her to leave, but I made it up to her that afternoon when I let her soak me in a water fight. School tomorrow.

July 14th...

Eli wrote for three hours, and managed to write up three months worth of memories, before leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes. Writing always gave him a headache, and despite the feeling of calm it gave him, he couldn't help but feel tired and depressed after. It was a life that he missed. Elijah rubbed his temples and rose, before heading back out to the living room again. He opened the curtains once more and looked out. The sun had arisen from the horizon, and it looked a little warmer. Eli smiled sadly, almost missing having people around him. It felt like months since anyone had last come by to have a true conversation with him.


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Nothing interesting ever happened in the Black, Asher had come to realize. Sure, you could go pretty much anywhere, meet pretty much anyone, and do pretty much anything you wanted, but after a certain amount of time 'pretty much' was replaced with 'boring', and Asher was beginning to realize just how bored he was with the usual boring. Couldn't there be, like... parties or something? No one ever said that the people in the afterlife had to be so dull. A party for being dead. He thought, nodding his head. There could be balloons and cake, maybe even a few cut-out gravestones and plastic ghosts if the guests had a sense of humor. The idea, to him, wasn't all that bad. He'd have to remember it for later.

He passed by a few people as he continued his walk, but none of which he recognized. The downside to choosing to leave his vision very rarely was that he hadn't given himself any time to meet his neighbors. Not that any of them seemed like they were interesting enough to get to know, though. Most of the people he saw were either old or flat out ancient. In other words, weren't in Asher's interest.

He kicked a stray rock out onto the road and watched as it rolled across the pavement. It hit the curb, tipped over, and Asher scowled before walking away. Of course. What had he expected? The rock would get up and do a little dance? Oho, look a me! A tiny rock doing an Irish Jig! Hahaha, what fun! Asher scoffed at the thought. Even in a world where everything was left to the mind, rocks still wouldn't provide entertainment. Obviously.

Asher shook his head and took a step forward, except this time when his foot hit the ground, it didn't make contact with the pavement. Nothing would have been out of the ordinary if Asher had intentionally switched to a different vision, one that took place in the park a few blocks from his house. Except, he hadn't. And where he was wasn't in a vision at all. He was in the Light. Confused, Asher looked around and worried that someone would be able to see him. No one in the park began to freak out and scream 'GHOST!!', though, so naturally he assumed he was invisible to them. That was good. No freaky I saw the dead Asher Chattway news reports were to be written anytime soon, thank god. Watchers would be all over him if the people in the Light began to talk about seeing the people in the Black.

When he tried to take a look around, Asher found himself back in the vision. Not intentionally, again. He was in the Light one second and then back in the Black the next. If he hadn't been out in public, Asher would have thought that he was going off his rocker, but the eruption of voices around him assured that he wasn't the only one it had happened to.

Asher reached out for the first person that walked past him, but he couldn't get a single word out before the street fell silent. The person's face went white and her eyes widened, and Asher turned his head two see two Watchers on both sides of the road. Aha! What a bunch of wimps.

"What was that all about?" He shouted, pushing past the gathering crowd in attempt to get close to the first Watcher. "If the rules are we don't go to the Light, then why the hell did that just happen?" He demanded, spreading out his arms. Like all the times before, when Asher got too close the Watcher disappeared into the air. He glanced back at the remaining one, but it too was gone. Right. Unhelpful and useless as always. He turned fully around to face the crowd, and to his surprise every one of them was staring at him. "What?" He snapped, feeling a bit awkward to have so many sets of eyes trained on him.
"Redhead, you're uh... you're fading." One woman spoke up.
One man snickered, and a second later Asher heard "Bet he's getting sent to the Blood for speaking out like that"
He narrowed his eyes and ignored him, but then a set of surprised gasps erupted from the crowd and Asher had to focus in order to hear what everyone was saying.

"Everything's fading!"
"Quick, change visions!"
"Hurry, go!"

In the midst of the panic, Asher took the advice and jumped to a different vision. It wasn't his home where he ended up, though. It was a large field, once again in the Light, and was completely packed of spirits from the Black.


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Eli sighed and turned away from the window when the fog began to roll back in across the fields, wandering to an aged bookshelf in one of the three sitting rooms the ancient house boasted. The books here were a mixture of new and old, a myriad of genres and texts. He picked one at random, ran a finger down it's spine, and then pulled it free. He sighed again as he moved to a low couch, and relaxed back, before opening up to the first page.

It was one that he'd read several times already. Really, he'd read all of the books here at least twice, and some of them over seven or eight times. It was hard to find something to entertain yourself when almost all of infinity stretched in front of him. He read the words almost blindly, using the dull sentences to pass the time. He'd only just read half of the small piece of literature, when the black ink began to fade. Frowning, Elijah glanced aside, and rubbed his eyes before looking back, only to see that the words were even closer to invisibility than before. His frown deepened as he watched them, before his heart started to race. The words were almost completely gone.

Abruptly, Elijah rose and threw the book across the room in horror. His house seemed to blink, as though dipping in and out of reality, and for a moment he thought that he could perceive the sudden noise and movement of the Light. The moment passed as quickly as it had come, and Elijah was once again in the oppressive silence of his own house, but his eyes were bright and alive, though filled with confusion as the room he had just been sitting in so peacefully seemed to fade before his eyes.

The man spun on his heels and ran. He passed the doorway to his room, and found that the corridor in front was already beginning to fade. "Damn..." Eli grimaced and ran faster, running through another doorway, and tripping as he fell through it. However, instead of the normal, hard flooring greeting him, he found himself landing on the comparatively soft green grass of a lush field. Blinking, Eli sighed in relief, and looked up. The light was brighter than usual, and as he turned his head up to the sunlight, he realized that he really was in the Light...for real. He pushed himself to his feet and looked around uncertainly at all the others around him who milled around with just as much confusion.


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The shop owner nodded at Avaline's request and went on to make her treat while Mile's made his way to the counter.

"Actually.. Do they serve any hot chocolate? I haven't had a hot chocolate in forever.."

"One hot chocolate then.", The man said with a smile as he finished up with Avaline's choice. He now moved onto making the hot chocolate. As for Avaline, she was now paying attention to the strange scene outside. Her eyes had shifted to the glass door and windows and she watched curiously. It was as if the people outside were somewhat transparent. She tilted her head slightly at the sight, wondering if maybe she was seeing things, but it was too clear to just be a trick of the eye.

Her thoughts were distracted by the sound of glass as it shattered on the tile floor of the shop. She jumped a little at the sound, but once she realized that it was because Mile's had accidentally dropped their tray on the floor she settled down. Avaline took a step forward and looked at Mile's with concern in her expression.

"Oh my gosh, are you oka--" "..O-Oh ssssnap. I am so... so sorry..!"

She watched him reach over to a table and pull out a few napkins from the dispenser. She would've let him know that it was no problem at all and then offered to help clean up, but that wasn't what what on her mind right now. Just like the people outside of the shop, Miles looked to be transparent, but even more than what she saw before.

It seemed her own body was the same, judging by Mile's expression when he finally looked at her.

"Avaline! Avaline, you're fading!"

Avaline raised her hands, but found herself looking right through her palms. She opened her mouth to say something, but her attention drew to Miles as he fell backwards. Avaline reached out to him, wanting to keep him from falling and getting hurt, but the shop became distorted and in a single second she was standing outside.

She lowered her outstretched arm, no longer transparent, and turned her head slowly from side to side. She could see trees and grass, but also a whole group of people standing around her. Some of them looked confused while others seemed to be terrified. Come to think of it, how was she feeling right now? Confused, most likely, but it was kind of a mixed emotion that she couldn't distinguish. She suddenly felt the need to find Miles and began to look more intently at the faces of the ones around her. None of them she recognized, unfortunately.

She began to walk around, trying to get passed people without bumping into them, and started making her way to the outside. That's when she noticed the blond boy laying in a pile of leaves under one of the trees. A spark of relief rushed through her and she hurried towards him, but suddenly felt her right side run into something. She clumsily took a few steps to the side and turned towards the blond boy who was much taller than her and gave him a quick bow. "I'm so sorry! Excuse me!"

Without waiting for the strangers reply she once again made her way to Miles until she was standing in front of the leaf pile and took a moment to catch her breath. "Miles, are you alright? I wonder what happened?" She turned around and took in her surroundings, then she realized it. "I..I think this is the other side."