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Roxanne Powers

"Death is an unjust thing... How can I ever move on?"

0 · 490 views · located in The Black

a character in “Back of Beyond”, originally authored by Luna Delta, as played by RolePlayGateway



Coldplay || Clocks


Roxanne Powers

Physical Age
Twenty {20}

Mental Age]
Twenty-four {24}

Actual Age
Twenty-four {24}

Five feet and five inches {5"5'}

Cotton candy pink

Lake blue; electric blue


Nature / Outdoors || Roxanne nearly grew up outside, being a rather outdoorsy person.

Classical Music || She never did like that loud, obnoxious music of today.

Dogs || Roxanne actually had a dog before she passed away, a golden retriever named "Angel".

Family || Her family was her everything, she called her parents every morning waking up and ever time before she was about to go to bed. She loves them dearly, and wishes them nothing but the best from here on out.

Water / The ocean || The ripples in the tides, and just everything about it just... Calms her down when she feels like breaking down.

Smoking || A few months before her murder, Roxanne got into the bad habit of smoking.

Manipulating people || Sure, she had been naïve before her death, but Roxy still holds a strong hate for these types of people.

Coffee || It's taste had always been too much for Roxanne to enjoy.

Lilia's house || The house where she was murdered, is she suppose to love the location?

Birds || Feathered devils, all of them. Roxanne never did have like them, even as a child.

Confusion never stops
Closing walls and ticking clocks
Gonna come back and take you home
I could not stop that you now know singing

Come out upon my seas
Cursed missed opportunities
Am I a part of the cure?
Or am I part of the disease?



Bitter, distant, yet still holding the warmth from the past, as well as her compassion, Roxanne is no longer as trusting as she once was. She grew up, becoming more mature, but still clinging to the fact this couldn't be real. She isn't once to willingly approach another unless necessary, or in desperate need to speak. She simply has turned into that of an introvert.

She's stubborn, never taking no for an answer once she sets her mind to something, nor letting anyone stopping her from doing anything. Not to mention she's become more intelligent then how she was at her time of death. She's also rather rude and cold to those whom manipulate, or remind her of Lilia and her friends. She'll become one to insult them, lash out, before walking away in a huff.

To others she's let in, she's a big sisterly type of friend. She loves to tease and joke around with them, showing her more vulnerable side. She'll care for them, become more friendly, even smile a lot more. Her poker-face put away, she seems like a totally different person. A happier person, and that's the part of Roxanne her parents had loved. She's up for adventures, and always was a rather curious individual.

Positive Traits
Caring || Compassionate || Adventurous || Big sisterly type || Jokester

Negative Traits]
Stubborn || Cold || Untrusting || Introvert || Distant || Rude|| Easily irritated

Aichmophobia- Fear of needles or pointed objects.
Amnesiphobia- Fear of amnesia.
Demonophobia- Fear of demons.
Demophobia- Fear of crowds. (Agoraphobia)



Growing up, Roxanne never had anything to worry about until her middle school years. She lived a happy life, being an only child with both of her parent's undivided attention. They gave her everything she could ever need and more, as well as blessing her with a joyful future, and all Roxanne needed to do in return was to achieve educational success. It was an unspoken promise to make her parents proud; a promise that would only be broken before she had a chance to really make an impact.

Roxanne wasn't always alone either, in fact, she had a best friend all the way up until college; Lilia. They were like sisters, never leaving each others side and finishing their sentences. During middle school, however, was when the hidden trouble began to bubble beneath the happy surface. Lilia had grown rather tired of Roxanne's happy, successful behavior. This was never made known until Roxanne's murder, but had it been it might of saved her life in the end.

Lilia and Roxanne had decided to go to different high schools, but still kept in touch as Roxanne become more and more of an introvert, cutting herself off from her peers. The only people she'd talk to after that would be her parents and Lilia, but Roxanne enjoyed the solace that came with being alone, it helped her ace her classes with flying colors, getting into the same college Lilia had gotten into with her cheerleading scholarship.

Lilia, being a year older, had 'accepted' Roxanne in her already formed social circle, the fellow cheerleaders and jocks 'accepting' her as well until the bitter end. They did nearly everything together, and Roxanne was just happy to have her best friend back.

It was precisely an hour before twelve A.M., an hour before Roxanne's birthday. They all were staying up late to 'celebrate' her birthday early, as she would be leaving that morning to go to her family's house. The plan of the deadly hazing was set in motion, Lilia no longer being the pure hearted individual she once knew.

Beaten nearly half to death, then forced to drink a bit of bleach, the death was slow and painful, and by the time the darkness had engulfed Roxanne, she was full of betrayal and hate. Desperately, she reached out, trying her hardest to stay alive, but it was to no avail. It was set on devouring her, something she still can not accept. How dare they hurt her when all she gave them was her friendship and love.

No, she wouldn't accept this. The next thing Roxanne knew, was that she was outside the house she was killed in. Lilia's home she shared with her family, to be correct. She was surrounded by those who were also seemingly dead, and she still looks back on her life sadly, depressed by the fact she'll never be able to fulfill that unspoken promise between her parents and her.

So begins...

Roxanne Powers's Story


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When the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

"Hey, Roxie, we'll always be friends, right?" The bubbly strawberry blonde asked, a bright smile plastered on her face as her green eyes shimmered with happiness. Yes, these were the moments the two best friends lived for, before everything changed.

"Of course! I love you, Lilia, you're like a sister to me... I'd never leave you!" Roxanne reassured Lilia, her smile just as bright as they began to make pointless jokes, laughing in the autumn breeze and drinking coffee. Back then, their eyes never ceased to shine in each other's presence. Back to when they had a spark of love and life.

"You better not!" Lilia jabbed back, nudging Roxie with a bit of force, but not any to shove her out of a chair. Together they'd never separate, or so they thought. They even had what they believed to be "best friend rings". A vow to always be together and one day move in with each other.

Now everything seemed simply like a dream, and like always, it was. Those days were gone now, and this was just a reoccurring daydream to Roxanne.

She was smiling back than, that much was for certain. Lilia and her, they we're sitting at that old café not far from here, they were friends back then, weren't they? Or had Lilia always hated her? Just the thought made Roxanne grit her teeth as she drummed her fingers on the café's table, her coffee's steam slowly raising as it was met with the chilly wind of autumn, nipping at Roxanne's nose.

There was so much Roxanne had yet to come to terms with since she had "passed". Since the darkness overcame her and threw her here, but at least not it wasn't so bad. This was a change of pace besides being within the house she was murdered in. A better pace. She could still hear the laughter ringing in her ears from that night, though it had begun to fade. Now all she felt was remorse for the lost friendship she once had...

Today felt different, though. Something was just off about the people she saw here, they all seemed new, and Roxanne was pretty much an average visitor of the café. Was there an odd amount of people? Was it always thing crowded? Why the bloody hell was she paying so much attention in the first place? Normally she'd have her head buried in a book, reading away as she began to waste the day away. She was easily bored, yes, but at least that'd help pass the time lightly until she was back at the house.

Whatever the reason, Roxanne couldn't help but put on a light pout as she sank in her seat, drumming her fingers once again now that she had finished her coffee. This was just going to be another slow, slow day.


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Nothing interesting ever happened in the Black, Asher had come to realize. Sure, you could go pretty much anywhere, meet pretty much anyone, and do pretty much anything you wanted, but after a certain amount of time 'pretty much' was replaced with 'boring', and Asher was beginning to realize just how bored he was with the usual boring. Couldn't there be, like... parties or something? No one ever said that the people in the afterlife had to be so dull. A party for being dead. He thought, nodding his head. There could be balloons and cake, maybe even a few cut-out gravestones and plastic ghosts if the guests had a sense of humor. The idea, to him, wasn't all that bad. He'd have to remember it for later.

He passed by a few people as he continued his walk, but none of which he recognized. The downside to choosing to leave his vision very rarely was that he hadn't given himself any time to meet his neighbors. Not that any of them seemed like they were interesting enough to get to know, though. Most of the people he saw were either old or flat out ancient. In other words, weren't in Asher's interest.

He kicked a stray rock out onto the road and watched as it rolled across the pavement. It hit the curb, tipped over, and Asher scowled before walking away. Of course. What had he expected? The rock would get up and do a little dance? Oho, look a me! A tiny rock doing an Irish Jig! Hahaha, what fun! Asher scoffed at the thought. Even in a world where everything was left to the mind, rocks still wouldn't provide entertainment. Obviously.

Asher shook his head and took a step forward, except this time when his foot hit the ground, it didn't make contact with the pavement. Nothing would have been out of the ordinary if Asher had intentionally switched to a different vision, one that took place in the park a few blocks from his house. Except, he hadn't. And where he was wasn't in a vision at all. He was in the Light. Confused, Asher looked around and worried that someone would be able to see him. No one in the park began to freak out and scream 'GHOST!!', though, so naturally he assumed he was invisible to them. That was good. No freaky I saw the dead Asher Chattway news reports were to be written anytime soon, thank god. Watchers would be all over him if the people in the Light began to talk about seeing the people in the Black.

When he tried to take a look around, Asher found himself back in the vision. Not intentionally, again. He was in the Light one second and then back in the Black the next. If he hadn't been out in public, Asher would have thought that he was going off his rocker, but the eruption of voices around him assured that he wasn't the only one it had happened to.

Asher reached out for the first person that walked past him, but he couldn't get a single word out before the street fell silent. The person's face went white and her eyes widened, and Asher turned his head two see two Watchers on both sides of the road. Aha! What a bunch of wimps.

"What was that all about?" He shouted, pushing past the gathering crowd in attempt to get close to the first Watcher. "If the rules are we don't go to the Light, then why the hell did that just happen?" He demanded, spreading out his arms. Like all the times before, when Asher got too close the Watcher disappeared into the air. He glanced back at the remaining one, but it too was gone. Right. Unhelpful and useless as always. He turned fully around to face the crowd, and to his surprise every one of them was staring at him. "What?" He snapped, feeling a bit awkward to have so many sets of eyes trained on him.
"Redhead, you're uh... you're fading." One woman spoke up.
One man snickered, and a second later Asher heard "Bet he's getting sent to the Blood for speaking out like that"
He narrowed his eyes and ignored him, but then a set of surprised gasps erupted from the crowd and Asher had to focus in order to hear what everyone was saying.

"Everything's fading!"
"Quick, change visions!"
"Hurry, go!"

In the midst of the panic, Asher took the advice and jumped to a different vision. It wasn't his home where he ended up, though. It was a large field, once again in the Light, and was completely packed of spirits from the Black.