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Back of the Pack

Back of the Pack


Look inside! Active GM! OPEN! (Trying this again. 3/6/13)

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“Welcome to Westfall.”

The Story

The town of Westfall is a peaceful one. Typical, right? And like most quiet towns, it holds a dark secret.
This story is about Amber Grey, but before we get to that let me tell you about her past. Amber’s younger sister moved out when she was just sixteen. Amber never knew why, but for some reason her parents were disgusted with her younger sister. Amber came home from school one day to find her gone, leaving only a note behind her.

Amber, I have to go away. I will be in Westfall, VA. Come find me when you’re ready to know the truth.
I love you.

Three years later, Mina is now 19 years old. Amber is 21. Having graduated high school, Amber decided it was time to go find her little sister. Her parents refused to go with her, so she decided she would go alone. Mina met her at the train station and helped move her into the apartment. Apartment 7B.

Amber doesn’t know that she’s just moved into werewolf territory. As if the situation would not be scary enough for her; Amber has a secret she’s kept from Mina in the letters the two have exchanged over the years. You see, Amber Grey is a vampire. Amber’s sister, Mina Grey, is a werewolf and the adopted daughter of the Alpha and Alphess. She has no idea her sister is a vampire.

Now, of course the world doesn’t revolve around these two. The Pack has it’s own problems right now. A new pack has just moved into the outskirts of town, and a few of the younger members are causing some problems in two. Vandalism, light theft, petty things. The Westfall Pack has been letting things slide for a while, but when Anna Kelly goes missing afternoon in the woods; everything changes. The Redwood Pack (the outsiders) are starting to turn civilians.

On the brink of war, the Alpha of the Westfall Pack struggles to find a solution. The Alpha of the Redwood Pack does not have an Alphess, and so the Westfall Alpha decides perhaps if he offers a member of his pack, they can join together and stop the fighting and the spilling of innocent blood. Only problem is; the Redwood Alpha is very taken with Amber Grey. Aware that a werewolf bite could kill her, Amber is caught between not wanting to die; wanting to help her sister’s pack, and not wanting to break her sister’s heart.

The Town and Those Within
Some things to know about our lovely inhabitance of Westfall. Firstly; the civilians have no idea that werewolves and vampires exist. It’s an urban town. There’s a mall, a movie theatre, a bowling alley, a 24 hour coffee shop, and an exclusive club called The Moon (werewolves only) and a regular club called The Sun. There’s a flower shop as well, where Mina and Savannah work together. Through the woods that surround the town resides the Redwoods in their tents/rvs/campers. There is also a large lake in the woods and people go camping/fishing at. The lake is man-made with a nice beach around it.

The Facts

Can go in the sun if they have daylight rings. Once removed, the vampire will die if she/he is in the sun.
A werewolf bite is also lethal.
Can retract fangs.
The can hold/wear/look at crosses, holy water, all the rest of that gibberish.

Can shift on will.
A bite/scratch will not turn you unless it’s a full moon and you consume human flesh/blood during the moon phase.
Wolves are not immortal, so a gunshot/stab wound or any other normal form of attack can kill them.
The silver thing is just a myth.



Vampire |Amber Grey (21) | RESERVED
[FC: Scarlett Johansson]

Amber is new to town, so she doesn’t know anyone but her sister. Being a Vampire, a bite from a werewolf can (and would) kill her. She has a sun-ring (like The Vampire Dairies) which allows her to go into the sunlight as long as she wears her ring. She loves her little sister more than anything. Klaus has taken a liking to her, but Amber knows she cannot be with him. Werewolves hate Vampires more than they hate fleas.


Westfall Pack|Mina Grey (19) | TAKEN
[FC: Claire Holt]

Mina has no idea her sister is a Vampire. Mina fancies Klaus, as he is a strong Alpha and as a Werewolf she is drawn to his strength. She loves her pack, and her sister, but can’t help but be jealous when Tristan, her Alpha, asks her to turn her sister so that they could join the packs through Amber. Her best friend is Savannah.


Westfall Pack| Tristan Westfall (24-30) | RESERVED
[FC: Alexander Skarsgard]

Alpha of the Westfall Pack. He has a mate, but she has been out of town for a few days. He’s starting to wonder where she has gone to, but he’s got bigger problems on his doorstep. With the pack’s at each other’s throats, he’s desperately trying to figure out a way to fix things. Once he figures out Klaus has a thing for Amber, it seems like all his problems will be solved… there’s just the nasty little detail of getting Mina to turn her sister.


Redwood Pack| Klaus Redwood (23-28) | OPEN
[FC: Joe Manganiello]

Klaus is the Alpha of the Redwood pack. His pack is a band of misfits who have never had anywhere to call their own. They’re a little rough around the edges, but not a bad group of people. Just a little rebellious against Tristan’s rule. Amber is beautiful, and Klaus is quite taken with her. He’d be willing to talk of truce if she’d be willing to talk of becoming and Alphess. Her little sister is pretty too, but there’s just something different about the elder one.


Redwood Pack| Alaric Palmers (23-25) | OPEN
[FC: Ian Somerhalder]

Alaric is a little rough around the edges. A bad-boy, but just by nature. His wolf side is a little wild and he finds that hard to control sometimes. He has a quick temper, but he’s a huge romanticist. He’s fallen hard for Mina, but his Alpha steals all the spotlight. He feels as though she will never realize his feelings, but he refuses to give up. Alaric is very old-school and prefers sweet-nothings over broad expressions of desire.


Westfall Pack|Savannah Kimberton (18-22) | RESERVED
[FC: Jamie Chung]

Savannah’s best friend is Mina. The two have been together since Mina moved into the apartment right across the hall from her. Both werewolves, both abandoned by their families at young ages; the two girls love to have each other’s back. Savannah has kept her heart out of things lately, but is starting to develop some feelings for her Alpha when his mate leaves and doesn’t come back.

1. The obvious rules apply; no GMing, no Power Play.
2. No posts that are less than a paragraph.
3. No changing the face claim without asking first.
4. Swearing is fine as long as it’s not excessive. Love/romance is fine, and partly expected. Just keep it classy or go to PM.
5. When asking to reserve, state your best friend’s name to show you looked through my rules.
6. I will expect you to post 3-4 times a week, and your CS to be done within 48 hours. I understand that real life gets in the way. Just give me a heads-up first.
7. Posts will be in third person only.
8. As the GM, what I say goes. Don’t kill off anyone’s character without my approval and theirs. Feel free to kill of NPCs, as long as you’re discreet and not drawing attention too much from the other townsfolk.. After all, we don’t want a bloodbath on our hands. (Or... do we?)
9. Finally, have fun! If you have questions ask. ^-^ I don’t bite! …. Much. ^_~

Character Skele

You may make this as pretty as you like, and feel free to add anything, but these basics are needed:

Likes (3+)
Dislikes (3+)
Skill ( One thing your character is really good at )
Weakness (At least one)
History (At least one paragraph)

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Character Portrait: Mina Grey
Mina Grey

"Why not me?"

Character Portrait: Savannah

" Come on! Live like today was your last!"


Character Portrait: Savannah

" Come on! Live like today was your last!"

Character Portrait: Mina Grey
Mina Grey

"Why not me?"

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Character Portrait: Mina Grey
Mina Grey

"Why not me?"

Character Portrait: Savannah

" Come on! Live like today was your last!"

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Re: Back of the Pack

Ryan or the original is fine, Kiss.

Thanks for helping out, Sal!

Re: Back of the Pack

If you mean private messages, you go to the persons profile. Near the middle of their information it will have a link that says " Private Message". Click that and it will bring up a form (much like you see when you comment on the forum) for you to fill out and send to them.

I'm fairly new to this site and it took me awhile to figure that out, so no worries. ^_^
Hopefully , that helps!

Re: Back of the Pack

Hey Jynxii

Sorry for not responding earlier, I was in a no wifi zone (the only time it will happen, I assure you). I'm really sorry for not asking you earlier to change the character. Would you prefer Ryan Gosling? If not then I can just stick with the original. :)

Anyway, I feel really dumb for asking, but how do you send messages? I tried bu I'm not allowed for some reason. :\

Re: Back of the Pack

Thank you for telling me. :)

Re: Back of the Pack

Work in progress (:

Basically at least your character name and the empty/incomplete skeleton to let me know you're working on it.

Re: Back of the Pack

I feel really dumb for asking but what does WIP mean?

Re: Back of the Pack

Yes. We still haven't gotten any more characters or WIPs in. You can ask friends you know if you'd like but I'm not starting til the roles are filled.

Re: Back of the Pack

Hey All!

Just curious...are we waiting for more people to join before we start?


Re: Back of the Pack

OMG! Thank you!

That's so simple. -_-

I appreciate your help though, it worked!

Re: Back of the Pack

SalmaiLeore wrote:
Super silly question...

For the .gif's. How do you save it so that it keeps it's .gif format. I have tried right clicking on the image and saving as a .gif but it saves it as a still image. I'm royally confused on that.

Can someone please explain because it's bothering be that I can't do it.- -_-

Hey Sal. To enter the gifs, you have to right click on it and open in a new tab. Then, you copy the link of the page. It's simple really, you don't have to save the gif.

:) Hope it helped!

Re: Back of the Pack

Super silly question...

For the .gif's. How do you save it so that it keeps it's .gif format. I have tried right clicking on the image and saving as a .gif but it saves it as a still image. I'm royally confused on that.

Can someone please explain because it's bothering be that I can't do it.- -_-

Re: Back of the Pack

Hey Jynx, I submitted the skelly for Tristan!

Hope it's okay, I'm bad at Skellies :)

Re: Back of the Pack

Thank you!

Pretty excited to start. Just hoping we get more people! -crosses fingers-


Re: Back of the Pack

Jo, thanks for letting me know! Sal, she looks great!

Re: Back of the Pack

I will be gone for the rest of tonight and tomorrow. I am traveling without wifi

Re: Back of the Pack

Character Submitted.

Please do let me know if there are any problems, especially within the History portion. I will be glad to change anything that does not fit the story or may be confusing.

Thank you!
Can't wait to get started!

Re: Back of the Pack

Jo, I will mark her as reserved then.

Re: Back of the Pack

Thank you,

I'll be sure to go ahead and submit the skelly as soon as I can.
We'll hope together that this works out. I'd really like to play it. :-)

Re: Back of the Pack

Hello. I am interested in the part of Amber.

In regards to my best friend: position open

Re: Back of the Pack

I will reserve him for you, KissMePenguin.

Also, Amber is back open. I haven't heard from the person who reserved her in 5 days.

Sal, I will put her on reserve and keep you updated.