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Marjeta Branković



Straight. But not opposed to the idea of trying to be with another woman



Marjeta was once a rather quiet thing. While companionship is something she has always craved, she was never the best at winning people over or initiating a conversation. Many were turned off by her constant comparison's and often times pessimistic thoughts. Watching humans, she always found something she wanted, and she was further obsessed with the power, respect, and attention those higher up on the totem pole got. She is much like greed, but money itself is not her motivation. At the first taste of luxury and affection, she was hooked, and now constantly seeks to be loved, pampered, and admired.

Risk of Discovery
She likes to be in the spotlight, and she wants whatever she can get. High risk if she is not careful.


So begins...

Marjeta Branković's Story

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Marjeta Branković

The sun shone down with a brilliance and light that starkly contrasted the mood of the small gathering. There was a surprisingly small turnout considering the social standing of the deceased entrepreneur, the number of people who actually cared much fewer than he'd have you believe.

Everyone was dressed in the obligatory black, and the priest's words were solemn and cookie cutter. After all, he did not know the man well- the Brankovic's didn't regularly attend church like most of his congress, and he had nothing personal or heartfelt to add. Nor, did it seem, did anyone else for that matter. A few in attendance dabbed daintily at their eyes, and some actually managed to look dismayed. They were sad, but it wasn't a significant enough loss to prompt raw emotion in any of them.

Except for one.

Long after the last of the few remaining friends and family who showed up for the funeral and burial had taken their leave, one woman looked mournfully down at the marble grave marker and promptly sniffled, tears flowing anew. Damn him!

"You can't leave me here alone! You were supposed to stay with me!" she all but wailed, blowing her nose into a fresh tissue. Putting it away in a plastic zip lock, she felt her lips pout in an almost defiant gesture. Sure, he wasn't the most well-liked individual, or even the most attractive or appealing, but he was successful and doted on her. Being wed to him was cozy and privileged, so she was fine with it. Now he had to go and die at the ripe young age of 43. Jerk.

About to start feeling sorry for herself once more, Marjeta was brought from her wallowing thoughts as a raven perched itself onto the nearest tombstone, showing no signs of fear at being near a potential predator. What wild animal would come so near a human? The raven gave her a pointed stare, regarding her in a way no normal animal would. Even more peculiar than it's behavior however, was a note tied to it's ankle just as people of old did with carrier pigeons.

Marjeta hesitated only a second before untying the note, the raven flying off as soon as she had it in her hands. A strange feeling of deja' vu overcame her at seeing the wax seal, wondering why she felt as if she'd seen it before. She carefully broke the wax and unrolled the paper, reading the brief note that was indeed addressed to her.

Dear Mrs. Marjeta Branković,

Due to recent events regarding the daughter of Greed, Vanessa, it has come to my attention that the human race is becoming more and more aware of your less than mortal existence. As you can already gather this is not a very good thing. You and the other sins were sent to earth to taint it and if you're discovered you will be destroyed or worse, put on display like zoo animals. I highly suggest all of you return to where you started and discuss this matter further as well as figure out the best course action to take in these trying times. A notice has been sent to the others as well.

Do not disappoint me.
Do not become a mistake.
Your Father

It took considerable willpower on her part to keep from crumpling the paper as she finished reading, scornfully regarding the last two words. 'Your Father'. As if! That one was no father. When had he ever cared about her?! How dare he compare himself to a father! With an annoyed huff, Marjeta stuffed the letter into her purse, frowning as she looked at her husband's grave once more.

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Heavy snow swirled around them in the grey, foggy atmosphere as they trudged through the forest. Aj-Sha hugged her coat closer to her as they followed an all to familiar path, her face holding an somber expression uncharacteristic to her. This way flooded her mind with memories of the past.

She bit her lip anxiously and tried to focus only on the sound of her crunching footsteps and ignore the faint feeling of blood on her hands and face. When Aj-Sha had left this shelter she had left her secret with it. Now that she was returning it was too. She shivered and took a deep breath, the hot air flowing a frosty white through her slightly parted lips.

She rolled her shoulders, readjusting her backpack full of her personal wares and looked up at her eight (in a way) siblings. Aj-Sha could remember clearly the day they were formed and given life. Child-sized and dumped in the middle of nowhere, naive and surging with immense power. They had no knowledge of how to control it and no one to teach them. She scowled under her breath as she remembered how they learned the hard way that mortals would give no help either, and they weren't to pleased with those who were different. She still flinched expecting the searing pain of licking flames whenever she heard the word "witch." They may be immortal but that didn't mean they didn't feel pain.

They were driven out by mobs and that's why they made this shelter. If no one was going to help them they were going to learn to survive themselves. And they did.

They all stopped outside the invisible barrier further hiding their home from the outside world. It was they only present they had received from their supposed father. Small, faint glows of their colors that only they could see marked its edge. Aj-Sha swallowed and gathered herself, knowing whaat was to come with crossing it. She reached out and pushed her hand through, wincing as she watched it turn from human to one that belonged to her true form. The barrier hid their home but they could not hide from themselves inside.

She clenched her jaw and took another deep breath through clenched teeth, closing her eyes, she moved the rest of herself inside. She gasped and coughed as power surged through her at a rapid rate. Her nails dug into the ground and her tail flicked back and forth as she waited out the pain. Her eyes flared and blue energy poured out of her mouth creating a pool around her. As well as taking away the power to change their form it also temporarily magnified their power beyond control instantly. And it was not fun. Such a sudden release of so much power would leave a lesser being dead. It felt like a bomb going of in every inch of her body.

After about 30 seconds the pain started to die and Aj-Sha's control returned. She panted heavily as she fought to regain her breath.

She looked at those around her, "You know dears, even when we did that every day I never got used to it."

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Valko grumbled nearly the whole journey, starting from the time they left the brothel. There was no part of this situation that he liked, and even worse, there was nothing he could do about it. Unless they wanted to take weeks to reach their home then flying was the only option, and he hated flying. Then there was the cold. He had been born in this region, by which he was tossed out into the snow after his creation by his father, and he had left as soon as he could manage it. The accusations of his being a demon and begin chased out by holymen had helped as well, of course. But now he was back, and worse, that bastard Quincy would be there.

Since they had met, neither man had liked the other. Each of them tried again and again to get the other caught or killed when they were younger, then they tried to use their powers on one another. The joke was on Quincy, though, because Valko never ate anything he didn't prepare for himself.

The snow crunched and the cold winds sang through the trees. Valko had no idea what season it was, there was always snow, a perpetual winter no matter what the calendar might say. Over his normal attire, Aj-Sha had persuaded him to wear an old long coat, made of leather and lined with the fur of a grey wolf. If not for her insistence he wouldn't have worn a coat at all. The cold wouldn't kill him, thanks to his power he ran to hot for that.

To Valko, the barrier was, at first, completely invisible, but the closer he got he saw it as something like a mirror, reflecting the mortal world back, warning humans to stay away. A green light shimmered before him on the surface, and it rippled as Aj-Sha stepped through to the other side. Cursing, Valko followed soon after.

The surge of power that hit him was like being struck by lighting; it hurt, it burned, and it pissed him off. His human appearance was burned away by the energy, and at once it was like his arms were engulfed in dark green flames. Rattling off a string of curses in a language long forgotten, Valko walks off to the side, where a plain looking black slab of stone stands. Scratches and cracks pit the surface, and when he slams first his left, then his right fist into the stone, two more cracks appear. If this stone were from the mortal realm, it would be dust, but as it was Valko took the brunt of the damage. But it helped calm him down.

"I see you're just as reckless as every, Val." Said a rumbling voice from across the way.

Turning, Valko can see Quincy, his stomach open and grinning at him, licking it's lips. He often wondered if the oaf had a second brain to control that thing.

"And you're still shamelessly plugging your shit microwave food." Valko says, wrath, his namesake, flooding into his voice. "They tried to make me eat one of those lard and chicken bone stomach aches on the flight over here!"

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    by Lolkatlove

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Vanessa pulled her white fur coat tighter as she trudged through the heavy snow in thick hiking boots. Snow belted down around her melting on her skin as it landed wetting her blond hair causing strands to cling to her cheeks. She had taken a helicopter to a nearby town in Russia. From there she had rented a red Ferrari and driven as far as the roads were able to the place where they all began. At the foot of the mountain, she had met up with her fellow sins. It had been a very long time since she had seen any of them. It was a sobering reunion.

Together they followed an all too familiar path through the thick fog of snow against a grey sky. She had never truly wanted to return to this place. It was bleak and reminded her too much of their past, of the harsh truths they had learned about mortals when discovering themselves. It had been an incredibly difficult time of their lives as they grew, learning to control their powers, and themselves.

Soon they reached the barrier that lead to their home in those dark times. It shimmered against the light that struck it colours flickered through along the edges. Thier colours, their powers. Vannessa stood back as Aj-Sha took the first step through the barrier. As she moved her full body through Aj-Sha disappeared behind the barrier. Vanessa knew she would now be in her true form. A curse of the barrier.

Valko was the next to take the plunge. Quincy following eager not to be left behind by his rival. Vanessa rolled her eyes at them. Since their existence sparked life they had been at each other's throats. It irritated her but she had grown accepting of it after all these years. She no longer tried to talk them out of their ways as she once did in the past.

With a heavy sigh Vanessa loosened her grip on her fur coat.

"Let's get this over with then" she grumbled.

Without hesitation, she stepped through the portal in one quick motion preferring to take the blunt of the power surge rather than inching her way through. As she stepped through to the other side her arms flexed beside her as instant pain surged through her body. It felt as though needles were prickled against her skin in every nook and crany of her body. She winced her expression showing her pain as power coarsed through her body. Brown mist began to flow from her feet flowing smoothly from the ground wrapping itself around her legs traveling towards her torso, arms and finally head. "Fucking Hell" she cursed as her head became engulfed.

As quickly as it had started the pain began to dissipate the brown mist falling back to the ground. As the mist left her body her once human features were replaced with those of her true form. Her skin pale she looked towards Aj-Sha, Valko and Quincy with cold blue eyes her head now crowned with two large golden jagged horns which splintered. They curled towards her shoulders as overlapping horn straightened above her head. The skin of her arms was pure white before melting into a darkened black at her wrists her hand the colour of coal. Opening her ruby red lips she spoke with a velvet voice. "Let's be glad we don't 'have' to do this every day" Vannessa replied to Aj-Sha's comment.

"I must agree with Valko Quincy, I am sick of only having your 'meals' as an option when I travel. Vannessa raised her eyebrows at him before dropping her shoulders and relaxing into her true form after a long absence. "Though I have to commend your achievement to infect the world with your gluttony"

Stepping forward into the cave out of the glare of the barrier Vanessa turned to face the sins placed her hands on her hips holding her head with air of superiority. "Well, shall we return to our beginnings" she indicated towards the darkness of the cave and the home that it lead too.

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Marjeta Branković

Marjeta found the flight to be nearly unbearable, crammed into her two first class seats. No amount of leg room, champagne, or in flight amenities could make up for the fact that she was stuck travelling with common humans and not on her own private jet. It wasn't as if her late husband couldn't afford such a thing. He preferred to spend his money on yachts, cars, and jewelry for her. He himself didn't care for flight, and had never invested in so much as a small helicopter.

As it was, her mood was already rather sour upon arriving. Of all places for their sanctuary to be, it had to be somewhere in the middle of nowhere on this godforsaken ice box called Russia. She tugged her fur coat tighter around her as she trudged out of the town and up the mountain towards their unseen refuge (if one dared call it such). It was at least 2 hours before she could finally make out the otherwise invisible barrier that surrounded the place, the colors shimmering and moving like the walls of a bubble. Her own color stood out the most, the orange a far cry from the human assumptions. People used the phrase 'green with envy', and yet her power was a burning orange. She never did understand how such a saying came about.

Stopping for a moment before the barrier keeping humans blind and unawares of their home, Marjeta pursed her lips in distaste, not looking forward to the experience. Thinking it incredibly unfair for them to need to feel power in such a sudden rush, she stepped through the veil of energy. She nearly vocalized her discomfort, but kept composed even as a burning pain prickled along her entire body, coursing through like an electric shock. She didn't want to be seen as inferior to any of the others. All the sins were fairly cunning, and each was powerful. These were people who could rival her in power and beauty. She couldn't look weak and therefore unworthy of their attention.

Her human form gave way to reveal her truest nature- her appearance not unduly frightening to look at (unlike gluttony for example- that stomach really unnerved her), but it was bizarre all the same. Scales covered most of her skin, and her hair became accented with green. She secretly thought herself superior to the others, though she wished others could see it. After all, what really made people turn to sin in the first place? Sure, her fellow sins were the specific types of failings, but what was the ultimate reason people did things? They want something. Money, power, an enemy eliminated, favor, attention, respect, love, sex, drugs, food, drama, reactions. All these things and more were because they wanted what they wanted. No matter what feelings or desires people had, the motivation was wanting the world to be their way. Envy was the original sin, the one that prompted all the others. So therefore, she reasoned she must be superior.

Not that any of the others agreed, obviously.

Turning to face the others, she frowned at Vanessa's grumbling. Get it over with? What nerve! "You should talk. After all, you're the reason we're here in the first place." Marjeta snapped at the mistress of greed, walking past her with a huff before catching Valco and Quincy bickering. She regarded them with an arched brow, wondering if it was even possible for the two to be in the same space and NOT argue. She had no problem with either of the two males or their sins, but she couldn't bring herself to be completely comfortable around Quincy's stomach, the extra maw making her more that just a tad queasy. Shame, since he was otherwise likeable enough. She nodded in acknowledgement and greeting to both Valko and Quincy in turn, only to hear Estrelle complimenting her fellow sins. Marjeta continued to walk towards their 'home' as it was, hoping Estrelle would give her some praise as well.

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Aj-Sha sighed and pushed herself off the ground, wiping blue energy off her mouth with the back of her hand. "Aren't we just one big happy family?" She said breathlessly, brushing herself off and approaching Valko and Quincy.

"Darlings, Can't you at least wait a week to be sick of each other? Remember we are going to be here for a while." She brushed some hair out of Valko's face.

"Not as long as before mind you but still." She smiled her usual smile at Quincy. Not disturbed in the least by his stomach. They grew up together after all, it wasn't new to her. And she had met her fair share of deformed coming into her brothel late at night looking for paid love. Some worse to look at than his stomach.

"It's been a long time Hun. You still look as lovely as before." She flirted, meeting her eyes with his before turning towards the entrance of their "home." Estrella's body blending in with the initial darkness.

She pulled her coat close to her once again and looked up at her long time companion, Valko. "Shall we descend into hell together then, Dear?" She coed softly, biting her lower lip. She was trying to be her usual self but she could hear the wavering in her voice every time she spoke. And she cursed herself for it. No one liked a nervous lover.

Aj-Sha adjusted her glasses and took a deep breath, watching the hot air come out through her lips slightly tinted blue from her previous ordeal. She wondered if Valko had remembered what she had done. She wondered if any of the sins around her did. Or had it only been scaring to her. The one with blood on her hands. She shivered at the memory.

She was broken out of her thought by Marjeta's snapping remark cutting through the air. She smiled softly, "Oh darling don't be so sour. A scowl is to ugly to grace your breath-taking features." She flirted once more.

Aj-Sha looked back to the entrance trying hard not to slip her arm around Valko's and hold it close to her bosom. She wondered if the candles that lit the path down to the waterway were still aflame.
If the boat that carried them deeper into the cave still floated.
If the large main area was still grand and spacious with a trinket or two scattered here and there.
She wondered how much dust covered the things in their untouched rooms.

She shook her head and finally stepped forward, her fingers lingering at the back of Valko's arm. She was about to find out sooner or later.

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For a few moments neither Valko nor Quincy said a word as the others crossed the barrier. Valko was still fuming, literally, as his green energy misted up his arms, lingering around his horns like a faintly glowing cloud of smoke. In this form, his scar was revealed, something he'd always hated. The other sins knew just how hard it was to injure one of their kind, but to do enough damage to leave a scar? In all honestly, Valko scarcely remembered how he had gotten the scar. Hints of memory said it had something to do with Aj-Sha, back when this place had first been called their home.

"Humans were born to bask in the warm light of our essences, dear sister." Quincy replied to Vanessa, grinning at her with both mouths, though never taking his eyes off Valko. "And, while I pride myself on my skills, it is not my fault humans adore such slop."

In truth the frozen meals Quincy's company produced were no better than any other freezer section dinner you could buy across the world. The only reason people ate them so much was because a little of his power was slipped into each of the meals. People had, at first, thought it odd that he would insist on seeing off each shipment of his product, but now it was just another phase in the operation, like plastic wrapping or placing the price tag.

"Technically, we've gone a few decades without fighting," Valko says, relaxing a little upon hearing Aj-Sha's voice close to his ear. He knew her well enough to detect the slight quiver in her tone. It was a rare thing for her, the sin of lust, always so sure of herself and full of confidence. He didn't like to her that tone in her voice, but in this place, he understood its being there.

Without a word, Valko reigns in his energy, until the green mist about his hands faces completely, and slips an arm around Aj-Sha's shoulders. He knows that even a creature like her needs a little comfort every now and then. He ignores the look Quincy gives him, and, guiding Aj-Sha forward gently, he follows the others further into the cave. It was pitch black for a time, but then the faint light of candles ahead began to illuminate their path for them.

"Never did like the dark much." Valko mutters as they continue on.

"Or flying, if memory serves." Quincy says, having taken up the rear of the procession. "However did you manage to take the plane out this way? Stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass the whole way, I suppose." When the son of Wrath did not take his bait and turn to swing at him, the son of Gluttony was rather surprised.

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When entering the tunnel leading down, the tunnel that they had left unlit and was completely consumed in darkness, her own figure was disappeared completely. It had always bothered her that her true form could so easily disappear, that it wasn't visible entirely all the time. It was why when she left this place she hardly transformed into her true form unless it could be seen. What's there to be proud of if you can't be see after all? However, when she approached the candles, her figure flickered back and this was the part in her true form she always loved because with her form flickering between visible and hidden it actually grabbed more attention. Yes, in fear usually, but it was attention none-the-less. A little lesson that Bertholdt had taught her and one she never forgot.

Estrelle's languidly long skirt dipped into the water, over the edge of stone that her toes curled over. She looked at the wide tunnel, the water streaming softly in the the still burning candles. However, the boat was old. It was still floating, but had grown rickety over the years, even with their powers they couldn't stop something from getting older and worn.

"I don't know about you, but this may end up being more interesting than we expected," Estrelle commented. She lifted her skirt slightly, so her foot could easily test the boat's buoyancy. It wobbled on the surface, the bottom just a little more damp than it should be. Then with a sure step, she moved to stand in the boat, her skirt skimming the water. The boat weighted down and the bottom became even more damp. She sat down without a pause and looked up at the others who were arriving behind her.

"Tell me, who will be joining me in this almost too worn boat?" she asked, raising an almost hidden eyebrow and taking extra care to make her smile as teasing and challenging as possible. After all what kind of sin would she be if she didn't challenge the other's surety and confidence and of course poke fun at those who didn't live up to what she challenged.

"There's no reason to be shy, after all if you are it'll only prove to me you're weak," she said, tapping her chin and lifting it high in the air.

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Marjeta Brankovic

As the sins began to make their way into their hideout as it were, Marjeta began to pout, feeling dismayed that she was not the focus of anyone's attention. No one was giving her any significant respect, and Estrelle was not praising her, though she praised the others.

Before she could sink further into her pity party, Aj-Sha's silky voice came in her direction, flirtatious and flattering words entering her ears. Marjeta smiled slightly as the temptress called her 'breath-taking', now suitably mollified for the time being. For one as lovely as lust to recognize her, it was good for her ego. Yes, she was breath-taking, wasn't she? That's right...

Even as they descended, Quincy and Valko continued to exchange verbal jabs, though surprisingly, wrath was maintaining his composure for the most part. At least for now in any case. What really caught envy's notice was how Valko bestowed attention on Aj-Sha. Sure, lust was a beautiful creature, but it wasn't fair! Marjeta had only recently had someone attending to her so carefully and readily, someone who even doted on her! But now she was alone again, and the gentlemanly display made her miss it anew. Why wasn't someone escorting her so gently?

Marjeta's brooding was cut short by the sight of the boat, only now pausing to take in her surroundings. Stopping to glance around her, she nearly shuddered at the cold, dark, and altogether uninviting atmosphere. And such a rickety boat! Who would want to step into such a thing?

Estrelle took initiative to step in first, and Marjeta glanced over sharply as pride challenged her fellow sins to follow her. Already not receiving attention from the woman, Marjeta was desperate to shove the mistake in her face. Taunting them and saying any who wouldn't was weak only sealed the deal, and despite her misgivings, envy followed before anyone else could seize the chance. She'd show Estrelle!

"I'm not afraid. Do scoot over so I have room." Marjeta announced, lifting her skirt just enough to spare it from getting wet, though it proved futile once inside the boat. Biting back a complaint, she sat down opposite the other woman, meeting pride's eyes.