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Kira Kiriyaga

An employee at Crypton who is like an assistant to every Vocaloid. If you're feeling down or need help, go find her. She'll cheer you up right away.

0 · 313 views · located in Crypton Future Media's computer archives

a character in “Backstage Secrets”, as played by Kaito_Shion


Name: Kira Kiriyaga
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Nationality: Japanese
Sexuality: Asexual (doesn’t fall in love)
Family: None, she was an orphan
Personality: slightly shy at times, but she will always defend herself/other people, athletic, caring and sweet
Appearance: Short, really dark brown hair/eyes. She always wears a red Crypton Future Media sweatshirt over a black turtleneck, and black pants.
Likes: Vocaloids, working at Crypton, reading, messing with technology, gardening, enhancing plants, helping the vocaloids with just about anything, drawing, designing clothes and headphones for Vocaloid fans, cooking, dancing, partying
Dislikes: Vocaloid haters, anti-LGBTQ people, bullies, someone she likes getting hurt, cliques, abusive Crypton employees, failed recipes, mistakes
Talents: Cooking, drawing, designing merchandise, gardening, dancing, making people smile, fixing technology
Flaws: gets flustered easily
Weapons: Scissors, pocket knife, martial arts
History: She was an orphan from birth, but she always cared about the people around her. When Crypton hired her, she was only 13. She would help the Vocaloids with just about anything, and they would talk to her about any problems the had. She hosts an annual Vocaloid anniversary party as well as several holiday parties throughout the year, and always makes sure every Vocaloid is there. She is a favorite staff member of everyone except Meiko, and the two never saw eye to eye. She is the only person besides abusive Crypton employees like Max and Maya who has ever seen Kaito’s true self. A few times after he was beaten, by Meiko as well as the employees, she managed to find him and she would always let him cry against her. Kaito trusts only her to bandage him or touch him in any way, and she always seems to know when he’s hurt or upset. She is the only thing that keeps him alive. As for Kira herself, she has the ability to cheer anyone up when they’re down and enjoys it.

So begins...

Kira Kiriyaga's Story