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Backstage Secrets

Crypton Future Media's computer archives


a part of Backstage Secrets, by Kaito_Shion.


Kaito_Shion holds sovereignty over Crypton Future Media's computer archives, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Crypton Future Media's computer archives is a part of Backstage Secrets.

6 Characters Here

Kamui Gakupo [0] A cute gay Vocaloid.
Hiyama Kiyoteru [0] Friendly, outgoing, very social person
Kira Kiriyaga [0] An employee at Crypton who is like an assistant to every Vocaloid. If you're feeling down or need help, go find her. She'll cheer you up right away.
MEIKO [0] A girl who is an alchohol junkie. She enjoys bullying Kaito.
SeeU [0] A Vocaloid who doesn't really like Meiko. She one day meets Kaito because of her friend.
KAITO [0] A Vocaloid that nobody knows much about, besides his failures.

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<You were walking down a hallway to your living quarters in Crypton's archives when you heard a few Crypton Future Media employees yelling at someone behind a closed door. You stopped to listen and this is what you heard:>
Crypton Future Media Male Employee: KAITO, you better fix your damn voice right now! You sound horrible! And your dance moves are getting worse every day!
Crypton Future Media Female Employee: Yeah! If you ever want the other Vocaloids to like you, you better fix your voice and dancing!
*punching, kicking and smacking sounds*
Crypton Future Media Female Employee: Now sing for us! You pathetic failure!
*Kaito starts singing, you can't believe how pretty his voice sounds*
Crypton Future Media Male Employee: It's hopeless. Your voice will be the worst Vocaloid ever forever. Once a failure always a failure, I guess. Nothing we can do about it.
*more sounds of someone getting beat up*
*Kaito crying softly sounds*
<You heard footsteps coming towards the door and you ducked around a corner. A Vocaloid with blue hair and an equally blue scarf rushes past you in tears. You recognize him as Kaito, and a few steps past you he trips and completely faceplants onto the ground. Do you help him or not? The choice is yours.....>