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Beta of WildDogs....And she used to be an adventurer like you, until she took an arrow to the knee.

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a character in “Bad Hands”, as played by Selene Durlan


WildDogs Ziggy Stardust Kaori, Rabid Fox of the Four Winds


Name: Kaori Kaneko
Age: 346
Race: Kitsune
Faction: WildDogs
Role: Beta


Complexion: Human Form: Kaori’s shifting abilities allow her to copy any human to near perfection, though she prefers to have a young female as her dominant human form. Kaori often appears as a 20-something woman with pale skin. If she is not trying to catch someone’s eye or on a particular job, Kaori will add little blemishes and scars to her face. Blending in with a crowd is very important to her survival and future spying missions.

Body Type: Human Form: Kaori appears to be rather lithe while using her favored human form. A runner’s body with a generous amount of bosom tossed in for vanity. Kaori’s fingers are long and elegant; she keeps her nails carefully trimmed. Kaori has above average balance and flexibility while in human form.

Height and Weight: Human Form: An average 5’6” 125lbs. Natural Form: No taller than 2 ½ at the shoulder, From nose to tail 4ft is her average length. Kaori’s weight will depend on what her current activity is.

Distinguishing marks: While in human form Kaori always has a swirling tattoo across her left wrist. If one looks close enough the design appears to be a number of tails intertwining. Kaori tries very hard to limit her Kitsune appearance from bleeding through her disguise, though small giveaways can be found. Fur will be on parts of her body/torso, sharp lupine teeth, fox eyes, a single tail or a fox-like shadow. While in fox form, she has three full tails and a stump.

Apparent Temperament: When Kaori is seen sitting or leaning against a wall with a thoughtful looking expression on her face, it usually means she will be getting up to mischievous or otherwise devious antics rather soon. Kaori speaks with a condescending tone towards her underlings when explaining a plan she came up with. She also uses this tone when speaking to someone she believes is stupid or lazy. There can be times when she is compassionate; though rare she has been known to help old people or young orphans. She also never forgets an insult or kindness given to her. Kaori has even used the entire family to help her settle a score with a merchant that dumped water on her once. She cannot stand it when another woman is more beautiful than she. Kaori will become insanely angry if she is outsmarted by a rival family or anyone.

Hair and eyes: Human Form: Most likely to have a green or brown eye color. Jet black hair is her most common color, though she does enjoy a splash of red once in a while. Natural Form: In the last few years Kaori’s coat has become lighter in shade, nearing gold or white in some parts. Her eyes are an eerie gold color that swirl in sunlight and reflect at night.

Facial features: In any human form Kaori will have an unusually angular face, with high cheekbones and a delicate appearance. Her female face is even more fox-like with close-set eyes, thin eyebrows, narrow face and high cheekbones. (Think elf looking)

Wardrobe: In fox form she can be seen having feathers weaved into her fur or ribbons tied to her neck. Kaori almost always has a large leaf strapped to her fox head. If she cannot find a big enough leaf, she will have an animal skull or reeds on her head instead. She always has her star ball with her, either carrying it in her mouth or wrapped in her tails. In human form what she is actively wearing will depend on her current activity, she could be in a dress or chaps, though she always wears something that could cover a possible “tail appearance”. Her star ball is most likely to be in a bag around her neck or an inner pocket in her clothes.


Kaori has lived many human lifetimes and expects to continue this trend. Therefore she is not one to rush directly into danger without a plan. She prefers to keep a low profile by limiting her interaction with people outside of the family. The extra work of being “acting alpha” does wear on her and she will sometimes become rather feral towards family members. She once was seen in fox form sitting on her desk snarling viciously, getting a rare glimpse of the Alpha will cause this behavior also. As a rule Kaori highly values tradition and good manners, she has even been known to reward courteous and respectful people. Kaori can be fickle in her moods and favored soldiers; destined to gain god-like powers she will not tolerate any disrespect or questioning of her authority.

Speech: Kaori typically speaks clearly and politely to everyone. Choosing every word with care, she prefers to discuss weighty and serious topics rather than the latest fashion or trends. Her age is often shown by her use of old-fashioned words. Kaori disapproves of slang or overly familiar greetings and will readily voice her opinions to anyone that she hears speaking them. However in typical Kitsune fashion, if Kaori is offended or insulted she can be extremely cold and vicious, happily using a vast array of curses and insults at the offender. Those are of course the lucky ones.

Pet Peeves: When people are mean to animals, poor table manners, Double negatives, lateness, people who litter.

Favorite color: Gold and white. Kaori does enjoy wearing the color royal blue.


Specialty: The art of deception, spying in particular.

Fighting Style: Kaori prefers to avoid physical fighting if at all possible. If forced to fight she will use small blades and a small illusion to distract her pursuer enough to escape or kill them.

Preferred Weaponry: A variety of small knives that can be thrown or strapped to her body. She can use firearms, but believes them to be a crutch for poor fighters and they can be cumbersome to carry about.

Weaknesses: Dogs, if frightened enough Kaori may revert to fox form and flee. She will die if separated from her hoshi no tama. If someone does take it, they can extract a favor from Kaori in exchange for the return of her ball.

Inventory: Small fighting knives, long needles, tofu, Large leaves, reeds, animal skulls, her hoshi no tama (star ball), stolen objects, cellphone.

Minor Ability: Kaori can produce small illusions that only hold up for a short time. She can glide short distances while in fox form and become nearly invisible while hiding in shadow or at night. She can ignite the tips of her tails, though it is very tiring to do so and the smallest flick could start a multiple street fire by mistake.

Additional Guise: Her favorite Guise is a young woman, but her most often used others are: A young boy or girl and an old man.

Hobbies: Exploring, malicious pranking/tricking, reading, plotting.
  • Loyalty
  • Stealing
  • Power
  • Politics
  • Tofu
  • Cleanliness
  • Dogs
  • Other Kitsunes
  • Eagles
  • Lying
Fears: Dogs, Losing her hoshi no tama, celery, being trapped or overpowered, the Alpha.
Agenda: To be the most powerful and wise Kitsune. She has killed other Kitsune to further this goal. Kaori also wants to lead the family, but her fear and loathing of dogs (the leader in paticular) has kept her stuck as a Kamikaze.
Where they hail from: Japan (total noob here, let me know if she should be from a certain part.)
  • Mother-deceased
  • Father-deceased
  • Siblings (2 brothers,1 sister)-brothers deceased, sister missing
  • Human husband- Unaware his wife is a Kitsune.
Notable Experiences:

Kaori is very hesitant to divulge her history with anyone. Having lived as long as she, there are more than a few skeletons in her closet. Born a pure-bred Kitsune, she lived the first few years of her life as a fox. Care-free a simple creature of desire and instinct, until an accident claimed the lives of her parents. She and her siblings were alone, which would not have so terrible if they were ordinary foxes. The siblings struggled for many years trying to determine their place in life. Eventually they discovered their shifting abilities, the two brothers wanted to know more of the human world, the sisters did not. As a consequence they grew apart; even Kaori and her sister went their separate ways.

Kaori had always been the timid one in her litter, so she began to spend small amounts of time as a human and gradually became boulder. She even took a small job at a tea shop. Her powers began to grow stronger and her confidence with it. There were all manners of mischief and tricks that could be done using just her changing ability. Kaori happily spent her days lifting purses and pulling pranks. However all good things come to an end, a particularly bad end. The local yakuza had gotten wind of her talents; they wasted no time in finding her and adding her to the family.

This was a major turning point in her life, her world was suddenly expanded. She was trained to spy and kill for the yakuza; a task she did very well. Though she began to want a larger role, so when the opportunity to join the WildDogs presented itself she took it. Her Kitsune tendencies fit in well with the loose structure of the group. It did not take long for her to rise among the ranks to become a Kamikaze. Kaori was highly unprepared for the role of Beta when it was thrust upon her suddenly. Her already crippling fear of dogs was only compounded by the discovery that the Alpha was in fact a rather malevolent dog spirit. Through hard work she was able to shape the WildDogs into a crime family to be feared, she goes to great lengths to keep the true numbers of the members a secret.

So begins...

Kaori's Story

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Den-Den Town, Strutting Around, and Would You Look At These Losers

He was stricken with the familiarity of a different sort of gokudo, the sort who sashayed in pink and flaunted superiority before his tattooed brethren, citing lines from Korean soaps in lieu of urgent business. Isamu, per usual, was endlessly amused as he found Tomoe, but also grateful for his company—there was nothing like a bit of well-organized ruckus to get him grasping at nostalgia again, and though he reveled in the bliss of the lights and the sounds and the spectacle as if they were a novelty, as if he could reach out and catch ticker tape like fallen sakura petals, he feared becoming forever trapped in this haze, to be blindsided by this youthful aura. From the kitsune, he knew vignettes of doubt sprouting amongst the clansmen; said loyalty could only hold up for so long 'til the memory started dwindling and indecision took hold. How they wouldn't hesitate to devise a new order if the opportunity permitted. Yet, he looked to the mikoshi for solace. He saw the men united by garment and cause, so relentless in their support and spirit. Such a sight, fundoshi excluded, made him swell with pride.

The godfather lay a hand on his adviser's shoulder, signaling an end to the submissive greeting. The same hand lightly whapped the saiko komon against the back of his head. Good-natured abuse, that was. "C'mon, kiddo, look around you. Can't have you miss what's right in front of us." All in jest, of course: His words, playfully phrased, brimmed with levity, rolled R's, and Kansai-ben; his expression, furrowed at the brow, turned wry. "Knew you wouldn't miss a chance to dress pretty for the boys. The get-up's good, very geisha of you. And speaking of boys..."

What did they have here? A victim of harem seduction, no doubt. Isamu forewent spoken introductions for a curious, stranger-on-the-subway glare and a cocked head, measuring up Tomoe's confidant like he would approach a red ogre with a spiked club. He sniffed, not too subtly, at the dampened scent that wafted from the lad. Drifting from era to era had granted him with many an acquaintance, most inhuman in nature, and after a moment's contemplation, tengu, long of nose and wet of feather, seemed like a reasonably educated guess. He knew these fellas. Carried chips on their shoulders and used 'em for weaponry, if the Terajima brood was anything to go by. The mere thought of them creased his lips into a smile, small fangs revealed, and his inviting look to the man relieved any tension surrounding them—or heightened it. To call the glint in his eye devilish was understating and offensive in its tiredness. Either way, he felt rather silly afterward.

"Pleasure, truly. We're the yakuza, and I see ya've met our pin-up girl," he said, tossing an arm round the adviser's shoulders, voice raised over the cacophony. "Like what we've done with the place?"

Delightful as this was, something was afoot. Prompted by the humming in his pocket, he fished out his smartphone, and after a spot of elderly struggling with the touch screen, he found an alarm—not to mention a message from a friend who, confined to the beaches of Hawaii, insulted him with the utmost sincerity—warning them of events to come. Indeed, the mikoshi's sudden vanishing would cause quite a panic were one not to notice its quickening pace as it appeared to break away from the festival troupes. The yakuza supporting it gave out one last chant before detouring from the common path, and the oyabun, though relieved that plans had not yet gone astray, did not take this as a sign to rest.

He faced the both of them, gestured curtly, and began to pursue the pheonix house: "You two—walk with me."

That shit was an order.

After a reprieve, they moved with haste, and with knowledge of the Alpha driving forward motion, they reigned upon Shirogane like lightning of Raijin. But this was a quiet storm: hidden from view, lowly poised, the juveniles went swiftly with high ardor, trotting in the shadows of their more experienced comrades, going, going, going still. It was remarkable—what had seemed to be a suicide mission had now shifted into a display of tact and espionage; Osaka didn't cry of their attendance, but turned a blind eye, rather, settled into oblivion of the task at hand. The Dogs were not enemies. They did not wage war against the dancing folk, and they did not initiate shouting contests with the performers. They were one amongst the denizens, to laugh and to weep beside them, to throw caution to the wind and drink their sorrows away.

But they were aware, and they ran. Unseen, they cut across the way of the shrine lawn, hugging its perimeter, hiding in the greenery. Although the stairway to the honden was a death trap, there was always a workaround. The mikoshi drew ever closer, and as it approached, the Beta would hear salvation from the earpiece: twenty soldiers, fifteen of which were kamikaze, were at her disposal, and one appeared before her to confirm the situation. It was Itoi, a commandeering kappa in human guise.

"From the Alpha!" he claimed, breathless, to Kaori and Hayato, bowing before them as he revealed a small amulet. Crafted from vile magic, it would resemble the pheonix-shaped piece that adorned the Queller's neck. "If she is to reach the sanctuary before us, we can still get to her. With enough persistence, the barrier will be drained." The dragon was dead, after all.

He resisted the urge to question the source of her wounds. The contrived scheme, he inferred, was taking its toll on their leader. Apprehensiveness kept him obedient, but he would surely bolt on instruction. Itoi added: "We had minor difficulty with grouping everyone. The rival factions are everywhere. Please forgive us, Beta."