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Terajima-gumi The White Powder Priestess, Shizu Anda


Name: Shizu Anda. “Thought of it myself. Far more dignified than what my parent’s used to call me….No, I won’t tell you.”
Age: “How rude! Do you not think I am old enough?” At 22 years you are considered a full adult by Bakki standards.
Race: “I’m cute, in an ugly sort of way. I am proud to call myself a Bakki.”
Faction: Practically strong armed into joining Terajima. Her dependence on the Queller, has prevented her from attempting to stray.
Role Drug chef extraordinaire. She does not have an official rank in Terajima, but seeing as she oversees and distributes a large amount of product; Shizu is rather high up in the food chain.


Complexion: Her face and hands are sun-kissed from her childhood, she spent a large part of the time outdoors. She has a light smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks, a few grace her arms and hands. More are likely to appear as she becomes older. Shizu was blessed/cursed with lovely dimples, but trying to pinch them will get you a sharp slap. She has faint wrinkles across her forehead, likely due to frequent deep concentration exerted on a particular drug mix. Bakki skin ranges from a light pink to near translucent white. Her pig shaped nose is a rosy pink color. Shizu’s nose is extremely susceptible to sunburn; the rest of her body is covered in thick fur. She has even been seen covering her delicate nose with a stumpy foot while outside. Dignity is not a major concern for this Bakki.

Body Type: Shizu has cursed about her human form openly. She appears to be an adult trapped in a pre-teen's body; someone who never hit puberty or perhaps they did, but puberty whacked them right back. Being bony and bosom less is not an attractive look for women nowadays. One saving grace is her hands; she has very delicate long fingers that are very adept at nearly any task. As a result she is able to tip just the right amount of spice or other substance to make the perfect narcotic concoction. She will readily admit that her thin frame has helped her escape a few times. Short, round, very very furry, with four stubby legs is the only description her true form really needs.

Height and Weight: In human form Shizu is short as well. 4’8” on a good day, perhaps 110lbs soaking wet. In her true form she is about a foot and a half tall, two and three-quarters feet long. Three if you count her tail. Weight…Well let’s just say, she shouldn’t be able to run as fast as she can.

Distinguishing marks: Shizu is rather embarrassed to admit that she has multiple bite marks across her back, on her neck and on her left shoulder. She also has a rather nasty scar on the right side of her belly. The savage beast needed a souvenir she supposed. Her fur is also a little thin and spotty in that region. The Terajima mon is tattooed on her lower back, it is visible when she is in her natural form, but simply under a thick coat.

Apparent Temperament: Shizu is a rather nervous yokai, her eyes always flit around, she is always doing something with her hands. She is easily startled and is likely to take off at a moment’s notice. She is a very polite person, often greeting her customers and others in a formal and respectful manner.

Hair and eyes: Shizu has raven black hair that reaches down to her waist, she typically keeps it in a bun or braid. Which can be rather humorous if she changes without taking it down, a Bakki is funny looking enough without a short braid sticking straight up on the crown of its head. If one were to look for an extended amount of time at Shizu’s eyes, they would notice that they were slightly too high for a normal human. The extra-large size or her eyes is another very subtle tipoff that she is not what she appears to be, though only to highly observant humans or most yokai. Their ordinary brown color at least partially hid the other strange characteristics. In her true form her long fur/hair is a dark brown color, which in the right light can also appear auburn. Her large bulbous eyes sit high on her head, their strange orange shade have given many people pause. She does have excellent eyesight at least, which is a great benefit when she flees at blurring speed. While she can see in the dark, she prefers to not be out so late. Other, hungry creatures are out at night also, you know.

Facial features: Shizu has a small nose, slightly upturned if you care to notice. Thin lips are often pulled back in a polite/friendly smile. Her teeth are small and have a squareish shape to them. A sharply pointed chin and cheekbones complete her face. The eyes are the true giveaway of course.

Wardrobe: When in the shop she always wears an apron, the pattern changes weekly or daily. Running shoes are a must. Jeans and t-shirts are her favorite outfit choices, but she can be flexible and wear a suit, dress, or a restrictive kimono. Shizu is very protective of her amber necklace, rarely is she seen without it. The tear drop shaped piece of amber is strung on a sturdy piece of leather and kept safely tucked under her shirt.
Her precious amber necklace is the only decoration she wears when in her true form; except in cases of overzealous Yokai women trying to improve her shaggy footstool appearance by adding various gel, hair ties, ribbons, bows, colors, and even attempting an extremely unwelcome trim. If she must go outside when it is wet and rainy, she will put a full rubber suit on. She will complain that it is squishing her fur, but a necessary precaution against a muddy puddle or a wayward splash from a car.


Shizu is very quiet, preferring to speak only when necessary. This trait makes her a very good listener and she is always willing to give advice or support to friends and acquaintances. Unlike many Bakki, Shizu is proud of her true form, where many see only the resemblance to a furry pig. She points out her speed capacity, hiding ability and her warm coat. People can laugh all they like, she makes more money in a month than most people make in a year. Beauty fades with time, so Shizu figures that if you don’t have any to begin with nothing can fade.

When away from her trade she is very lighthearted, telling jokes to anyone willing to listen. She does have a strict policy of never using the drugs that she makes; hard-core addicts are her guinea pigs.

Speech: Swearing is a very rare occurrence for the polite Bakki. Being swindled is one occasion that she will break out the curses or a tire iron. There are times when she appears ignorant, but she quickly covers her knowledge gaps with polite chit-chat or her latest narcotic creation. Shizu will try her best to keep a positive tone in her voice at all times, after all never know when the reaper will track you down.

Pet Peeves: Dirty shoes entering her house. Big crowds (being short sucks). Comments about her human appearance. Rival drug dealers.
Favorite color: Pink and purple.


Specialty: Drug concocting and distributing. She provides a wide assortment of choices and is constantly making new combinations.

Fighting Style: Far more likely to run than fight, she might bite an attacker’s arm with her long pig teeth if in a bold mood. Mind you she was stabbed by her own knife once; hence her likeliness to flee.

Preferred Weaponry: Carries a 9mm handgun and switchblade knife. She prefers to stay in her shop and wield a shotgun attached underneath the counter.

Weaknesses: Dirty water, even a quick dunk can cause severe burns. Thirty seconds equals agonizing death for her. Her large eyes are very vulnerable. Changing into human form can take upwards of a minute for her. Once starting the change she cannot snap back into her true form without serious risk of injury. Shizu is very vulnerable during that time. Unless she is very close to the Queller, then back and forth changes are wonderfully simple. Peanut butter is like a deadly poison to a Bakki

Inventory: 9mm handgun, switchblade knife, amber necklace, a few small packets of poison.

Minor Ability: Lame waterbending. When in the country water follows her like flies to shit. Hence her forced residence in the city. She is extremely good at impersonating inanimate objects. Shizu is nearly impossible to detect as a yokai when in human or object form.

Additional Guise: Strangely umbrellas are her favorite inanimate object to impersonate, along with golden statues. Once in a while she can pull off being a dog, a very fat, ugly one.


Hobbies: Concocting brews, painting, trying new foods, listening to music.

  • Being petted, gently.
  • Food, veggies in particular. Chocolate best of all.
  • Hot baths
  • Perfume
  • Chiba
  • Coffee
  • Truffles

  • Being mistaken for a cushion, mat, foot wiper, stool, or a dog.
  • Grapes
  • Pigs; alive or cooked.
  • WildDogs, vicious killers that lot.
  • Being yelled at
  • Torture, violence

Fears: Meeting a predator that can catch her. Peanut butter is very deadly. Not peanuts by themselves, strangely enough. Grapes can be a choking hazard to her. Shadowy corners, The WildDogs, Kappas, and balloons.

Agenda: “Who me? I do not have an agenda or ulterior motive.” Shizu will meekly reply to any query about her future plans, but that is a lie of course. While she may currently be content as a narcotic chef/distributer for Terajima her true desire is to own a small tea shop. Shizu knows that buying the shop would be the easy part; the true challenge would be breaking with her faction. After all, how would it look to rival families if Terajima simply let Shizu Anda, The Powder Priestess walk away from them to live a quaint quiet life?

Where they hail from: A tiny shack in the country, darned if she remembers the name of that nearby town that tried to kill her whole family while she was still bald, pink, and helpless.

  • Mother, Kiki is always on the move. She still keeps in contact with her disgraced daughter, but can be chilly towards Shizu.
  • Father, Shing would never be parted from his wife. He secretly admires Shizu’s success, even though it is not a respectable profession.
  • Brothers, Bong and Dong. Dong tries to visit his favorite sister at least once a month despite his busy work schedule. He works as a real estate agent. Bong is an opium addict, last she heard he was staying in a den in Bombay.
  • Shizu has one sister named Cing. Who is happily married to a respectable business man, Cing often mocks Shizu about her single status and filthy business.

Notable Experiences:

Those that are looking for an epic origin story are….definitely in the wrong place. Shizu was born in a small shack. Along with three other squalling Bakkilets, the family was never in one place for long. Their unfortunate water magnetism was constantly endangering their lives and making them steal away in the night. At the age of seventeen Shizu put down her foot; she did not want to live like a fugitive any longer. It was apparent the country side was far too dangerous for a Bakki, so she did something that very few Bakki are brave enough to do.

She went to live in an urban jungle. A very sharp learning curve was ahead for the young girl. She quickly learned the streets could be a deadly place and your fortune could change in a moment. Shizu took several serving and cleaning type jobs barely making ends meet. Shizu was even forced to stalk garbage bins on multiple occasions. She even raided a few kitchens that kept their back doors open.

Depending on who hears her story of how she was introduced to the drug trade; they either say she was in the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time; and even sometimes the other two variations as well. The story itself is circuitous, long, and hard to believe; for these reasons few know the real version. Perhaps you will be one of those fortunate enough to hear the tail.

However her career started one thing is certain; she has few rivals when it comes to the range of flavors, variety, and purity of the drugs she sells. Shizu is known across much of the criminal underworld, as a drug chef of the highest order. The combinations she makes are shipped all over Japan, some are even imported to other countries. The Terajima faction is her family now; though she may be weak in body; her mind and nose have made her a useful addition to the family. While she prefers to stick to the business and cooking side of her profession; Shizu will happily serve as a courier to hand deliver products for her favorite customers. Recently she has been working on drugs specifically for Yokai. One drug in particular is meant to temporarily increase their strength and tolerance of pain. An unfortunate side-effect is bouts of blind uncontrollable rage and a serious case of the munchies.

So begins...

Shizu's Story