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Alice Gorden

The Guitarist, a quirky little odd ball...A self proclaimed murderer.

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a character in “Bad Luck”, as played by IceFoxJess



Alice 2

Name: Alice Gorden

Age:Nineteen turning twenty in less then a month. I know I don’t look it do I?

Height: Five foot six and a half inch's
Weight: Hundred and twelve pounds
Eye Color: A dark brown, that has the slight gray tone to it.
Hair Color: Red with some blond in the bangs.
Skin Tone: Sun kissed. I'm not dark enough to be called tan, but I’m not pale enough to be called much else.

Instrument/Role: The Guitarist and back up vocal/The one who was Driving

♥ Rock, Metal, Symphonic metal, and a little classical.
♥ Dogs{She actually has a Doberman pup, named Jade.}
♥ Cats{Another pet of her's as well, a black cat named, Salem.}
♥ Thrills
♥ Playing the guitar
♥ Modeling her fathers designs.{It’s was the closest he showed affection/approval.}
♥ Horror movies, Action flicks, and Comedies/Romance Comedies
♥ House MD
♥ Laughing/Making others laugh
♥ Being an alarm clock.{Kai knows what I mean. XD}
♥ Animals
♥ Children
♥ Pranks
♥ Rain
♥ Swimming
♥ Snow/Playing in snow.
♥ Night sky
♥ Manga and anime
♥ Sweets
♥ Spicy foods
♥ Skelanimals
♥ Strawberry ice cream covered in chocolate syrup.
♥ J-rock and Visual Kei
♥ Snow/Playing in snow
♥ Horses
♥ Cooking/People liking her cooking.

- The fact her parents keep setting her up with creeps.
- Her nightmares.
- Psychologist, Dr. Long.
- Rap
- Queen bee’s/Sluts who think they can have who ever and do what ever they want.
- Drama movies.
- Barney and Telitubys
- Snakes
- Spiders
- Thunder
- Having to look at Becky’s parents
- Driving.
- Hospitals.
- Feeling like she disappointed someone she care’s about, or hurt them.
- Having to put up an act for the rich.
- Sleeping
-Being told what she’s feeling.
-Being ignored
-The fact it seems like she doesn't really exist to her parents....
-Crying/people seeing her when she breaks.{Makes her feel like she didn’t exist when she did cry. Becky was the only one who ever saw her cry, she always ran the guy’s out of the room every time it looked like Alice might cry...She believes now that no one would care if she cried or would think even worse of a murderer like her.}
- Her Psychologist constently asking her if she's considering hurting herself, killing herself. {"It's non of her damn business!"}

Fears: Thunder storms. They've scared her since she was a little girl, half the time when the thunder catches her off guard she can usually be found either hiding or clinging to someone. She fears being alone, disappearing into nothing. Her parents disowning her, rejecting her meager existence. Needles and hospitals.
Skills/Passions:Other then music, she has a passion for teaching and taking care of kids, and animals. She is also skilled at working on electronics, and videos. Like adding effects and such.

Personality: Alice has always been an odd person. Always up for a challenge, a dare, even though often in her childhood she always seemed like the type to keep her shy little head ducked down, and be careful to avoid danger, though it seemed the day she meet Becky, that eccentric, trouble maker side of her personality seemed to become more and more evident.

She has a bit of a stubborn, almost prideful side to her. It at times makes her seem a bit cold, or bitchy to some, though she tries to not do it to often to her friends, they more often then not just receive the sarcasm, a little attitude, and her odd affection.

Alice has a part of her who often dwells on something she did wrong, a very strong conscience might be better way to put it. If she believes what she has done has truly hurt someone who did not deserve it, or if has gone past her morals, she feels horrible, it takes a good while for her to forgive herself.

Alice is the type to speak out when she believes something is wrong, she was the girl you’d find telling the Queen bee, bitch to back off, or to leave some poor girl alone. That was probably why, all through High school, Rebecca Troy, and her little drones were always finding ways to hurt her, and Alice always responding in kind. That's Alice, if you tick her off, she’ll have trouble letting it go until, she gets even. When Alice snaps, she is at times blind to who she lash’s out at but, if you somehow get caught in the cross fires of her rage, she will always try to make it up to you, that is, unless you were her target.

Though under all of that, she is truly a fun loving, caring, sweet girl. Who is always their for the people who need her, who needs someone to cry on, or listen. Even if her attitude, or sarcastic comments at time might make one think otherwise. Though the old Alice, seems to always stay. The easily flustered, self hating, fragile girl, who needs someone to run to, make her feel wanted and safe.

Bio: Alice was born one fine, cold, October the eighteenth night. She was the only child born to Alexander and Rachel Gorden. Her childhood wasn’t one, that someone would call a warm one. Being the only child of a partner of the prestigious law firm of Jefferson, Richards, and Gorden, and the daughter of a fashion designer. She had a big nice, house to live in, domestic help to attend to her, she could have anything she wanted, except...Time with her parents. They always seem so preoccupied with their work. Her father often away at the studio to work on his latest designs, and collections. Her mother away taking care of clients, and watching over the other lawyers. So they hardly had time to spend much quality time with her, though they said that she had her nanny’s and the domestic help to play with her. It was true her nanny ‘s Ariel, and Troy, and most of the domestic help was more like family to her then her parents. You can excpect a childhood like this could develop a child to be one of two ways, selfish, cold and a true brat, or to be self doubting, shy, and no true self awareness. She fortunately had developed mostly to the last. Though this all changed in her fifth grade year, when she meet Becky Tray. She was the first person to try and see more then the weak rich girl, she tried to see the true Alice. It was no big surprise that Becky soon became Alice's closest, if not only true friend she ever had then. She had quite a few “Acquaintances” among the other rich kids but, no real friends. After that everything just seemed to come for Alice, she become more out going, and more like what she is now, often getting herself in trouble but, she hardly cared she was having fun. It wasn’t long until her and Becky had meet their two, soon to be, band mates. Each in their own way, and slowly they began to form their little band, Bad Luck.

Though around that time her parents started to take more of an interest in her social life, but in Alice's opinion, they just wanted her to make connections in “high society“, they even often, set her up on dates with some associates son, and Alice, eager to make her parents happy, went without objection, though usually she didn’t like it. Those boys hadn’t learn how to treat people like, well, people. Their parents money and power had gone to their heads, but more so they thought they could do what ever they please to her, and she would go along with it. Were they ever wrong...Alice was the happiest girl alive the day of their graduation, they were one step closer to freedom, and one step closer to their dreams. Though she should have though better at the after party. She had gotten in a drinking contest with Rebecca, she hating to let Rebecca think she had the upper hand on her, or intimidated her in any way, took the challenge and didn’t quite downing those shots until she won...What a bitter win it was. It was probably the only time she wished she had lost, or had at lest never accepted the bet.In her drunken state of mind, insisted on driving them all home, and that was her slip up, that was how she lost her best friend, hurt those who she’s been hanging, and playing with for years, people she would go as far as calling her friends. She had drove into a speeding Ford Explore, it hit the front of Becky's Camry head on, before sending it skidding sideways into a tree, crushing part of the passenger side. That moment still haunts her very dreams.

She had, after recovering from the wreck, with a scar or two to show for it, moved out of her parents mansion to a...pent house, apartment, that her father insisted on buying for her. Those five months were probably the most attention and care she had ever received from her parents, though they also had to be sure to save face, but in a tiny, almost imposable to see, spot in them truly worried for their daughter, so out of that they started to send her to a psychologist, which she often tries to miss, why would she need a psychologist?....She doesn't need help...

So begins...

Alice Gorden's Story