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Logan Rivera

"Is it better for a man to have chosen evil than to have good imposed upon him?"

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a character in “Bad Moon On the Rise”, as played by password


I See Fire || Ed Sheeran

[ Name ]
Frank Logan Rivera

[ Nickname ]
Most people call him Logan, because he's expressed many times that he wants to be Logan, not Frankie or Frank Junior or anything like that. It pronounces his authority and dominance in the pack.

[ Age ]
Should be nearing his centennial year by now. He's lost track, Naomi usually knows. Everyone says he looks in the mid-twenties.

[ Race ]
Born Werewolf

[ Wolf ]
Logan's wolf form is about the size of a young bear, with part of his ear missing from a not-so-friendly territory battle. His fur is the color of his hair.

[ Likes ]
Running || Mountain-climbing || Snowing || Hot Chocolate || Boxing || Carson City || Romantic Dinners || Roses || Meat of Any Kind || Transforming || The Beach || Having Authority || Alcohol of Any Kind || Blowing Off Steam || Protecting the Pack || Controlling his Anger || Naomi ||

[ Dislikes ]
Uncontrollable Anger || Unnecessary Fights || Humid Weather || Crowded Cities || Crowded Anything || Dead Flowers || Tofu (Naomi has taken to it for some odd reason) || Foreign Places || Naomi or The Pack in Danger ||

[ Talent ]
Logan is one of the strongest wolves in the pack, and has a peculiar gift; his anger makes others more calm. He assumes it's so someone has control of him if he doesn't.

[ Weaknesses ]
Logan's dominance is accompanied by a horrible anger problem, because that's the way he learned to control his wolf. He has been close to killing a number of people and doesn't want to make that list longer, or actually kill someone. He's not sure whether Naomi can count as a weakness, considering he'd give his life for her, but he could often make rash decisions if it allowed him to protect her from harm.

[ Fears ]
He fears his anger, because it's all he's allowed to think about. He also fears Naomi leaving him, because even though he has the pack, she's the only one that can really calm him down, and he feels such a strong will to protect her. He'd promised his parents that he would protect her no matter the cost.

[ Dreams ]
He dreams of the two packs being united once more under the Campbell family. He trusts them with his life and would rather see the pack fall than go under the reign of Salem Hagen.

[ Secret ]
One night, he lost control of his wolf and mauled his girlfriend. The bite didn't take hold and she passed. He's been drinking far too much ever since then.

ImageImage[ Personality ]
Logan is actually a very sarcastic person most of the time. As much as he takes things seriously, he can't help but lighten them up a bit with his own brand of humor. He likes to have fun and be so nonchalant in a world that doesn't allow him to. This being said, he does like to spend quite a bit of time alone, just to with his thoughts or with nature. He also enjoys solitary activities, like reading, or baking, but no one really knows about that. He's a teddy bear around the pack, but most of them know his anger issues by now. Hopefully.

To really describe his anger, it take a loss of perspective. His mind has to reach a level of primal instinct, one that each dominant werewolf has somewhere. His is more managed than in the past, but he's considered a danger to himself and others. Part of his authority is set so that the leader could watch him closely.

Logan is right under the Campbell Siblings in authority. He takes this seriously, making sure to run the territory at least twice before the full moon, and being a good role model for the younger or more submissive wolves; except for the drinking, of course.

Drunk Logan is a funny sight.

[ History ]
He's blocked out everything before his girlfriend's death, including the splitting of the packs. He hasn't done much since then, other than taking care of his sister. His father passed around the same time as Ethan, and his mother couldn't bear to be near Logan because of how much he looked like his father; she also didn't want to see them stay the same age while she did.

Logan and Naomi live together, but he keeps the house neat since Naomi works so much. The one thing he remembers from before the death was almost killing the damn punk who hurt his sister.

[ Place of Origin ]
Carson City

So begins...

Logan Rivera's Story


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Fiona's heart was racing. She could see the wolf staring at her from the shadows in the alleyway. It had cold, cruel eyes that never left her. Not to mention, the thing was massive and she was sure there had been a man standing in its place just moments ago.She slowly stepped back, and it snarled at her. Oh, no. This was it. This was how she was going to die. She turned to run, too terrified to even breathe, and she heard the wolf snarl before it leaped into the air. She screamed as it dug its claws into her back-

Fiona woke up, screaming in terror. Her heart was racing and tears were streaming down her face. She was breathing hard, and wrapped her arms around herself as she hurried out of bed. She pressed her back against her door, searching for the wolf in every corner of the room. Her black Newfoundland stepped towards her, concerned, but he knew what was happening, and that he needed to give her some space. She was so worked up and afraid, she knew she wouldn't be able to soothe herself. She threw on a light coat, and hurried out into the cool air.

Within a few minutes, Fiona found herself at Logan's front door, still breathing hard and shaking. As soon as Logan opened the door and saw her state, he wrapped his arms around her small, trembling form and held her tightly. She knew he had seen her like this enough that this was the only way to soothe her. She shook and tried hard to erase the gruesome memories that were replaying in her mind she listened to his steady heartbeat, and slowly she felt her own begin to slow.

Fiona woke up as the early morning sun warmed her face. She felt warm and safe, still nestled in Logan's arms. She could tell be his even breathing that he was still asleep. For a moment she stayed snuggled up there, wanting to stay there forever, but she eventually stretched and yawned. She felt him stir and thought he said something, but she was too drowsy to notice. She eventually managed to sperate herself from his embrace, and stood up. She yawned and stretched again, tiriedly pausing to gaze out at the early morning city. She tiredly brushed her long auburn hair back, and gazed at Logan with her rich emerald eyes. "Sorry." She murmured apologetically. "I didn't mean to wake you, or be a burden last night." She offered her friend a sad half smile. She felt bad, what with him always having to take care of her. But, he was the only person she trusted completely.

With a quick sigh, she put her hair into a loose braid and glanced at her reflection in the mirror. She could see the scars on her back peaking out from underneath her shirt. She quickly covered them as best she could, embarrassed by them. She hated seeing her scars, and worse, other people seeing them. She glanced back up at Logan, and smiled gently again.


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Logan hadn't shifted in nineteen months. He could tell, it was nearing that date he hated so much. The day it all happened.

Claws against skin. Fangs gutting deep into the flesh of his beautiful love. Waking up to her dying screams. It was all too much. But here he was again, standing at the pinnacle of the mountain he'd last shifted before that night. "C'mon Log', you're not a bitch. C'mon!" Logan roared, letting the wolf inside him break free. Bones shifted, muscles pumped, and in a blink of an eye, he was the oversized brown wolf he hadn't seen in a lifetimes. An involuntary cry pulled out of a wolfish howl, almost painful to hear and definitely with a sense of sadness.

Logan ran for hours, focusing only on staying in the outskirts of society. The humans were always mulling about on the bright edges of the woods, before the forest really went dense. He fell quite a few times, still a bit rusty from his long isolation from his wolf shifting. The sun was running out of the sky when he finally returned to his human form. He heaved each breath and realized how much he missed being free in his second skin. Being able to run faster than any human out there, even some wolves, was thrilling. He sauntered back to the home he shared with Naomi with a satisfying grin. Naomi was still out at work, where ever she actually worked was a mystery to most in the pack, so he took his time in the shower and drying off. He had the home to himself for now, and would take advantage of it; until his door flew open.

"Fiona." He took her shaking frame into his arms. His body was still a bit damp but it didn't seem to matter to either of them. He gripped her hair in a comforting fashion and led her to his bed, where he could console her properly. Logan quietly sang to her, because it was one of the only things that would calm him down quickly. She was the only one he could sing to.

They soon fell asleep. But he suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. Logan was placed in an uncomfortable position against the headboard but Fiona looked so calm and peaceful that he didn't want to wake her up; it was hard enough for her to get a good night's sleep. He shifted them enough so that the girl wouldn't up but he could still get some comfort. His eyes beckoned his own rest once more. The next time he woke up, Fiona was shifting from him. He laid there on the bed and stared up at her. She gave him an apology for waking him up and barging into his house, but he wouldn't accept it. "Don't you even think about apologizin' to me, miss priss. I'm glad I could be there for ya." He retaliated. He saw the brief shifting of her shirt, and the scars underneath, which sent a wave of anger through him.

Logan sat up and walked over to the bathroom, splashing some water on his face to wake him up. "You want some breakfast, darlin'?" He asked, shaking his bedhead placing a kiss on her forehead before shuffling over to the large kitchen he and his sister shared. He heard her soft snore from the bedroom over.


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Excellent.” Ro replied with a nod, satisfied for the moment with her response. At the news that Kirsten’s family had been killed, Rowena grew concerned, but decided it would be more prudent to delicately question her about this in private. “I’m sorry for your loss. To lose both pack and family at once is a terrible thing.” She offered inadequately. Words could never do justice to the gaping hole left in ones heart by loss, but she hoped to provide some comfort.

As Naomi arrived, Rowena’s smile softened. “Replace you? Hardly. Logan would have a fit at the thought.” Ro teased mildly before extending a hand toward their soon to be newest Pack member. “This, is Jacob Robertson, one of the local veterinarians near the city.” She introduced.

“He has decided to join the pack as our newest member.” She continued vaguely, deciding she’d let Jacob fill in any more blanks he felt like sharing.

Jacob looked out towards the yard as Rowena addressed the new arrival. She spoke of loss. He felt like he should leave them alone but no one else was moving so he stayed put.

Another woman arrived. Rowena introduced him and Jacob nodded, taking the woman’s hand and shaking it. “Ugh nice to meet you. I guess...yeah I am sticking around.” He looked towards the man who had kidnapped him who he now knew as Rowena’s brother. “I have a clinic a bit away. I hope to get back soon.” He looked at the first woman. “My dogs are there and likely getting antsy.” He gave her a nod in thanks. He hadn’t wanted to interject earlier to thank her for returning the dogs to the office.

“But yeah, I am going to be part of the group.” Again he looked towards Al. Not that you gave me any say in the matter. Jacob wondered if and when he would stop being annoyed and resentful of the man for his actions.

Al met eyes with the Vet, whose name he now knew was Jacob, whose gaze was trying to burn a hole in his head. The posture was subconsciously hostile, and human or not, Al wouldn’t be the one to show weakness by looking away first.

Henry on the other hand, looked immensely relieved. “Oh good, all taken care of then.” He went on with a smile. “Glad to have you on, my wife’ll be thrilled to have another human in the pack as well. It’s been so long since we’ve had some fresh faces around here.” He continued conversationally.

“Right. One less thing to worry about.” Al replied vaguely. “Henry and I put the call out to the rest of the pack, everyone should be here before dark.” Al informed his sister.

“Good. Hopefully this matter won’t take too long to resolve, but we’re dealing with an emergency situation, so until I’m satisfied that the danger has passed, the pack will be staying at the ranch.” Rowena informed them, here alpha authority ringing through to make it clear that this was not a request.

“I ugh, I am not staying here though. Right?” Jacob frowned. He needed to get back. He had a clinic to run and animals who needed him.

“For the moment yes, we all are. Someone who knows an awful lot about werewolves tried to kill my brother and I today. We may only have been the first targets, and until I know for sure that the danger has passed and that no one is going to have gunmen with silver bullets shooting up their homes, everyone is staying here. Including you.” Rowena replied.

“If you are concerned for your animals, I can have someone pick them up and bring them along on their way here.” She offered like an olive branch.

Jacob looked around the room. He wished they were alone. He felt as if he was being duped into staying here. She had said he would get to go home. She had said he would get to go back to work and now she was saying he wouldn’t, at least for now.

He was breathing in big deep breaths in an attempt not to get angry or upset. Jacob looked out the nearest window. “Fine. I don’t seem to get a choice.” He kept his voice low.

Al growled low in his throat at Jacob, grated by the angry dismissal. His sister was trying to keep his ass alive, he didn’t need to act like a pouting child.

“Al, knock it off.” Ro commanded sharply toward her brother, eyes flashing blue. “If you can’t control your temper then go for a run around the barn.”

Al exhaled harshly through his nose. He knew a confrontation with Ro was coming, he’d braced for that when he’s made the judgment call to grab the vet, but he didn’t understand why she was letting this guy get away with his behavior toward her, especially in front of other members of the pack. If Al had ever acted so aggrieved by a direct command in front of the pack he’d be in for a lot more than some laps around the property. Ro met his eyes, and Al averted his own, submitting to her dominance. “It won’t be a problem.” He promised blankly.

“Good. Henry, get on the phone with Marisole. I want to know what the vamps know about this.” She commanded efficiently. “Al, take Jacob for a tour of the property and properly apologize for your conduct this morning. I’m going to call Logan and inform him to pick up your dogs.”

Jacob nodded. “Okay.” He didn’t want to go with Al. He didn’t want to tour the place. He was angry and wanted to be alone. He turned to Al and looked at him expectantly.

Al wasn’t happy about this, but he nodded as he turned toward the door. “Alright, come on Doc, I’ll give you the scenic tour.” He gripped as he descended down the porch and out toward the main barn, not really looking to see whether Jacob bothered to follow.

Jacob sighed and followed Al down and off the porch. “I can see we are both super enthused about this.”

“Oh yeah, like a couple of kids at Christmas.” Al groused sarcastically as he led the way toward the barn. “Horses here, gated pasture connects to the back and stretches out for about a mile.” He waved his hand generally in that direction.

“There’s a wooded area a little farther out, and a creek that runs through the property on the north end of the pasture.” He gestured vaguely.

“Great…” Jacob commented offhandedly. “Spectacular tour guide you are. It doesn’t matter. I don’t plan to be here long. She said I could have my life back, you know but with the other parts of being part of all this but I can go back. She never said I was going to have to wait but…” He breathed out slowly through his nose.

“She’s making you wait here because there are people out there who didn’t have any qualm shooting at and bombing us this morning, and we don’t know who they are or why they did it yet. Like it or not, you are a part of the pack now, which makes you a target if someones tries to hurt our pack. She’s trying to keep you alive, so stop getting mad at her for doing her job.” Al ground out.

Jacob huffed. “I could leave, no one knows about me. And she didn’t say I had to stay when she offered me the choice. In fact she said I would get to go. I don’t really like surprises. You know like people breaking into my place or kidnapping me. I am not mad at her I am pissed off that I am in this situation to begin with and that what I was told would happen is not happening. I think it is pretty fair of me to be pissed that I was kidnapped and now told death or join a group of werewolves don’t you?” He practically yelled at the man, only just barely reining it in. It was getting harder and harder not to let the anger take over.

“I don’t like surprises much either Doc. Like getting shot this morning before watching someone blow my sister up with a fucking pipe bomb. I’m not going to apologize for doing what I thought I had to to keep her alive. Life’s full of unfair shit sometimes, but the fact that she even gave you a choice in the first place is something you should be grateful for. We don’t know you, and certainly not well enough to trust you with our secret. She’s risking her head on the chopping block to protect yours’, so I’m sorry you’ve had a suckie morning, but I think you can put up with being here for a day or so while we figure out if there’s a maniac on the loose trying to kill our family, or something much worse.” Al growled back, holding onto the wolf by his fingernails.

Jacob cocked his head. “You ever consider just bringing her in and letting me work on her in the clinic? You could have taken her out before she changed. Same effect. I get it you were freaked out but if there are things like secrets and such maybe you should have kept a cooler head.”

“We’d just gotten lured to a back pasture tracking whatever was killing my cousin’s cattle in what I can only now guess was some kind deliberately planned trap to kill us. I went running for that van with gunfire behind me and a slim lead. For all I knew at that point, we were being followed by the same nut jobs looking to finish what they started. I busted into the clinic because at that point, If I didn’t do something, she was going to die. Staying stationary wasn’t an option until I could get her somewhere more secure, so I made a call. That’s on me and you can be pissed about that and at me if you want, just don’t act huffy around everyone else.They don’t need that crap.” Al argued back.

“I haven’t been huffy and I am pissed at you. Slightly annoyed that Rowena didn’t make it clear upfront that I wasn’t leaving when I asked her. Also abundantly clear I don’t belong here so I have no idea what I am supposed to do during this little lock down while my clinic is left sitting there and I am not making money. I have things to consider so yeah I am pissed at you, I am pissed at this whole fucking situation. Forgive me for not being over the moon.” Jacob threw his hands into the air. “You call it huffy I call it annoyed that my entire life was just turned way the fuck upside down and I haven’t had any say in it. You dragged me out of there. You could have taken the shit and left but no. I think you’d be a bit pissed if you were in my shoes and likely adjusting just as well to all this.”

“Probably.” Al agreed stiffly. “Hell knowing my short fuse probably worse to be honest. I was hoping to get you out of here before it came to any of this, so I’m probably more pissed at myself right now than really angry at you. The wolf is just a little hyper sensitive about Ro right now, and your tone in there rubbed him the wrong way.” Al forced out as he rubbed a hand down his face in an attempt to sooth the wolf.

“I’m not sorry about what I did to save my sister. Honestly, If I’d tried to patch her up myself, she probably wouldn’t have made it. I can fix up cars no problem, but I’m shit with people. I am sorry that it had to come to this though, and that you had to be involved in the first place.” He continued in the closest thing to an apology he could grit out.

Jacob’s shoulders relaxed. It was then that he realized how much tension he was holding in. “I appreciate you needing to get her help. She was in really bad shape. I can appreciate you hoping to get me out of here. I guess I just wish it would have worked you know?” He scuffed the ground with the heel of his boot. “No kidding you are shit with people. Not sure punching me was necessary…” He chuckled, just a little. He wasn’t sure if he would ever not resent Al’s actions even though he understood them. “I wish I didn’t need to be involved too.” He shoved his hands in his pockets.

“What the hell am I going to do here? Sit around trying not to go stir crazy? I am not used to sitting still. Not good for me or...just not good.” The less active he was, the less busy his mind the more likely Jacob knew he was to snap or lash out at someone irrationally. Part of his annoyance with all of this was he was worried about being unable to keep himself in control.

“How else was I supposed to stuff a full grown man quickly into the back of a van?” Al replied with a small smirk. “If it makes you feel better, you’re still taller than me.” As Jacob went on about going stir crazy, the smirk grew bigger. “I might be able to help with that.” He replied as he led them back toward his garage, opening the sliding metal doors and presenting with just a hint of pride.

“Welcome to the man cave.” It wasn’t much, but it was Al’s filled with a pool table, pictures of muscle cars everywhere, and a fridge full of beer. “I’ve got corn hole set up in the back too if that’s more your speed. Enjoy the solitude while you can, because the whole pack’s going to be coming in today, and Betsy Geller is one nosy busy body who will have you playing bridge with her faster than you can say cuebid.” He replied dryly, but with a hit of fondness.

Jacob laughed. “Yeah taller, that is what I have going for me.” He looked around. “Not bad. You must hide out here a lot?”

He leaned against the pool table. “Can I ask you something? You say the whole pack is coming but in the end that doesn’t mean a whole lot to me right? I mean I am going to be a part of it but I am not...well I am just a guy. No one is really going to care about my day. I am not like you and I can’t see them having much in the way of super happy feelings about some random guy being here for no reason. I just don’t understand I guess. She said for my protection, either I join or she had to kill me but I am not a husband, a brother, I am just a guy.”

“This kind of thing doesn’t happen very often.” Al agreed. “I can’t say how the other wolves are going to feel about this, but they aren’t going to say anything if Ro says you’re one of us. They’ll get over it either way. As for the humans, if Naomi’s response was anything to go by, I’d say they’ll probably be pretty excited. They can’t really talk about this part of their lives with other people, so you’re fresh meat to complain to and gossip with.” Al shrugged.

“So basically I can just hide out here? Is there a bed?” None of that sounded ideal to Jacob. Al said he wasn’t good with people and Jacob understood that all too well. He preferred the company of animals for a reason. Jacob sighed. “This is sort of like my worst nightmare you know. A large group of strangers.”

“I can’t really claim to be much of a people person myself, at least without boobs and booze involved.” Al sympathized. “But if you’re going to be part of the pack, you’re going to have to get to know them all at some point. You’re going to be over here at least one night a month with these people.” He explained. “They’re good people, a little clingy sometimes, but everyone’s just close. It’s hard not to be with a bond connecting everyone.”

Jacob cringed. “Great...another question...if I am not like you and I don’t change why do I have to be here on what I assume is the full moon? Sorry playing to cliches as it is what I know. If I am wrong tell me cause honestly I feel like I don’t know much expect what I have seen in movies. And Rowena was definitely not an ugly wolfman thing…” He shook his head as he pushed back the image of her on the bed in the towel.

“You’re not wrong, we change with the full moon whether we want to or not, but it's healthier for everyone’s mental states if the whole pack is present. If we change together, with the whole pack around, it helps us through the change and keeps us in control. Especially with younger wolves, being able to control their wolves can be difficult sometimes.” Al explained. “Are you saying you think think my sister’s hot? Cause man, that’s usually not a conversation you strike up with the brother.” Al joked lightly.

“I said she didn’t look like the wolfman in the movies. You on the other hand...who knows?” He laughed. “Don’t worry I won’t tell you if I think she is good looking.” He stood fully once more. “In seriousness is there a bed out here? You make it sound like a lot of people and well, I am not exactly up to sharing a bed with a stranger.” Jacob couldn’t stop the immediate thought of how he wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with Ro. Time to think with my brain, not other things.
“Oh yeah, I’m way scarier.” Al smirked. “I’ve got an old mattress over in the corner that I keep out here when I get caught up in projects, but the ranch has six bedrooms, and three have bunk beds. Still not enough for everyone, but if this does turn out to be a strategic attack, we’ll probably all be sleeping in shifts anyway.” Al replied, sobering a bit. “My money’s on Kegan though, so we’ll see if this is just a one off assassination attempt, or if he’s actually trying to start another turf war.”

Jacob frowned. “Turf war? Kegan? What are you fighting over?” He gave his head a shake as if to clear it and find the beginning. “A better question might be can I have a bit of a history lesson, maybe a short version about what led to Rowena being attacked and why I find myself about to be surrounded by a lot of people?”

“We don’t know who attacked us yet,” Al corrected. “But I’d put money on Kegan because he and his lot are a bunch of power hungry, sexist, pricks who think that just because he’s got something dangling between his legs, he’s entitled to something.” Al growled lowly, his eyes taking on a more golden hue.

“Long story short, our dad used to be alpha. By the time he kicked the bucket, he’d mentally checked out to the point that Ro was pretty much running the show and had for a while as his second in command. When she stepped up to the plate to take over as Alpha, half the pack decided they didn’t like the idea of a woman being in charge, and Dan Kegan tried to make himself Alpha. The pack split in two and things got messy. Since then we became two separate packs and no one messes with their territory as long as they don’t mess with ours. Lately though they’ve been running around Carson City, buying property and doing god knows what else.” Al informed sourly.

Jacob frowned. “So I have ended up in the middle of a pissing contest, a violent one with your sister competent and this guy having a thing against women. Great.”

He ran his fingers through his hair. “You think the other group would do something like a bomb?”

“I don’t know, we haven’t had anything this violent happen in like...fifty years. Things have been getting tense again after Dan kicked the bucket and his ass of a son took over, but it’s all mostly been mind fucks with him, symbolic taunting stuff. Whoever went after us today was aiming to kill, which is a pretty big escalation, even for them.” Al admitted tiredly.

Jacob shook his head. “I am in the middle of a war.”

He raised his eyes to Al. “If it is all the same to you I will crash here, on the mattress. I don’t really feel like I belong. I get that it will change but I don’t really do well with lots of people.” He clenched and unclenched his hands.

“That might work for a while, but if you’re going through with the bonding ceremony, you’re going to end up the center of attention before long.” Al shrugged making a welcoming gesture toward the mattress.

“Center of attention?” Jacob groaned miserably. He moved to the mattress and sat down. “Thanks.” It really was his worst nightmare. “Rowena didn’t say anything about center of attention. Maybe death is better.”

He looked up. “When? When does this happen? The ceremony I mean.”

“When everyone gets here I guess. Ro’s gotta make the announcement about what’s happening anyway. It would only make sense to do it them while everyone’s here.” Al guessed. “This kind of thing’s a pretty big deal for us man, It’s not like signing some contract in a back room or getting a club card you forget about in the back of your wallet. You’re agreeing to be a part of our lives, and protect and be protected by the group. It’s not something you can do impersonally.” He explained sympathetically.

“I’ve got some Jager back here somewhere if you think it’ll help.” Al offered up.

“Fuck yes.” Jacob knew what the bond meant but the more he thought about it the more it scared him. He didn’t like people that much, he really didn’t. He didn’t have a choice though. Death or bond with a bunch of people. Could he do it? Really, could he be apart of the lives of so many strangers. Then he thought of Rowena, those eyes as he was trying to get her to sleep so he could save her life.

He sighed and hung his head. “Jager is good.” Yes, life over death, no matter what.

Al rummaged around for a bottle and a couple of clean glasses, pouring them both a generous amount and passing one over to Jacob. “It’s not so bad, especially for humans. You guys can’t sense things through the bond in the same way we can, so it won’t be as intense. You’re never going to be completely alone again, but that doesn’t mean it’s invasive either.”

Jacob took the glass and downed a quarter of it. It burned but it was what he needed. “So there are perks to being human.” He sounded slightly bitter.

“There’s bound to be a few at least.” Al shrugged. “I’ve been a werewolf my whole life though, so I can’t really speak from experience.”

Jacob nodded and took another drink. “Only humans are family members though right? Husbands, wives...that makes me an anomaly.”

“Pretty much. Who else are you going to risk getting offed by the Covenant over?” Al replied draining his glass. “If you ever snapped and decided to go running your mouth about werewolves, you’d be dead, Ro would be dead, and there’s no telling who else they’d make disappear to cover up even a hint of something supernatural in this area. That’s why so many packs won’t even allow humans to join in the first place, except maybe for children. If they know, they die. End of story.”

Jacob downed the last of his drink. “You are telling me that she has her neck on the line for a man she doesn’t know. She gave me a choice when really she shouldn’t have. This Covenant, they some sort of FBI? The way you talk cover ups and stuff it reminds me of that. Who is she going to tell them I am? Won’t they wonder why she thinks it is a good idea to let some stranger in?”

“I’m saying most wouldn’t have, but she did.” Al replied, rolling the glass lightly in his hand. “FBI, CIA, NSA, they’ve got their main offices through the Bureau, but they’ve got their feelers out everywhere. Right now, as long as you don’t do anything to draw attention to us, they’re not going to care enough to get involved. Once you’ve been in the pack for a while, become more established here, it won’t matter anymore. You’ll be one of us, and unless you do something wrong, it’s not their business to police who my sister allows in the pack.”

Jacob nodded. “Sounds like there are a lot of rules. Hoping someone tells me before I do anything stupid.” He rubbed his face again. “I wasn’t always the best at watching my mouth as a kid, got myself into a lot of trouble. Learned to control it when I learned to control my temper but I don’t do well with sudden changes. This might prove a challenge at first, especially with all the new people.”

He looked up, “Guess I gotta learn to deal though. Not like I am going anywhere.”

“Well, sounds like we’re peas in a pod there then.” Al replied dryly as Jacob mentioned his past tendency toward smart mouthing while he poured them both another glass.

“I guess we could always be radical and aim for optimism. Maybe you’ll even end up liking a few of these guys, who knows right?” Al shrugged. “And it’s not like you’re stuck here forever man, just until we figure out who the hell is trying to kill us.”

“I get it. And maybe.” Jacob smiled. “Anything is possible.” He put his glass down. “How long can we drink and avoid going back in there?”

“Until someone comes looking for us I guess.” Al shrugged, taking another swig of his drink. “My evening plans have pretty much been shot to hell, so I’ve got no plans to be doing anything until Ro calls her meeting at this point.”

Jacob grunted and held out his glass. “If you don’t mind a fresh pour then…”

“Not at all.” Al indulged Jacob with another generous glass. “So, blonde, brunette, or redhead?” Al asked after a moment with a quirked brow.

Jacob laughed. “In a beer or in a woman?”

He took a sip of his refilled drink and smiled. “Honestly, not sure I have a preference. I have avoided I guess for a while. That being said, nothing like a pretty blond with large blue eyes or a fiery red head. Brunettes too, I mean who can resist putting their hands in long brown hair and pulling a girl in for a kiss?” He looked down, smiling remaining as he thought of Rowena on the bed, hair haphazardly spread about her head.

Jacob cleared his throat. “What about you? You have a favourite? You have a girl here?”

“Nah, I don’t really do relationships so to speak, and neither do the ladies whom which I spend my time.” Al replied. “Always be partial to Brunettes myself, but I am not a picky man.” He continued with a wolfish grin.

Jacob nodded. He understood. Relationships were hard, asked a lot of a person and it was more than he was able to give.

“So do you guys have jobs or do you just work around here, on the farm?”

“Yeah man, we’re not Amish.” Al joked. “I’ve got a garage out in the city, fix up cars and tractors for the mechanically disinclined.”

“And Rowena?” Jacob took a deep drink. He could feel it warming his body. He rolled his shoulders. Today had been long.

“Contract lawyer. She operates her own private practice and works most the legal cases for the pack.” Al explained.

Jacob looked up in surprise. “Lawyer? She doesn’t look like a lawyer. I mean...not that lawyers look like anything..” He frowned. “Wow. Lawyer.” He smiled slightly to himself.

“Well I wish my skills were more useful, not a lawyer or a mechanic.” He looked up at Al. “I barely even helped her you know. She was all healed a short time later. Is the healing thing not a typical ugh, werewolf thing?” He rubbed a hand on his knee as he took a drink with the other hand.

“Normally, yeah. We heal at a pretty accelerated rate. Won’t help if someone cuts off our head, or stabs us somewhere that kills on impact, but gunshot wounds, torn flesh, things like that, we can usually handle it.” Al explained, pulling back his shirt slightly to show off the healing wound where he’d been shot that morning.

“The thing that bomb today was that somebody stuffed it with silver. Don’t ask me why, but that stuff’s like acid for us. Burns us, zaps energy, keeps our wounds from healing. Ro got shot up with the stuff, so trust me, you did a lot.” Al said gratefully.

Jacob looked thoughtful. “So anything not fatal or silver, you can heal. Rowena was full of silver so she couldn’t heal.” He nodded slowly. Jacob downed his glass. “Well I am not sure she will appreciate me drunk so I won’t ask for a refill.”

He scratched his chin. “You guys realize this is hard to wrap my head around right?”

“In theory, yes, which is why we don’t really do this kind of thing, but I was born into the pack, so I guess I can’t really say I know what it’s like. Honestly, the only ones who may truly be able to relate are the turned wolves. We don’t have many in the pack, but there are a couple, like Henry and Fiona. If you ever need to kind of talk through the crazy with an understanding ear, they might be the most qualified.” Al suggested.

Jacob nodded slowly. “So born and turned? You have been one since you were, well born and others are turned? What does that mean?”

“It means that some of us were born this way, and that others were made into werewolves. Being turned is a gruesome process that involved pretty much being mauled to an inch of your life, and playing russian roulette with the odds of your body accepting the change and healing itself fast enough to live. Overnight you have to adjust to a body that has completely changed, as well as living with the part of yourself that is a wolf and has as much sway over you as your human half does. It’s hard enough striking that balance when you’re born this way, but adjusting to it after is a bitch. Very few people survive through the entire process, much less end up well adjusted on the other side of it.” Al explained.


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Kirsten Nicole Blood

Running a hand through her hair Kirsten began twirling a strand of hair, distracting herself so she didn’t cry at the thought of her parents death. ”I would love to get my claws on the hunter” she mumbled as she focused on her hair. She nodded to the vet in response.

When the human stepped in, she moved to the side, human women sent her into her memories and made her angry, ignoring the emotion, she leaned on the counter, "Hi, I'm Kirsten" she introduced herself, not extending a hand, but offering a small smile, her head snapped back towards Ro. ”I will help in any way I can, especially in disposing of hunters” she added, after the alpha spoke.

"Seems the pack is overrun by females" she joked, looking at Al and Henry.

Not really wanting to move too much, Kirsten slid down and sat on the floor, her hands between her knees, her eyes focusing on nothing in particular, just darting around the room. Finally landing on a speck of dirt, she stood up and began pacing, something she often did when bored, or deep in thought. Stopping mid pace, she picked up a broom and began sweeping the room around everyone, something she did when she was deep in thought.

The flashback that haunted her in her sleep began haunting her in her day dream, causing her to stop sweaping and remember the horrors of walking in on the bloody scene.

"Hey, Ro, could I ride one of the horses?" she asked, biting her lip, waiting for a reply. She loved riding horses, since she was a little girl it had always been her passion, she had planned to open a rescue for them, until her parents were killed, which completely filled her heart with grief and bitterness. Kirsten waited for the alpha to respond.


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“I think you guys might want to think about having a therapist in the group. Sounds like you could use it. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I am serious.” Jacob exhaled slowly. “Sounds like a rough life.”

“Yeah well, that’s why Alphas regulate turning humans pretty viciously, or at least they’re supposed to. There have been stories about Alphas in more remote regions who’d run their packs like warlords and turn people right and left to increase their numbers, but that kind of thing has been mostly stamped out by the Covenant in North America. It’s too flashy, risks exposure.” Al commented, finishing the rest of his glass before putting his away as well. “Doesn’t stop the vamps though, but then I suppose they have a higher success rate with the people they keep, so the same rules don’t apply.” He said bitterly.

“Vamps?” Jacob stared at Al. “You mean to tell me…” He put his hands up. “Okay seriously now you are shitting me, trying to freak me out right?” He laughed. “Okay haha, right vamps, vampires are real too. Boogey man, ugh...mummy..what else? Funny.”

Jacob rubbed his face. “No fair though I am tired and a bit tipsy.”

“If only…” Al grumbled out, tempted to take another shot, but successfully restrained himself.

“Vampires, Witches, and a myriad of other little creepy crawlies are all as real as you and me. Witches are kind of hit or miss. There are some that are into that whole whimpy mother-earth-goddess-new-agey-do-no-harm crap, and then you’ve got some that are into some pretty twisted shit and everything in between.”

“Vamps are just a whole nother story, but my suggestion would be to not get too close. Some of the things they can do to people are on a whole other level, and I haven’t met one yet that wasn’t a complete dick.” Al elaborated sourly.

“You are telling me they are all real too? Well fuck, this day just keeps getting more and more messed up. Vampires? Bite your neck, suck your blood type?” Jacob stared at Al. “Shit. Are they with you or against you?”

“Neither.” Al bit out curtly. “Vampires, witches, and werewolves are the ones who originally founded and are governed by the Covenant. We’re all separate entities, but we generally don’t get involved in each other’s business unless we want to deal with the Covenant.” He explained.

“So why found this police type group if you aren’t exactly super keen on each other?” Jacob frowned.

“Because as much as we don’t like each other, if our existence were to become public knowledge, we’re all pretty much in agreement that humans would be even less keen, and they outnumber us by a lot. All you have to do is crack open a history book to see what kind of reception we’d get.” Al drawled out dryly.

“There is nothing in history about werewolves. Witches sure, but that was puritan craziness.” Jacob grunted. “So you have a joint task force to make sure no one knows you exist. This is made up of witches, werewolves and vampires. I got that right?”

“You obviously haven’t studied up on the French.” Al replied dryly. “But yes, in a nutshell. The laws we have aren’t so much about fairness or some sense of monster morality, but to limit exposure.”

“But they aren’t here now. Now you are more worried about who attacked you and that isn’t their domain since it is likely not a human?” Jacob figured at some point this all would make sense. Some day this would just be the norm. This was the life he was signing up for.

“It will all just depend. Something like this, bombs, assassination attempts, it’s all pretty flashy. If they think this, whatever it is, is going to escalate, then they’re going to get involved. Which might not be a good thing. For now though, we’re on our own.” Al explained tiredly.

Jacob bit the inside of his cheek. “So how do we go about finding out who did it? Is there a protocol or can we just start poking around?” His mind was turning, ideas on how he could help brewing.

“Ro’s poking around right now.” Al sighed. “Putting in a call to the Vamp coven in Reno. Marisol owes us a favor, and people don’t make moves like this around here without drawing their attention. They deal in information, so if anyone’s going to have intel on this, they will.”

“Oh.” Jacob’s shoulders slumped. Seemed like he wouldn’t be able to even help with the investigation. Of course they have people for that….what do they need you for? You get to be a useless lump around here. He was missing his dogs more than ever now.

“Unless of course they’re involved too, then I imagine they won’t be much help.” Al bit out, running his hands up his face and through his hair in an attempt to shake off the visible stress of the situation. “We’ll just have to wait an see what they say and move from there.”

“Sounds like in the end my bitching about you kidnapping me is nothing compared to what is really going on.” Jacob felt a bit like an ass. He was still mad that his life was changed with no say from him but in the end Al and Rowena, well they seemed to have it worse.

“You kind of got assaulted this morning, I wouldn’t go so far as to say the bitching is unwarranted.” Al replied, green eyes peering up at the human. “Speaking of which, is there anyone you need to call? Let know you may be out of the office for a couple days or so?”

Jacob looked down. “No, there is no one to call. Just me out there.”

“Well…” Al said stretching a bit as he stood. “On the bright side, that never something you’ll ever have to say again.”

“So, you up for a game of pool, or just-”

“Aaaaallllphonse!” An overly cheery female voice boomed out near his sanctuary, and Al covered his ears with a growl. “Oh god....Betsy…”

“Oh Alphie sweetheart, are you in there with that new fella?!” Betsy called out with a thick southern accent. “Henry called, and a picked up a few new friends out here that I think are anxious to see him!” As if to accentuate her point a chorus of barks let loose.

Jacob was torn between happy to the see the dogs and terrified of the new arrival. He looked at Al. “Do we go out there? She has my dogs…” He sighed.

“If we don’t, she’s just going to come in here.” Al replied grumpily, heading toward the sliding door. “Hi Betsy…”

“Oh Alphie look at you! Henry said you’d been shot, have you even taken a shower yet? Ya know you’re never gonna get a girlfriend if you don’t start taking care of yourself.” Betsy proclaimed as the door was opened. She was a woman in her early fifties, with graying curly brown hair and a gracefully aging beauty. She was a little on the plump side, but it only added to the perpetually ‘mom’ aura she gave off.

Jacob followed Al out. He bit back a chuckle at the woman’s affectionate use of Alphie. He didn’t seem like an Alphie to him. He hung back near the door and crouched down. He gave his legs a soft pat and the dogs pulled at their leashes.

He smiled, happy to see them.

“So you’ve a hundred times.” Al retorted tiredly, as he saw a little furry head peak out of Betsy’s purse, and started whining to be let down.

“Aww, poor Sophie has missed you so much! You really do need to come visit more. Sophie just loves her little Alphie-kins!” Betsy cooed as she placed the overly excited pomeranian into Al’s unwilling arms, and the little dog immediately began licking at Al’s face, which was now sporting a rather sour expression.

“Oh and who’s this? You must be that new feller Henry was telling me about huh?” Betsy declared looking at Jacob with a bright smile and outstretched hand.

Jacob suppressed a laugh. Alphie-kins? He stood as she approached. He really wanted to see the dogs but he knew it was in his best interest not to be rude.

“Ugh, yes..hello.” Jacob shook her hand and forced a friendly smile. “Thank you for bringing my dogs. Much appreciated.”

“Oh of course, no trouble at all. I breed Poms, y’know, so I hate to see those babies at home all alone.” Betsy replied cooing at the dogs before handing over the the leashes to their owner. “I’m Betsy by the way. Henry mentioned you were human, but I never did catch your name sweetheart.”
“Oh sorry, its Jacob.” He crouched down and put his arms out for the dogs. He had dropped the leashes the moment she handed them over. He was rubbing their sides, scratching ears and burying his face into their sides. In return there were face licks and wagging tails.

“Alright so you were worried. I get it. Sorry fellas.” Jacob laughed as he took the time to pet each one.

“I am gonna take out back if that is okay, run them a bit. Give you guys time to talk and stuff.” His eyes lifted to look at Al.

“No man go.” Al encouraged as his face was assaulted by the pomeranian. “Quick, run while you can!” He joked as Betsy swatted him lightly. “Oh you’re horrible!”

Jacob nodded. “Come on boys.” He ran off, the dogs at his heels. He whistled sharply and broke into a faster run.

As evening approached, more and more members of the Carson City pack arrived at the Campbell ranch. The last one showed up at sunset, booking an impressively illegal speed in the well marked Sheriff’s Department police car. The man who came out cut an imposing enough figure with near gargantuan height without the uniform, but that, coupled with the angry twist to his face made Lennox Campbell an intimidating sight.

“Where’s Ro?” He practically growled at Henry as he approached the front porch, tension set in his shoulders.

“Hey Lenny, calm down alright. She’s okay.” Henry tried to sooth as he came down the steps to meet him.

“What happened?” Lennox demanded, trying to rein in his wolf that lashed out internally at the threat to his alpha and sister.

“It’s complicated Lenny. Someone with pretty detailed knowledge about werewolf anatomy attacked Ro and Al this morning. She’s ok now, the doctor got all the silver out, so she’s healing up just fine.” Henry assured the more dominant wolf, hands splayed out in a comforting gesture.

“Doctor? How did Murdoch get up here from Vegas so fast?” Lennox asked in confusion. Their usual pack doctor, Andy Murdoch, was on vacation this week celebrating his fiftieth birthday. He wasn’t a wolf, but was family of the local witch coven in the area. He was completely non-magical himself, but he’d grown up with the supernatural, which made him the go to guy for all things supernatural and medical in these parts.

“He didn’t…” Henry trailed off awkwardly, eyes instinctively glancing out to the yard where an unknown man was running around with a mix matched pack of dogs.

“Who is that?” Lennox asked, a dangerous edge lacing his voice. The wind wasn’t strong today, but the werewolf was standing downwind of this stranger, and he smelled like his sister. Lennox’s amber eyes watched him intently, intense and assessing.

“That would be our new doctor.” Henry said carefully as he sense the growing tension in the more dominant wolf. “Ro got hurt pretty bad, and Al kind of panicked. They were on the road, and from the sound of things, Al kind of vetnapped the guy from his home practise.” Henry tried to explain.

“Shit!” Lenny swore, hackles raised. He really hated it when pack business interfered with his job. No matter what, his loyalty would always be with his sister and the pack, but Lenny also liked to think he was a halfway decent cop. Aiding and abetting the kidnapping and possible murder of a local vet would hardly be living up to that job description. “Were there any witnesses?” He asked bleakly, hardening himself for the worst.

“No, but it doesn’t really matter now. Jacob, that’s his name, is joining the pack. Ro explained the situation then made the offer, and he’s adjusting surprisingly well.” Henry reassured his packmate.

“Seriously?” Lennox asked in surprise, but his shoulders relaxed a bit in relief. “Where are Ro and Al?” He asked switching gears.

“Ro’s making some calls, seeing if anyone knows something about what happened this morning. It’s probably going to take a while though. You know trying to get a straight answer out of the vamps is like pulling teeth.” Henry explained dryly. “As for Al, I imagine Betsy’s still fussing over him. He got out of there in much better shape than Ro did, but he still got shot.”

“Silver or lead?” Lennox asked reflexively, looking for any bit of information he could get.

“Lead. The only silver was in the bomb apparently, so Al should be fine.” Henry replied. “I think Ro’s looking to induct Jacob tonight, and possibly another wolf as well. Apparently she recently lost her pack, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she asks to join ours.”

“Hmm.” Lennox grunted, mulling over that information. “I suppose I should meet him then.” He admitted reluctantly. Lennox had never been a people person. Ro had always been the one with the most diplomatic personality, and Al could be an idiot sometimes, but he could charm the pants off most girls when he put his mind to it. Lenny had always been the prickly bear of the family, built for enforcing order, not making the rules that governed it.

“That would probably be for the best.” Henry agreed encouragingly, as he began walking the reluctant wolf over to their newest addition. Oddly enough, Henry thought the two might get on better than Lenny expected. In some ways, they seemed to have similar personalities, which could mean they’d be fast friends or incredibly awkward around each other. Henry choose to be an optimist.

“Hey, Jacob!” Henry called over as they approached the human and his dogs, arm waving in a friendly gesture. “I brought over someone I thought you should meet. This is Lenny, Ro’s beta.” He introduced warmly.

Jacob looked up from where he was sitting on the ground, surrounded by his dogs. One laid in front of him. The others milled about sniffing and licking him.

“Ugh, hi…” Jacob awkwardly got up from the ground and put a hand out.

“Hi.” Lennox grunted back stiffly, taking the offered hand for a quick shake before shoving his own back into his pocket.

“Well, aren’t you two just a pair of conversationalists.” Henry commented dryly with a pointed look at Lennox, who cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Umm...Thank you. For helping Ro. Henry said you’re the one who fixed her up.” Lennox managed. “They your’s?” Lenny managed some semblance of conversation lamely gesturing toward the dogs.

Jacob grinned sheepishly at Henry’s comment. I never said I was good with people. The thought drifted off as the man, Lenny thanked him.

“It well...she was in pretty bad shape and I am not one to let an animal...well a person either but she wasn’t a person at the time when I started…” He rubbed the back of his head. “You are welcome.”

He looked at the dogs and smiled. “Yeah they are. My family. They each adopted me.” He chuckled, rubbing the head of the sheep dog who sat at his feet.

On his other side sat a beautiful husky mix. She seemed to be watching the men carefully. Jacob gave her a smile and scratch as well.

“See, I told you it could have been worse. He could have been a cat person.” Henry joked lightly with a smile.

“Don’t even joke.” Lenny gripped unappreciatively. Lennox and cats has a long standing mutual hatred for one another, and the thought of one of those manipulative overgrown rats occupying the same space was extremely unappealing.

“You still holding that grudge against your ex’s tabby?” Henry snickered with a knowing look at the grumpy beta.

“That damn thing was possessed by something, evil incarnate” Lenny replied defensively crossing his arms.

Jacob nodded, “Cats are...temperamental. Not the easiest animals to treat. I prefer my canine friends.” He knelt down and let the sheep dog lick his face.

“Yeah, dogs are definitely easier. Cats tend to just go nuts around us unless you find one of those stupidly friendly ones with no sense of self preservation.” Henry agreed with a nod. “With dogs it’s more hit or miss. Sometimes they don’t have any issues with us, and sometimes they sense a threat in us and attack.” Henry continued with a shrug.

“It’s about dominance.” Lennox elaborated. “Dogs are pack animals too, they understand how that power structure works. If we exert enough dominance toward them, they come to heel. If they’re naturally dominant themselves, it becomes harder, but for a dominant wolf, it usually isn’t a problem.” He finished, eyeing the husky mix that had tensed in his presence calmly, making firm eye contact as he waited for the dog to either avert her eyes first or make some other show of submission.

The husky growled lightly but laid down at the gaze. She was clearly used to running Jacob’s pack of dogs, their alpha. She was also extremely protective of Jacob.

“Right. Dominance. The whole pack system.” Jacob looked at the house briefly. “Well I am happy to stay right where I am in all this.” He gestured towards things. “A lot of people here now?”

Jacob looked uncomfortable.

“Yes.” Lennox confirmed, crouching down carefully to gently pet the husky after her show of submission. “Those who are submissive follow and support those above them, and those who are dominant protect and care for those below. It is a system dependant upon trust and care, without that there is no pack.”

“Looks like.” Henry agreed regarding Jacob’s question, gesturing back toward the house. “Ro’s probably finished up with the call by now, so we should probably head back up.” He continued, gesturing toward the house.

Jacob sighed, “Right. Okay…” He gave a sharp whistle and the dogs all came to heel. “I guess it is time to face them all.” He was really not keen on so many people but he understood it was discomfort or death and a bit of awkwardness with strangers was better than death.


“You're sure?” Ro asked again for clarification, not liking the answer she was given.

“Sorry Rowena, but there’s been no activity of that nature on our side for months. Bernard and I have settled our differences for the time being, and starting a pointless tiff with you would just be bad for business. Besides, Bernard would never be that sloppy.” Marisol, he vampire mistress of the west Nevada territory lilted with grudging admiration for her long time adversary and sometimes lover. Bernard, who was the undisputed leader of the vampire community in Las Vegas, had a bit of a reputation for underhanded tactics as well as both the means and the knowledge to pull something like this off. Why Bernard would want her dead was a bit more murky, but if he were trying to make a move against Marisol and her hold over Reno, taking a shot at her werewolf ally wouldn’t be unthinkable.

“I’ll poke around if you like, see what I find hiding in the shadows…” Marisol added dreamily, more statement than offer. Marisol didn’t really need an excuse to torment the supernatural underside of Reno, but she liked having a cause.

“I’ll keep in touch.” Rowena hung up with a sigh, leaving the vindictive vampire to her musings. This left her a square one. Ro didn’t want to believe Salem would make such an irrevocably aggressive move like this so suddenly, but they were running out of alternative suspects.

Rowena took a minute to calm herself before attempting to stand up, and that’s when the burner phone in her desk drawer started ringing. There was only one person who ever called her on that phone, and right now, she was tempted to just let it keep ringing. After a few moments however, she did the responsible thing and answered to phone. Whatever purpose Salem had for calling her, it likely wasn’t good, but it was important for her to know.

“Why are you calling me Salem?” Rowena answered grimly, not in the mood for mind games tonight. The two Alphas very rarely contacted each other in this manner, but it did happen occasionally.


“I see the bad moon rising! I see trouble on the way! I see earthquakes and lightnin'!
I see bad times today!”

“Mmmmhhhehhhhh…” Drew Harris groaned as she sleepily swatting at the offending phone going off on her nightstand. Normally, she didn’t mind a little impromptu CCR, but it was three in the morning, and she was on vacation. Drew hadn’t taken personal time that didn’t involve bodily injury in over three years. She’d been planning this week long veg feast for over a month, no monsters, office politics, or 72 hours work days for a whole damn week. So when she saw her boss’s name displayed on her phone’s screen at three o’clock in the fucking morning on a day he had no business contacting her, Drew was ready to chuck the phone.

“Don't go around tonight, well it's bound to take your life! There's a bad moon on the rise!”

“What.” Drew growled into the phone with as much indignation as she could muster, opting for the adult choice on the matter of the phone smashing, and picking it up instead.

“I’ve got a job for you. How fast can you get to Nevada?” Her boss asked in a nonchalant manner that rubbed her the wrong way.

“Phil, I’m on fucking vacation. Get someone else.” Drew snapped back irritably, ready to hang up and go back to sleep.

“You’re going to want to take this one.” Phil insisted patiently. “I’m sending you some photos from the crime scene. Call me back in ten minutes if you want the job.” He instructed before hanging up.

“Well that’s cryptic.” Drew grumbled before pulling out her laptop from her bag next to the bed. An e-mail with a case file attached was waiting in her inbox, and she began scanning the debriefing and photos inside with tired eyes. So a couple packs of werewolves were about to go all West side Story on each others asses, werewolves were hardly her field of expertise. Why would Phil think she’d be interested in taking this case?

Her question was answered by one of the crime scene photos, a faded brick wall with blood smeared into runic symbols. That by itself didn’t mean anything. Thanks to the internet any kid with an unhealthy interest in pagan sacrifice and new agey crap could puzzle out a basic ritual. It was the one symbol there that wasn’t runic, carved into the dead girl’s skin, that made her blood boil and heart freeze all at once.

It had been ten year, ten fucking years since she’d seen that symbol, but one glance was all it took to make her feel like a powerless kid again, phantom pain working its way up her spine. “I’ll take the case.” Drew gritted out to Phil after taking a minute to compose herself and call her boss back.

“I’ll let your partner know of the transfer. Do you need the jet to pick you up?” Phil asked, a distinct lack of that smug ass tone she was used to from him, and it was beginning to chauf.

“No, I’m close enough to drive. If I leave now I can meet them there by daybreak.” She declined, resolving herself to get up and start packing. “Who else are they sending?” She asked absently.

“Ilona. She’ll be our werewolf expert going into this. She’s taking point, so play nice and try not to get yourself mauled because of that smart mouth of yours ok.” Phil replied sternly.

“The Russian one? Fun.” Drew mused, knowing the other agent by reputation, but not personally. “I thought you liked it when I used my smart mouth Phil.” Drew teased, the overt flirting helping to center herself. “In fact there were a few other choice adjective I distinctly recall you using for it that would give Beth from HR a heart attack.”

“You’re not funny.” Phil grouched, and Drew could practically see the sour expression pulling across his blushing features.

“Ah don’t sweat it Phil. No one in their right mind would believe you sexually harassed me. Especially not anyone from HR.” Drew soothed. “I’ll check in when I get there.” She smoothly moved back to business before hanging up to finish packing.