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Salem Kegan

Alpha of Death Valley pack.

0 · 425 views · located in Nevada

a character in “Bad Moon On the Rise”, as played by Oborosen


Name: Salem Kagen
Age: 281years, Appears-30
Race: Born Werewolf
Talent: Salem is as strong if not stronger then other Werewolf's come, but his ability to heal is what brings him above the rest. His body is able to turn away blows that could possibly cripple another member of the pack. However the act of healing such wounds is a taxing endeavor at longer periods of use and he must consume large amounts of protein to keep himself fit.

Wolf Appearance: Salem's wolf form is that of a large timber wolf, a trait he inherited from his mother. His size is somewhat larger then that of a normal pack member and his eyes shift to a vastly radiant golden hew. His fur is frosty white, save for a long dark ashen patch of hair that spans the whole length of his body. From the center of his forehead to the base of his tale.

Sexuality: Straight

Weakness: Salem is anything if not prideful and domineering. He believes that one pack should hold sway over the whole lands rod and that honor should go to the strongest. He is also a firm believer that woman have no real place in the ruling pack structure, reserving them to the spot of Beta on a whim. This and his family lineage are a great source of pride for him, though it has lead to some folly in the past as a result.

Likes: Meaty Foods, Spices, Alcohol, Competition, Contact Sports, Being the center of attention.

Dislikes: Whining, Long daylight hours, Bright colors, Slow days, Failure, Loss.

Fear: Losing everything he has worked so hard for.

Dreams: Uniting the packs and bringing the whole of Nevada under a singular rule.

Secret: For all his boasting and preening, Salem is extremely self confident about his actions in the Pack and though all the sacrifices he has had to make in the past have damaged him on a personal level. He holds it all in and dares not to show it to anyone within or without his Pack, only confiding in his father who is buried at home on the family ranch.

Place of Origin: Salem was born from the second mate of Dan Kegan after his first was killed mysteriously while trudging across the country years ago. Born in Phoenix during the height of the winter season, he grew up along the trails until finally the pack settled in Nevada.

Personality: Despite all of his hard corners and strict policy within the Pack, Salem is a straight laced a man as can be. Being honest with him will grant you and honest return and so forth. His love and care for his Pack extend to his macho bravado in some way, but this also sugar coats the fact that everyone in his Pack should earn their place and pay their keep. Though still he can be quite sexist in his dealings with woman and when working with the other males of his group, can be rather castrating. However all he does is still for the good of his Pack, no matter the method or outcome.


After the loss of his father and half their Pack, following the loss of his mother and a sister a childbirth two decades earlier. Salem has lived a rather hard and trying life. He was always trusting to his fathers wishes and intentions, keeping face with the pack and never betraying their trust whenever it could be helped. But the last several years have seen worse times come, many of the local sources are drying up and the Pack has begun to fall on hard times.

This forced him to make the decision to find new more lucrative and mostly illegal methods of keeping his people fed and alive. For some time he contemplated straight up robbery to settle some debts for the pack, but had to stay the course to avoid such unwanted attention.

For the last decade now his men have been peddling narcotics throughout Death valley and knocking off any who thought to edge in on the business. The acquisition of some personal businesses in the last year have made things easier for him and his pack. But Salem has a need for more and has spent the last several months cutting in on other privately owned shops for the extra cash. The higher level operations are kept from the younger and more innocent members of the Pack, while seniors that are capable of understanding the reasons behind such choices. Are in on each of the decision making aspects left too other members of the Pack.

Salem currently reside on the family ranch, overlooking much of the skyline from Hawthorne into Death Valley.

So begins...

Salem Kegan's Story


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Salem overlooked his family ranch from the position of his homes second story balcony. Swirling a small glass of scotch in his left hand with his house phone in the other.

His morning had been consumed all this time by the short winded idiot on the other end of the phone line. "Mister Franklin I have nothing against your boys and your operation, but the moment you or your product comes into my territory. I will personally gut you and hang your corpse on your front lawn... that is not a threat, it is a promise."

He ends the call and tosses the house phone back inside to land on his couch as he keeps his eyes set on his property. The air is growing more heavy by the hour as the sun begins to break the horizon in the distance and he finishes his drink.

A long howl escapes the confines of the countryside far into the distance and he catches it with a rasp ear. To him it is more of a soothing sound, knowing that his pack are starting off well in their own morning. Before they have to go about their day scrapping and clawing around the scraps of what the surrounding residences can muster.

The last few years have had him dealing with and breaking all of the local crooks within a hundred miles all the way back to the Carson city limits. Now not a single illicit dollar is made in his territory that his pack doesn't have a hand in and all he has to do is sit and collect the money that all these sad excuses for living people can muster.

It all has a meaning though, just so his people can live a good life and be spared the hardship of the old days all over again. Something that he knew his father would be well enough happy about just out of fact for doing it.


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It was a horrible feeling, like a punch in the gut. Her best friend was murdered in the most inhumane way. She knew what the humans thought it was but she knew the truth, it could only be a werewolf. Mich was in town when she found out, she saw a large crowd gathering near an alley way and she saw her. She didn't need to see her face to know who it was, she could see the matching bracelets they both had.

She wasted no time running for the woods, she needed to shift and get to her Alpha as soon as possible. She tried to control her overwhelming sadness until she could get alone. Finally reaching the edge of the forest she shifted immediately. She ran as fast as she could.

Her wolf forms isn't a lot bigger than a normal wolf but it's bigger. Her fur is black with grey mixed in, her eyes are the same green color as it is when she's human. She could see Salem's ranch and shifted back without stopping. She burst through the front door and up the stairs. She knew it was disrespectful to barge into the Alpha's house the way she did but at this moment she didn't care.

Mich knew where he would be and she stopped when she got there. She stood there out of breath and nearly heartbroken about the news she was about to give. "Alpha, She's dead. Rene is dead." She said and watched him waiting for his reaction.


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Salem watched on from the balcony as he swirled the last of his drink around in the glass and two sets of lights formed on the end of his driveway. From what he could see it was a van followed by a long car.

From what he could see it was a few of his pack members on their way, though what they wanted or what was the reason for their arrival was lost on him at the moment. He downed the last of his drink and wiped his lips.

However it seemed that his attention for the night was going to addressed for another reason and he looked on as the sound of thundering steps made a cascading run up through the lower reaches of his family home. His eyes shot up as the noise came up the stairs and his stance dropped down and he slumped his shoulders to be ready for what was coming.

The door nearly splintered as it flew open and he was met with the image of one of his own pack mates tear through.

It was Michelle and she was in an extremely hectic mood as she strode up to him, she was obviously overtaken by some emotion if she could not control herself in the home of her own Alpha. His mind raced for the moment that she entered the room, about everything that could possibly be wrong with this moment. Did anyone see her, did she destroy anything, did she hurt someone.. a myriad of thoughts began to pile on only for her to break his thoughts by speaking.

"Alpha, She's dead. Rene is dead."

He could hear her voice in the back of his mind, because the wolf physiology did not mean for vocal contact. He winced as she spoke, now that he knew the reason of her haste. His mind did not leave the fact of her intrusion, even though at that moment he could feel his mind go blank. Searching as if for some affirmation to the words she spoke and of course she was right.

There was a noticeable emptiness in the space of his mind where the pack was held, something terrible had transpired this night and he took it in stride with the accompanied troubles. He looked on and took a knee before Michelle before speaking "Michelle, I want you to head down stairs and turn back, then get some clothes from the closet in my guest room.. we will speak after that." His head shot back as a horn sounded from the yard outside and he looked back at Michelle.

"I have some visitors now and I do not know if they are privy to the truth of us, they do no need to see you in this state."

"We will deal with this soon, but give me time."

He stood and put the glass back on the desk before moving past her and down the stairs.
His only hope was to ensure non of the visitors would enter the house, just in case either of them were not a true friend of his pack.


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Mich watched him carefully waiting for him to respond. She could tell that what she said had bothered him but he wasn't showing it. She watched as he knelt in front of her and instructed her to get some clothes on. Once he'd said that she realized she hadn't even bothered to removed her clothes before she shifted. Her ears perked up at the sound of a horn and she nodded to him.

After he'd left the room she made her way to the guest room and closed the door. She shifted back to her human body and searched the closet for something to wear. She found a pair of jeans and a plain black t-shirt, which surprisingly fit almost perfectly. As she dressed she found herself tearing up, she couldn't keep it away any longer. She couldn't believe her friend was dead, the only girl in the pack that she really connected with was gone.

She didn't know how long she'd been sitting there wallowing in her sorrow but she finally pulled herself together. She looked in the mirror and scrunched her face. She looked terrible, her eyes were puffy and her nose and cheeks were red. She shrugged and left the room and headed downstairs.

Not wanting to bother Salem and his guests Mich headed into the living room and sat on the couch. She watched the door, in case someone came in.


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Salem had been standing on the edge of his porch for the last two minutes now, the vehicles out in front of his home had been sitting there and some movement could be seen in the van as two men got out of the car in back. Despite how Salem was feeling about what was about to come up to his door, the thought of Michelle in his home still lingered on his mind. Even as a staggered form plopped down in front of him.

It was a man, with little look of the way of tear, but heavy in the look of wear.
He had been worked over rather well in a few turns of beatings and behind him was a pack member of Salem's. Oscar was his name, a well respected member who had been faithful to his father as well as to him in the last decade. He tilted back his trademark cowboy hat and shifted the toothpick from one side of his mouth, over onto the other and spoke.

"Aye Salem.. we found this man pushing his trash over off the turnpike.. ran it out in front of Madison's corner store." Salem looked down on the man and gave a dejected sigh as he looked back up to Oscar. "He doesn't seem familiar.." That in itself was code between any wolf born, more like saying they did not smell like anyone else they new. Knowing this man from first looks was going to be difficult though, seeing as he was missing several teeth and a large welt was hanging under his left eye.

"He's new in town apparently, Madison said he didn't listen so she let word get out." The look in the man's eye was the only thing that stuck out in him. A frantic shawl that hung in front of his soul if such a thing could be bore in reality.
Salem gave a gesture to Oscar, not willing to spend much time tonight in delegation on this occurrence. "Give him fifty dollars and set him back on the turnpike." He points a finger into the mans face and stares him down, nearly pushing him into the sand if that were a possible destination for now. "If we catch you in our territory again and you will not live long enough to regret it." two men grab the little dealer and drag him back into the back of the van.

Salem returns back to Oscar "Come back after its done, we need to talk.." though Oscar was caught off by the proclamation, he tilted his hat and made it back to his Cadillac.

Salem made a hasty move back into his home and stood in the hallway, seeing several fresh footprints letting off from the stairs into the living room. A quick look confirmed that Michelle was in fact sitting on the couch as he walked through the door and around the furniture. Sitting on the cushion next to her, he put an arm over her shoulder, resting a hand on her other before pulling her in slightly.

"Tell me everything you can.."


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#, as written by 7achary
The glade was silent but for the sound of the small waterfall tumbling over rocks and into the stream below. Green flora, vibrant with new life, swayed in the gentle breeze. Matty knelt, eyes closed, and payed his final respects to Rene. He quested internally. Thoughts clouded in the search of the proper response for the pack. While the final decision was out of his hands, he would be certain to counsel the others with great forethought.

Suddenly, a buck bounded from the brush. It's entrance shattering the tranquility of the glade. Matty rose and drew his compound bow in a single practiced motion. He let the arrow fly at the peak of his draw. A loud thump echoed off the high rock walls of the waterfall and the buck stumbled, but retained his feet. A black fletched arrow protruded diagonally from his torso. The buck limped forward a slow two steps and fell. Stomach rising and falling in a shuddering breath, it died at the exposed roots of an gnarled oak tree. A rowena oak.

Matty strolled onto the ranch, the fresh kill tossed over his shoulders. The buck's hooves were tied separately in the front and back. Dust kicked up under the hunter's thick leather boots. Afternoon sun glinted off the hoods of two black Tahoes parked in the driveway. A gravel horse shoe, one mile to and from the road.

Oscar looked up from where he leaned against one of the two trucks. Lean and mean as a rattlesnake, he watched Matty from under the wide brim of a ten gallon hat. Matty held his gaze without flinching. He and Oscar would die for one another, but Matty would be damned before submitting to the Kegan family dog.

Matty followed the old ways, being a werewolf wasn't something he did after a 9 to 5. Like a hobby. Those werewolves disgusted him. Matty Groves was a werewolf every moment of his life. He lived for the hunt and venerated the wild old places. He licked no man's boots, not even Salem's.

"Mauling drifters," Matty commented sourly as he glanced into the back seat. "That's a great use for your gifts."

Oscar spit a toothpick at Matty's feet. "Go on inside, youngblood. I'll put that to bein' riled up."

No one needed to mention the loss and building anger they all felt. Matty hefted his burden and continued up the steps. He dropped the deer carcass unceremoniously to the side of the door way and gave the door a kick open.

The door swung inward, shutter banging. In the dimly lit hallway beyond, Mich was red eyed and emotional. Her face tear stained in anguish. She was a sweet young thing. So much like Rene. Matty felt a tug of sympathy, but ignored it. The time for sentimentality would come later. Salem, longtooth that he was, stood near the cub protectively. Matty almost smirked, the left corner of his mouth twitched instead. "Want me to check this out? Sniff around. Maybe do some stalking? No one will see."


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Mich watched Salem walk over to her and sit down. She knew as soon as he put his arm around her she would start tearing up again but she didn't pull away. She just let herself get pulled into him as tears fell yet again. She couldn't stand this crying and sadness. "I don't know exactly what happened to her but I know it was her. The detective thinks it was a human with a dog, because of the way she was killed but It has to be a werewolf. No dog would attack a werewolf, they growl of course but never attack and kill."

She took a deep breath from her rambling and turned to look at who had just walked in. Matthew, she knew who he was but only because he was associated with Rene. She got along with him but she didn't like that he got along too well with Rene. "Hello Matthew" She said with a slight crack in her voice, seeing him only brought her back to her mind. Rene talked about him a lot, she always said their relationship worked the way it was but Mich just didn't like it. "I guess you heard about Rene, huh?"


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Salem held on to Michelle as she spoke, knowing in the back of his mind that being so familiar for his position of Alpha wasn't in the best of interest. But she was in the middle of feeling her loss and even now the whole of the pack could feel that exact same empathy creep over them. At the moment that one of them knew, it was a feeling that kept growing.

Salem took interest however in the sounds coming from his porch and that quickly grew when a thud was heard in the hall. Only as he stood did Matthew kick the door open and cause a cacophony of scents to pour into the room. He had been hunting and the smell was rather pungent to be frank.

He looked on at Matthew and spoke "Matthew.. I would rather you'd left that outside and while we're on the subject, doors open with your hand. Not the use of your boot.." Matthew was a young blood in the pack but capable.

Though honestly he could be rather brash, unsightly and too animistic at times. He was simply a werewolf of another age and that only struck Salem as part of the problem.

The offer from Matthew to go and sniff around was somewhat off putting, know that he was more loud then quiet. Salem was still able to understand that he needed someone to check and since Matthew was offering, it was for the best to have him do it.

"Yes, get cleaned up and head into town. Check with our friends and any contacts you can dig up, but stay clear of Rowena's boys. We don't need any problems from them until we find out more about what happened."


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Salem's decision angered her, she abruptly stood up and turned to him with an angry expression. "How could you think Rowena had nothing to do with this? I just told you only a werewolf could have done it, they are the only wolves around besides us!" She didn't understand why he wasn't angry? Why he wasn't ready to confront Rowena about her friend's death, a member of his pack.

Mich stood there shaking and breathing heavy glaring at her alpha "Don't you care that she's dead? Don't you want to do something about it instead of having him 'sniff around'? There isn't any sniffing around to do, it was Rowena and her dogs and your just sitting there doing nothing!"

Deep down she knew why he wasn't going to confront Rowena about this. She knew, as an alpha he needed to be sure of the facts before pointing fingers. She knew he couldn't just waltz over to their territory and blame them for something like this.


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Salem looked over Michelle as he walked up too her and put a hand on her shoulder "You know full well that we cannot be so fast to act in this day and age.. nor are our packs the only source of beast in the city" He dropped his hand as he watched Matthew stride off into the distance like a damn cowboy in the end. He was glad to at least have him out of the house, having him in the house worried Salem that something would burst into flames, like that time he helped celebrate the solstice.

His attention was soon returned to Michelle as she still remained flush and angered in her features.

"How about you go and do something to clear your mind?"

"Run a few laps around the fields, or even go on a small hunt to at least expel some of that anger you feel."
He leans down and grabs himself his own glass of water, taking a sip and returning it too the table.

"I will do what I can to get to the bottom of this and when the time comes, you will have your chance." Its obvious that he was making this as a promise to her. Atone to the fact that such a debt of blood is already owed too her for the fact of her loss.

Giving her shoulder another touch before pressing on back up the stair towards his office, Salem begins to fish around in his lower desk drawer. Wherein he pulls out a small lock box and unlocks it with a key he keeps in a small hidden space on the center console. The contents of the box consist of a few stacks of money and a large caliber handgun that has rested there for the better part of the whole year. However the one object that was in his pursuit was the small burn phone that sat, wrapped in a small plastic case.

The phone was meant for certain calls and there was only one that he could imagine calling at the moment, fishing through the small contact list before making sure his door was closed, noticing only now that the lock was splayed from the frame now thanks to Michelle's incursion. The name of Rowena pops up on the small screen before he presses the call button and pulls a cigar from the opposite drawer. He lets the tone ring as he goes to work cutting the tip and pouring a small glass of scotch.

He knows Rowena would most likely not have the phone on her person, then again having such an item on her person would constitute a strange induction to her own pack, if one should discover it. He just sat back and took a small puff, before putting the phone back up to his ear and waiting. Always the waiting.. that is what got him the most.


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“I think you guys might want to think about having a therapist in the group. Sounds like you could use it. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I am serious.” Jacob exhaled slowly. “Sounds like a rough life.”

“Yeah well, that’s why Alphas regulate turning humans pretty viciously, or at least they’re supposed to. There have been stories about Alphas in more remote regions who’d run their packs like warlords and turn people right and left to increase their numbers, but that kind of thing has been mostly stamped out by the Covenant in North America. It’s too flashy, risks exposure.” Al commented, finishing the rest of his glass before putting his away as well. “Doesn’t stop the vamps though, but then I suppose they have a higher success rate with the people they keep, so the same rules don’t apply.” He said bitterly.

“Vamps?” Jacob stared at Al. “You mean to tell me…” He put his hands up. “Okay seriously now you are shitting me, trying to freak me out right?” He laughed. “Okay haha, right vamps, vampires are real too. Boogey man, ugh...mummy..what else? Funny.”

Jacob rubbed his face. “No fair though I am tired and a bit tipsy.”

“If only…” Al grumbled out, tempted to take another shot, but successfully restrained himself.

“Vampires, Witches, and a myriad of other little creepy crawlies are all as real as you and me. Witches are kind of hit or miss. There are some that are into that whole whimpy mother-earth-goddess-new-agey-do-no-harm crap, and then you’ve got some that are into some pretty twisted shit and everything in between.”

“Vamps are just a whole nother story, but my suggestion would be to not get too close. Some of the things they can do to people are on a whole other level, and I haven’t met one yet that wasn’t a complete dick.” Al elaborated sourly.

“You are telling me they are all real too? Well fuck, this day just keeps getting more and more messed up. Vampires? Bite your neck, suck your blood type?” Jacob stared at Al. “Shit. Are they with you or against you?”

“Neither.” Al bit out curtly. “Vampires, witches, and werewolves are the ones who originally founded and are governed by the Covenant. We’re all separate entities, but we generally don’t get involved in each other’s business unless we want to deal with the Covenant.” He explained.

“So why found this police type group if you aren’t exactly super keen on each other?” Jacob frowned.

“Because as much as we don’t like each other, if our existence were to become public knowledge, we’re all pretty much in agreement that humans would be even less keen, and they outnumber us by a lot. All you have to do is crack open a history book to see what kind of reception we’d get.” Al drawled out dryly.

“There is nothing in history about werewolves. Witches sure, but that was puritan craziness.” Jacob grunted. “So you have a joint task force to make sure no one knows you exist. This is made up of witches, werewolves and vampires. I got that right?”

“You obviously haven’t studied up on the French.” Al replied dryly. “But yes, in a nutshell. The laws we have aren’t so much about fairness or some sense of monster morality, but to limit exposure.”

“But they aren’t here now. Now you are more worried about who attacked you and that isn’t their domain since it is likely not a human?” Jacob figured at some point this all would make sense. Some day this would just be the norm. This was the life he was signing up for.

“It will all just depend. Something like this, bombs, assassination attempts, it’s all pretty flashy. If they think this, whatever it is, is going to escalate, then they’re going to get involved. Which might not be a good thing. For now though, we’re on our own.” Al explained tiredly.

Jacob bit the inside of his cheek. “So how do we go about finding out who did it? Is there a protocol or can we just start poking around?” His mind was turning, ideas on how he could help brewing.

“Ro’s poking around right now.” Al sighed. “Putting in a call to the Vamp coven in Reno. Marisol owes us a favor, and people don’t make moves like this around here without drawing their attention. They deal in information, so if anyone’s going to have intel on this, they will.”

“Oh.” Jacob’s shoulders slumped. Seemed like he wouldn’t be able to even help with the investigation. Of course they have people for that….what do they need you for? You get to be a useless lump around here. He was missing his dogs more than ever now.

“Unless of course they’re involved too, then I imagine they won’t be much help.” Al bit out, running his hands up his face and through his hair in an attempt to shake off the visible stress of the situation. “We’ll just have to wait an see what they say and move from there.”

“Sounds like in the end my bitching about you kidnapping me is nothing compared to what is really going on.” Jacob felt a bit like an ass. He was still mad that his life was changed with no say from him but in the end Al and Rowena, well they seemed to have it worse.

“You kind of got assaulted this morning, I wouldn’t go so far as to say the bitching is unwarranted.” Al replied, green eyes peering up at the human. “Speaking of which, is there anyone you need to call? Let know you may be out of the office for a couple days or so?”

Jacob looked down. “No, there is no one to call. Just me out there.”

“Well…” Al said stretching a bit as he stood. “On the bright side, that never something you’ll ever have to say again.”

“So, you up for a game of pool, or just-”

“Aaaaallllphonse!” An overly cheery female voice boomed out near his sanctuary, and Al covered his ears with a growl. “Oh god....Betsy…”

“Oh Alphie sweetheart, are you in there with that new fella?!” Betsy called out with a thick southern accent. “Henry called, and a picked up a few new friends out here that I think are anxious to see him!” As if to accentuate her point a chorus of barks let loose.

Jacob was torn between happy to the see the dogs and terrified of the new arrival. He looked at Al. “Do we go out there? She has my dogs…” He sighed.

“If we don’t, she’s just going to come in here.” Al replied grumpily, heading toward the sliding door. “Hi Betsy…”

“Oh Alphie look at you! Henry said you’d been shot, have you even taken a shower yet? Ya know you’re never gonna get a girlfriend if you don’t start taking care of yourself.” Betsy proclaimed as the door was opened. She was a woman in her early fifties, with graying curly brown hair and a gracefully aging beauty. She was a little on the plump side, but it only added to the perpetually ‘mom’ aura she gave off.

Jacob followed Al out. He bit back a chuckle at the woman’s affectionate use of Alphie. He didn’t seem like an Alphie to him. He hung back near the door and crouched down. He gave his legs a soft pat and the dogs pulled at their leashes.

He smiled, happy to see them.

“So you’ve a hundred times.” Al retorted tiredly, as he saw a little furry head peak out of Betsy’s purse, and started whining to be let down.

“Aww, poor Sophie has missed you so much! You really do need to come visit more. Sophie just loves her little Alphie-kins!” Betsy cooed as she placed the overly excited pomeranian into Al’s unwilling arms, and the little dog immediately began licking at Al’s face, which was now sporting a rather sour expression.

“Oh and who’s this? You must be that new feller Henry was telling me about huh?” Betsy declared looking at Jacob with a bright smile and outstretched hand.

Jacob suppressed a laugh. Alphie-kins? He stood as she approached. He really wanted to see the dogs but he knew it was in his best interest not to be rude.

“Ugh, yes..hello.” Jacob shook her hand and forced a friendly smile. “Thank you for bringing my dogs. Much appreciated.”

“Oh of course, no trouble at all. I breed Poms, y’know, so I hate to see those babies at home all alone.” Betsy replied cooing at the dogs before handing over the the leashes to their owner. “I’m Betsy by the way. Henry mentioned you were human, but I never did catch your name sweetheart.”
“Oh sorry, its Jacob.” He crouched down and put his arms out for the dogs. He had dropped the leashes the moment she handed them over. He was rubbing their sides, scratching ears and burying his face into their sides. In return there were face licks and wagging tails.

“Alright so you were worried. I get it. Sorry fellas.” Jacob laughed as he took the time to pet each one.

“I am gonna take out back if that is okay, run them a bit. Give you guys time to talk and stuff.” His eyes lifted to look at Al.

“No man go.” Al encouraged as his face was assaulted by the pomeranian. “Quick, run while you can!” He joked as Betsy swatted him lightly. “Oh you’re horrible!”

Jacob nodded. “Come on boys.” He ran off, the dogs at his heels. He whistled sharply and broke into a faster run.

As evening approached, more and more members of the Carson City pack arrived at the Campbell ranch. The last one showed up at sunset, booking an impressively illegal speed in the well marked Sheriff’s Department police car. The man who came out cut an imposing enough figure with near gargantuan height without the uniform, but that, coupled with the angry twist to his face made Lennox Campbell an intimidating sight.

“Where’s Ro?” He practically growled at Henry as he approached the front porch, tension set in his shoulders.

“Hey Lenny, calm down alright. She’s okay.” Henry tried to sooth as he came down the steps to meet him.

“What happened?” Lennox demanded, trying to rein in his wolf that lashed out internally at the threat to his alpha and sister.

“It’s complicated Lenny. Someone with pretty detailed knowledge about werewolf anatomy attacked Ro and Al this morning. She’s ok now, the doctor got all the silver out, so she’s healing up just fine.” Henry assured the more dominant wolf, hands splayed out in a comforting gesture.

“Doctor? How did Murdoch get up here from Vegas so fast?” Lennox asked in confusion. Their usual pack doctor, Andy Murdoch, was on vacation this week celebrating his fiftieth birthday. He wasn’t a wolf, but was family of the local witch coven in the area. He was completely non-magical himself, but he’d grown up with the supernatural, which made him the go to guy for all things supernatural and medical in these parts.

“He didn’t…” Henry trailed off awkwardly, eyes instinctively glancing out to the yard where an unknown man was running around with a mix matched pack of dogs.

“Who is that?” Lennox asked, a dangerous edge lacing his voice. The wind wasn’t strong today, but the werewolf was standing downwind of this stranger, and he smelled like his sister. Lennox’s amber eyes watched him intently, intense and assessing.

“That would be our new doctor.” Henry said carefully as he sense the growing tension in the more dominant wolf. “Ro got hurt pretty bad, and Al kind of panicked. They were on the road, and from the sound of things, Al kind of vetnapped the guy from his home practise.” Henry tried to explain.

“Shit!” Lenny swore, hackles raised. He really hated it when pack business interfered with his job. No matter what, his loyalty would always be with his sister and the pack, but Lenny also liked to think he was a halfway decent cop. Aiding and abetting the kidnapping and possible murder of a local vet would hardly be living up to that job description. “Were there any witnesses?” He asked bleakly, hardening himself for the worst.

“No, but it doesn’t really matter now. Jacob, that’s his name, is joining the pack. Ro explained the situation then made the offer, and he’s adjusting surprisingly well.” Henry reassured his packmate.

“Seriously?” Lennox asked in surprise, but his shoulders relaxed a bit in relief. “Where are Ro and Al?” He asked switching gears.

“Ro’s making some calls, seeing if anyone knows something about what happened this morning. It’s probably going to take a while though. You know trying to get a straight answer out of the vamps is like pulling teeth.” Henry explained dryly. “As for Al, I imagine Betsy’s still fussing over him. He got out of there in much better shape than Ro did, but he still got shot.”

“Silver or lead?” Lennox asked reflexively, looking for any bit of information he could get.

“Lead. The only silver was in the bomb apparently, so Al should be fine.” Henry replied. “I think Ro’s looking to induct Jacob tonight, and possibly another wolf as well. Apparently she recently lost her pack, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she asks to join ours.”

“Hmm.” Lennox grunted, mulling over that information. “I suppose I should meet him then.” He admitted reluctantly. Lennox had never been a people person. Ro had always been the one with the most diplomatic personality, and Al could be an idiot sometimes, but he could charm the pants off most girls when he put his mind to it. Lenny had always been the prickly bear of the family, built for enforcing order, not making the rules that governed it.

“That would probably be for the best.” Henry agreed encouragingly, as he began walking the reluctant wolf over to their newest addition. Oddly enough, Henry thought the two might get on better than Lenny expected. In some ways, they seemed to have similar personalities, which could mean they’d be fast friends or incredibly awkward around each other. Henry choose to be an optimist.

“Hey, Jacob!” Henry called over as they approached the human and his dogs, arm waving in a friendly gesture. “I brought over someone I thought you should meet. This is Lenny, Ro’s beta.” He introduced warmly.

Jacob looked up from where he was sitting on the ground, surrounded by his dogs. One laid in front of him. The others milled about sniffing and licking him.

“Ugh, hi…” Jacob awkwardly got up from the ground and put a hand out.

“Hi.” Lennox grunted back stiffly, taking the offered hand for a quick shake before shoving his own back into his pocket.

“Well, aren’t you two just a pair of conversationalists.” Henry commented dryly with a pointed look at Lennox, who cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Umm...Thank you. For helping Ro. Henry said you’re the one who fixed her up.” Lennox managed. “They your’s?” Lenny managed some semblance of conversation lamely gesturing toward the dogs.

Jacob grinned sheepishly at Henry’s comment. I never said I was good with people. The thought drifted off as the man, Lenny thanked him.

“It well...she was in pretty bad shape and I am not one to let an animal...well a person either but she wasn’t a person at the time when I started…” He rubbed the back of his head. “You are welcome.”

He looked at the dogs and smiled. “Yeah they are. My family. They each adopted me.” He chuckled, rubbing the head of the sheep dog who sat at his feet.

On his other side sat a beautiful husky mix. She seemed to be watching the men carefully. Jacob gave her a smile and scratch as well.

“See, I told you it could have been worse. He could have been a cat person.” Henry joked lightly with a smile.

“Don’t even joke.” Lenny gripped unappreciatively. Lennox and cats has a long standing mutual hatred for one another, and the thought of one of those manipulative overgrown rats occupying the same space was extremely unappealing.

“You still holding that grudge against your ex’s tabby?” Henry snickered with a knowing look at the grumpy beta.

“That damn thing was possessed by something, evil incarnate” Lenny replied defensively crossing his arms.

Jacob nodded, “Cats are...temperamental. Not the easiest animals to treat. I prefer my canine friends.” He knelt down and let the sheep dog lick his face.

“Yeah, dogs are definitely easier. Cats tend to just go nuts around us unless you find one of those stupidly friendly ones with no sense of self preservation.” Henry agreed with a nod. “With dogs it’s more hit or miss. Sometimes they don’t have any issues with us, and sometimes they sense a threat in us and attack.” Henry continued with a shrug.

“It’s about dominance.” Lennox elaborated. “Dogs are pack animals too, they understand how that power structure works. If we exert enough dominance toward them, they come to heel. If they’re naturally dominant themselves, it becomes harder, but for a dominant wolf, it usually isn’t a problem.” He finished, eyeing the husky mix that had tensed in his presence calmly, making firm eye contact as he waited for the dog to either avert her eyes first or make some other show of submission.

The husky growled lightly but laid down at the gaze. She was clearly used to running Jacob’s pack of dogs, their alpha. She was also extremely protective of Jacob.

“Right. Dominance. The whole pack system.” Jacob looked at the house briefly. “Well I am happy to stay right where I am in all this.” He gestured towards things. “A lot of people here now?”

Jacob looked uncomfortable.

“Yes.” Lennox confirmed, crouching down carefully to gently pet the husky after her show of submission. “Those who are submissive follow and support those above them, and those who are dominant protect and care for those below. It is a system dependant upon trust and care, without that there is no pack.”

“Looks like.” Henry agreed regarding Jacob’s question, gesturing back toward the house. “Ro’s probably finished up with the call by now, so we should probably head back up.” He continued, gesturing toward the house.

Jacob sighed, “Right. Okay…” He gave a sharp whistle and the dogs all came to heel. “I guess it is time to face them all.” He was really not keen on so many people but he understood it was discomfort or death and a bit of awkwardness with strangers was better than death.


“You're sure?” Ro asked again for clarification, not liking the answer she was given.

“Sorry Rowena, but there’s been no activity of that nature on our side for months. Bernard and I have settled our differences for the time being, and starting a pointless tiff with you would just be bad for business. Besides, Bernard would never be that sloppy.” Marisol, he vampire mistress of the west Nevada territory lilted with grudging admiration for her long time adversary and sometimes lover. Bernard, who was the undisputed leader of the vampire community in Las Vegas, had a bit of a reputation for underhanded tactics as well as both the means and the knowledge to pull something like this off. Why Bernard would want her dead was a bit more murky, but if he were trying to make a move against Marisol and her hold over Reno, taking a shot at her werewolf ally wouldn’t be unthinkable.

“I’ll poke around if you like, see what I find hiding in the shadows…” Marisol added dreamily, more statement than offer. Marisol didn’t really need an excuse to torment the supernatural underside of Reno, but she liked having a cause.

“I’ll keep in touch.” Rowena hung up with a sigh, leaving the vindictive vampire to her musings. This left her a square one. Ro didn’t want to believe Salem would make such an irrevocably aggressive move like this so suddenly, but they were running out of alternative suspects.

Rowena took a minute to calm herself before attempting to stand up, and that’s when the burner phone in her desk drawer started ringing. There was only one person who ever called her on that phone, and right now, she was tempted to just let it keep ringing. After a few moments however, she did the responsible thing and answered to phone. Whatever purpose Salem had for calling her, it likely wasn’t good, but it was important for her to know.

“Why are you calling me Salem?” Rowena answered grimly, not in the mood for mind games tonight. The two Alphas very rarely contacted each other in this manner, but it did happen occasionally.


“I see the bad moon rising! I see trouble on the way! I see earthquakes and lightnin'!
I see bad times today!”

“Mmmmhhhehhhhh…” Drew Harris groaned as she sleepily swatting at the offending phone going off on her nightstand. Normally, she didn’t mind a little impromptu CCR, but it was three in the morning, and she was on vacation. Drew hadn’t taken personal time that didn’t involve bodily injury in over three years. She’d been planning this week long veg feast for over a month, no monsters, office politics, or 72 hours work days for a whole damn week. So when she saw her boss’s name displayed on her phone’s screen at three o’clock in the fucking morning on a day he had no business contacting her, Drew was ready to chuck the phone.

“Don't go around tonight, well it's bound to take your life! There's a bad moon on the rise!”

“What.” Drew growled into the phone with as much indignation as she could muster, opting for the adult choice on the matter of the phone smashing, and picking it up instead.

“I’ve got a job for you. How fast can you get to Nevada?” Her boss asked in a nonchalant manner that rubbed her the wrong way.

“Phil, I’m on fucking vacation. Get someone else.” Drew snapped back irritably, ready to hang up and go back to sleep.

“You’re going to want to take this one.” Phil insisted patiently. “I’m sending you some photos from the crime scene. Call me back in ten minutes if you want the job.” He instructed before hanging up.

“Well that’s cryptic.” Drew grumbled before pulling out her laptop from her bag next to the bed. An e-mail with a case file attached was waiting in her inbox, and she began scanning the debriefing and photos inside with tired eyes. So a couple packs of werewolves were about to go all West side Story on each others asses, werewolves were hardly her field of expertise. Why would Phil think she’d be interested in taking this case?

Her question was answered by one of the crime scene photos, a faded brick wall with blood smeared into runic symbols. That by itself didn’t mean anything. Thanks to the internet any kid with an unhealthy interest in pagan sacrifice and new agey crap could puzzle out a basic ritual. It was the one symbol there that wasn’t runic, carved into the dead girl’s skin, that made her blood boil and heart freeze all at once.

It had been ten year, ten fucking years since she’d seen that symbol, but one glance was all it took to make her feel like a powerless kid again, phantom pain working its way up her spine. “I’ll take the case.” Drew gritted out to Phil after taking a minute to compose herself and call her boss back.

“I’ll let your partner know of the transfer. Do you need the jet to pick you up?” Phil asked, a distinct lack of that smug ass tone she was used to from him, and it was beginning to chauf.

“No, I’m close enough to drive. If I leave now I can meet them there by daybreak.” She declined, resolving herself to get up and start packing. “Who else are they sending?” She asked absently.

“Ilona. She’ll be our werewolf expert going into this. She’s taking point, so play nice and try not to get yourself mauled because of that smart mouth of yours ok.” Phil replied sternly.

“The Russian one? Fun.” Drew mused, knowing the other agent by reputation, but not personally. “I thought you liked it when I used my smart mouth Phil.” Drew teased, the overt flirting helping to center herself. “In fact there were a few other choice adjective I distinctly recall you using for it that would give Beth from HR a heart attack.”

“You’re not funny.” Phil grouched, and Drew could practically see the sour expression pulling across his blushing features.

“Ah don’t sweat it Phil. No one in their right mind would believe you sexually harassed me. Especially not anyone from HR.” Drew soothed. “I’ll check in when I get there.” She smoothly moved back to business before hanging up to finish packing.


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Salem is not entirely surprised to hear the phone pick up on the other end, seeing as it was rather uncouth for such contact between the alpha's. Such as Rowena said in the first place. However he draws another puff from his cigar and sits forward in his chair before exhaling and putting it out in the ashtray on his desk.

He returns with a somber sound in his voice "I suspect you already know the reason of why I am calling Rowena. Any other event would show an otherwise different outcome." He stands and grabs his glass from the desk before waltzing over towards the window slowly.

"Last night a rather grizzly event took place and unfortunately it was one of mine that was claimed. Of which I have been dealing with the fall out from her sister for the whole day.." He takes a swig from the glass and the clearing of his throat was audible across the phone.

His eyes catch a set of headlights coasting down his family drive again and for sure in his mind it was Oscar on his way back. The car is alone this time seeing as the other pack members are off on their own business. That only left a gaping voice of worry in his mind, as to what they could be up to at such a late time.

He raises the phone back to his ear fully and speaks again as he looks on "She is dealt with for now.. and even though I do not wholly think your pack is to blame, there are others in mine that will most likely search for answers and I cannot guarantee it will be a calm procedure.

He drinks one last time before finishing the glass and returning too his desk to set it down.
"I will be calling my pack for meet tonight, I suggest you do the same.. this peace, however strenuous. Has proven beneficial for both sides these last few years."

"It would be a shame, should something like this break the calm."

He waited on the other end after a slow draw of his breath, the anticipation was somewhat killing him. Though he knew Rowena as always being an even keeled leader, much so as himself. Though in all honesty, he has had the honor of outscoring her on primal outburst in the past.


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Rowena listened as Salem laid out what had befallen his pack, mind sifting through the information and the implications that presented. If one of Salem’s pack had been murdered would that explain the sudden attack this morning? It was a possibility, but everything about the bombing had seemed extremely well planned. That didn’t leave a lot of time in between the two occurrences if Salem’s packmate had been murdered only last night.

“My condolences.” Rowena offered first, though she remained guarded by some of Salem’s more implicating comments. “I’ll look into the matter on my end and let you know what I find.” She promised out of courtesy. It is what she would expect if the situation were in reverse.

“For the sake of mutual disclosure, you should know that someone with an affinity for explosives and an abundance of silver attacked my pack this morning as well.” Rowena added calmly, letting the information hang there for a moment.

“No casualties so far, but there are some who are angry and beginning to point fingers. I of course don’t wholly believe your pack responsible either.” Ro continued dryly, copying his earlier phrasing. She also wasn’t about to tell him she had been the one who’d almost died in the bombing. If the Death Valley pack were in fact behind it then he already knew, and if not there was no need to admit to the weakness.


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Salem could feel a tinge in the back of his throat when Rowena spoke of an attack on her own pack and the question could only rise from his mind in response. "That is troubling.. could it be that someone has it out for all of us, after all these years of living out of the public eye?" He poured another glass to help wash the worry away as he processed the facts of what happened.

"Or maybe someone has it in plan to pit the two of our packs against one another.. that would be a rather grisly thing with the way a majority of my younger pups see this standing peace. Some of them are itching for more blood then will ever be necessary." The words spoken were true unfortunately. Salem's pack has been growing steadily over the last few decades and all of the younger wolves don't have nearly the same restraint as those more long in the tooth.

He takes a smaller sip from the glass this time, a measure of his worry beginning to sound in his voice.
"My territory does not run short of its share of firebugs and quarks, but something as brazen as bombing takes a measure of resource and skill." A knock sounds on his office door as he turns from his desk and he tightens the phone to his ear.

"I will get men on to finding what we can of this bomber, not many secrets stay hidden out here in the valley.. you will hear again from me soon Rowena.. Come in" The last words escaping his mouth before he can push the end button on the phone. Stuffing it into his back pocket as the frame swings wide and Oscar's face appearing past its boundary.

Oscar steps in and gives the door a cursory jostle. "Busted hinge and lock boss.. temper run away a bit?" Salem only motions, as if to say the words "never mind that" aloud before sitting down in his chair. "I suppose you've heard the full tale by now, seeing as such news runs like wildfire through the brush?" Oscar answers with a somber tipping of his gaze "Aye.. we are going to miss the little ladies light around here, more so for Michelle's smile."

"That feeling will pass, despite how course saying so sounds. It all does in the end and things will return to the way they belong.. in time." He downs the rest of his drink and sets it next to the bottle before standing, making his way to Oscar's side. "Go and send out the word, pack meets tonight and I want everyone in attendance.. no one skips out on this." He looks out into the fields surrounding his home, the place were such meetings have always taken place since the his taking seat as pack Alpha. "All farmhands are to assist in preparing for tonight, just pay them overtime and then send them on their way."

Oscar gives a stiff nod as he moves back out the door, disappearing downstairs.