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Bad Moon Rising



(The towns in this rp are made up.)
It has been years since supernatural beings revealed their existence to the world. When they first came out to the mundane, many were not accepted, naturally. For a long time people wanted the supernaturals hunted down and killed by the government. However, the government found that the supernaturals were too many in number and their power outweighed them by a long shot. So, the supernaturals simply continued to live among the humans (like they had been), without much repercussion. Of course, everyone was afraid of each other, in fear that their neighbor might be that which “goes bump in the night.” No one was to be trusted.

The government set it up to where each supernatural were to go to their local police office and register as a “supernatural resident” of the town they lived in. But, we all know not all follow the rules, right? Some still live in hiding, refusing to let it be known what they are. The town of Elmwood, Tennessee doesn’t really have much of a problem when it comes to the supernaturals. In the small town you have some that hate supernaturals with a passion, you have some that accept them, and then, well, you have the supernaturals themselves; then there are some who are simply indifferent. Though there hasn’t been any problems does not mean there won’t be any.

Recently, a large group of vampires have been causing problems a town over. Problems as in killing and taking humans mercilessly during the night. The townspeople of Elmwood were smart enough to know that the vampires, once wiping out the town of Ashbury, would soon come to their town. They were right. These vampires have already taken four of their townspeople, and they know that is just the beginning. The mayor of Elmwood devised a plan. Every human in town is not allowed to leave their home without at least one supernatural with them, especially at night. This way, if they were to be attacked, they would have someone to defend them. It has now been made into a law. The supernaturals that live in Elmwood and the humans there must work together. The mayor has made it to where each supernatural (that is a registered resident) is assigned a human (or a family), and they must move in together.

This law is known as the HPL (human protection law) and the mayor let the townsfolk know that this law would be in effect until the vampire threat was vanquished. And you want to know something? The government is not doing a thing about it. So, they are having to take matters into their own hands. Some of the supernaturals have decided to hunt down this group of vampires and kill them simply because they do not want to have to be chained to a human the rest of their days. A few humans are trying to help find and kill the vampires as well. But will they be successful? Things most definitely will not be easy. Can you imagine the drama and chaos?

So, what are you?

This role-play will start a day after the HPL has been put in place. The supernaturals of Elmwood have went to the town hall and received the name of the human they will be having to watch over, and are having to move in with them. They may know them, they may not. (If you are portraying a supernatural or human you will have to get together with the human/supernatural your character is paired with and discuss it with the other writer). The vampires who are going through towns killing humans (known as the “savage vampires”) are hidden among the townspeople (they usually attack at night), staying in an old, abandoned house on the outskirts of town. They have four humans help captive, using them to feed on. If you have any questions please ask in OOC or PM! Enjoy the rp. ^^

{ I will be posting a list of abilities and such each species of supernatural in this role-play has in the OOC soon. However, I will let you know. There are faeries, vampires (obviously), werewolves (lycans), shape shifters (skin walkers), and witches/warlocks. So, stay tuned! Read on for a list of characters. :) }

Face Claim || Extra Info. || Species (if supernatural) || Status (open/reserved/taken)

The Human Townspeople

Human One
Matt Bomer || Protected by Supernatural Six; one of the humans trying to hunt the savage vampires || RESERVED by Dumisa

Human Two
Torrey Devitto || Protected by Supernatural Five || OPEN

Human Three
Matthew Gray Gubler || Protected by Supernatural One || OPEN

Human Four
Freya Mavor || Protected by Supernatural Two || RESERVED by phoenix_lynx

Human Five
Jensen Ackles || Protected by Supernatural Four; wants to help hunt the vampires || OPEN

Human Six
Logan Lerman || Protected by Supernatural Three || OPEN

The Supernaturals
Supernatural One
Jane Levy || Protects Human Three || Witch || RESERVED by Dumisa

Supernatural Two
James Franco || Protects Human Four || Vampire || RESERVED by Emily3456

Supernatural Three
Lucas Till || Protects Human Six || Werewolf || OPEN

Supernatural Four
Amber Heard || Protects Human Five || Shape Shifter|| TAKEN by the GM

Supernatural Five
Chris Pine || Protects Human Two || Warlock || OPEN

Supernatural Six
Crystal Reed || Protects Human One || Faerie || RESERVED by LostRiver

Supernatural Seven
Chris Evans || An Unregistered Supernatural || Werewolf || OPEN

Supernatural Eight
Arden Cho || Unregistered Supernatural || Faerie || OPEN

The Savage Vampires

Vampire One
Phoebe Tonkin || The Leader || RESERVED by Kura Ravengade

Vampire Two
Joseph Morgan || Sort of like the Leader’s Second-in-Command || TAKEN by GM

Vampire Three
Zoey Deutch || OPEN

Vampire Four
Daniel Sharman || OPEN

Vampire Five
Dianna Argon || OPEN

Vampire Six
Jamie Dornan || OPEN

Vampire Seven
Sam Witwer || OPEN

Humans Taken by The Vampires

Taken Human One
Deborah Ann Woll || OPEN

Taken Human Two
Jessica Alba || OPEN

Taken Human Three
Marlon Teixeira || OPEN

Taken Human Four
Amanda Seyfried || OPEN

Character Sheet
Make it neat and eye-catching! I’m not giving you a set sheet to give you the freedom of fixing you how you want. Please include everything, but feel free to add to it. Erase the things in ( )  brackets! Remember to use plenty of gifs/pictures as well.

Full Name: (first, middle, last)
Nickname(s): (if they have one and how they got it)
Age: (no one under twenty; supernaturals list their physical and actual age[only for vampires and faeries, really])
Role: (Human Two, Supernatural Five, what?)
Appearance in Description: (what does your character look like? List things shown in the pictures and not)
Personality: (make it good)
Occupation: (if they have one)
Likes: (At least five)
Dislikes: (At least five)
History: (doesn’t have to be long)



Please do not join this role-play and then vanish without saying anything or within the first couple of posts. If you’re going to do that, then just do not join.
This is an advanced and mature role-play. That means be able to use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and so forth to the best of your ability. Mistakes are a given but there is always spellcheck and Google if you are unsure. Also, be able to handle mature things like swearing (when appropriate), blood, gore, etc. If you can’t, then you shouldn’t even join. Keep in mind RPG rules!! Be able to type at least 400 per post per character.
Romance is a natural part of life, and this is a mature rp, but please. . . Once the clothes come off do the nifty “Fades to Black” or take it somewhere else. Keep it tactful, people!
When it comes to Face Claims. . . I really like the ones I have, but if you MUST. . . Then you can switch a face claim. Let me know and provide me with a GIF 500x281, however.
When you reserve a character you then have 24 hours to get me in a WIP and 48 hours to complete said character(s). If you need an extension, let me know and we can work something out. But! If you don’t let me know I will reopen your spot. Also, since there are so many roles I want writers to be able to portray two characters, please. Both a male and a female, unless you would like two males. Please. To let me know you’ve read everything. . . Reserve two characters. If it is a huge issue, let me know and maybe we can work things out. :T

Please contribute to ideas and the OOC. Rps are more successful with an active OOC! Converse! Plleeaassee!
If you have any questions feel free to ask. I do not bite too hard. My PM and IM is always open as well. I want this role-play to be fun and easygoing. You got me? :P I hope to be writing with you lovelies soon!


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Re: Bad Moon Rising

Ah okay then may I reserve human three? [I adore Matthew Gray Gubler! XD]

Re: Bad Moon Rising

Okay, okay. Sorry I've been busy these past couple of days! Hope everyone is still here! The WIPs are looking good! Those who only have one character can snag up another if you want. No one is showing anymore interest right now. :/


Certainly! Can't wait to see them! I'm taking too long with my characters. Some things came up and aahhh.. lol

Re: Bad Moon Rising

@Lover: Hey, sorry but may I have an extension on my two characters please? I'll have them up on Monday at the latest. :)

Re: Bad Moon Rising

I submitted my female, she's still a WIP, but hopefully you can get a good idea of her from what I have so far. I'll finish her up and get a male WIP in soon.

Re: Bad Moon Rising

I've sent in Isabelle Knoxx [stil wip], hope you like her! :D

Re: Bad Moon Rising

Reserved for you! :)

Re: Bad Moon Rising

Hello!! I was hoping to reserve the FC's of Zoey Deutch and Chris Pine! :)

Re: Bad Moon Rising

Yes! Reserved for you all! About to update the info. page with reservations now. :) Hopefully more people will reserve soon!

I understand that you're busy. It's fine if you can only take on one character and still want to join. :T

I like both of them, so it's up to you! :D

Re: Bad Moon Rising

May I reserve FC: Phoebe Tonkin? I will also be doing the same a Phoenix_lynx. I don't want to take another character until everyone who has come to this RP has at least one.

Re: Bad Moon Rising

@Lover: Hello! It's nice to meet you. :) But I would like to reserve the FC's Matt Bomer & Jane Levy, if at all possible please.

Re: Bad Moon Rising

Oh I think I would like to reserve Human Six? {Logan] :)

Edit: Sorry I didn't finish reading the rules, unfortunately I'm just too busy to take on two characters. This is a wonderful idea though!

Re: Bad Moon Rising

This looks great.

I'll be reserving two characters, Deborah Ann Woll and James Franco, I kind of want to reserve a third characters [Human Two] but I'll try to reframe.

I would however, like to change my first FC from Deborah Ann Woll to either Sophie Turner or Leighton Meester. I'm still undecided on the change but let me know which actress you like more so I can narrow it down to two.

Re: Bad Moon Rising

Hey there! Could I reserve FC: Crystal Reed? I won't reserve another character right this second just because I don't want to take one that someone else might want, so once we've got things a bit more established, I'll take another one. Like Phoenix, I don't mind taking whoever is left. ^-^

Re: Bad Moon Rising

Yep! Reserved for you. :T

Re: Bad Moon Rising

May I reserve FC Freya Mavor? :) I'll reserve another character once more people come in [I don't mind getting a left over xD]

Bad Moon Rising

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