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Dristoath Sulioropsi


0 · 306 views · located in Baekoth

a character in “Baekoth: Heretics”, as played by toajojo



"I am not human. My parents were daemons. Therefore, I am more than human."


Dristoath has an appearance that invites lust. Many are entranced by his sharp features. Rippling muscles coat his bones yet he is not considered bulky. Just the right size to give off an impression of intimidation and brutal strength. Scars from lashes paint his back and lick the edges of his arms and thighs, but he makes no attempt to hide them. Showcasing testaments that he has no fear of pain. No man can be worthy of his obedience. He is enticing and he knows it. Knowledgeable in the fastest of ways on how to tempt a guest into his quarters. The way he smirks, and raises his brows in jest. The way thunderous laughter overpowers others, and easily given smiles. Keep many off of their guard.

If one were to really observe, or came to know him as his sister did, they would be blindsided. Dark eyes that seem to promise rebellious fun, hold undertones of hatred. Soon one can not help to see the darker ways about him. The once simple smirks now are cruel and rugged. The canines that peek through in his smile no longer endearing but animalistic and demonic. Dristoath does what he favors and nothing more.

  • Hair: Black stands are tightly twisted into small braids and left to his chin. Often he will tie back the bangs that cover his eyes.
  • Facial Hair: A mustache and dark stubble.
  • Eyes: Dark Brown.
  • Build: Broad and muscled.
  • Skin Tone: Light brown, maybe dark caramel.
  • Height: 6'1" or 185 centimeters.
  • Weight: 198 pounds or 89 kilograms
  • Voice: Here we go
  • Handed: Left
  • Body Markings: He has two different brands. One on the left side of his chest and the second on his right palm.
  • Scar Tissue: Scars cover the majority of his back, smaller portions of the backs of his upper arms and thighs, and scattered over his body.
  • Unique Body Features: Dristoath's canines are longer than the average human's and have a tendency stick out when he grins. When angered his eyes will flash crimson.

Dristoath Sulioropsi

Driss, by only his sister.


Half pure human, half daemon.

Visual Age:
Late twenties

Factual Age:
Twenty-eight, 28


Sexual Orientation:
Bisexual, Aromantic. Dristoath has found himself in the bed of both men and women alike. He quite enjoys the lustful pleasure. Yet, in all his days he has never connected with somebody enough to fall in love so to say, and he doubts he ever will.

Mage Ranking:
Noram, the mundane




Not like anything one would expect of a slave. Especially born into the unfortunate role. His masters have always had a strenuous time keeping him under wraps. Dristoath has never been one to just do what he was told. People may find him complex, but he is not. He promises you. He is quite simple in his own opinion. Things he enjoys, he will go out of his way to make time for. Things he dislikes are not worth his time and he will go to great lengths not to do them. See, simple as that.

He loves being the center of attention. The talk of the conversation. He thrives on it, which is why he adapted so well to the life of a gladiator. People watching him as he does what he does best is the most he could ask for. He loves to fight and will pick a fight everyone and anyone. No matter the odds. His pride is enough to belong to an army of men and will be his downfall his sister swears. Dristoath is seductive and flirtatious. He enjoys the fact that people fall over him as if he was not just some slave. Making people crave and desire him is just a pastime. Seeing how far and how much they are willing to do for him is his goal.

Dristoath is often the loudest in the room. His laugh roars and voice booms. His eyes and smile are bright and inviting. But not without a mischievous glint to them that invites danger. But that could be what makes him so alluring.

Despite how affable he seems, he becomes a cruel and bloodthirsty beast at the drop of a coin. He easily tires of people and their antics. His list of annoyances is vast, but he does not have the patience to give anyone fair warning. One second he will grin at you and run his hands through your hair. The next, he has already drawn his blade and your severed fingers fall to the dirty floor. Don't touch him unless he allows you to. It does not even matter if he was all over you first. It is just how his mind works. Twisted.

• Dristoath enjoys playing around with long hair. Whether it be his own, his sister's, or an evening lover's.
• He bites lip when he grows excited.
• He absolutely loves when people scratch his head. Tending to sprawl across whoever humors him.
• Dristoath will snarl or growl before getting into a fight of any sort.

Moral Alignment:
Chaotic Neutral

"I am too strong to succumb to pain, but not above punishing those who dared to threaten me with it."

Dristoath does not really have a true goal set. Before recently, he had never even actually considered the idea of freedom. Dristoath wants to do everything he has never done. He wants to make a name for himself someway or another.

• Death | It is such a difficult concept for him to grasp. One minute you are alive, breathing and moving, the next second you are dead. What happens then. Some say it is just like sleeping, others say he'll fall to the depths of hell. Either way, he is in no hurry to find out the actual answer.
• Vulnerability | Dristoath is strong. He is more than the average man. That undeniable strength that he possess is what fuels his confidence. Without it, what is he? Nothing.

• Repay His Debt | The Queen of Freedom has graced him with her presence and granted him something he never knew he wanted. Now he owes her, and Dristoath is not the type to take debts lightly. He has decided that aiding her in regaining the throne will be payment enough.
• Make a Name for Himself | Now that his entire world has grown in size, he does not want to be just some nameless face. Fading into oblivion with hundreds of others. Before he was well-known as a gladiator and wants that same recognition.

• Feasts • Fighting • His Sister • Daemons • Celebrations • Victory • Dogs • The Ocean • Storytelling • Competitions • Cloud Watching • Flirting • Being Surrounded by People • Sex • Music •

• Being Corrected • Threats • People Touching Him • Reading • Crying • Weakness • Sour Food • People Stronger Than Him • Being Told What To Do • Lightning and Thunder •

• Vengeful | Dristoath never forgets a deed no matter how small. Wrongdoings against him will always be at the forefront of his mind. He does whatever is needed to break even.
• Quick to anger | Happy and playing jester one moment, the next, feral growls fill the air and blood coats his palms. Dristoath snaps at the drop of a time. Simple things irritate him and he does not have the patience to communicate what his boundaries are.
• His Sister | It is a twisted and strange relationship they share. He loves her and yet can not help but her hurt. Every scar he gives her pierces him. She is all he has and ever had. He does all he can to keep her out of the greedy hands of beasts.

Is your character literate? In what languages?:
Dristoath never had a formal education and neither did his sister. If one were to only hear them speak, they would not be able to notice anything wrong as they are perfectly fluent in the common language. The duo can not read or write for the life of them. They might be able to pick out their names, but that is about it. Although, when the twins were young, they spoke to each other in a language that only they understood. Refusing to speak aloud in the common vernacular for months at a time. Very rarely, the two will still speak to each other in their imaginary language.


A simple linen cap.

A bejeweled necklace stolen from a lover.

A simple, black long-sleeved shirt of linen.

Strapped to the back of his shoulders are his dual blade holders.

Right Hand:

Left Hand:

Right Accessory:

Left Accessory:

Rope, to hold up his pants.

Simple linen trousers, grey in color.

Leather gladiator sandals.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Good The boy was born fighting. Anything his arms and legs could reach. He was always considered a violent child, but that was good given his circumstances. Over the years he has developed his own unique style for bare-fisted fighting. Unlike, his sister, Dristoath's technique is much more rigid and stiff. His stance low and weighted. Grounded, Dristoath has immense core strength that makes him almost impossible to knock down. He generally endures all that is thrown at him with deft blocks, until he chooses a moment to attack. When he does, it is quite devastating as his punches, swipes, and kicks are fluid and powerful.
  • Melee Combat: Excellent Dristoath is the son of two daemon gladiators, it would seem obvious that he would be raised as one as well. He has used all the weapons available to him over the years and is at least average in many of them. He prefers swords though.
  • Ranged Combat: Average He has experience with them, but has never become proficient. He finds them difficult to control. Plus it is not really a fight if it is not up close and personal.
  • Magic Combat: Very Poor. Dristoath has no experience with magic, and at this point has no intention to learn.
  • Mounted Combat: Above Average He has fought on horseback once or twice. It was enjoyable, though it took a bit to get accustomed to. He is more familiar with chariot battles.

Racial Abilities:
  • Endurance: Excellent. Dristoath has immense energy reserves. He is able to go through quite a lot before he is down for the count.
  • Ambitious: Excellent. When Dristoath has decided that he wants something, he gets it. No matter what. The longer it is kept withheld, the more he desires it, the harder he fights for it.
  • Adaptability: Below Average. One environment. He has lived his entire life in slavery. Its aspects rarely varied and he was content. Big changes do not appeal to him very much and he has a tendency to rebel against them.

Natural Talent:
  • Lying: Above Average. Silken words, and confident smiles of his often seem to convey sincerity. He knows what he is doing and has never felt any qualms about bending the truth.
  • Revenge: Excellent. Dristoath can really hold a grudge. People should really know better. He may not act right away, but it is coming. Give it time. The longer it takes the worst he is bound to make it.
  • Seduction: Above Average. It helps that he is quite attractive. Other than that though, he has learned many things over the years. Just by casual observation, it is easy for him to decide what to do to excite someone.

Class Skills:
  • Education: Poor. He was never provided a formal education, but he never minded really. He can understand those who speak to him, pick out his name, and count to 120. The greatest number of opponents he felled in a day's time.
  • Obedience: Below Average. Dristoath hates to be told what to do. He is a naturally rebellious character. Before he does anything that does not appeal to him, he will procrastinate and gripe, even resort to intimidation to weasel out of it.


The clothes on his back, two swords, a coin pouch, and a rucksack.

Nothing much. He took nothing, as there was nothing worth remembering.

A necklace stolen off the neck of a lover, and a few beads in his hair.

  • Weapon Name: None.
  • Weapon Type: Dual Dao Swords
  • Material: Steel
  • Length: Both about ninety centimeters, or 35 inches.
  • Weight: Each almost seven pounds.
  • Weapon Description/Info: Moderately curved and single-edged, though a few inches of the back edge sharpened as well. Primarily used for slashing and chopping, the curve allows them to be reasonably effective in the thrust. Hilts curve in the opposite direction as the blade which improves its handling.


Group Affiliation:
The Free Army

Marital Status:
Single and content.

• Ailena Sulioropsi | Sister | Alive
• Drasphi Sulioropsi | Father | Deceased
• Talyn Fouraxx | Mother | Deceased


Social Rank:
Freed Slave

Gladiator and Ally of The Rising Queen.

The Lattan family came from noble descent and makes most of their money nowadays off of slave fighting. They are well known for having some of the most fierce gladiators of the day, many of demon origins. Their secret? Buying, or winning, depending on if there is gambling involved, the strong slaves of their competitors. Then, specially selected breeding when the gladiators become to old or damaged to continue on in their violent profession. Inhuman? Eh, not really if you think about it. Can gladiators really still be considered human, when compared to the majority? And daemons definitely are not after all.

Drasphi Sulioropsi captured and sold into slavery. The Lattan family's own gladiator. He was quite skilled and sought after. Dragging in large sums with his every fight.

Talyn Fouraxx was born into slavery owned by the Zona family. A family who mainly relied on old wealth. Only dabbling in the affairs of the Colosseum. They owned many slaves and a handful of fighters. Out of that handful only one naturally talented warrior, Talyn. Sir Lattan had a very perceptive eye and could easily spot her skill in battle. Making a sly bet with the head of the Zona family, he won ownership over her.

With better training, she became one of his better gladiators. Almost on par with Drasphi. After a few years of her service, she slipped up and was blinded in battle. She could not be used to do anything useful anymore, but Sir Lattan was loathe to get rid of her just yet. With such talented genes of both Talyn and Drasphi, their child was bound to grow into a fierce fighter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Talyn passed on during the birth of Dristoath and his much smaller twin sister. Before their father even had a chance to hold them, they were whisked away by the household slave women. Raised their in their earliest years. At the age of five they were reintroduced to Drasphi. Drasphi, now getting on in his years was mainly tasked with training gladiators and was expected to do the same with his own children. So he did. Over the years teaching them basic footwork to blade handling to hand to hand combat.

From even the age of ten, it was obvious to his father and his masters that Dristoath would quickly rise in the ranks of gladiators when his time came. That was his only redeeming quality in the eyes of the Lattan family. He was quite rebellious for his age. Known to terrorize slaves his age and even twice that. As well as the Lattan children.

So begins...

Dristoath Sulioropsi's Story