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Tsaonim Akshas

"None shall stand in the way of Taomar."

0 · 102 views · located in Baekoth

a character in “Baekoth: Heretics”, originally authored by Mazamizari, as played by RolePlayGateway


ImageTsaonim AkshasImage
"Even when engulfed by darkness, if there is only one spark of hope. I will prevail. I swear it on my sainted mother's grave."


Truly a being that radiates power, justice, and a way about him that screams natural leader. Just by the look of him any could tell you that he was not weak in any sense, physically nor mentally. He was a variable fortress. Of course he was not always the impregnable wall of a man he is today, no, he has struggled mightily and anyone who knew him before would tell you that. The airs of regalia and strife weigh upon him, each balancing out the other, allowing for his humility to shine through. Being of fiendish decent he is no way arrogant, as he knows that he was never meant to exist. Nevertheless he is a soul who has fought and rallied followers to aid him in building up an empire, an empire for those mistakes like him. That even those who are taboo everywhere else have a kingdom, a home to shout cries of praise to in the heat of battle or say soft prayers of thanks about in the dark of night.

Hair:Medium length, worn tied back in a ponytail or hanging around his shoulders. It's color is like that of the night itself.

Facial Hair:None.

Eyes:A bright glowing gold, like a cat's eyes.

Build:Large and muscular, a wall of a man.

Skin Tone:Deep red.





Body Markings:None other than the scarring.

Scar Tissue:His entire body is covered in horrendous scarring from his years of suffering. Burn scars, scars from whips, blades, and arrows. Even a few scars that seem to pulsate, magically caused.

Unique Body Features:His horns, tail, clawed hands and feet. These unique traits brought directly down from his fiendish blood. His father's blood. The blood that got his mother branded as an outcast and him tortured throughout his childhood. He has never forgiven his father, a being he met only once in all his years. A meeting he never wants a repeat occurrence of.

Tsaonim Akshas

Tsao or Lord Akshas

The Lord of Beginnings, The Bringer of Hope, The Angel in Demon's Skin.
Or by those who dislike him.
The False Lord, The Bastard King, Demon's Bane


Visual Age
Early thirties

Factual Age
One-hundred and fifty-two


Sexual Orientation
He has no preference, if he finds the person in question lovely or worthy of pursuing, he will.

Mage Ranking
Kell, for now. He seeks to increase his power.

Noble, one of the founders of the Daemon empire


(Confident, Humble, Intelligent, Zealot, Ferocious, Wise)
Tsaonim's qualities are odd to say the least. He is confident in all he says and does. His actions are always well thought out and logically reasoned. He waits patiently for things to shift into his favor before making risky moves. Like a snake in the grass, a Panther awaiting it's prey. Tsao also knows the value of risks, spontaneity is also a good plan of attack in certain situations. Especially in romantic ones. Oddly enough Tsao has a huge heart and seeks to share his over-flowing love with a special someone. Unlike other's of his species, Tsao has barely any contempt, the only contempt he truly has is not based on racial bias. More on morals and actions that he doesn't agree with. Race means nothing to him, if you're evil that's what you are. No matter what you ally yourself with.

Because of how he was raised and because of how aware he is of his situation, Tsao is not arrogant. He knows he is lucky to be as respected as he is, o be in a position such as he holds. He thanks the gods every day for blessing him so greatly. A gentle giant in almost every sense, Tsao loves the simpler things, a good laugh over a drink in a cozy dive, the laughter of children, or the first snowfall of the season. He truly loves being alive and living with those close to him, that being said he won't hesitate to do whatever it takes to protect those dear to him. Unfortunately for most, the people dear to him are the entire populous of Taomar. Every abused soul, and every child. Of course he also has a few personal loves, like Sago. If anyone were to abuse or harm Sago in any way, Tsao fears what he would do. His intellect is well known throughout the land. The founder of Taomar, the Daemon with the immense knowledge of the world. Of history and arcane. He seems to know something about everything. Especially lore of old.

Being a firm believer in a solid set of morals and his trio-deity system, his mind once made is one not likely to change. He is stubborn in his beliefs and encourages others to see it his way. Telling them his way is not perfect, but it as close as you can get. Yes this is a bit arrogant of him, but he doesn't see it that way. To him, he wishes to aid however many he can because he has been shown the truth. Who wouldn't wish to share the truth with as many doomed souls as possible. He is not a man who once he has chosen a path will stray from it or compromise. It's his way or the highway. Generally he tries his best to be peaceful, fighting his urges to battle to kill. The rage that boils below his crimson skin from his father. The blood that steams with hatred. Because of this, occasionally he can't restrain himself and will lash out. Once he does this his fiendish side comes into play with a vengeance. In this state he is ferocious and not merciful in any way. Truly a monster from the depths of hell itself. Luckily he only gets this way under extreme stress, pain, or anger. Once in that mode however, he can be calmed down. Only Sago knows how. Which is why Sago is always at his heels. Although he is rather young by Daemon standards he is wise. He seems to know what is best in almost any situation. He has learned many painful lessons and knows from experience on most matters what way is best.

Religious||Shockingly for a Daemon, Tsao is very religious. Believing in the deities of Dorelith. His mother had been a firm believer in the traditions and teachings of old. Well back then they weren't as old as they are today. She would recite the teachings to him every night while he was young. So much so that he got to where he could recite them just as well. He now has shrines to each in his manor in Taomar.

Sago||This is his human slave, he doesn't particularly like slavery. Although upon recieving his title, Tsao was gifted by the Emper(or)ess themself. Sago. A rather thin, young, human male. Very fair coloring and raven black hair. He was truly a beautiful find. The ruler told Tsao that Sago willingly offered himself into service, but only if he were to serve Lord Akshas. So, Tsao accepted him. Not treating him as a slave but more of a friend, or servant. Tsao feeds him and treats him with the utmost respect. He promised Sago that he would abolish slavery in Taomar once he was Emperor.

Moral Alignment
Lawful neutral

"The lives of many outweigh the life of one."

He strives to strengthen the foundation of his newly born empire. To help those within it however he can. The needs of his people are his driving force.
"I will do whatever it takes to obtain a safe place, a secure place for those like me to seek shelter."

His fiendish blood||Losing his composure||Harming innocents

To fully build Taomar and sustain it for his lifetime.
To find a mate to aid him in his lofty goals.

  • Alcohol
  • Music
  • Long walks
  • Heat of battle
  • Cooking
  • Children
  • Sparring
  • Love
  • Succeeding in adding something to Taomar's legislature
  • Magic

  • Arrogance
  • Elves
  • Racial discrimination
  • Heretics
  • Abuse of any living being
  • Messiah Queen and her "false" deity
  • Deep ocean
  • Heights
  • Slavery
  • Undead

Born leader||Man of the people||Honest||Truly cares||No dark motives

Taboo blood||Prone to rage||Stubborn||Soft for women and children||Too loving

Is your character literate? In what languages?
Tsao is very literate in three languages, he spent most of his time studying under the Acolytes at he monastery. They taught him in his own language, Elvish, and common. He has a very advanced education, he spent many years honing his mind striving to be well versed. After all, to run a newly born empire he needed intellect. Knowledge and that's exactly what he got.


If anything, a hood from his cloak.

A necklace bearing the crest of his family, a sign of his nobility.

Fine silken tunic. Deep green and gold in color.

His cloak, a weathered material, tan. Worn. Very old and fastens in the front with a clasp.

He wears leather gauntlets, they help keep the sleeves of his tunic out of the way.

Right Hand
A few gold bejeweled rings.

Left Hand

A satin belt, it ties casually at the side.

Deep brown trousers, not that fancy, but they do the job.

Fine shoes, curled at the toes and gold in color. Very luxurious.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

[Good]Hand-to-Hand Combat:

[Excellent]Melee Combat:

[Average]Ranged Combat:

[Poor]Magic Combat:

[Average]Mounted Combat:

Racial Abilities

[Excellent]Physical Resistance:

[Good]Brute Strength:

[Above Average]Instincts:

Natural Talent
[Above Average]Survival:



Class Skills
[Poor]Political Power:


[Above Average]Cunning:



To boost his limited magic ability he calls upon his deities and they empower him.
Fiery aura||He is able to will flames into being around his body, giving him a flaming appearance and burning eyes. If he his you while in this state your clothing is likely to catch on fire. This only lasts a short time, about ten to twenty minutes. He only has this because of his father's blood. Not that powerful, he seeks to refine it.
Rebuke||Tsao is able to invoke a small thunderwave to shove people back from him and others within five feet of him. Those who he shoves get pushed back twenty feet, unless shoved into something. During the spell his eyes turn an icy blue before quickly changing back.


His attire(described above), a symbol from house Akshas, and a lute.

He has many golden and bejeweled bangles, earrings, necklaces, and the like. All were gifts from thankful families he has helped throughout his life.

Weapon Name:None
Weapon Type:Longsword
Material:Fine steel
Weapon Description/Info:A fine blade bearing devil horns at the hilt. It was hand-crafted by a family of blacksmiths that he helped in his travels. A unique curved blade that has seen many battles over the years. It gets peoples attention for sure. Sago makes sure it is well kept and sharpened.

Weapon Name:Silence
Weapon Type:Dagger
Material:Elvish metal
Weapon Description/Info:A ivory blade of elven make. It swishes through the air without a single sound. Is extra effective against fiends. Ironically.


Group Affiliation
The Growing Taomar Empire

Marital Status
Single and looking

Mother||Freida Calumreeve||Deceased
Slave/Best friend||Sago||Alive

He was born and raised in the Slums of Red Harbor.

Social Rank
Disliked Noble

Representative of Taomar, active noble

Born into a world that was prejudiced against him, Tsao was hated even before he was conceived. His mother had been raped by a fiend, nearly killing her. Leaving her body broken, so fragile and scarred with burns all over. Once he was born his father paid them a visit. For a half-blood Tsao had been born with more fiendish blood than most. It was as if part of his father's soul went directly into his son. Freida his mother, loved the monster who had raped her. Who had gifted her with a child when she had been called barren. Tsao was a miracle. Freida loved her Fiendish lover and her precious horned son with eyes that shone with evil intent.

The first few years of his life, Tsao remembered his father. Never did he know his true name. Freida only called him “Abba.” So, Tsao knew this Abba as his father. Although no matter how much his mother praised him, Tsao always hated that monster. The creature that destroyed his mother. Broke her spirit and tortured her body on may occasions. When Abba left, realizing Tsao wouldn't follow in his footsteps. Freida was crushed even more, she had fallen madly in love with a creature of destruction. It had ravaged her body, she could barely walk without writhing in pain. So, most of Tsao's childhood and all through his life he had to watch his mother, the only being in the entire world who truly loved him, cared for him, nurtured and understood him. Their connection was deeper than any other mother and son. Tsao loved her fiercely and could protect her too, he learned that at a very early age. He just learned the wrong way to go about it.

He began killing.

In his preteen years he began going to schools, many schools. He got kicked out of so many, so many just refused to accept him. The ones he got into mocked him, abused him and spoke awful things about his mother. Calling her a Demon's whore. This enraged Tsao, anyone who dared speak such cruel things about his mother would die. He would beat them to death with his own two fists, screaming like a ferocious beast. Blood would splatter all over him as he bashed their faces in. The town, Red Harbor soon branded him a class A fugitive. To be captured and killed on sight. He was much too unstable to be put into slavery. Although the idea of sending him to the gladiator pits was discussed, no one was brave enough to approach him, and he was only thirteen at the time.

One day he went home and his mother was weeping. A sight that hurt him more than any wound he had ever received, or any he has since. She looked up at him, her hazel eyes fogged over, her ivory skin all blotchy. She had been weeping a long time. Standing beside her was a Priest. He had in his hand a metal collar. Freida had loved Tsao deeper than any, she had taught him her best she could as crippled as she was. Tsao retained everything, just whenever he got angry. . . He became a monster. Reeling from the shock of his mother's weeping, Tsao then noticed she was bound, the priest approaching him cautiously. Tsao screamed out his voice cracking, demanding to know what this was about. His mother wailed and pleaded the priest to stop this madness, the man only sneered, his long regal nose crinkling as he slammed the collar on Tsao. Locking it tight. It caused the boy to fall to his knees. He cried out and tried to break free but no matter what he did he couldn't break free. It was draining him of his energy, his will to fight. It burned. Tsao's eyes widened in fear as his cries became more and more frenzied. He had never felt burning before and it terrified him.

“M-mother!” He screeched, his clawed hands reaching out desperately for her, he longed for her arms to hold him. “M-mother don't let them take me away!” He screamed and thrashed but all was in vain. His mother's heart shattered watching him. Her eyes glazed over and she slumped down lifeless, her breath came in soft and slow. Tsao realized that it was he who had caused his mother the most suffering. He was no better than Abba. That demon who destroyed his precious mother. Tsao fell limp as the man took him away. Far away from Red Harbor. He was taken to a monastery, in hopes to drain that fire out of him. To give him purpose. There he was taught and nurtured, all the while being told he was chosen to build up a nation. A nation for those like him. A place where creatures with tainted blood could be safe, be understood and taught. Tsao spent many many years under them. Then he was sent out. He was fifty when they released him, still very young. He rushed back to Red Harbor to find that his mother had been murdered by the families of those Tsao had wronged. The rage flooded him, the familiar tingle and heat that he hadn't felt in so long. Then an image flashed in his mind, his mother's lifeless eyes upon realizing her son was a monster. This caused Tsao to fall to his knees and weep. He had broken whatever remained of her that day. Now he had to redeem himself.

The monks had told him of a land called Taomar, it was foreseen to become the empire for Daemon like himself. So, Tsao set off. It took him many more years to gather respect, to gather a following who were wholly devoted to him. With them he traveled the land headed to the promised land of Taomar. He freed many Daemon in his journey and many other races as well. From slavery and other incumbents that plagued them. He became well known throughout the lands, whether liked or despised most people knew his name and his purpose. The prodigal son of a monster who sought peace, who sought forgiveness. Redemption.

It took him several years but he managed to set up the foundations of Taomar. He gathered a small circle of three, two nobles and one who rose to be the leader somewhat naturally. However over time that leader became less and less what Tsao had envisioned. Tsao was one of the two nobles, the other being a woman known as Dierta. She was cruel and vile in every way. . . But Tsao couldn't resist her. They became lovers for a brief time. They conquered more land in the name of Taomar, she blinded him, led him to capture slaves, for she knew slave trade would bring in a steady economy for their new land. It wasn't until a few years after that Tsao woke up from her spell, she was a horrid enchantress but once he saw her murder a slave child in front of it's parents, he snapped. He murdered her in cold blood. A moment he regrets every day. That rage consumed him once more and he couldn't contain it. He freed that family and swore to them that he would become the new ruler and abolish slavery.

A few years went by and a new ruler of the land has ascended. The messiah queen. Now Tsao seeks to fortify Taomar and aid the downfall of this new queen, for he knew she was evil. No more evil would ever be allowed a place in power. He would eliminate all evil to redeem his own sins. No matter what.

So begins...

Tsaonim Akshas's Story