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Astrid Weaver

"I have never understood why men and gods fight so hard to survive. As though that were the same thing as living."

0 · 953 views · located in In the Land of Baekoth

a character in “Baekoth: Revolution of the Heretical”, originally authored by Kurokiku, as played by Selene Durlan



"I have given my life to the hunt. Nothing else concerns me."



“Now you see me… and now you don’t.”

Astrid doesn’t go out of her way to look like anyone in particular, and the result is a sort of hodgepodge of impressions, which makes her perhaps a bit difficult to get a real read on. Her clothing is utilitarian, but not shoddily-crafted, as it has to last her in forests, taverns, and certain noble receiving rooms, on occasion. She herself is somewhat tall for a woman, with a distinctly athletic build, evident even considering the modesty of her accoutrements. Her coloration is average enough for a human being, save perhaps for the distinct hue of her eyes. They’re bright enough to truly stand out in her face, and if one gets close enough, it is possible to pick out the fact that the pupils are slitted. Also, in the dark, they tend to reflect oddly, as, say, a cat’s would do.

She does not appear overtly delicate or feminine, though that is not to say that she could pass for a man. Rather, the structure of her face is strong rather than soft, any excess flesh long since worn away by her lifestyle and conditions. That alone places her as a commoner, though perhaps more along the line of a soldier or mercenary than a farmer, or, as her name seems to suggest, a weaver. Perhaps the most unusual thing about her, save the eye color, is the way she moves: possessed of an uncanny fluidity and seamless, almost lazy grace, she has much faster reflexes than a human being—or really anyone else—has a right to, something she does a decent job of hiding on most occasions.

  • Hair: Black, thick and of a level with her mid-back.
  • Eyes: A striking sea-blue.
  • Build: Athletic.
  • Skin Tone: Naturally fair, shows some evidence of sun-exposure.
  • Height: 5’8”
  • Weight: 135
  • Voice: Raspy contralto.
  • Handed: Ambidextrous.
  • Body Markings: None.
  • Scar Tissue: Incidentals, the evidence of training with live steel, and a few very nearly botched jobs here and there. There’s a big ugly one running vertically from her clavicle to her navel, evidence of a nearly-successful evisceration.
  • Unique Body Features: When closely observed, it becomes apparent that her eyes are actually slit-pupiled. Double jointed basically everywhere.

Astrid Estella Weaver

None anymore.

None in particular. Her work alias is simply Huntress. Nothing fancy, and quite accurate.

Werebeast (subspecies Rex panthera)

Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation
Heterosexual, mostly ambivalent.

Mage Ranking

Witch Hunter—though in truth, her skillset is such that she can hunt basically anything from game to powerful mages.



“How hard you squabble, over things temporary and transient. Well, I suppose I myself am no different, but at least I understand that what I do is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Men, gods… everything dies. Everything fades. That’s just how things are. Why delude ourselves to the contrary?”

The educated word for what Astrid is would be nihilist—someone who believes that ultimately, the struggles of various peoples, gods, the very world itself, is bereft of meaning. Her attitude is generally one held by brooding teenaged boys and very depressed old men, and it can make them rather insufferable. Fortunately, this does not really seem to have happened in her case, because she doesn’t feel the need to tell everyone around how she feels and how their struggles are ultimately for nothing. Instead, she has the outlook that if what she believes is true, then there is equally no point in reminding everyone of this, and so she doesn’t bother.

How someone with such a peculiar attitude is not an unmoving lump at the bottom of a gutter somewhere is rather simple—there may be no point to anything, but there are still some things she enjoys, and so she does those things. As it happens, Astrid enjoys a physical and intellectual challenge, and so she does things that challenge her skills and abilities. Of course, it’s not terribly interesting if there’s nothing at stake, and so she plays for what some people would consider the greatest stakes of all—lives. She certainly does not value life—her own or anyone else’s—as much as other people do, but admittedly the situations that come about when lives are at stake are more interesting than more mundane ones, and so those are the situations she seeks. This led her rather naturally into the role of contract killer, of really anything a client pleases. She can also steal and spy, though, because doing the same thing all the time isn’t particularly enjoyable.

It’s not that she’s especially sadistic or even all that mean—indeed, though her emotions are on a slightly-flatter kilter than average, she isn’t really missing any of them, except perhaps love and affection, but that’s an unrelated matter, for the most part. She can be happy and laughs readily enough; she gets bored and sad and angry like other people do. Her sense of humor is a bit on the dark and morbid side, but that’s just who she is. She has no desire to kill anyone when she hasn’t been hired to do so, and in fact is a kind-enough soul in the end. She’ll generally help someone out if she stumbles upon a situation where this is possible, and she doesn’t really mind going out of her way to do so. If everything’s a waste of time, you still have to waste your time somehow, after all.

Her profession has instilled in her great patience and honed a natural watchfulness to an especially-keen edge. There’s a touch of the lazy to her, and she especially enjoys sleeping, long past the hours where the truly industrious are up and about. It’s difficult to trigger her sense of loyalty, if indeed she even has one—Astrid is a fundamentally independent soul who generally doesn’t connect to or empathize well with others. She’s not entirely lacking the capacity, it’s just… a bit less prominent in her than the average person. That said, she is highly-intelligent, and capable of quick, logical analysis and improvisation both.

  • Napping || Astrid takes a lot of naps, if her other activities allow for it. It’s likely she’d sleep more than half a day every day if she didn’t have anything else to do. She is particularly fond of doing so outdoors, in the sun. She is a very light sleeper, however, and can wake up with almost no delay if need be.
  • Tracking || In the sense that she tends to track movement with her eyes quite intently. Her attention selectively snaps to moving objects rather than still ones, though she can focus on something stationary if she has a reason to do so. It can come off a bit… weird, though, the amount of focus she generally gives whatever she happens to be looking at. Partially because she doesn’t really need to blink that often.
  • Food Habits || She seems to have no problem consuming raw or undercooked meat, and generally disdains vegetables, though she can in fact stomach them if she needs to. Her favorite food is easily fish, and she catches these with her hands at every opportunity.

Moral Alignment
  • True Neutral || She is on no one’s side, because no one is on her side, so to speak. Of course, her political alignment varies by contract. She’s just… not especially concerned with morality, and does all and only those things that she both feels like doing and is capable of doing. It seems the most logical way to live.

  • “I hunt.” || And that’s really all there is to it at this point.

  • Challenge || She cares nothing for fame, wealth, or glory, doing only those things which most actively engage her. That said, though she doesn’t much care for the wealth herself, she doesn’t do much for free, either. It’s hard to say where her considerable earnings go, because she doesn’t seem to have a permanent residence, nor anyone of concern to her personally.

  • Fear Itself || One doesn’t get into the business of dealing death if one is especially attached to one’s own life. At least, not if one is in any way intelligent. The one thing that Astrid is most wary of is any emotional response strong enough to interfere with her physical or mental acuity. This is simply a practical consideration—experiencing such things would likely hinder her, and though there may not be a point to her life, she is not eager to end it.

  • None || At least not as such. She accepts that many things may happen as a result of her undertaking, and accepts this. But she seeks nothing in particular, because nothing in particular holds much value or meaning to her. So insofar as she has any goals, her goal is in the doing of something interesting or challenging.

  • Riddles and Word Games || Smart as a whip, Astrid appreciates the trait of cleverness in others as well, and contests of mental acuity are not entirely unheard-of with her. She’s been known to let the occasional mark go free if they can solve some puzzle she sets before them, if the mood takes her to lay out the challenge in such a way. She seems to prefer doing this if her target is a diplomat or a scholar, rather than a soldier or witch.
  • Fish || To the point where she might be bribable with it—if the fish is good enough and the favor being requested is mostly minor. She blames her genetics.
  • Teasing People || It may not initially come through, as it is not a tendency that always displays itself, but there is a playful, kittenish side to Astrid as well, and she from time to time will amuse herself with other people, prodding at them to see what reactions she might get. She doesn’t really see any fundamental disconnect between this somewhat-unexpected facet of her personality and the rest. It’s not like people are one flavor all the time. Well, unless they’re boring, perhaps.

  • Politics/Religion || More specifically, talking about politics or religion. She has opinions (of a sort) on these matters, but she doesn’t feel the need to share them or argue about them. It’s not that she’s averse to debate, exactly, but her preferred subjects of repartee are less… annoying.
  • Weak Marks || The strength of a target doesn’t have to be physical, but she derives absolutely no pleasure from murdering farmers or merchants, unless there’s something especially interesting about them. She actually declines those jobs she finds too mundane, which is terrible for business, but better for her mental health, or so she’d say.
  • Being Shepherded || More accurately, this covers any and all attempts to “guide” her moral or personal development in some way. She understands that most proselytizing is meant well, she just gets tired of it. People can be chatty, flirty, or even irritating, and she won’t really mind all that much, though her level of responsiveness will vary. But she tends to shut down when lectured. She’s not a sheep, don’t herd her.

  • Enhanced Physicality || Being what she is, Astrid is very well-suited to arduous physical tasks, particularly those requiring outstanding agility and reflexes. Not to be counted out, however, are her senses, which on average are much greater than those humans possess. Her hearing especially is excellent, her sight and smell not fat behind.
  • Cold Logic || If there’s someone who can be relied upon not to let feelings get in the way of her factual judgements, that person is quite possibly Astrid. There are, of course, some situations in which this can work against her, but on balance, it’s proven to be beneficial.
  • Adaptability || Being not particularly attached to anything, including people or ways of thinking, means that Astrid is capable of changing as necessary to suit new circumstances and surroundings.

  • Open-Field Combat || She is no knight, and is unsuited for fighting in the way knights do—in armies against large platoons and so on. To dig in the trenches and hold a line would be a stupid idea for someone whose strengths come from mobility and cleverness.
  • Ambivalence || In a sense, being adaptable enough to handle anything means that she doesn’t have a reason to do something in particular. Astrid isn’t exactly great with commitment, and will often halt something because she gets bored with it. The one exception seems to be a hunt, though she’s aborted a few of those out of a motivational deficit as well, usually when they prove more boring than she expected. Put more generally, she’s not very good at sticking with things, which makes her loyalty to anything questionable at best. She’s usually pretty up front about that.
  • Empathy || Though she’s not a sociopath, Astrid does struggle to understand the emotional responses of other people. Or at least she struggles to see their relevance to her. Perhaps it’s a bit of both. Lacking any significant family or other sorts of bonds or even really contact with people, she is certainly not the sort of person one goes to with their problems. She also has a hard time caring whether people live or die, so there’s that.

  • Common || She can read well enough to make sure she doesn’t get screwed in the contractual details, but she’s never been a scholar and doesn’t sit around and read for amusement or anything. She seems to lack an accent, picking up pieces of native dialects as she goes, as though the local color bleeds into her a little bit, only to bleed right back out again when she departs.
  • Elvish || She can speak it and read it, but not write in it. This is mostly by osmosis, as she grew up not too far from an elven settlement, and picked up enough to get by in trading and so forth.
  • Infernal/Abyssal/Arcanum || It serves a witch hunter very well to know what a witch is incanting or engraving into runes, and so she has a familiarity with the extrapalnar tongues favored for such practices. Being a mage herself, at least to some degree, she also uses them now and then.



“In truth, I need very little. Probably nothing, but then… we’re all putting on a show for someone, aren’t we?”

A scarf, if anything at all.

A leather cord with a black claw of some sort suspended from it. The scarf when it’s not on her head.

Just a shirt, usually in a dark color.

Occasionally a traveling cloak, though mostly just for show. She is also visibly armed with a bow and arrows. No rucksack though.


Right Accessory

Left Accessory

Standard leather belt, with several belt-pouches attached.

Trousers, usually leather or something similarly durable.

Boots, if she needs them. Otherwise she goes barefoot and carries them over her shoulders, slung together with a short length of rope.



“It’s a living.”

Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: || [Above Average/Excellent] Well, in the usual guise, Astrid is oddly strong (though not incredibly so), flexible, and precise, but hand-to-hand is not what she would choose had she the option. Given her species, however, barehanded is the only way she fights when shifted, and there is admittedly something quite satisfying about flesh giving way beneath one’s claws.
  • Melee Combat: || [Excellent] Specialized in slashing and piercing weapons, mostly. Her preferred weapons are the flamberge-style rapier at her waist, and the long parrying dagger sheathed at the small of her back. She can use small bucklers and shortswords as well, and is a fair hand with daggers. While she could lift a longsword or something similar without issue, it would hinder her unnecessarily, and she is not trained to use them.
  • Ranged Combat: || [Above Average] A fair shot with either bow or crossbow, but they are certainly not her specialty. She could hunt a deer in this way if she needed to, and is quite accurate with stationary targets. Moving ones are still tricky, but if she aims for center mass, she can usually hit something.
  • Magic Combat: || [Excellent] Her magic is not straightforwardly part of any established trend, and seems to draw a little from witchcraft and a little from wizardry, but part of it is undeniably tethered to nature as well. If she’s especially talented at anything, it’s illusions, but though she has the capacity to grow quite a lot in the art, she has not as of yet learned a whole lot of it, and so while she is technically a Dur’hest, Astrid’s actual abilities are currently more in line with what one would expect of a mature Kell.
  • Mounted Combat: || [Poor] Horses… don’t usually like her very much. Or to put it another way, they’re afraid of her. She’s never tried to ride anything more complicated, though she did meet a unicorn once. It was nice enough, but she wasn’t a very good rider.

Racial Abilities
  • Physical Enhancement || [Good] Being a werecreature allows for some advantages in line with the animal one resembles. As someone with the traits of a very large predatory cat, Asrtid is predictably very good at jumping, balance, flexibility, and not dying from falls, among other things, and her senses of hearing and smell are quite something.
  • Transformation || [Excellent] Like any werebeast, she is forced to shift on the nights of the full moon, but can also shift at will. Her degree of control over her transformation allows for partial shifting as well, though involuntary halfshifts can sometimes occur if something catches her by surprise or manages to get under her skin to a sufficient degree.
  • Wildblood || [Good] Generally speaking, things in nature will not attempt to harm Astrid, allowing her to pass through otherwise foreboding places without too much difficulty. She can, for example, navigate the Darkwood if the situation calls for it, without having to worry that an ent will ensnare her or what-have-you.

Natural Talent
  • Climbing || [Good] Astrid is very good at scaling things, from stone walls to trees in a forest. Of course, even she needs handholds, and so she certainly can’t get up anything, but changes are if it’s tall enough to climb, she can scale it, to a reasonable degree of efficiency and with a minimum of artificial assistance.
  • Balance || [Perfect] That’s not to say she never falls down. Like anyone else, if shoved, she will move—she is simply surefooted enough that she won’t fall unless some outside force acts upon her. Heights are utterly undaunting to Astrid, and she can keep herself steady on something as thin as a rope or a properly-secured wire, even. Assuming it can hold her weight, she can walk across it, or run, as the case sometimes must be.
  • Maneuverability || [Excellent] Double-jointed and cat-blooded means that Astrid is capable of circus-level contortions, which is sometimes necessary for the kinds of work she ends up doing. Being very good at bending and knowing how to deflect and tolerate impact forces also means that she breaks bones very infrequently, considering the things she does.

Class Skills
  • Stealth || [Excellent] Her natural stealth is itself very good, as she is quite accustomed to moving about unseen and undetected even by vigilant creatures like rabbits and birds. But the talent is only further enhanced by her proclivity for illusion magic, including bending light around herself to make it nearly impossible to see her.
  • Lore || [Excellent] Nobody knows a witch better than another witch. Though she would not describe herself as such, there is no mistaking that Astrid’s own knowledge of the arcane is indeed slanted considerably towards the magic of witches, as they are the most familiar kind of mage to her, rather than the wizards in their secluded towers or the shamans among the reclusive elves. Because of her own knowledge, she can recognize spells and incantations very quickly, and sometimes even actively work to unweave spells.
  • Tracking || [Excellent] Without her enhanced senses, she would be a decent, if not extraordinary tracker. But her nose and ears, as well as her ability to focus very narrowly on even slight movements, make her much better at it than she otherwise would be.

  • Shifting || [Excellent] There are two kinds of werebeasts: those that are born and those that are made. The created ones are turned via a bite under very specific conditions, and due to the violent nature of the transformation, usually only have access to a half-man, half-beast form, and change involuntarily when they change at all. Astrid was born a shifter, and as such, has a myriad of intermediate forms, as well as one that is entirely feline. Admittedly, the halfbeast is the largest and most suited to fighting, but the others have their uses as well. Though she like any werecreature is forced to shift on the night of the full moon, she can also do so at will, and no longer has to worry about losing her mind when she does.
  • Illusion || [Excellent] Illusion magicks seem to be thse for which she has the most natural talent. Perhaps it is because her form is by nature somewhat fluid already, but she can cause minor alterations to herself, such as hair and eye color or basic facial shapes. More impressively, she can render herself unnoticed (though not invisible as such), create phantom images, and, with adequate preparation, enter and manipulate the dreams of other people.
  • Scrying || [Above Average] Though she hasn’t trained extensively in it, scrying is useful to her when attempting to locate her more elusive targets. Usually, she uses it for farsight, but will occasionally get a glimpse into the past or future as well. These are almost always unclear.
  • Summoning/Contracts || [??] She hasn’t really used her ability to summon an extraplanar entity before, but she has been taught how to do it, and how to form a contract with such a being.
  • Healing || [Good] Considering she does a lot of work by herself, se cannot rely on others to bind her wounds should she be in need of such care. So she’s learned to make due for herself. She is not the most excellent of healers by any stretch, but she can do enough to keep herself patched up and mobile after injuries.
  • Elemental Spells || [Good] Sometimes, you just need to deal damage. She’s certainly not capable of damage on a massive scale, but a little bit goes a long way when you know what to do with it.



“I don’t need much, but it never hurts to be prepared for the worst. Especially not when most of the people you talk to want to kill you.”

  • Purse || Nothing more elaborate than a pouch to carry money in. One would have to be pretty stupid to try stealing from a walking armory such as Astrid, and so she isn’t often forced to deal with sticky fingers.
  • License || The bounty hunters who do the Queen’s business are all licensed by the crown, and the legitimate ones have the papers to prove it. Astrid carries hers in an inside pocket of her clothes, usually. They allow her to work outside typical city guard authority without much of a fuss, and so she keeps them around, just in case.
  • Canteen || Most living creatures need water, and she’s no exception. Though in most situations she’d be able to find some, she carried a bit with her on the off chance that she camps relatively far away from a water source of some kind. It’s best to be prepared.

  • Claw Necklace || The claw itself is thick and heavy, dark as though made from obsidian rather than some ordinary biological material. Those with some knowledge of exotic fauna would recognize it as belonging to a mid-sized wyvern.

  • Weapon Name: None
  • Weapon Type: Rapier (flamberge).
  • Material: Silver-alloyed truesteel.
  • Length: Three feet.
  • Weight: A few pounds.
  • Weapon Description/Info: Astrid’s preferred weapon. The flamberge is distinct from other rapiers due to the wave pattern in the blade, which may produce jarring vibrations in an opponent’s blade and arm when it is used to parry. The unusual cross-section also leaves wider wounds than other rapiers, and allows it to stand up to stronger hits, such as those delivered by heavier swords. It is a fencer’s weapon, to be sure, but much more sturdy and flexible in application than the standard epee. The guard protects Astrid’s hand from being hit in combat, also.

  • Weapon Name: Talon and Thorn
  • Weapon Type: Daggers
  • Material: Silver-alloyed steel
  • Length: Slightly asymmetric. Talon is a foot and a half, Thorn about a foot.
  • Weight: A couple pounds apiece.
  • Weapon Description/Info: Astrid’s not really the type to give her weapons names, but these were named before she received them. Thorn, the shorter blade, functions well enough as a parrying dagger for fencing, and both of them are crafted so as to be effective tools in the hunting of witches, containing as much silver as possible while retaining the integrity of the blades. She wears them crossed over her lower back, Thorn’s hilt reachable with her left hand, Talon’s with her right.

  • Weapon Name: None
  • Weapon Type: Crossbow.
  • Material: Wood/Truesteel.
  • Ammo: Bolts (Rowanwood, silver tips).
  • Length: Two and a half feet.
  • Weight: Around seven pounds.
  • Weapon Description/Info: Though she is not as a rule a ranged fighter, Astrid knows the value of preparedness. She’s a decent-enough shot that it’s not a bad idea to use the thing, especially when dealing with an actual witch. The crossbow is lighter and smaller than most of its kind, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Witches don’t exactly wear armor, after all, and the potency of the thing is really in what the bolts are made of, not how punishingly they hit.



“I renounced everything that I used to be, when I entered this world. The one where people have lost the other halves of themselves. It’s no wonder they think they need others to complete them.”

Group Affiliation
Presently a mercenary in the employ of the Messiah Queen, though she’s never met the woman and doesn’t particularly care to.

Marital Status
Single. So single unicorns still like her.

  • Ranulf || (Father) Astrid was raised by her parents long enough to know them, certainly. She suspects that they are both still alive, given the lifespans of beings like herself, but she has not seen them in about a decade, nor had any other contact with them of any sort. She remembers her father being a very stoic, quiet sort of person. Consummately reliable, which probably explained why he was in charge of the band.
  • Deirdre || (Mother) Her mother was the source of her magic, assuming things like that are genetic. Dierdre was an elf-taught shaman, a rather rare occurrence in the isolationist shifter society. Still such things aren’t entirely unheard-of.
  • Alanna Weaver || (Teacher) Alanna, on the other hand, is most certainly dead now. She was an old woman when Astrid met her, and not the kind who ever foresaw retirement in her future. A dedicated, borderline-zealous Witch Hunter, she was a hard taskmistress and tolerated neither failure nor cheek, but her skills were solid.

Origin/Social Rank
One of the Others, a superstitious term used to refer to so-called “wild” shifters. It’s a bit complicated, to say the least.

Mercenary, Witch Hunter, Assassin, Thief… she’s whatever she needs to be.


The Shifters, as they prefer to call themselves, are a nomadic group of people that generally stick to Silibard forest, but have been known to venture out onto the plains or into the mountains if they feel they risk discovery otherwise. Their own mythology holds that they are the tree from which humanity branched, the original men and women of Baekoth. Long ago, they hold, some of their members left the Old Ways behind, and settled in large groups, building cities and losing touch with their wild halves, resulting in the eventual loss of their ability to shift. Those that remain are taught to fear this possibility, the potential to become merely half a person, like the day without a night. They are prone to blaming such imbalance for the warlike nature of humanity, and the strife that threatens to overtake the lands. It is also variously to blame for just about any other unsavory phenomenon, from slavery to disease to unfavorable climate years.

Naturally, then, the Shifters themselves to their best to avoid such things as causing imbalance in the world. They live by a philosophy of leaving as few traces of their presence as possible, and generally keeping themselves isolated from other peoples. This is also partially because they are feared, though not due to anything they themselves have done. Rather, trueborn shifters are not often distinguished from transformed werebeasts, who generally don’t have the upbringing and knowledge required to properly manage their dual natures, and as a result are often poorly-controlled, violent opportunists. These are the werebeasts of popular imagination, the hulking, rabid creatures more beast than human. A nuanced difference such as that between a created beast and a born one doesn’t make much difference to most of those victimized by the former, and so the latter tend to just stay out of human affairs entirely.

They do, however, sometimes interact with elves, given that both groups occupy Silibard most of the time. As a naturally distrustful people, the Shifters are not especially close even with elves, but they can speak the elvish language most of the time, and do engage in trade from time to time. Elvish cosmology holds that the Shifters are in fact nature spirits, originally noble beasts given the forms and consciousness of men, but entirely distinct from elves, humans, the beasts from which they originated, or anything else, more a species of fae than anything. This does accord them some respect, and so relations have historically been respectful, if not precisely warm.

They tend to travel in bands by subspecies, more clans than anything else. It was into one of these clans that Astrid was born, to the elected clan leader and his mate—they don’t exactly bother with weddings under the eyes of gods or anything. It is simply understood who is bonded to whom, and respected. Contrary to some forms of popular imagination, Shifters do not have litters; Astrid was in fact an only child, raised in the forest and taught to contribute to the clan. Hunting was always her primary skill, and she showed an aptitude for it. All would have been quite well if not for her damnable curiosity.

With time, she grew curious enough about the world outside of the forest that she left it, much to the consternation of her parents. Nevertheless, she accepted the banishment this entailed and walked in the lands of men and those like them. Quite young at the time, she was nevertheless mostly self-sufficient, though she quickly understood that to get by in a human’s world, she would need a human’s occupation. That was where Alanna Weaver came in. The woman was old, even back then, but a notorious Witch Hunter and (it was rumored) sometimes-assassin. Needing someone to pass her craft to and lacking any younger relatives, she agreed to take on the young Astrid on a trial basis, which eventually became a full-fledged apprenticeship. She lent the girl her last name, and the rest was history.

In time, Astrid was ready to take work on her own, and so she did, leaving the aging Alanna behind, but taking her knives as a gift. She is now what is considered to be a journeyman Witch Hunter, which means the most dangerous contracts are hers for the taking. Like Alanna, she is no purist, and will take any sort of job that makes use of her skills. She’s built up a modest reputation, made somewhat less modest when she was part of a small party that slew a wyvern, and in this way came to the attention of a “minor” bureaucrat working for the Messiah Queen, who is now essentially her handler. Astrid gets pointed in a direction, and she hunts. That’s about the long and short of it, really.


So begins...

Astrid Weaver's Story