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"Take a moment and listen to the land. You'll be surprised by what she says."

0 · 129 views · located in In the Land of Baekoth

a character in “Baekoth: Revolution of the Heretical”, originally authored by Talisman, as played by RolePlayGateway




"Wakin' up day after day with only the sun there to bid ye good morn... It really reminds ye of what's important."
|| Breath of Life | Florence + The Machine ||

"I see meself when I draw water. Nothin' too bad, if I say so."

∞ Description ∞

Evie is a young woman still in the prime of her youth. She hardly looks like she's even breached her twentieth summer, and truth be told, she hadn't. Eighteen going on nineteen, Evie's not exactly what one would think when a Ranger comes to mind. She's mildly short in stature, but there's a heft to her bones. Muscle and stored fat curl around her arms and legs, and she doesn't have the typical hour glass figure that's so fashionable in the cities. Her body is made for utility, not looks. There's a strength in her bones, crafted from the eighteen years of hard living amongst the trees, mountains, and plains.

Polished copper locks cascade down the back of her neck in frizzy locks. A strip of leather keeps her hair pulled back and out of her eyes, though it still has a habit of lumping up in the front. It's best described as... Well, unkempt is the kindest word. It's not like she has to keep her hair spectacular for the trees and the squirrels, they don't care what it looks like. If they do, they haven't told her yet. A pair of stormy grayish blue eyes complements her fiery mane. Or perhaps they are blueish gray? In any case, they're equal parts of both, sparkling with the love of life, but also containing a look of loneliness.

Her face, it's pretty in a homely sense. It's average, but beautiful in it's simplicity. She's not a Noble Lady with her face painted, nor is she a mud covered commoner. It's a natural thing, wrought from equal parts sunshine, wind, and fresh air. Her face is rounded in shape, with wide eyes that may be a spot too far apart. She has a smallish nose that's pressed just a bit, with a slight turn in it's bridge from having been broke when she was younger. Her teeth are a tiny bit crooked, giving her the appearance of a toothy smile when she parts her lips. Freckles also dominate her face, dusting her cheeks and her shoulders below. She has a fair skin tone unsurprisingly for a redhead, but it has a weathered look to it. It's bears the experience of a woman who's no stranger to hard work and a difficult lifestyle. In essence, she's raw like an uncut ruby.

A certain... grace sits upon her shoulders like an little hummingbird. Evie takes her steps with with an unconscious finese, and she never makes a sound unless she means to. She's a Ranger by trade, and there's little to dispute the fact by the way she moves. When outside among the open air and grace, the songs of cicadas and birds serving as her back drop, an easy confidence settles in beside her and she strides like one would in their own home. To see her move in between the trees and rocks is a sight to behold, as if she planted each personally.


∞ Appearance ∞
Hair: Fiery red locks cascade down the back of her neck, pushed far away from her eyes and face. Frizzy and unkempt, it would be the bane of many a brush if she could ever come across one.
Eyes: An overcast greyish blue color, belying their fondness for life.
Build: There's enough muscle winding around her bones that she wouldn't be called slender, but nor is there enough meat there to be called thick. She occupies a middle ground between the two, possessing a natural appearance and grace.
Skin Tone: Weathered but it still manages to retain a paleness. Sunburn is an ever present danger on the plains.
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 124 lbs.
Voice: "Is that a palace?"
Handed: Right
Body Markings: Freckles dominate her cheeks and shoulders, and there's a slight crinkle in her nose from having been broken once.
Scar Tissue: Her hands are calloused and her knuckles and fingers are scarred from minor incidents. Otherwise, there's nothing major of note.
Unique Body Features: There's the obvious in her flame kissed hair, but a little less obvious is how she carries herself. To see her walk amongst the trees, there's little doubt that she is a woman of the forest.

∞ Name ∞

∞ Nickname ∞

∞ Title ∞
The Lonely Warden

∞ Race ∞

∞ Visual Age ∞
late teens, early twenties

∞ Factual Age ∞

∞ Gender ∞

∞ Sexual Orientation ∞

∞ Class ∞

"What? Oh don't be silly, I don't talk to meself. Meister just happens to be a wonderful listener."

ImagePretty little Evie, lead me out of this darkness and back into the sun's warmth. Evelyne is still just a girl in the springtime of her youth, and can be easily be seen in those gray pools of blue she calls her eyes. At the very core of her being, Evie is a complete and utter sweetheart. A kind and thoughtful heart thumps resolutely in her chest, ready to bleed at a moment's notice. She's the cheery and optimistic character, with the belief that tomorrow will always be better than yesterday, steadfastly defiant against the dark and lonely world in which surrounds her.

It is unfortunate then, that she is a lonely soul. The Ranger lifestyle is not one of leisure, there's nowhere near as much frolicking through the forests as you would believe. (though she's been known to frolic from time to time) In all seriousness, life as a Ranger is demanding, and hers has proven to be relatively solitary. It runs so counter to who she is fundamentally as a person that sometimes it hurts. In an attempt to combat this she has taken a... Unique coping mechanism. She assigns personalities to everything from her horse, to trees, to rocks, to even the smallest of critters. She talks to them like she would a close friend and even holds entire conversations with them at time.

It's the price of being a social soul in a lonely world. However, it makes her cherish every moment with a flesh and blood person all that more. Someone she can talk to without imagining their response, someone to share her thoughts with. It makes her loath to relinquish such bonds, even if they hastily formed. Thus, she's a helpful soul, always willing to aid someone in an attempt to keep their company for that little bit long. Evie is the kind of person who would ferry you across the mountains and the plains for the simple price of a conversation.

She's also taken to following those who encroach on her territory. Despite being starved for contact, she holds the Ranger's way above her own petty contrivances. She will provide aid, but only to those she deems who truly need it. Rangers are an ancient order, and she respects it. They shadows of rumor and legend, important, but invisible and she understands this. Evie follows people first to one, ensure that no harm befalls them, and two, to ensure that they do not intend to harm. It breaks her heart to allow someone to wander off without a word exchanged between them, but she lets it because she is a Ranger, a silent protector. However, if it's clear that they are lost or are about to starve, that's when she makes her appearance.

She basks in the company these few who need her help, though despite that she's adorably awkward. There's a childlike inquisitiveness to her, always asking questions and always wanting to understand the other party. She blushes easily and will often make herself blush when she realizes she asked a terribly awkward question. She's even blushed to a tree when she said something exceptionally silly. There are secrets she keeps locked away, but other than those, there is no filter. She says what comes to mind, even if it ends up embarrassing herself in the end. Even then, it's only in passing and as soon as the blush abates, she back to chattering about. It's almost like she's so excited by the thought of social contact, she loses her mind and becomes socially awkward. It's the price you pay for relying upon her aid. However, for those she deems in possession of ill-intent, she will intervene and either send them away or... Settle the issue.

If her awkwardness isn't an issue, she's as earnest as a person can be. She has spent the better part of her young life surviving on nothing but herself and the Ranger's code. Evie's entirely self sufficient, holding no titles but unofficial ones and owning no land, living off of what nature itself provides for her. She's a hunter, a tracker, and a problem solver, she does what she must in order for others and herself to see the next day. To live in such a way is not for the faint of heart, it's not simple in any definition of the word. This hard life has given her a certain... Wisdom and philosophy on life. She's not blinded by illusion that wealth, power, or status brings. She understands that every action has a reaction, every choice has it's consequence. Though impulsive at times, she always tries to think her actions through, and it shows. She is a Ranger, and a Ranger does nothing without a purpose.

As hinted at before, when it comes down to it, Evie will do whatever she feels is necessary. A band of highwaymen will wake up with arrows in their hearts if she feels there is no other recourse. It pains her to do so, but it she feels it's needed in order the protect others and keep the order, though she'd much rather play the diplomat. She'd rather let words sway instead of violence, and in these occasions, becomes sincere and can devolve into begging if she feels it will help her cause.

More than that, Evie wants to be a protector of not only men, but the environment and creatures as well. She's conservative, and tries to leave as little impact on the land as she possibly can. It makes her hard to track, as she leaves no trail behind her. Evie was taught since she was just a small child how to move through the forest like a whisper. She's a master tracker, the only ones who're better are the older rangers and the animals themselves. When she hunts, and she does hunt, she uses every part of the animal and leaves nothing to waste out of respect for the animal. Even if the creature in question is a danger, Evie would much rather give it a wide berth or outright run from it than taking it's life. She truly is a woman of the land, and she fits in better among the leaves and grass than the cobbled stones of cities.

Evie... Evie is a Ranger. A sweet soul bound to a solitary life. She's a ready friend with no friends but of those she makes. She's a sincere and earnest person, no better an individual who you'd want to watch from the shadows. She's a hunter, a tracker, a finder, and a problem solver. She's a lonely warden and silent protector, not by choice, but obligation. But it's an obligation she wouldn't trade for the world.


∞ Quirks ∞
  • Talkative Loon || Evie is a chatty little bird, that's for certain. Whether it's by herself or in the company of another, she feels the overwhelming need to talk to try and stave off insanity for just that little bit longer. There's a tendency for her to accidentally start to ramble about nothing in particular, and in the moments she realizes this, she'll close her lips and blush. But inevitably, that jaw soon begins to work again.
  • Clingy || It's not immediately noticeable, and she tries not to be obvious about it, but Evie doesn't let go easily. She'll tag along a bit after she's needed, and she's loath to leave the presence of another once she's made her appearance known. Her little heart breaks even if the squirrel she's been watching for the better part of an hour takes it's leave.
  • Imaginary Friends || This is an odd one. They're not completely imaginary, but she assigns personalities to creatures and inanimate objects. She talks to these personalities as if they were real living, breathing people, and even holds entire conversations with them at a time. She even goes so far as to name these personalities, for example: that squirrel mentioned earlier? Sir Squirrelington the Third. He's the fanciest squirrel in the forest.
  • Wandering hands || Evie loves to touch things, and sometimes it happens unconsciously. Thanks to the lack of social interaction, she hasn't exactly learned the proper etiquette for touching another person, so she's touchy. Don't be surprised if she tries to run a hand through your hair if it looks exceptionally soft. This also has a practical purpose, as her hands help her sift through the leaves and grass in order to see the tracks hidden therein.

∞ Moral Alignment ∞
Lawful Good

∞ Virtue/Creed ∞
"Leave the world in a better place."

∞ Motivation ∞
Evie's a Ranger, but more than that, she has a heart of gold. The best reward for a good deed, known or unknown, is the deed itself. She wants to be helpful, and she wants to leave people and the land in better shape than when she met them. She does things with no thoughts for how it might benefit her but how it might benefit someone or something else. The act alone is enough to satisfy her.

∞ Fears ∞
  • Loneliness || Loneliness accompanies her everyday, so what makes this a fear? Well, she doesn't believe she is truly alone. The world is alive all around her, birds and animals are always in her company, and she talks to them. No, what she fears is real loneliness. To be without the creatures, without another person, without a single soul anywhere near her. To look around her and see nothing but emptiness. It engulfs her totally and folds in on herself, and suffocates her.
  • Silence || Not just quietness, but utter and complete silence. The land is full of sounds, you just have to listen to hear them. The chirps of crickets, the crooning of birds, and the rustle of grass, the world is alive all around her. Complete silence means that somethings wrong, wrong enough to quiet the ambient sounds of nature, but even that doesn't terrify her as the thought of total deafness. To be alone without even her voice, and only her thoughts to keep her company, the thoughts scares her.
  • Unknown Death || To die unknown in a ditch somewhere, with no one to mourn her passing or even remembering what her face looked like. It's a far fetched thought, as she's known among other rangers, and especially by her parents, but she doesn't want to die with the feeling that she hasn't accomplished anything. She wants her death to have a purpose, to have meaning. She wants to make the world a better place to pass down before she passes on.

∞ Goal ∞
Evie's goal is... It's not a simple one. She wishes to bring peace into the world, to make it a better place. It's an ambition bigger than she is, and she knows this. But, she finds a comfort in that. She will always have work to do, and she will never be without purpose. This might be some youthful innocence, arrogance, and ignorance on her part, but darn if it isn't a good place to start.


∞ Likes ∞
  • Company || It doesn't matter, person, animal, bird, tree, Evie loves company even if she has to make it herself, darnit. There's just something about the sharing of thoughts and feelings that's just so invigorating. From idle chatter to simply being in the presence another, she loves just knowing that there's someone there.
  • Sweets || Evie has a massive sweet tooth and loves sugar. She's been known to collect her own honey, and though she doesn't request payment for her services, if she figures you're carrying something sweet, then she'd hint pretty obviously that, hey, maybe you should give her some for all the trouble she went through.
  • The Smell of Cedar || The scent of a cedar tree sends goosebumps down her back. Her favorite type of wood is undoubtedly the cedar, and she loves working with it under any circumstances. Evie takes great pride in her cedar arrows, and there's nothing better smelling than whittling away at a knot of cedar wood-- That's right, she's not a terrible whittler either.
  • Animals || Her fuzzy furry little friends. She loves animals of all shapes and sizes, from the smallest squirrel to the biggest bear. Though she respects them as well, so it's not like she's going to go over there and give that big ol' grizzly a hug. She might like it, but he won't. While she tends to give the more dangerous animals a wide berth, she likes watching and talking to the smaller creatures and birds just fine.

∞ Dislikes ∞
  • Fighting || Evie abhors violence, but understands that a bit of fighting is sometimes required to keep the peace in the long run. This doesn't mean she's comfortable with the idea. She views physical violence only when all other recourse is exhausted. She'll always want to try to talk problems out or find a compromise before she resorts to her bow.
  • Being Caught in the Rain || That's how someone gets sick, just frolicking out in the rain. It also slows her traveling down to a slog not to mention the whole thing of getting wet. If she's lucky, she'll find a nice cave to slip in or a particularly heavy canopy to take cover under, but usually she has to resort to the hood on her cloak, where she then begins to gripe. She likes her weather to match her disposition. Sunny.
  • Large Cities || It's nothing overt, and she can deal with it quite easily, but Evie doesn't particularly enjoy going into cities. Sensory overload hits her pretty hard, there's too many sounds, too many people talking at once, a lot of undefined smells, and an overabundance of movement. It interferes with her pathfinding and it addles her reflexes.
  • Politics || Ugh politics. Pointless maneuvering and posturing just to see who can rule over a particular area of people. It makes her head hurt just thinking about it. Too much talking and debating, and not enough action and compromise. From her understanding, these politicians should try to make the lives of the common man easier, but considering that there's a war going on, someone clearly isn't doing their job right.

∞ Strengths ∞
  • Pathfinding || There's not a path that Evie can't find, and no trail that she can't follow. She instinctively knows her way around the land and the easiest way to get through it. She knows the rise and falls of Baekoth like the back of her hand, and she has an amazing internal compass. She's basically a walking, talking map.
  • Keen Sense || It's a cliche, but sometimes it's like Evie has a sixth sense. She can tell when somethings near or far, what's over that bend, under that hill, and if a storm is coming in, but really, it's just simple digestion of information. Sight, sound, scent, and even taste can reveal secrets to those trained in their understanding, and Evie was trained by the best. All that's dashed against the rocks when she enters a city, however.
  • Survivalist || Evie's entirely self-sufficient and can live off the land indefinitely. Through a mixture of hunting, gathering, fishing, rationing, preserving, and drying foods in combination with knowledge of various Ranger caches dotted across the land, Evie does what she must in order to see the next day without her bones poking through her skin. If her weight is anything to go by, then she does very well for herself.

∞ Weaknesses ∞
  • Soft || Blindly optimistic, she's got a fragile heart in a hostile world. Evie's about as softhearted as they come, and she desperately wants to believe in the best of people. She positively bleeds empathy, and can hardly feel for herself for feeling for another. It gives her a bit of a self-sacrificial facet, and if she deems the person worthy, she won't hesitate to come to their aid no matter the danger she would be in.
  • Young || Evie is barely a woman, and a certain amount of inexperience comes with it. Wisdom that comes with age and experience has yet to visit her, and she has an air of innocence about her. Impulse takes her at times, and she finds it's more difficult to think her actions through than she would with another decade under her belt.

∞ Is your character literate? In what languages? ∞
  • Common || Evie knows the common tongue well enough to write letters, as if the Rangers need to get a message out, they send messenger hawks, and these letters need to be written in some language. As for the language itself, she can speak it as well as anyone else. Noticably, she has an accent to the edges of her words-- distinctly highland in sound.
  • Elvish || She can read their words and speak their language if need be. This knowledge is utilitarian in case she finds that her path takes her through elvish lands and she needs to read a sign or communicate. She learned this language from her mother, who made it a point to teach it to her daughter.
  • Orcish || Another utilitarian language, as her path sometimes takes her through Orcish lands. It's not seen as much use as Elvish, seeing that orcs would rather like to talk with their fists and weapons than their tongues, but she knows it just in case one just happens to want to converse. Like Elvish, her mother taught her this language.

"Shhh... Do ye hear that? Be silent and wait here."


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

∞ Combativeness ∞
Hand-to-Hand Combat:
[Below Average] Evie can throw a punch and she possesses a mean right hook, but there's nothing really impressive to note here. She can hold her own against another person roughly the same size as her, but get any bigger or bring any friends and it's a fight she'd lose. But if she gets into a fist fight with someone, then she's doing something very obviously wrong and needs to immediately stop.

Melee Combat:
[Good] She fares better with a sharp instrument in her hand than her hands by themselves. Survival deemed it necessary she knows her way around a blade or axe, and so she does. She's not a strong as your average soldier, but then again she doesn't fight like one either. She's pragmatic when pressed into close fight, not above using dirty tricks and her environment to her advantage and she relies on speed and quickness than outright strength. Which means she's more stabby than slashy.

Ranged Combat:
[Excellent] Her bread and butter and first choice when it comes to solving problems when blood is inevitable. Evie is an archer first and foremost, and will only rely on old fashioned steel if absolutely pressed. She prefers shortbows due to the maneuverability they provide, and the fact that you can't sneak with a longbow. She fights from a distance and preferably without her enemies knowing she's there until it's far too late. Evie's got a sharp pair of eyes and can be a fierce hunter, no matter the prey. She just doesn't like to think of herself in that way.

Magic Combat:
[Very Poor] While her sense of direction seems almost magical, she got none of the arcane running through her veins. She could pretend to cast a spell, but it's only effect would be making her look silly.

Mounted Combat:
[Excellent] Not with a sword mind you, but a bow. Evie can fire from atop a mount about as good as she can from foot with the added benefit that she doesn't need to worry about moving herself when the animal she rides does it for her. She has a gift of anticipating of where her target will be and she best demonstrates this atop a mount, possessing pinpoint accuracy even when in motion. While her preferable mount is a horse, she could theoretically shoot from the back of anything strong enough to carry her.

∞ Racial Abilities ∞
[Below Average] Surprise, Evie's not as adaptable as you would expect. Sure, she can survive in the wilderness indefinitely, but she's not really adapting to anything new. She's been traveling these lands since she can remember, either by herself, with her father, mother, or another ranger. The fact is, she is a survivor, but she's ill suited for any other life. She can't simply be thrown into a city and be expected to adjust to a life another would consider normal. She's set in her ways, and though she'll always entertain dreams and ideas, the application is another story entirely.

[Average] For someone who would much rather talk out problems over more physical means, Evie's not a terribly spectacular diplomat. She can request and suggest ideas with a dash of "pretty please," but outright debate is a foreign concept. She finds it hard to turn someone based on words, so she attempts instead on open hearted speeches, and if that doesn't work, good old fashioned guilt trips with puppy dog eyes.

[Good] Like a fox that one. Evie's prone to outside-the-box thinking and pragmatism is a way of life for her. When backed into a corner or feels she's left no other choice, she does what must be done, and she'll save the regrets for later. That's not to say her cunning is a cold thing, she'd never attempt to intentionally trick someone or try to cheat them in any way. Still, she's a slippery one if she puts her heart into it.

∞ Natural Talent ∞
[Excellent] Evie's never lost unless it's in a city. Somehow she knows her way instinctively through the land and to her destination without referring to a map. Her sense of direction is likewise spectacular and you couldn't wish for a better guide, unless you ask specifically for her mother. To the untrained eye, it seems like she just knows what she's doing, but a careful inspection would reveal that she's constantly watching, listening, and even smelling in order to discern her location. It's nothing supernatural, just practical application of her cleverness and training.

Spatial Awareness:
[Good] It's something that's a little harder to learn, but also something else she seemed to have inherited from her mother. Evie can reflexively tell the distance and direction of things. It lets her cut off her prey if she's hunting, or lose sight of something for a time before finding it again later. It also means she can dodge things that would see her harmed, and gives her a feel when something's near.

[Excellent] A ranger that doesn't know how to hunt isn't a ranger at all. Or he's a very hungry ranger, and Evie has nothing but pity for him. Though she doesn't like to identify herself as such because of the violent connotation, Evie's a huntress on par with the beasts that roam Baekoth alongside her. Through a combination of stealth, her senses, and her skill with a bow, it's not a question of if she will bring in her prey, but when.

∞ Class Skills ∞
[Good] Like a whisper through the grass and the wind through the trees, Evie's as quiet and nimble as a mouse when she wants to be. Whether it's stalking her prey or covering her tracks, only the most keenly observant or magically enhanced should be able to realize she's there. She's careful about her own tracks and leaves nothing behind that will mark her as being through the immediate area. That being said, she does have her limits. There's nothing magical about her stealth, so a lucky glance or a stupid mistake on her part will reveal her, but to her credit those have been few and far between.

[Good] In the moments that sense kicks in and shuts her lips, Evie can be quite the spy. Not the slip into polite society, chatting up nobility and learning secrets through loose lips kind, but the kind that can slink in close to a campfire and listen in on the conversation being held. She can watch travelers from the shadows and decide whether or not they are a threat to the environment, to someone else, or to themselves, and intervene depending on the answer, with the later party unawares.

[Poor] Evie is Evie, and no amount of paint is going to change that. Striking red hair and grey-blue eyes aren't easy to hide, after all. She can never be anyone but Evelyne the ranger. However, she can be Evelyne the patch of moss, or Evenlyne the tree branch, depending on the type of fur, but that's hardly a disguise. That's camouflage.

[Excellent] Travel through her area and you can bet your bottom dollar she knows about it. Be they man or creature, Evie is a fabulous tracker, made all that more impressive in that she has no magic or... heightened senses to aid her. As stated, it's due to the process in which she digests information about her surroundings. The sounds (or lack therein) of evacuated creatures, little hints such as broken twigs, bent grass, and light footprints, and even the scent of the immediate vicinity are only a few ways in which she tracks her prey.

[Above Average] Evie's a lover, not a fighter, but when pressed she's no slouch either. She's a ranger, so, suprirse, she likes to fight at a range, and can be especially deadly if she decides that a death is necessary. It's more likely that she would rather incapacitate a person by aiming at the non-vital areas than to go for a kill shot. However, she's not especially impressive when the range draws closer, possessing only enough knowledge about swordplay and knife-handling to survive.

Self Sufficiency:
[Excellent] If there wasn't the whole thing about her soul-crushing loneliness, Evie could live on her own, by herself indefinitely. She's a hunter-gatherer by virtue and understands the many tricks of the trade. Though she has a tendency to keep on the move, Evie can take a moment to stop, gather, dry, and pickle foods for later use and generally increase her store of supplies for before she resumes traveling. Not only that, she has extensive knowledge of ranger caches and never keeps them too far out of reach.

[Below Average] She's entirely independent but it's just... She wishes she had company. She wished she didn't have to be so independent, and the thought of truly being by herself scares her.


∞ Head ∞
A hood on those few occasions that headgear is required. Otherwise, it's just her mat of dirty crimson hair.

∞ Neck ∞
A scarf she can pull up to cover her mouth and to use in conjunction with her cloak's hood. There's also a tendency to find useful items hanging around her neck by a leather cord, though what the item is depends on their need. Waterskins, knives, reed calls-- it all depends.

∞ Chest ∞
Usually a light, loose fitting shirt of her own make, worn under a sleeveless leather doublet. It's nothing fancy, and it's purpose is to provide warmth and maneuverable in equal parts than any notion of looking nice.

∞ Back ∞
A fur cloak can usually be found wrapped over her shoulders, tied across her chest with a couple leather straps to keep it loose, but not too loose. It's also waterproof and comes fully equipped with a hood. Beyond that, a rucksack and a quiver bristling with arrows hangs from her back. The rucksack has all matter of items and equipment, and the quiver possesses all types of wood and feathers.

∞ Arm/Shoulder ∞
Nothing on her right arm, but her left forearm has a length of leather running down it. While it's not thick enough to keep a blade from sinking it's teeth into the soft flesh underneath, it is thick enough to save her arm from a bowstring slapping against it. It's also stout enough to act as a brace and keep the arm steady as she aims.

∞ Right Hand ∞
Largely none, save two pieces of cloth wound around her index and middle fingers, to protect her fingers from the bowstring.

∞ Left Hand ∞

∞ Right Accessory ∞
A polished ivory earring, a present from her mother

∞ Left Accessory ∞
An obsidian earring, a present from her father, both good luck charms

Image∞ Waist ∞
A leather belt and all matter of pouches and waterskins.

∞ Legs ∞
A pair of fur trousers, sewn by her own hand, and patched with furs from different animals.

∞ Feet ∞
A pair of well worn, and supple leather boots that come up to her knees. They are soft enough that they produce almost no sound when walked in. That and they make her calloused toes all warm and cozy. Apart from that, the right boot has a silver plated knife sheathed away for times when the fight gets too close, or whatever she's fighting is particularly supernatural.

∞ Items ∞
So, so many. Evie has blades of all types for all purposes. A skinning knife, a fletching knife, an eating knife, a wood cutting hatchet that can double as a hammer and that's just the things with an edge. She's also got quite a few waterskins, camping supplies, her horse is basically a walking storehouse. If she needs it to survive, you can bet she has one somewhere. To be unprepared is to invite death, as her father used to preach.

∞ Memorabilia ∞
A pair of earrings, one obsidian, one ivory from her father and mother respectively. They were the only gifts that weren't practical received from them when she set out as a full fledged ranger on her own, and without their guidance.

∞ Weapons ∞

Weapon Name: N/A
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Material: Hickory and twine
Ammo: Arrows (of various woods and tips)
Length: 52 inches
Weight: 1 pound
Weapon Description/Info: Evie's bread and butter, and the one instrument that undoubtedly receives the most use, her Hickory bow. It's a shortbow for maneuverability and ease of use. It's a white wood and it's draw is perhaps stronger than one would expect, but practice saw to it that Evie barely notices anymore. It's also bound by twine to keep it's limber and provide that little bit more strength. It's lacking the range of a longbow, but then again it doesn't really matter. She prefers to sneak up on her prey and deliver and arrow before they knew what hit them. She's got variety of woods and arrowheads and knows how to wring the best potential out of each type.

Weapon Name: N/A
Weapon Type: Dagger
Material: Silver plated steel
Length: 10 inches
Weight: Just below a pound
Weapon Description/Info: While Evie has a number of other knives, this is the only one used primarily for combat. Silver plated for those instances her prey is more supernatural, sharp for those time it doesn't matter. It's tucked away in her boot to keep out of her way, but always at hand. It's blade is straight, and it's designed for stabbing motions, but got enough of an edge to cut as well. It's size lets her utilize her natural speed and agility, though she's admittedly not the best knife-handler around. Still, it does it job.

"I am.. Ranger Evelyne. Daughter of the Elder Ranger Darius, Daughter of Ranger Yvette, and Daughter of the Aecian Mountains. I am the sum of my parts, and I desperately hope I can live up to their names."

∞ Group Affiliation ∞

∞ Marital Status ∞

∞ Relatives ∞
Elder Ranger Darius || (Father) The man whom she received her heart, Evie is much like her father in many ways. He's a gentle man, kind and patient, always willing to lend a listening ear or to slow down to let the lagging Evie catch up. Even well into his sixties, Darius is as strong in heart and body as Evie remembered. He is also in possession of a wisdom that becomes his age, and that's why he is among the Elder Rangers. It left... Not a small pair of boots for Evie to follow in, but she wants nothing more than to make him proud.

Ranger Yvette || (Mother) Her mother, on the other hand, was where she learned to shoot and many of the practical applications a Ranger must know to survive. She was as kind and warm as her father, though it's clear where Evie got her eccentricities from. Yvette was known to talk to herself, even when Evie traveled with her. Still, she's the strongest woman Evie knows, and even as she dips into her forties, there's no inclination that she's slowing down anytime soon, nor has she lost any sharpness in her eye. The only one could probably out shoot Yvette is Evie, and even then it's a contest.

∞ Origin ∞
Aecian Mountains, Freelands

∞ Social Rank ∞
Ranger, Daughter of the Ranger Elder Darius

∞ Occupation ∞


∞ Bio/History ∞

The Rangers are an ancient order, shrouded in myth, hidden in mystery, cloaked in the shadows cast from the rise and fall of the land, but they are very much real, and very much alive.

That life is no more evident than in Evelyne. She came into the world kicking and screaming, and she's like to leave the same way. Not many Rangers are born into the Order, much less by two veteran Rangers, but Evie's anything but typical. Usually they are recruited, judged by the Elder Council to be worthy to take the name Ranger, and given an apprenticeship with another Ranger to learn from. The title is the only one the recipient will hold ever again, they forsake all material wealth and subject themselves to the will of the land, to become an instrument of it's protection. Darius and Yvette, however, had been among the order as full Rangers many years before Evie was conceived.

Upon induction into the Ranger order, oaths are taken, and surnames and given up, though that didn't mean they forgot. They told her, that her father's name was Darius Maughlin, and her mother Yvette Lundell, but Evie was born with none. It was... Happenstance that led to Evie conception. Darius had run about a bit of trouble as an Orc tribe encroached into the Aecian. Usually the superstitious bunch, these Orcs were too bold for their own good, and though small by tribe standards, still proved a tougher fight that one ranger could handle alone. Darius had attempted to sway their path by playing on their superstitions. Shouting in the middle of the night, effigies laid in their path, "blood" painted on trees, but they wouldn't change their minds, and all Darius did seemed to only invigorate them. It was then he decided that more... Drastic measures must be taken, before they reached Creid. He attached a letter of aid to a hawk, and waited.

What he got was Yvette, and her bow. The story of the battle was mostly glossed over by both her parents, but apparently Yvette had saved Darius from the band's leader, as she stood over him with her club ready to bash his brains out across the rocks. An arrow thumped into the orc's skull, leaving her body almost crushing Darius. There had been injuries sustained, and they stayed together through the winter as they healed, and one thing led to another, and before they knew it Evie happened. The best surprise they ever got they tell her. While rare, it wasn't entirely unheard of for Rangers to bare a child. Darius and Yvette stayed together for a time after she was born, to help care and provide for their infant daughter. While difficult, between the two of them, they managed.

It was about after her seventh summer that they decided to part ways again, and take turns taking care of Evie. Not for their lack of love, but for the obligations of their stations. Evie spent equal amounts of time with both parents, each taking turns teaching her what they knew best. Darius taught her how to think, how to act, he taught her all of his kindness and how to love everything around her. He taught her the value of heart. Her mother was more practical, but she trusted her partner to teach their daughter what she could not. From Yvette, Evie learned how to fire a bow, how to glide across the land, how to keep hidden, how to survive, how to live. And maybe she accidentally taught her daughter that talking to herself isn't crazy at all. They taught her what they knew best, and hoped she would grow to encompass the best in them both. Though still young, Evie has all the seeds, now it's only remains to be seen which ones bloom.

Evie endured her fifteenth summer when it was decided it was time for her become a full Ranger. Her mother and father came together, Darius now a Ranger Elder and gave her the oath to take. With the oath, she was presented with a simple gift, a... Graduation present of sorts. A pair of earrings, crafted by the hands both Darius and Yvette. From her father, she received a stud of obsidian, polished and set by a steady hand. From her mother, a stud of ivory, cut from a great animal, and honed with respect and love. With that, she was sent off with a tearful farewell and the blessings of her parents.

Her life so far has been spent in such a fashion, traveling the land and aiding where she's needed, watching where she's not. She's been through a lot in eighteen years, but she has many more to come, and she's ready to meet them with her heart on her sleeve.



∞ Appearance ∞
Hair: A earthen Chestnut, with flaxen points.
Eyes: A dark amber.
Build: Powerful, with coils of built muscle earned from carrying Evie and her stock all over Baekoth.
Height: 5'5" from the ground to his shoulder-- average height for a horse, though who goes around measuring these things?
Weight: Evie's asked him a lot, but he's never answered. If she had her guess about it, then somewhere around 1000 lbs.
Body Markings: The area above his hooves and his mane in particular are flaxen, letting him blend in easier with his surroundings. Still, it's hard to miss a horse.
Scar Tissue: None

∞ Name ∞

∞ Nickname ∞

Image∞ Race ∞
Equine, or horse. More specifically, Meister is a Fox Trotter. What this means in technical terms is that Meister does not have the usual gait that other breeds have, instead possessing a Fox Trot. From an ordinary point of view, it looks like he walks with his front legs, and trots with his back, always keeping at least one foot on the ground. This eliminates the moment of suspension found in other gaits, where for a fraction of a second, all four legs are off the ground. It gives him a more sure footing when traveling among uneven terrain, and as an added bonus, makes Evie's ride all that more smoother. Meister's no wild mustang, but then again he doesn't have to be for Evie to love him.

∞ Age ∞
5 years

∞ Gender ∞

∞ Abilities ∞
  • Intelligent || Meister's a sharp horse. He can identify Evie, and he'll let her and only her ride him. If another person wishes to ride, then they'd have to ride Evie, lest risk Meister bucking them off. He's also quick enough to identify Evie's whistle, and will come when beckoned. He's also able to spot danger, and will make himself scarce or come to Evie's aid depending on the situation. He's not some dumb animal, so don't insult him or Evie by thinking so.
  • Traversal || As a Fox Trotter, Meis is in possession of a unique gait that serves him and Evie well in the more uneven terrain. Meister is able to slip through rougher terrain safer than other horses without being a goat or an elk, and still retain the speed and strength of a work horse.
  • Carrier || Meister is a carrier, and he dutiful lugs Evie and her myriad supplies all over the land without a word of complaint. He's a strong horse, able to carry a lot of Evie's equipment, but she doesn't try to overload him too much or push him too hard. They are partners and friends, he's not some tool for her to use, but an ally to rely upon. He carries much more than Evie and her stuff...

∞ Skills ∞
  • Strength || Meister's not a pack horse, but give him a few more packs and he would be. He trades in the speed of other horses for strength and maneuverability. Evie tries to keep his burden low, but Meister has the strength to bare Evie and everything she has to carry-- plus another person, if Evie was given to give someone a ride. Through the five years of their acquaintance, Meister's yet to complain about the load he has to carry, and even in his body language, it seemes he can carry it quiet well.
  • Direction || Meister has a keen sense of direction even without Evie guiding him. He can find the nearest stream if left to his own devices, and instinctively knows the best path to take, and Evie allows him these bits of freedom. With the combination of horse and Ranger, neither is ever lost.
  • Trained || Evie has taught Meister a series of calls and signs to wordlessly indicate her wishes. From coming, to going, to making his way somewhere specific, he understands Evie's wishes and follows them to the letter. He has the ability to learn and Evie tries to teach him things every so often. have you ever seen a horse fetch? Well, you haven't seen Meister then.

∞ Equipment ∞
A leather saddle crafted from deer hide, and stocked with pouches and saddle bags containing an assortment of items suited to survival. It's not just a few, but Meister's strong enough to carry it and more, and Evie makes certain she doesn't overload him.

∞ Bio/History ∞
Meister was a present from her mother on her thirteenth birthday. It was decided that Evie had grown too big to keep riding behind her parent, so when Darius met with Yvette to trade her, she came with foal. Evie was estatic, and immediately named him Meister, master of the forests. Yvette said that he was a gift from a Ranger who breed horses for the order, fathered by his own steed and mothered by the strongest mare among the herd. Meister had been through everything with Evie, and there's no more a stalwart ally in the world.


So begins...

Evelyne's Story