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Ila'ra Tashael

"Life is a gift that should be treasured by all, even by monsters such as myself."

0 · 1,501 views · located in In the Land of Baekoth

a character in “Baekoth: Revolution of the Heretical”, as played by Ezarael


Ila’ra Tashael

"All of nature is deserving of life and respect"


While not the frailest creature around, Ila’ra is by no means the picture of athletic capability, she is made up of soft, milky-white curves. If anything this accentuates her gentle demeanor and she can prove a very comforting presence to those in need of it. A whimsical, searching look can always be seen on her face when she’s in a good mood, one that seems to be looking at far-off sights that others can’t, or won’t, see, but this same fanciful look can become a powerful, concerted gaze on those near her. Her facial features are delicate, with the barest of lines being accentuated by her facial hair and tattooed skin. For being a resident of the Darkwood for a decade now there is an unnatural lack of rough, outdoorsman-ship.

Hair: Silky smooth, jet-black waves of hair fall down nearly to the middle of her back, albeit rather thin and dry to the touch, however one can note there are also hints of blue stands and rosy tips as well.
Facial Hair: Strangely enough, yes, there is a layer of fine black hairs which covers the upper portion of her face down to the bridge of Ila’ra’s nose, and thinning out over her upper-cheekbones.
Eyes: Almond brown
Build: Soft and petite
Skin Tone: Milk white, except for the outer portions of her hands which are leathery black, both in appearance and texture.
Height: 5’6”, ~1.68 m
Weight: 140 lbs, ~63.5 kg
Handed: Ambidextrous, although left-leaning
Voice: Typical, Lowered
Body Markings: Ila’ra has tattooed golden lines of varying length and thickness on her face, hands, and arms, as well as having several piercings of varying materials on her face and ears.
Scar Tissue: Ila’ra’s body is remarkably, nay unnaturally, devoid of any notable scars.
Unique Body Features: A pair of black, curved, and red-ridged horns spiraling from the sides of her head, as well as longer than average, clawed fingernails, and even a brownish-black tail similar to that of a lion’s.

Ila’ra Tashael

Devil Spawn/Darkwood Witch/Troll Whore (dependent upon the speaker)


Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Mage Ranking
Dur’Hest – The Zealous



Some say that looks are deceiving, but it is hard to find some aspect of Ila’ra’s appearance and her personality, deception in all forms is a trait heartily disapproved of by the Daemon. While violence is not an altogether foreign concept to her, it is something she will try and avoid with all of her strength, feeling it to be disrespectful to all forms of like on Baekoth, even those that might deserve death themselves. She tends towards soft-spoken, mumbled speech that can be indistinguishable at times, and her touch is always tender. While she is no Snow-White who brings all the animals of the forest flocking, they do not flee in terror from her, well they don’t flee in terror from anything in the Darkwood, but that’s beside the point.

Ila’ra does possess intelligence, proving to be a quick student when she can set her mind to it; she has sorely lacked education since beginning her residence in the Darkwood. There are always those who venture too close or dare entrance to the dangerous forest, and at times they do carry scrolls, books, and letters, there is only so much one can gleam from such scraps of information, and much of it serves merely to remind her of the outside world and keep her mastery of language intact. There is also a discernible lack of common sense to be had by the Daemon, there are many aspects of life that just don’t sink in easily or appear to her readily. This leads to a most discernible naïveté in her interactions with others, a fact many might consider taking advantage of.

Despite the danger of the Darkwood forest, it’s not as if Ila’ra has been completely isolated from society, there are times when she has encountered caravans and travelers near the forest, for whatever reason, and there are those who do venture into the forest. Some of these encounters have been bad, others have been good, so it’s not as is her social skills have completely degraded into nothingness, but there is a distinct lack of social skills due to her isolated past. She tends to be inquisitive as a child, aggravatingly so at times, and lacks most knowledge of polite boundaries associated with a civilized people.

There is a darkness though, something deep down within here that frightens her, a feeling that wells up whenever she uses her mother’s tongue or practices magic. Ila’ra chooses to ignore this sensation as best she can; instead using it to reinforce her resolve to do good deeds and help however she can.

    Due to her years of relative isolation Ila’ra has a tendency to switch between the Common Tongue and the language taught to her by her mother mid-sentence.
    She has a tendency to talk to every bit of nature she comes across, sometimes for extremely long periods of time.
    At the sight of blood Ila’ra closes her eyes and whispers to herself for a few moments before reopening them.
    The attentive will notice a distinctive correlation between Ila’ra’s tail and her own composure; it is a conduit for her emotions.
Moral Alignment
Chaotic Good

“Protect nature and prevent senseless violence.”

Ila’ra feels both indebted to the Trolls of the Darkwoods and her own inner desire to do good. She wants to do what’s right and prove to herself that she is no monster.

    Losing her friends
    Failing the Darkwood
    Succumbing to the darkness
    Being alone
Protecting the Darkwood and the Trolls who inhabit it.

    Helping others
Ila’ra is a very intelligent being and she has access to both greater than average physical and magical power.

Despite her potential, much of that has been wasted over the past decade. She lacks common sense or social skills, and has never received any kind of training that would hone her non-magic combat prowess. Ila’ra is also a very timid woman in uncertain situations or foreign environments, lacking the strength and resolve the Darkwood gives her.

Ila’ra is well versed in the Common Tongue, as well as another, darker language used by her mother, and she has managed to keep them well-practiced despite long periods of living with non-conversant beings. While she was learned to an extent in the Elven tongue her skill has degraded from non-use, her ability to speak or write it is near non-existent, but she can still understand the language when written or spoken to a small extent.



Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat:[Poor] While Ila’ra is much stronger and faster than she appears, she has never had an proper training nor has she had to fight with her hands practically ever.

Melee Combat:[Average] Ila’ra’s staff is of a much sturdier material than your average wood, and there’s a chance it’s even imbued with protective magic. She spends much time toying around with her weapon of choice, and several opportunities to use it.

Ranged Combat:[Very Poor] She’s never touched a bow, and her lack of skill with stringed instruments of any kind could be seen as a very good basis for natural skill.

Magic Combat:[Good] Most of the magic known to Ila’ra is of a defensive nature, but they can prove very valuable in a fight and her above average magical strength amplify the spells capabilities a fair bit.

Mounted Combat:[Average] You’d be surprised how much time Ila’ra spends riding Lumps, and she has spent a fair bit of it swinging that staff around for fun, and other things.

Racial Abilities
Superior Physicality:[Excellent] Ila’ra is, by far, physically superior to her parents’ respective race, despite not knowing it herself. Her strength, speed, and reflexes far outstrip most humans’, albeit it largely goes to waste due to her own ignorance of this superiority.

Natural Talent
Tongues:[Excellent] The Daemon was born with a natural tendency towards languages, which can be seen by her continued mastery of both the Common Tongue and her mother’s with very little practical application over the past decades. As long as she is exposed to the language and use it herself on a regular basis she can both master and keep it.

Class Skills
Commune with Nature:[Good] This ability is the most honed with Trolls, especially with Lumps, the being who first bonded spiritually with her. She does not have the ability to link as deeply with other creatures as she does Trolls, but she does have the ability to bond slightly with most willing creatures. In most cases this means being able to “speak” with the creature, in a fashion, and sense their emotions and thoughts. Ever notice Ila’ra talking to that tree over there, or the flower nearby? Yeah, those count as well.

Nature’s Resolve:[Above Average] Ila’ra can bestow the strength of the elements upon herself or a companion. Earth: Strengthens the body’s resistances, Air: Bestows quickness, Fire: Grants physical power, Water: Enhances reflexes. At best she can call upon the power of two elements, but this proves very exhausting and requires an intense concentration on her part.

Healing Touch:[Excellent] The Daemon’s natural propensity for helping others greatly aids her ability with healing, while she cannot heal mortal wounds, cure all ailments, or repair grievously wounded vital organs, her own lack of scar tissue, despite living in the Darkwood for 10 years now, should be testament to the strength of her healing magic.



Ila'ra enjoys making bracelets of varying materials, bone, leather, wood, stone, etc. She also collects various bird feathers and will use them to decorate her hair, and she also enjoys collecting rings.

Weapon Name: None
Weapon Type: Staff
Material: Unidentified wood from the Darkwood
Ammo: None
Length: 6’, ~1.83m
Weight: 10 lbs, ~4.5 kg
Weapon Description/Info: A simple staff, ok maybe not so simple, brought to Ila’ra one day by Lumps, it serves as a very friendly walking staff and tends to make magic much easier to utilize for some reason.


Group Affiliation
Darkwood Trolls

Marital Status

Immediate Family:
Tyffin Tashael - Father – Deceased
Lina’ra - Mother – Deceased
It is unknown to Ila’ra whether she has ever had any blood-relatives besides her mother and father.

Dorelith - Dorchaidhe

Social Rank




Ila’ra’s birth is much of a much rarer origin than the majority of daemons, as she is neither the result of a forced coupling nor birthed from a human female, instead she is the product of a pact between her father, the wizard Tyffin, and mother, a devil of undisclosed origin Lina’ra, in exchange for the usual, knowledge and power. What this resulted in was a very secretive, secluded existence, despite their living in Dorchaidhe, a city of no forgettable size. Despite the insulated nature of her existence though, Ila’ra was given a very intensive education in literature, history, and languages. While she was the product of two very powerful magic users, the daemon girl was never taught any actual magic by either of her parents, her mother instead focusing upon her knowledge of language and her father that of the history of Baekoth. If it was not obvious by now there was very little social interaction to be had, and much of what one might consider to be a “normal” childhood was completely lost of the girl, she had no friends to play with and could only venture outside to play in their walled-off garden during the evening time, well after the last ray of sun had set over the horizon. While this did stunt her emotional and social growth, it allowed for rapid development of her intellect and critical thinking skills, something that would prove very useful in the years to come. This might also be where her affinity for plant life began to blossom as she spent many a quiet, peaceful hour whiling away at the plant beds, pruning, watering, planting, and the like.

It is hard to say whether they were good times or bad, they are the memories she has of her mother and father, and nothing with which to compare them, no friends’ lives which could be used as a basis of comparison, no other family that she knows of to tell if things were different. Close might not be the best way to describe their family, personal conversation was not an indulgence in which they partook, and the majority of their time was spent in some form of studies. Ila’ra work diligently at whatever was asked of her, meanwhile playing in the garden when she was allowed out and knew very little of her parents work. It is not as if there was a lack of love in the household, there most definitely was love between parents and child, but Tyffin and Lina’ra had a much more professional relationship with one another, and did not display affection openly. Indeed the only time they spent together was after Ila’ra was allowed to play in the garden, during which they would seclude themselves in Tyffin’s study until it was time for her to be put to bed. Unlike most children the daemon was always thrilled with bed time, a time when mother would tell her exotic stories or read from her special books in that beautiful, mysterious native tongue of hers.


Bad things happen, regardless of whether someone is good or bad, fortunate or unlucky, young or old, and that is the way of it, in this case a series of events unfolded early one summer evening that would forever change Ila’ra’s life. She never questioned their private lifestyle, or her intentional seclusion from the world, that was merely how things were, but that evening she learned how much more there was to the world. The quiet rumblings of the city would always drift in, much more muffled as the sun started to set compared to during the day, and every now and again Ila’ra could hear the rattling of caravans as carts wheeled by their house occasionally. The daemon was sixteen years of age before she laid eyes on another person besides her parents, it was such a curious experience and everything happened so quickly that she still cannot tell what she should have done. It had been an early evening for her as well, her parents let her out into the garden shortly before sunset, and there were still a few lingering rays of sun sprawled across the land.

It was difficult to tell what he looked like as he scrambled over the wall, but as he landed on his rear she was quite curious. He was clothed in ragged, filthy clothes riddled with holes and stains, with a mop of bright blonde hair and a pair of brilliantly blue eyes.They both froze for a moment upon sighting each other, but the boy gained his composure much more quickly than she, splashing a brilliant smile on his teeth, despite there being several visibly rotting, and he approached her. The next few moments were very blurry, there was shouting from over the wall and the sounds of scurrying, there were a few more people trying to scale the wall like the boy. He was talking both to her and to them, and she could hear her father calling from inside as well, but what everyone said was merely white noise. All she could focus on was the dagger in his hand, a twisted, rusted blade that looked like it had been pilfered from a grave long dug, and the broad grin spread across his face. Why did they decide to go to that house, was it because it was on the Darkwoods’ side of Dorchaidhe, where there were fewer passersby? Why was the boy smiling that wicked smile, a somewhat similar smile her mother gave her when she walked out into the garden, looking over her daughter’s now blood-stained dress and hands? Why, WHY was she born a monster?


What happened next was lost in the jumble of tears, sobbing, shouting, and laughter, all Ila’ra could think of was the boy’s astonished smile, blood slowly trickling out of his mouth after realizing what happened to him. There was the sound of scampering feet shortly after, though that was near indistinguishable between the city’s rumblings and her panicked shrieks. She was frozen in shock, terror, and maybe even joy as her father shouted hurriedly and her mother calmly attempted to placate her, it was not long before the trampling of horses, shouting of men, and clanging of steel began ringing true down the road. Of this she could hardly recall more than a hurried scramble by her father and mother, they made short work of setting the house aflame and half-dragging, half-carrying Ila’ra towards the forest. They never made it that far, at least not before the mob caught up with them. Screaming, shouting, rattling, trotting, spitting, crackling, bristling, a cacophony of noises in an unfamiliar volume stunned Ila’ra, the stench of sweat, fear, and hatred choking her. They were so close to the forest, just a stone’s throw away, yet it felt like there were miles left to traverse before they could reach its safety.

There was much confusion in what came next, a loud crashing and panicked shouts intermingled with the terrified neighing of horses as well as a thunderous roar, booming louder than any cacophonous thunder storm to roll in from the nearby ocean. Large, cart-sized clods of dirt were being ripped from the earth and tossed around as a child would a pebble, meanwhile warm bodies were flying about as paper dolls would in the wind. A large hand grabbed Ila’ra roughly and nearly squeezed the life straight from her bones, a painful, cracking sensation flooding through her torso and arms as it felt like her neck was about to snap from the force of the grab. Afterwards there was an intermittent blackness, an unconsciousness torn by fragments of torturous lucidity and the stinging of winds. The shouts and screams of the mob were gone; all there was to hear was the pounding of enormous limbs against all matter of material, the pounding was almost enough to drown out the blinding pain in her body, and then she stopped waking up.

New Start

What happened after felt as if a dark dream had swallowed her whole, one that tormented her with visions of blood and bone, of her parents’ death and wicked, blood-stained smiles. There were monstrous beasts lumbering to and fro in a world of darkness filled with twisted trees and devilish creatures, a forest brimming with anger and hatred, but also sorrow. There were these towering, horned and bearded beasts like the one who brought her here whose hearts were broken from transgressions past. Ila’ra had no way of knowing how much time had passed after that horrid summer night when everything changed, but when she awoke the pain had subsided and her savior was there, this was the start of her new life.

The Truth

Of course, that would be all too quaint wouldn’t it? An innocent life ruined by a cruel twist of fate, a misunderstanding community that panicked and reacted instinctively to the news, the happy ever after life she lived. There is some truth to the life Ila’ra remembers, but there are many falsehoods as well. True, the girl lived a secluded life with her parents between Dorchaidhe and the Darkwood, and their daily lives did play out that way, at least until she started her twelfth year. It was at this time her mother deemed her worthy of learning to wield the family magic she inherited, a very dark, dangerous power her father wanted so desperately to wield. He may have been one of the more powerful of the Kell, but he was still only in the average of magic, there was much that was beyond his grasp. There was much Ila’ra never learned of her parents’ agreement, of why she was born into the world, and to be truthful she never much cared for the information.

She always wanted to escape, to seize the reins of her life and take control, and maybe that was why she spent so much time in the garden during the evening, trying to wield her own power in her life. Regardless though, she had full control of the situation when that boy scrambled over the wall, a group of hoodlums trying to take advantage of what they assumed was an old hermit, living alone in a place where few travelers crossed paths. There was a part of her that enjoyed killing him, the same part that wanted to learn more and more of the magic her mother had been teaching her, a part that was proud of the way her mother smiled, but there was also the part of her that was terrified at what she was becoming. That was why she ran, without her parents, they probably expected her to be back shortly, and that the city had not responded as quickly or violently as they had. Those haunting screams chased her down even as she entered the forest, the blazing inferno that was her house threatening to shed light on the Darkwood, revealing the things that went bump in the night.

After that it was hard to tell, even the daytime seems like night in the Darkwood, and after darkness descended it was impossible for her to see where she was going. Much of her first encounter with Lumps and afterward is exactly how she remembers, she nearly died that evening and for a long time afterwards she was on the brink of death. Lumps saved her, for some reason, and she’s stayed with him in the Darkwood ever since.

Mount Application

Hair: None except a tangled mass of green, beardlike hair on his chin.
Eyes: Blue-green
Build: Average for a Troll
Height: ~9-10’
Weight: Have you ever tried to weigh a Troll?
Body Markings: None
Scar Tissue: Lots, including a very large one crossing his left eye, leaving it milk-white and sightless.






Being ridden by Ila’ra, foraging, and doing things Trolls tend to do, typically unbeknownst to most.

Being gentle

A Troll of Darkwood forest of indeterminable age, like the rest of the Trolls in the Darkwoods it is very angry with what the Humans have done to its people. It saved Ila’ra from a similar fate and has taken care of her ever since.

So begins...

Ila'ra Tashael's Story