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Nethaniel Grimhold

"Have you tasted the mercy of Aule? No, it is not sweet, but smoky and hot."

0 · 531 views · located in In the Land of Baekoth

a character in “Baekoth: Revolution of the Heretical”, as played by Ezarael


Nethaniel Grimhold
"The Merciful Aule and my Queen the Messiah have granted you mercy, and I am their instrument."


Nethaniel is far from an intimidating figure, he is of a middling height and build, nearer to what many might consider the frailer end of the spectrum, something that should, rightfully, make many consider him an innocuous, inconspicuous figure. In his past life this was definitely true, but Dorelith, and most definitely Nethaniel, have changed dramatically in the past few years as Aule and his followers have swept across the nation as a wildfire. Nowadays the Inquisitor carries himself with a fiery zealousness, an unshakable determinedness that is almost palpable, even the bat of a mere eyelash, the slightest twitch of the lips exudes a ferocious conviction. This might be his only identifiable feature though, as his haircut, facial hair, and clothing can vary greatly from region to region. Some consider Nethaniel to be a man of a million faces, yet only having one, his overly normal appearance makes a variety of appearances look frighteningly suited to his visage.

Since his resurrection as an Inquisitor the oddly average man has tended towards what some might consider his “actual” visage tends towards that of an older man, not elderly but definitely not in his prime. His hair and facial hair have some grey streaks, his speech tends towards a dialect and accent much more common of a highborn Southern Dorelith, and his clothing is typical of the nobility. There have been downsides to being an Inquisitor in this department they are very public figures who are symbol of Aule’s mercy and power, so naturally you can’t really have word of an indescribable man roaming the streets in red garb. Sometimes his special skills in this area are required for particularly difficult regions with entrenched heretics, but in places like Citha he must be visible.

Hair: Dark brown and can vary greatly, dependent upon the situation. At times it is excruciatingly short, especially considering how well-trimmed and clean the hairline will be, but can also be grown out into a somewhat tousled mass of thick, vibrant hair.
Facial Hair: Depends upon the occasion, of course, ranging from clean-shaven to having a well-trimmed moustache and goatee combination, but never a full beard.
Eyes: Brilliant blue pools that blaze with the intense ferocity of a zealot.
Build: Most humans would consider his build decidedly average, being slender but having just enough meat on his bones to not be skinny, and having some muscular definition, but not enough to be considered muscular.
Skin Tone: Not quite milky-white, but not altogether tanned either.
Height: 5’10”, ~1.78 m
Weight: 170 lbs, ~77.1 kgs
Voice: Decidedly average for a man, but his accent has been known to vary from region to region.
Handed: Right-handed.
Body Markings: None, there happens to be a noticeable lack of distinguishable markings upon his body.
Scar Tissue: This is quite hard to say, but many who have seen him assume different roles and different “faces” would comment that scars seem to come and go on the drop of a dime. Sometimes his body is riddled with battle scars, and on other occasions his hands are covered in callouses gathered from working in the fields.
Unique Body Features: While it seems strange to say, normalcy. Nethaniel happens to be a completely average, normal looking human being, someone who blends into the crowd with the merest of whims, and someone you might describe as a walking shadow.

Nethaniel Grimhold - It was only after his resurrection that Nethaniel re-assumed his given name, abandoning the alias he used during his previous occupation.

Many, but few seem to be of his approval.



Visual Age
Early 40’s

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Mage Ranking
Kell, The Seeing



Zealous might be too simple of a descriptor for Nethaniel, a man who holds an unshakable faith for Aule and his Queen, but it will do fine to set the foundation for how to describe this particular Inquisitor. A fiery conviction commands his beliefs and steels his resolve for what must be done; he is completely devoted to the detection and conversion/extermination of heretics in conquered territory. If he is not on assignment, spreading the word of Aule and protecting the kingdom from non-believers, then it would be wise to look for him at a Temple of Aule or the poorer districts of Citha where he will be leading services or administering alms. His duties as Inquisitor are done with the utmost concern for the general populace, both the believers who are threatened by heretics and the heretics who are unwilling to accept Aule’s mercy willingly.

Completely insane is generally the term used in conjunction with Nethaniel’s name, someone more than willing to root out and exterminate perceived non-believers on the merest of whims, someone who sees threats to Aule and the Queen hiding in every corner. Of course cautious, ruthless, and effective is how his actions are usually described by those who actually like him. He tends to go above and beyond to duty of an Inquisitor to ensure that all heretics have been flushed out of hiding, leaving no stone unturned and more than willing to do whatever might be necessary to get the job done. He is an unflinching wielder of the power of Inquisitor, a man who is given the role of judge, jury, and executioner with the authority to torture, punish, and execute any he deems to be hiding their own lack of faith or the knowledge of heretics.

While sadism, paranoia, and psychosis are now masked by the tenants of his faith, these are not new developments in his nature; they have always been there, lurking beneath some flimsy motive. Nethaniel enjoys inflicting pain upon others plain and simple, he just needs to have some reason of doing so, and being that he is suspicious of almost everyone it is generally not very difficult to find an explanation to interrogate them. This isn’t to say that he is some raving lunatic, frothing at the mouth, no, he is both calm and collected someone who is very rarely found with his feathers ruffled. These are probably the reasons he was so desirable an assassin before his resurrection, he has no qualms with the work, never let his guard down, but is always the picture of perfection.

  • During a torture session Nethaniel cannot help but humm during his ministrations, seeming to know tunes from all corners of Dorelith.
  • The Inquisitor owns a somewhat nondescript iron ring, completely covered in strange engravings that can always be found on his person.
  • Nethaniel will always kiss his right index-finger when a wish of luck is made, either for or by him.
Moral Alignment
Lawful Good

”Faith through fire, peace through power.”

If it is not altogether obvious, Nethaniel’s key motivation is his belief in the power of Aule.

  • Freedom – While the Inquisitor enjoys the luxury of independent thought, and believes in its tenants, he fears the power of unchecked freedom in the world. To him, the absence of order and tradition is tantamount to apocalyptic circumstances. In his eyes, unchecked freedom is naught but an excuse for the corrupt elements of society to benefit through sheer strength.
  • Atheism – Belief in the power of Aule has driven Nethaniel to accomplish everything he has since his resurrection from the flames, and fills him with a sense of order and purpose in the world. He does not understand how individuals can go by without faith in something greater than themselves and considers such people dangerous elements that need extermination.

    The unification of Baekoth under the Messiah Queen and the unquestioned worship of Aule.

    • Torture
    • Order
    • Proper Hygiene
    • Prayer
    • Rain
    • Heretics
    • Anarchy
    • Filth
    • Being Distinguishable
    • Gambling

    • Patience – Inspection, interrogation, and torture can all prove to be tedious, time-consuming occupations that require patience to see through the end and make the correct decision. While he does take pleasure in punishing heretics, Nethaniel is more than capable of seeing his job through the highs and lows until a satisfactory solution has been met.
    • Walking Shadow – While he has taken upon a position which requires much more openness and gains much more publicity than in his past life do not doubt for a second that Nethaniel can still disappear into the crowd.
    • Viscous Efficiency/Ruthless Pragmatism- Describe it how you will, but he makes no qualms with taking whatever means necessary to find and either convert or punish heretics.
    • Zealot – The Inquisitor believes in the power of his Messiah and Aule to a fault, blind of any other realities except the ones they have crafted for him.
    • Stubborn – Once Nethaniel has set his eyes upon a task he refuses to give up until he reaches what he considers to be a proper conclusion, he puts the blinders on and only looks at his objective.
    • Paranoia – Seeing enemies hiding in every alley and hearing insidious undertones in all conversations is a remarkably effective failsafe for an assassin, and while it does serve wonders as an Inquisitor hunting out heretics it can have its disadvantages at times.
Nethaniel is most skilled in the Common Tongue, being more than capable of switching dialects and adopting speech patterns typical of different socio-economic classes.


Nethaniel is not the kind to cover his head, unless absolutely necessary. He dislikes when his hair is matted down and ruffled from some garment or helm, plus short hair seems to lay over backwards in such a way that hurts more than longer hair, at least this happens to him more oft than most.

The Inquisitor prefers clothes with very high collars that reach his chin, at least when in Citha or when he is making a public appearance, and while fancy cloth makes not the best of protection, the thin layer of chain mail carefully concealed betwixt his outer garb and undergarments does.

Once again fancy, red clothing, more typically with lavish gold embroidery and sequins than not, with a layer of chainmail.

Need I repeat myself again?

Why yes I must.

Nethaniel enjoys getting his hands dirty and finds that wearing gloves can inhibit his natural dexterity.

Right Accessory

Left Accessory

While a black leather belt does hold up his pants, the most appropriate use of this item is to house two twin daggers on the front and rear, concealed quite cleverly. Their hilts appear as if they are part of the belt themselves.

It might be best to go back a few lines and check out the upper body portion once again.

Simple leather shoes, also black to match his belt. It matters.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combativeness Image
Hand-to-Hand Combat: [Good] While the less than imposing Nethaniel is not the strongest nor the fastest of humans, he does have quite the in-depth knowledge of both spotting and exploiting physical weakness in an opponent. He is not a pugilist though as facing an enemy head on was not exactly a trademark of his previous occupation.

Melee Combat: [Good] If the Inquisitor could wield more than daggers he would be considered much more proficient in melee combat, but alas other weapons seemed much more impersonal to him. It also happens to be that daggers are much easier to conceal, making them a much preferred weapon for Nethaniel.

Ranged Combat: [Very Poor] No, just not.

Magic Combat: [Very Poor] While he does have some magic proficiency, none is combat related.

Mounted Combat: [Below Average] Nethaniel can ride a horse fairly well, and he can also wield other weapons with non-detrimental skill, but sadly knowing how to do two things and doing them in tandem are completely different stories.

Racial Abilities
Determination: [Perfect] This man will not yield while serving in the name of the Messiah and Aule, as stated before this does have its downsides.

Natural Talent
Torture: [Excellent] Turns out Nethaniel has always had a penchant for hurting people, especially if it meant finding out information related to his employment. Now it means flushing out heretics in the name of Aule. Good times.

Disguise [Excellent] Adding complete, nondescript normalcy or look, variability of speech, and a touch of magic that shapes small details about him oh so slightly and you have a recipe for disguise as is. All you have to do now is match that with his knowledge of Dorelithian customs and garb and you have a pretty dangerous fellow. Unfortunately his duties as an Inquisitor have prevented him from utilizing this talent more often than not, and needing to be a symbol of Aule’s mercy can have its downsides at times.

Class Skills
Intimidation:[Good] If it weren’t for the blatantly obvious Inquisitor garb and the blazingly zealous gaze of his many would not be intimidated by Nethaniel at all, which is how he liked things before his resurrection. If those don’t prove intimidating though, well then the person in question will more than likely have other problems to worry about.
Interrogation:[Good] This is in reference to general interrogations lacking in the torture department. While he does have an understanding of how to extract information peacefully from an individual his natural appearance can prove detrimental to the process. To truly shine in this area he must implement harsher methods.

Visage Manipulation:[Average] What Nethaniel can alter, he can alter very well, but there really isn’t that much he can do here, and what he does will drain quite a bit of his energy and requires the assistance of his ring. He can alter the tone of his skin, from pale white to a somewhat bronzed tan, lengthen his hair (it must be cut by hand), and alter the coloration of his hair slightly. His greatest capabilities are with scar tissue, which he can conceal with relatively little effort, which happens to be why he appears so pristine. Any scar tissue he might have for disguise purposes are entirely his.


General torture implements, nothing more nothing less. He likes to travel light, well that and he has soldiers who can carry other knick-knacks.


Iron Ring- This is his most prized possession, a rusted, iron ring covered in many faded engravings, which can always be found on his person in some form or fashion. Generally worn on his right index finger, this item serves as the conduit for the little magical capability he has, which is of altering his appearance.

Weapon Name: Mercy and Compassion
Weapon Type: Twin Daggers
Material: Tempered Steel
Ammo: None
Length: ~12”, ~.3 m
Weight: ~2 lbs, ~.9 kgs
Weapon Description/Info: Simply put, these are tools wielded by Nethaniel to perform some function. You might not want to details on all of the tasks for which they are utilized, aside from cutting his meals that is.


Group Affiliation
Disciples of Aule - Inquisitor

Marital Status
While I’m sure psychotic, religious zealot is a more than tempting line on the bachelor résumé, Nethaniel has been somewhat unfortunate on that front due to his work.

Whether it matters to him or not, they are all deceased.

One of the kingdoms that were in the southern region of Dorelith, the exact one is of no import to Nethaniel so it should not matter to you either.

Social Rank

I know you’re dying to hear about this interesting fellow’s life-story, but is there anything truly special about it? He was born, lived a life, started another, and then was burnt by the Messiah Queen and resurrected by the power of Aule, nothing too fancy or important if you ask me. Ok, I can tell that little spiel didn’t dissuade your interest, but Nethaniel isn’t a young man and there are many more important things you could be doing with your time. In short there’s going to be some paraphrasing of his early life, at least up until the last few years because that’s when things started to spice up a bit. So, how should we begin? Obviously you’re interested in how it all started, so here it goes.

If you’ve read everything up until now then you might have a decent idea of this chap’s early days, or a general idea of his basic upbringing. Unlike most devilish killers, as he was wont to be before his resurrection, Nethaniel Grimhold was born into the lower nobility in a kingdom of Southern Dorelith. His blood was not nearly close enough to be royalty, but neither were they far enough removed to be a family of quaint country nobility with their much more pronounced accents and less agreeable temperaments. Born and raised in the city he was, but you’d be surprised at how much time his family did spend in the country, as was the habit of the nobility of this particular region. Spending time in the country was considered a privilege, being born from it a burden, in case you were wondering. Naturally, as curious boys tend to do, Nethaniel enjoyed roleplaying imaginary games with his friends, doing their best to act as if they were different people altogether, escaping reality and fantasizing a different life for themselves. This is where it all started.

He had a penchant for roleplaying, not that he was the best at crafting ingenious disguises, but that he put so much thought into the little details about what he did. The boy would be dressed as a noble, plain as day, but you would assume he had roughed up one of the boys and stolen the clothes off his back by how well he could alter his speech and mannerisms, even temperament, at the drop of a coin. Eventually he began organizing plays and finding much interest in the theatre. Even for a lower-born noble joining the theatre was considered quite scandalous, an act that would force young Nethaniel to abandon all claim to his family’s titles and lands. Not the most difficult of choices in his opinion, it’s not as if they were the wealthiest or most powerful family in the kingdom and this gave him the opportunity to travel Dorelith. Now that we have some basic information down, lets fast forward a bit shall we? Not as in skip ahead, but paraphrase a bit. Leave a little bit to the imagination as some would say, and besides if you’re really curious you could ask the fellow himself.

Eventually his talents lead to a different career, path, and one he took to as a fish does water; by his early thirties the former thespian had developed quite the reputation for himself. It was quite a blast if you asked him, always on the move and living his life the way he pleased, the man was quite the dastardly rogue in his youth, a vicious bastard that cared not for law and order, how things do change. All of this was to change with his acceptance of one job, one run of the mill job that should have been easier than the rest. He was hired to assassinate the head of some new-age religious cult, while they didn’t seem dangerous there were always those who disliked change in the world, tradition-mongers that used to make him snarl in disgust. After everything change he wanted to thank those employers for giving them this opportunity that changed his life forever, as all beings are they were more than capable of accepting Aule’s mercy, even if it was not peacefully.

Nethaniel had always scoffed at the concept of religion, of people dedicating themselves to higher powers and praying for something better. He thought those people were sheep, pitiful creatures hiding behind some scarecrow shepherd as the wolves took what they wanted; he was one of those wolves. How mistaken he was when he came upon the Messiah Queen and her followers. As always he observed them from a distance first before infiltrating their group, making sure he knew the ins and outs of their routine and lifestyle to make the assassination as clean as possible, no time for fun on this job. By this point, the rest should be fairly obvious, and the details less than important, all that matters to him was his resurrection and his continued service to Aule.

So begins...

Nethaniel Grimhold's Story