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Shashka Firlee

0 · 143 views · located in In the Land of Baekoth

a character in “Baekoth: Revolution of the Heretical”, as played by White Hyena



"If fate is a written book, then it is clearly a work of fiction."


Shashka is a little uncommon to be looked upon; he certainly doesn't beckon the visage of an intimidating rebel. He stands quite short, and slender, although not to the point of looking gaunt, or unhealthy. He has a head of willowy, ebony, wavy hair kept in a bob on the top of his head, the feather light locks often blowing with the whipping wind. His brows are trimmed, and neat, giving his somewhat large nose, and thin lips. Other men might call him 'girly', as he was unable to grow a beard, and to this day, has nary a hair on his face aside from his brows. He walks rather poised, and confident, but he doesn't let his carriage get in his way; as he's not afraid to ruin it for the sake of mobility, or even for formality. He seems jovial, lips always pursed with a soft smile, or grin, or agape with laughter; making it easy to see a rather juvenile gap in his teeth. His gaze is soft, and meaningful, as he takes in his surroundings... although, sometimes, he does seem a bit absent.

Hair: A messy, curly 'bobbed' hairstyle, keeping it short enough to stay out of his eyes, but long enough to keep the wind from biting his ears, and the nape of his neck. He can often be seen trying to truss it up, or at least make it look like he was being formal; usually making it look even messier.
Eyes: A sharp, stunning green.
Build: Lean, slender, and short. He's certainly not going to be winning any height competitions, but he's well muscled for his short nature.
Skin Tone: Slightly pale. The inner workings of a building tend not for much sunlight. Even so, if anything is tanned, it would be a very mild farmer's tan.
Height: 5'4
Weight: 158 lbs
Voice: Smooth, and soft - very eloquent, and mannered. (Tobey Maguire)
Handed: Right Handed, trained to be proficient with left.
Body Markings: Torso blotched with birthmarks.
Scar Tissue: None Current
Unique Body Features: While there is no real way to know of it, rather than to feel of his own, or by other medical practitioners, Shashka is afflicted with dextrocardia situs inversus. What do all those big words mean? In short, his heart is on the right side of his body. Shashka himself barely is aware of the condition, but nevertheless, it is quite unique.

Shashka Artur Firlee

Shash (Pronounced Sha-ush)


Visual Age
Mid to Late Teens

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation
Bisexual, with Male Preference

Mage Ranking
Kell, the Seeking



Very little can be said about Shashka that can't be observed. He's well trained, mannered. One might even say 'regal', but the aren't very proper themselves if they say so. Shashka is very formal about his method of operating, and with formality normally comes rigidity. And this is not the way with this short fellow. Shashka is a mixed bag, and can swing from completely serious to laughing hysterically from moment to the next. He's very lax, and downright playful for the most part. He'll often look a real problem; a looming threat; straight in the face and tell it a joke. It's hard to catch him in a bad mood, or even upset. Even after a late night of stressful work, he'll show up with a broad smile, ready for fun the next day. He's generous to a fault, and his kindness has been known to steer him to trouble. But, despite this Shashka knows when it's time to take off the joker's guise, and put his big nose to the grindstone.

In combat, Shashka is devoted to keeping himself in a 'supporting' role, rather than being the hero. Although his dreams of glamour exsist, he also knows his bounds, and limitations, and accepts them for what they are. He's a steadfast companion, loyally staying through with his heart, rather than his orders. If something doesn't feel right about his mission, or direct command, he'll quickly 'impromptu' the directive, and alter as he sees fit. This usually includes the general statements chivalry; not attacking unarmed men, or women, never attacking a foe when they are out of the fight, and the like. However, he is also willing to forsake his code for the well-being of his allies. After all, just because a woman holds no blade doesn't mean that they are unarmed. Magic changes the game on his pose of fighting those whom are unarmed, and if they seem like they're going to charm a spell, or ready one, he's quick to bound in. Killing in Shashka's mind is a dirty deed, but one that must be done. Death means little to him, as he doesn't dwell on the death of one - his sympathetic heart seeming cold in times where he can walk over slain allies. That being said, he is vengeful, and is driven in combat. Focused, and ready to deal a killing blow without remorse.

Despite being slightly off, and a little spacey at times, Shashka is a rather cunning, clever fellow. He was well educated, and had a swath of different learning influences growing up. He shows his booksy intellect and underground street smarts to usually collect a full hand before playing it. Granted, he's always been one to take time to over-prepare for things. In his book, one can't have too many swords to swing, too many strings to pull, or too many favors to call in. He's not shy to blackmail, but proves to be painfully honest when things come to push or shove. He tragically over-thinks simple things, even for simple tasks.

  • Is of noble lineage, but has very uncivilized tastes, such as campfire cooking, meads over fine wines, and raw vegetables and fruits.
  • Dislikes jewelry.
  • Wants to eventually open a museum.

Moral Alignment
Neutral Good

"People shouldn't be fearing the government supposedly trying to help them."

Freedom is Shashka's biggest motivator. If one is not allowed to act freely, then why should one act at all? "To stay alive." is not an appropriate answer.

  • Spiders. Hate the little buggers.
  • Suffocating. Weither it be drowning, hanging, or just being choked.
  • Torture. Shashka isn't exactly open lipped... but he'd rather be outright killed than tortured.

To oppose the Queen in any way possible. Her rule isn't definite, and he seeks to help Signe pry her from the throne in any way possible. However, if along the way, he should be able to profit from it at all, he's certainly not opposed to bettering his own situation.

  • Easygoing, and likeable folks with sociable personalities.
  • Providing an interesting, outside look to strategies, plans, and battles.
  • When a plan comes together.

  • Grunting, depressing, stout faced warriors with superiority complexes.
  • Getting ambushed. Probably the worst out of all his dislikes.
  • People pushing the limits of his chivalry. If you drop your sword, and wait until my back is turned to pick it up, you probably won't be able to drop your sword again.

His indirect nature usually leads him to quickly find a way around even the most well-formulated plans. He is also charismatic, and likable, able to make allies very quickly.

He certainly isn't the most confident of people, and he always takes his sweet damn time.

Is your character literate? In what languages?
Shashka is literate in 'Common', and Elven, knowing a few halfling phrases and idle banter.


Shashka usually forsakes a helm in the midst of combat. While the protection the give is undoubtedly valuable, so is having your full vision on the battlefield, which many, many helmets obstruct. Granted, if he was to take place is a large battle, rather than anything larger than a few-person-wide scuffle, he could be persuaded to take one.

Rather than having something protective on his neck, the noble rebel usually has on a necklace made of delicately laced silver, as given to him by a friend. The necklace has a charming pendant of the sun.

When taking to a fight, Shashka is well protected, favoring a good defense and solid mobility. To this, he wears scalemail, an armor known to be very, very tough. The steel is forged with high carbon, giving it a darker tint than most steels, and also making it much harder. The scales do an outstanding job at protecting from the three major varieties of attacks: Thrusting attacks are ineffective, due to the scales meshing and weaving together. Even if the blade finds it's way through the outside scales, the rings on which the scales are bound act as yet another layer of protection. Slashing attacks are nigh useless, as the scales spread out the force of the attack across the surface area of the the weapon. Even blunt weapons, the most dangerous of all seem to be given a hard time by scale-mail as again, blunt force trauma is spread out across the surface of interweaving scales. It truly would be the most effective of armor, if it weren't for it's complexity, and it's weight. Scalemail is heavier than ringmail, or chainmail, despite giving it's wearing much superb protection. It's also common for no blacksmith to know how to make, or even repair scalemail. So the damage done to it is often permanent. Over this, he often wears a black cotton tunic. Mostly for cosmetic purposes.

Shashka usually wears a thick woolen cloak, covering up his back and shoulders. It keeps the breeze away, and in a pinch could be used as a blanket, or poncho, due to wool being weather resistances. Granted, it does get quite hot, and this may be traveled without in the summer.

Covering his left shoulder is a thick leather pauldron, meant to give additional protection to his upper torso. His right shoulder bears no pauldron. His arms are covered to his elbow by his scalemail jacket, and he has a bracer on his right forearm, for bow usage.

Right Hand
On both hands, Shashka has a pair of leather gauntlets, providing protection, without sacrificing hand dexterity.

Left Hand
On both hands, Shashka has a pair of leather gauntlets, providing protection, without sacrificing hand dexterity.

Right Accessory
On this hand he also wears his family's crest ring. It is a silver wolf's head, surrounded by emeralds on the band. It is magically enchanted to steady the wearer's hand, even in dire situations.

Left Accessory

A thick, leather belt, with several pouches to contain small items of import. He usually carries a waterskin, and a few throwing knives on his belt.

Wearing very protective armor up top does not mean he does so below. His choice of armor is a pair of leather greaves, offering moderate protection and flexiblity.

Shashka's footwear of choice is a pair of well-traveled boots, reaching up to mid-shin, and having a bold cuff. They look much like black swashbuckler's boots, but are routinely polished.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Below Average
Shashka could be described as master of the sucker punch; he knows how to throw a good punch, land it solidly, and take someone out of the fight... but isn't usually that good in a brawl. If he gets into an unarmed scuffle, we'll either throw that first good punch unexpectedly, and take the win... or will probably end up losing a fight that he couldn't win in the first place.

Melee Combat: Good
Being a noble opened up his repertoire of fighting, but it was his adventures that really solidified his fighting. Shashka is versed with a dozen different weapons, and then some. Swords, knives, spears, rapiers, axes, clubs, cudgels, shields... the list really goes on. However, he's not really 'expert' with any one. His most skilled is definitely the iconic Bastard Sword he carries.

Ranged Combat: Average
While shown how to use bows, and crossbows, he couldn't say he was too favorable to them. His aim always was 'slightly off', and his teachers always told him his method was wrong, even though he knew he was using the weapon correctly. However, he shines at throwing knives, and javelins, being able to twirl a knife to always land blade into a fleeing target.... if the target was fleeing in a straight line. However, each weapon has it's limitations: Throwing knives have little effect on well armored targets, and javelins are cumbersome to carry around. He'll use his knives for every day... but doesn't shun acquiring things on the battlefield.

Magic Combat: Below Average
Shashka has talent as a mage, but doesn't quite hone his talent. He can use a magic torch spell... and could summon upon very minor clairvoyance. But his magic potential stops there.

Mounted Combat: Excellent
This category is where Shashka thrives The noble is an excellent rider, with terrific skill. He can handle his steed, and fight on it too. Enemies should take well fear when he has a horse under him, able to make even seasoned knights on the ground look like fodder before the barn. He prefers to fight with his sword, or a spear from horseback, but is versed to use just about anything he could feasibly. The only thing that keeps him from being truly perfect on the back of a horse is his lack of training with a bow, or crossbow.

Racial Abilities
Widened Learning: Excellent
Shashka was trained both in the house of nobility, as well as on the road, and on the battlefield. He has booksmarts, as well as experience, and personal knowledge. He could thrive both in a war-room, as well as out scouting on his own. His wide array of skills make him a 'Jack of all trades', and allows him to be comfortable with a wide assortment of jobs. He has the various kinds of folks he has known across his time to thank for this. He's known scholars, elven rangers, halfling thieves, and orcish thugs. With all these seats of knowledge, it was hard not to pick up individual things from each one.

Human Adaptiblity: Above Average
Humans have always been able to adapt and overcome most obstacles that clamor into their way, and Shashka seems no different. This ability is also known as the ability to think outside the box. And he's proven he can do that quite well.

Natural Talent
Diehard: Excellent
On top of his debatably most vital organ being flip-flopped in his chest, Shashka is proven to be outstandingly durable. He's very tough, resistant to pain. He's even hard to flat knock out. He can suffer major blood loss, broken bones, and massive injuries. Weither through biological, or sheer tenacity, Shashka proves he's not going to go down without making you put out your best.

Black Rider: Excellent
Not just his own horse, but all horses, Shashka is able to push to their limit. With little training, and maybe no interaction. Although this might be strange to an outsider, but Shashka can bond with a horse in a matter of minutes, and create conditions for the horse to push itself as if noone else was riding it.

Class Skills
All out Defense: Average
Able to put his best defenses out and mitigate a fighter completely is all but an important skill. Sometimes, you don't want to kill your foe outright, simply buy time for someone else, or even just try to reason with them. Focused on defense, Shashka can mitigate one fighter for quite some time, but his delay time drastically drops when you introduce one or more additional fighters.

Chivalry : Below Average
As many noble children were, Shashka was introduced to manner, and formality at very early age... and he took to it like a fish to dry land. Chivalry is good, and he's very well versed in it, but he doesn't always use it. He's very polite and modest when he speaks, but otherwise, chivalry is quickly dying in his eyes, and he's not going to go out on a limb to prove otherwise. He's willing to break this 'gentleman's code', and this is what makes him so bad at it.

Discipline: Average
By no means is Shashka the most devout and loyal dog in the world. He will not blindly follow orders, but he does take them to heart. If something obstructs his goal, or makes his mission more difficult, he will reconsider, but he will not simply abandon them. Overall, he is 'average' at following his orders, usually coming up with success, even if something else has to come up short to do so.

  • Magic Torch - Shashka can hold his hand high to send out a radiant aura of light. He is never without his torch. The magic is flameless, and cannot be used to start a fire.
  • Clairvoyance (Minor) - Shashka can tap into his magic to tap into the near future. No more than a few hours. Doing such requires concentration, and cannot be done mid-combat. Such feats include if a tavern is going to run out of ale that night, or if an inn has no rooms for the night. Very rarely has it lead to any proficiency in combat.


Shashka carries very little on his person, other than what he wears. Often he does have a journal, quill, and ink with him, as well as he is also known to bear a pipe, and tobacco.

Back at his home, Shashka has countless trinkets, odds and ends, and gifts that could make the curious mind peak. However, he carries but two with him. His family's signet ring, a wolf's head crest of silver, surrounded by emeralds. This doubles as a seal, for any letters, although he rarely sends any to any that would matter whom it was from. The second is an arrow head made out of the purest silver; gained from an elven comrade when he was still young. It's still sharp.

Shashka, when about town usually doesn't carry his bastard sword. However, he does carry a cane-blade, a saber styled weapon meant for self defense. Very few know that the simple black cane is a weapon, and just thinks that Shashka is a fancy town dandy out having fun.

Weapon Name:Amelldoetto
Weapon Type: Bastard Sword
Material: Heavy Carbon Steel
Length: 45 inches
Weight: 4.8lbs
Weapon Description/Info: Amelldoetto is a customly forged hand and a half sword, and was wrought from highly carbonized steel. This makes the edge very sharp, and hard, and not easy to dull. This however, also makes the blade prone to chips if hit with a much heavier weapon, like an axe, or greatsword. But it would take a VERY HARD force to do such. Supposedly, Amelldoetto has already been reforged once from shards. Family lore says it was shattered by the strike of a massive Daemon Lord. And if one looks close enough, sure enough the metal has scars from this reforging process, and which it was rebuilt.

Weapon Name: Omicidio Serpe
Weapon Type: Rapier /w Cane Sheath
Material: Wrought Iron
Length: 36 inches
Weight: 1.7 lbs
Weapon Description/Info: Not much is known how Shashka got around to owning the 'Murder Snake', however what is known is that he can use it quite effectively. The weapon is made from durable iron rather that steel, the weapon made for defense rather than offense, like something made from steel would be. The weapon is light, and sturdy, made to block weapons from knives, rapiers, even normal sized blades. However, it had to sacrifice it's basket hilt for something stealthier, and now just has an idle ring-guard, to avert suspicious gazes.

Weapon Name: Throwing Knife
Weapon Type: Throwing Knife
Material: Steel
Ammo: Itself
Length: 9 inches
Weight: 1.1 lbs
Weapon Description/Info: A set of three heavy throwing knives. These large, sharp, double bladed knives are fairly deadly, having a drop-point blade and a good balance. Their small, unwrapped grip makes them a little awkward to use in melee combat, but it is still possible.


Group Affiliation
The Rebellion - A newer member, but one that has shown his worth in value. He has money that he secretly uses to fuel the rebellion to a degree, and also is a steadfast negotiator, and tactician.

Marital Status
Single; and not looking to be married. Doesn't mean he won't turn down a good lover, though.

  • Shanshashkir Firlee - Father- Alive - Noble
  • Fiallia Firlee - Mother- Alive- Noble
  • Lissa Firlee - Younger Sister- Alive- Noble
  • Maribelle Firlee - Younger Sister - Alive - Noble

A small kingdom outside the realm of Dorelith, whom surrendered their crown to the Messiah Queen.

Social Rank
Noble; his family still has great wealth.

Messenger and Strategist for the rebellion.


Growing up, Shashka was the lovechild of a pair of nobles, entangled in the throes of forbidden love. Once discovered, the two families finally were able to put their differences aside, and unite as one... bringing great wealth, and prosperity to their heirs to come. Even the king was happy with the unity of two of his noble houses, feeling as if it brought him to greater power with all of the nobles working under one, new banner. Of course, Shashka was only the first, as only a few years after he was born, his mother gave birth to twin sisters Lissandra and Maribelle. For a short time, harmony existed in the noble family, with no qualms or fear from the outside.

That was long before their ruler gave crown and dominion to the Messiah Queen. Shashka was just a boy, and knew that the envoys storming in and taking what the pleased was wrong. He had been taught all his life that was stealing. He learned in what ways the rules were so scant and bent around certain people, and thought that it was unfair that it only affected a select few that were allowed to do as they please. However, his family's power truly didn't change, moreover, simply it changed whom his family paid their dues to. This was the start of his rebellious feelings towards the Messiah queen... and it would only continue as his life went on.

However, his life grew much more expansive. At the venerable age of fourteen, much after he'd been put through formal education, chivalry, and basic fencing, Shashka's father saw an opportunity for his child to grow into a man. A small adventuring party had come to their small haildom, and were seeking aid. A beast had been plaguing the lands to the south, and came to the nobility seeking any warriors they could spare. Shashka's father offered up him instead, claiming the boy's prowess, despite him being a fledgling. He had great pride in his son's riding abilities, as well as his ability to fight. At first the party refused, but seeing this was the only help they were to receive from the noble, they begrudgingly accepted. And to their surprise, the small noble was much more helpful than one would think of when one said 'blueblood'. He was not afraid to do chores around camp, or help others with their tasks. He was pleasant to work with, and his ability to make friends would surface at a young age.

The party was made of ten, excluding the young human. Three Human men, a Daemon woman, three elves, two halflings, and an orc. And between them were skillsets to handle almost any situation. And from each one, Shashka pulled a unique trait, or skill. The men taught him blade-play, as well as the roguish strategy that he uses in his fights. The Daemon woman was the one whom taught him to throw knives, and move with agility. The three elves, all brothers, showed him what little bowcraft and archery he cared for, as well as the nature around him, and the environments. More swordplay came from the elves, but not much stuck. The halflings less taught him, and more showed him joys; such as song and dance. He believes they rubbed off on him most, as he took their carefree attitude more than anyone else. He also picked up pipe-smoking from them. And the orc was an old, veteran worg-rider, and taught Shashka many secrets to the art of their cavalry. This, mixed with his already extensive riding knowledge made him able to conquer any horse with ease, and most worgs in a pinch. The orc was also his first secret lover, unbeknownst to his father. And he'd best keep it that way.

While the beast was slain after just the first month of tracking, Shashka would roam with the party of explorers. They knew no king. They served no crown. They were free. Free to come and go as they pleased, under the claim of mercenaries, or hunters. It was a life truly grand. Shashka sent letter after letter home to his father, whom agreed to let him travel with the party of adventurers, as long as he come home once a year, to visit for a short while. And whenever Shashka came home, his merry band was in tow, and they were greeted with long feasts, wine, and festivities. Shashka's father viewed him as a man, even as he was still young into his adult life, and was proud beyond words. He maintained a wonderful relationship with his family, and often ventured home with his compatriots after a long, hard quest.

Of course, as he aged, he saw more and more influence from the Messiah Queen. Fewer kingdoms beckoned the calls of heroes, because more and more were forced to their knees, made to bow, or be conquered. And to Shashka, this seemed all wrong. Peoples should not be forced under any banner, no matter how strong. They should join by will alone. And any person that would subject anyone to rule they didn't want was opposed. To this call, Shashka separated from his group, and called upon his father. The two sat and discussed, and Shashka's father agreed that the only solution was a rebellion. However, the Firlee family had little to their name in manpower, but great wealth, being formed of two previously wealthy houses. With this said, Shanshahkir and Shashka Firlee traveled long and far, trying their very hardest to traverse the underworld.... and find the roots of a rebellion. Their travels lead them to a half Daemon woman named Signe. It was hard, at first to converse with blades at their necks what felt like the entire way. However, as soon as the woman figured the two nobles were on her side, and were willing to fund her underground war, an unsteady alliance was made. Signe and Shashka have had little interaction, although he's always present when she calls her meetings, or is planning her next move. For all he knows, all he is, is a beneficiary to the cause.

So begins...

Shashka Firlee's Story