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Theo Vael

"The Light shines forth. Deceit cannot ensnare the world forever."

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a character in “Baekoth: Revolution of the Heretical”, as played by almostinsane


Theo Vael
"Burn them all, he said. Burn them in their homes. Burn them in their beds. I killed the Inquisitor and his men and I cried out as I died, asking if a true God would will this. And the true God answered."


Theo is a handsome man, though aged slightly beyond his years. He wears the golden hair that his family is known for proudly in a sensible style. His green eyes often express his mood. When he is angry, they darken and narrow, but when he is happy or amused, they shine with merriment. As a knight, Theo has been training all his life to reach physical perfection and, while no one is perfect, it shows. Theo is muscular and broad-shouldered, though, not as much as some knights who use heavier weapons such as claymores or warhammers. Instead, Theo prefers a spear, sword, and shield as his main weapons. His previous service to the Messiah Queen and her god has taken its toll on him, but now, with Theo practically shines with new life as he pursues his new purpose.

Hair: Golden blonde that is cut down to his neck. Its style isn't anything near as elegant as the hairstyles worn at the capital.
Facial Hair: Theo often sports a slight stubble, though he tries to keep himself cleanshaven at all times.
Eyes: Green; their brightness depends on his mood.
Build: Broad-shouldered, but not overly so. His body is lean and muscular from years of training and conflict.
Skin Tone: Tan from years under the sun.
Height: 6"1
Weight: 187 pounds.
Voice: Theo's voice is cultured from his noble upbringing, but it is not snooty or proud. He is fairly good at singing, but he is not the best at it.
Handed: Right-handed
Scar Tissue: Theo has acquired a few scars over the course of his life. He has one scar sliding diagonally across his chest and a few scars from being stabbed at the back of his neck
Unique Body Features: It is clear that Theo is from nobility. His bearing his regal and his face is fair. However, he looks aged a few years.

Theodoss Vael

Currently: Ser; Lord of Darkwood Keep; the Good Knight; the Knight of the Light (secretly); the Merciful
If found heretical: the False Knight; the Heretic Knight; the Traitor


Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Mage Ranking



Theo Vael is the picture of the honorable knight. Loyal, trustworthy, and honorable to a fault, he takes his duty seriously as did his father and his father before him. Theo believes wholeheartedly in right conduct and personal sacrifice. His father taught him that knights are given much by their society. They do not need to worry about food or clothing. They are given great authority and the commoners defer to them. In exchange for this, Theo was taught to put himself between his people and harm's way and to always fight in an honorable cause. Theo's ideals have not changed, though he has come face to face with the darkness that haunts the world.

Theo enjoys combat. It is what he was born and trained to do after all. He enjoys a good challenge and is often seen competing in tournaments and duels, though he is careful never to harm his opponents seriously when he does so. If he has one fault, it's vanity. He loves to hear the crowd cheering for him and praising his victories. This isn't to say that he is boastful. Rather, he does not stop the praise as soon as he should. Though dutibound, he is rather easy-going in an informal setting. He is quick with a jape and enjoys a good drink. Unlike many knights, he does not frequent brothels as he finds them distasteful, though he has previously had an affair or two in the past.

Since his conversion, Theo has found a new purpose in defending those few who still follow the Light from discovery and persecution. He also seeks to defend the followers of the previous gods in contrast with his previous disdain for them. Theo is now a determined individual seeking to save others and reach enlightenment under the benevolence of his God. His allegiance has now shifted to not the Queen who sits on the throne, but a monarch that will truly deserve to rule. However, Theo does not truly hate the Messiah Queen. He sees her as a mere puppet of her god and hopes to free her from him if possible.

He never goes unarmed
In private or within his own thoughts, he often thinks of the Light's teachings
He has a fondness for wine

Moral Alignment
Neutral Good

"Faith, Honor, Truth"

He is motivated by his love for his people and the Light. He is grateful for a second chance to serve the true God and right what is wrong.

Failing the Light and his people
Aule entering the world
Harming the innocent

To Fight against the Father of Deceit and expose his true nature as a pretender; to restore the rightful queen; protect the innocent

The Light
Defending the weak
Fighting for a just cause

The Queen's Regent
The Inquisition

Theo is an intelligent and excellent fighter and strategist. His will is strong and he will fight on no matter the cost. He also understands politics well, but not enough to pull off grand manipulations.

Theo is honourable to a fault. Thus, he cannot stomach letting another person suffer in his place. Pretending to be loyal to Aule and the Messiah Queen also takes its toll and he knows in his heart his true nature will reveal itself someday soon.

Is your character literate? In what languages?


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat:
Good- Theo has trained in it and he has been forced to fight without his weapon a few times, but it is not his main focus.

Melee Combat:
Excellent- Theo has been training with both a sword and shield and a spear since practically the day he could walk. Of course, he started out practicing with wooden weapons, but with years of practice and experience, Theo has become one of the best knights in the land when it comes to those weapons.

Ranged Combat:
Poor- Theo can throw a spear a short distance, but that is about it. He is not naturally gifted with the bow and he hasn't had much chance to train with it.

Magic Combat:
Average- Theo has limited magical reserves and knows only one spell, but he has mastered that one spell enough to use it effectively. He'd be hopeless against a real magic-user if it just came down to spell, though.

Mounted Combat:
Excellent- A Knight is not meant to fight solely on foot. Theo has been in the saddle from an early age. He knows his horse well and has competed in many tourneys and fought in a number of battles while mounted.

Racial Abilities
Good- Theo has been put into many different situations and he has learned to think on the fly to survive. This skill grows ever more important with his new allegiance.
Excellent- Theo has always had a strong will. He has a firm belief in right and wrong and when he sets himself on a course, he finishes it.

Natural Talent
Good- Theo has been both trained formally in tactics and has experience in commanding men below him.

Class Skills
Excellent- Theo moves easily in the heavy armor he wears. It helps that he wears it often. With his armor and shield, it is difficult to harm him.
Sword Mastery
Excellent- The sword is the weapon of the knight. Theo knows his like the back of his right hand.
Excellent- A lack of discipline gets you killed either on the battlefield or in the capital. Theo maintains strict discipline on and off the battlefield.
Proper Education
Excellent- Theo has had the privilege of a full noble's education, though his knowledge is focused mainly on practical matter such as reading, writing, strategy, and surviving politics.

Lightning Manipulation
Average- Theo can produce lightning via an incantation or a rune on his weapons. This allows him to surge lightning through his spear or sword to give himself a deadly edge. His magical reserves are limited, however, and he cannot sustain it for long without tiring himself out.



Weapon Name: Spear of Darkwood
Weapon Type: Spear
Material: Ash wood with an steel point
Length: 200 centimeters
Weight: 5 pounds
Weapon Description/Info: It is a knight's lance meant to be used in a charge, though it can also be used on foot. it is of high quality and is enchanted to endure the pressure of a horse's charge at full gallop.

Weapon Name: Truth's Blade
Weapon Type: Longsword
Material: Enchanted steel
Length: 152 cm
Weight: 4.9 pounds
Weapon Description/Info: This sword has been in the possession of the Vael family for generations. It is enchanted to never lust or break and to more easily handle magic poured into it by one trained in magical arts.

Weapon Name: Shield of Faith
Weapon Type: Shield
Material: Enchanted steel
Weight: 8.9 pounds
Weapon Description/Info: A shield passed down through the Vael family for generations, this shield is enchanted for extra protection.


Group Affiliation

Marital Status

Sebastian Vael- Deceased
Joanna Vael- Deceased

Social Rank

Resisting the Messiah Queen and the Deceiver

Theodosos Vael was born into a family of low nobility. The Vaels are known as an upright and honorable family tasked with the stewardship of Darkwood Keep, a fortress built where the two rivers in the Darkwood Forest of Doreltih. They are respected for keeping travel through Darkwood as safe as possible and are reasonably wealthy thanks to the tolls at the river. Theo's early childhood was one of fond memories. He remembered riding to the capital as a toddler once when the King and Queen of Citha invited the neighboring royalty for a feast in celebration of the birth of their daughter. He, his father, and mother rode at the side of their liege-lord, King Beorn. Theo doesn't remember much about the king. He ruled a good portion of Darkwood and was dark-haired himself. Yet, he was not grim. He had a friendly laugh and was the ally of Kingdom of Citha as the King of the Northern Woods.

Those innocent years were cut short when he was still a child. With the overthrow of the D'ivore's and the rise of the Messiah Queen, King Beorn inevitably rose up to battle the Messiah Queen's growing army, calling for his father to serve as his right hand. The army was defeated and Ser Sebastian Vael came back a changed man. He told his son and wife about what he saw. He spoke of how easily they were defeated and the great mercy of the Messiah Queen. He spoke how she blessed the fallen and the dead rose. She performed many miracles. This convinced his father, a religious man, to abandon the family's gods bow to Aule. King Beorn, meanwhile, was not one of those resurrected and it seemed strange to Theo how he did not mourn his king.

The Vaels pledged Darkwood Keep to the new Kingdom of Dorelith along with the rest of the lords and knights of the Northern Woods. Their realm was no more and Ser Sebastian fought for the Messiah Queen loyally. Theo, meanwhile, was taught of the god of Mercy as he trained to become a knight to succeed his father. He grew up on tales of his father's battles along with old knightly tales. His teenage years were hard but satisfying ones, though they were tinged with sadness with his mother's death giving birth to a stillborn and his own father's death fighting a coven of witches shortly before Theo was knighted.

Theodosos was knighted by the Messiah Queen herself and he loved her and her god greatly. As a knight, he patrolled the Darkwood vigilantly and competed in many tournaments, winning himself great honour and glory, but this was not enough. In his zeal, he eventually volunteered to serve under an Inquisitor named Aerys. Theo had thought him a good and just man for a long time as he served under him, but he could not stop himself from doubting. Aerys enjoyed hunting down heretics. He tortured them and any collaborators he suspected them of having without question. For a while, Theo believed they were doing good. The dark witches they hunted down preyed upon the helpless and Theo slayed many monsters on behalf of the Inquisition. However, Aerys focused more and more on heretics and the actions he took shocked Theo. He tried to convinced himself that the people they tortured and executed were wicked and corrupt, the enemies of Aule and his Messiah Queen. Theo often prayed to Aule to remove his doubts and, at first, he seemed to answer. Theo lost his hesitation and even killed a few people he normally would not have at Aerys' orders.


This ended when Aerys had arrested a single family of heretics. They prayed to the old gods of Dorelith and refused to convert. They were tortured extensively. It was the tears of a single child that broke through Theo's defences, however. The girl was little more than three and yet, she was forced to watch her father and mother be cut and whipped by Inquisitor Aerys' shoulders. She yelled at him to stop, but Aerys grinned cruelly. He unsheathed a knife and grabbed her by the hair, threatening her life if the family did not submit. They still refused and Aerys ordered the men to build pyres for them. Theo objected, pleading for the life of the child, but Aerys refused. As they tied the family to the stakes and were about to set fire to them, Theo acted. He cut off the head of the soldier with the torch and stabbed Aerys through the belly. He fought a whole troop of soldiers, knights, and mages, cutting the family free in the process and telling them to run. He took many wounds as he fought. Another knight cut him across the chest through his armor and someone stabbed him twice from behind the neck, but with a last burst of lightning, he sliced through his killers, the last of Inquisitor's Aerys' men. He fell to the ground, fatally wounded.

Darkness took him and he strayed out of thought and time. Each day felt like a life-age on the earth. The stars faded and he felt himself fall into a pit. He thought that Aule was punishing him and he cried out in despair.

"Does the true God will this?"

At this, light enveloped him. He felt himself being lifted up away from the outer edge of the universe he felt himself being dragged into. He felt warm and safe, as though he was a child again, sleeping on his father's lap. He felt the scales drop from his eyes and he saw how he lived his life clearly for the first time. He felt wicked for what he allowed to happen and was a party to. The Light was gentle, but it did not allow himself to lie to himself.

"Oh, I deserve terrible justice for what I have done."

"Fear not, young mortal. Many are those who are deceived by Daroka, greatest of the Daevas."

A Being appeared to him as the Light enveloped him and emanated from Him. This Being comforted him and told him about the god claiming its name to be Aule and its nature that of the Creator. The Being introduced Himself and, though Theo did not understand everything, he learned of Him, what His followers called him, who they were, the Daevas, and Creation and the great conflict.


Theo was sent back. Healed, he stood upon the battlefield and he renounced the Father of Deceit and his puppets. He returned to the capital and reported that Inquisitor Aerys and the others had been killed in the Darkwood by wild beasts. His time in the service of Aerys and Aule had left him worn, but now he had new purpose and new strength. He began to travel Dorelith, protecting people from the Inquisition secretly. His keep serves as a sanctuary for them, the Zethenezzerians in particular, though they are few in number. With the tale of the returned Princess of Citha, Theo knows the Light means for him to help her and all those who oppose Aule, the Messiah Queen, and the Messiah Queen's noble regent.

So begins...

Theo Vael's Story