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VIctoria "Vicky" Bell

"I am more than I appear to be"

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a character in “Barely Alive”, as played by blondegamer


Name:Victoria Bell “Vicky”
Age: 20

Sex: Female

Height: 5'8

Weight: 167

Body Type: Athletic



If you are not careful, you will not even know that Vicky is there. She has dark red hair, that she wears in a plain pony tail for the majority of the time. She dresses plainly, and is often found in work out clothes due to her job as an acrobatics instructor at the gym. She has very pale skin, as if she does not see the sun very often. It contrasts nicely against the vibrancy of her hair. Her eyes change colors, going from blue to gray to green as they see fit. Her body is slim but curvy, but don't be fooled, under that thin frame is a sea of hardened muscles. She is tall for a girl, and always seems to have a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eye. It would seem that nothing can ruin her sweet demeanor.

How long you have been in Aurora: 6 years

Back Story: Before Vicky moved to Aurora, her and her family lived in a much larger town. Twilight Valley is only a few hours drive from Aurora. When Victoria was six, her father was a city council member who was running for mayor. He worked a lot, and expected his family to keep up appearances. Vicky was the perfect angel, doing her best to keep up with her father's expectations of her. Eventually the sickening sweetness that she faked for the cameras became all she was. Her mother, finally tired of living in the Mayor's shadow and moved to Aurora with her daughter and son. Her father stayed behind and a divorce quickly followed.
Vicky's brother is older than her by 3 years and has been living on his own since he graduated four years ago. He tries his best to stay out of his family's drama, but loves his sister. She pays him visits pretty frequently. She graduated high school herself two years ago, graduating early. She has been going to the local community college every since. She lives on campus, finally getting a taste of freedom. She pays her bills by teaching Acrobatics at the local gym. She was sort of a child prodigy, and is the perfect teacher for all ages.
She spends most of her time at the gym or on campus.

Special Skills: Flexibility: Being an acrobatics instructor/child prodigy, she has the ability to climb and flip out of the way. Also when the situation calls for it, her athletic body and momentum based attacks are just the blunt force trauma that it takes to put a zombie down.

Stealth: Being light and agile allows her to be a stealthy killer. She only does it when necessary, but she can also hide from zombies that cannot smell her presence. She can hide almost anywhere her body will fit, need it be in a closet or in the rafters.

Personality: As stated above she is sweet natured and almost naive when it comes to trusting people, however she is smart and resourceful. Looking at her you would imagine she doesn't have an angry bone in her body. People who know her best know that this is not the case, something about her is off. When she takes her hair down, it is almost like she is an entirely different person. Only those closest to her have seen her like this but is a sight to behold. She is not the weak, fragile, sweet thing that she appears to be. Under the surface lurks a monster. It is a rare sight however, and most of the time you will only see sweet little Vicky.

Favorite Food: Chicken anything

So begins...

VIctoria "Vicky" Bell's Story

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She was beautiful on the floor, majestic almost. Her body was designed for this, it was as if some higher power made her specifically for this. She nailed the jumps, perfected the flips, stuck every landing with expert grace. Being a child prodigy was over, but it didn't take away from the beauty that was Victoria Bell doing an acrobatics routine. When she was done, she went over to the bleachers and wiped her now sweaty face with a towel. She quickly drank down some of her water and sat down to rest a while.

It was routine of hers. Go to class in the morning, teach class after, and then rap it up with practicing herself. She refused to be one of those acrobats that lost everything and got lazy once reverting to teacher. Vicky had thought many times about possibly auditioning for the Olympics, or going pro in some way, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She didn't know if it was a fear or rejection, or just that she had gotten attached to this little town. She loved it, she finally felt the breath of freedom finally being out from underneath her father's ever pressing thumb.

Plus she was still going to school, did she want to jeopardize her degree by going pro? She shook the thoughts away and collected her gym bag. She took one look back at the gym and sighed. She would think about it another time. For now, she would being her slow walk back to the dorm.

The sun was setting, seeming to set the world on fire as she set her pace homeward. The air was cool, fall finally setting in and taking summer by force. The cool air felt good on her hot skin. She sighed as she saw the boys approaching her. Jared and his friends had been giving her a hard time almost every day. They seemed to catch on to her routine.

“Hey Vicky!” He yelled over to her. Vicky mustered a sweet smile.

“Jared, how nice to see you.” She said sweetly.

Have you thought about my offer?” He was close to her now, leaning against the fence, blocking her path.

“As sweet as it is Jared, my answer is still no.” He had been trying to get her to go out with him for the last 6 months. Unfortunately he just was not Vicky's type.

“Come on Vicky, you wouldn't regret it.” She could see the lust in his eyes, it gave her chills, she shivered involuntarily.

“I'm sure I wouldn't, but sadly, my answer is still no. Now if you will please excuse me, it is rather cold out here and i'm not dressed for it.” She quickly walked past him, her yoga pants flapping against her calves in the wind as she did.

“You'll come around!” Jared yelled after her, his friends snickering in the background.

Once she was safely in the warmth of her dorm room, she let out a deep sigh. She dropped her bag on the floor and flopped on her bed. Almost, as if on cue, her cell phone rang, “Paranoid Psycho” by Paparoach, alerting her that she was receiving a phone call. She looked at the caller ID and saw her mom's picture.

“Hey mom,” she answered

“Hey sweetie! I was just calling to check in on you, how are you doing?”

“Good,” Vicky laughed “You ask that every day.”

“I know I just worry about you, part of being a mother and all.”

“How are things at work? Still working hard?”

“Oh yeah, we just got another patient from a neighboring town, I guess their hospital couldn't care for him. He has our doctors baffled, we have been in a tizzy all day.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“Have you heard from your brother?” It was a loaded question. TJ didn't speak to his mother, but did in fact keep in touch with his little sister. He had some hard feelings with his parents.

“He's fine Mom.”

“Good. Good. Well, I'm on break at work, so I have to get back, I love you. Don't study too hard.” She said sweetly, covering the hurt in her voice.

“Okay thanks mom, take care.. Love you too.” With that she hung up and went hunting for her psychology text book.

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Vicky lay on her rock hard dorm bed, flipping through the pages of her psychology book. She was naturally gifted in this subject, so was merely skimming to refresh herself on the information rather than actually studying. It was how she always did homework, a bag of Doritos laying on the bed, headphones in listening to her alternative rock at a ridiculously loud volume, bottle of Mountain Dew by her feet. Such was the diet of a college student.

She almost didn't hear the knocking on her door over her music. Puzzled about who would be visiting her, she rose to her feet. Vicky didn't get visitors, she didn't even really have any friends in Aurora. She pretty much kept to herself. She didn't even have a roommate, so she couldn't fathom who would be bothering her. She thought about changing out of her Hello Kitty pajamas, and then decided against it as the knocking got louder.

When she pulled the door open, her heart dropped into her stomach. Jared stood in her door frame, his hair was a mess, his eyes so blood shot that the pretty green color they normally were was dulled out. He wasn't himself, she could tell that much.

“What are you doing here Jared?” she asked, tugging on her pony tail, her red hair was in it's normal state, pulled behind her head in a tight bow.

“Hey baby,” his voice was slurred, he had been drinking or something. “I wanted to see if you had taken me up on my offer yet.”

She was on guard, ready to close the door if he got out of control. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She felt her lungs grow tight with anxiety.

“How did you even find out where my dorm is?” she asked, trying her hardest to not let her fear show through. She knew her voice was shaking though.

“Come on baby, don't you know I want you, I could make you so happy Vicky, just give me a chance.” He ignored her question entirely.

“No Jared, you know that.”

“You're not even doing anything, your just in your cute little pajamas, just let me in, I'll show you that I love you.”

“Goodnight Jared.” She went to close the door, but he was like a snake, ready to strike, he grabbed her arm, hard pulling her body against his. He was close to her ear, breathing hot and hard.

“Baby, let me love you.”

“Let go Jared!” She yelled, trying with all of her might to push him off. He didn't let go, only pushed further into her room. Swinging the door shut behind them.

“Help!” she cried. Her heart was pounding in overdrive, her chest heaving with each strained breath. Her eyes filled with scolding tears. He reached to cover her mouth, when he did it gave her just the freedom she needed to break free.

As she regained her freedom, it was as if she changed all together. She watched him as he regained his balance in his drunken state. Slowly she pulled the ribbon from her hair, letting the crimson locks fall about her shoulders. She flashed Jared a seductive smile.

“You want my love baby?” she asked, her voice had lost all sweetness, it was cold and gravely. He looked at her quizzically. She grabbed him by the back of his hair, pulling him to the ground by it.

“What?” she asked, laughing almost maniacally. “You don't like it rough?” Jared dug his nails into her shoulders to the point that blood welled up at his fingertips, she didn't even flinch. Once she had him on the ground she grabbed his arm, slowly twisting it.

“What is wrong with you!” he yelled at her as the arm neared it's breaking point.

“Nothing.” She said calmly. “Something is wrong with you, where you would come here and harass a poor, innocent, defenseless girl, who obviously wants nothing to do with your sick violent ass.” She made him look into her eyes.

“You won't do this again, to any one else though will you?” she asked. When he didn't answer she twisted his arm more.

“You better answer me, or I will have to make sure you don't have arms left to grab anything.” her voice was deadly calm.

“I wont!” he finally cried. “I wont, I'm sorry.”

“Good boy,” she mocked and snapped his arm. The crunching of the break was music to her ears.

“You bitch!” he screamed. “You said you wouldn't break it!” She laughed at his pain.

“I guess I changed my mind.”

Her door flew open, the campus officer in her doorway suddenly. It was like she snapped out of it, she was crying instantly.

“Thank god your here!” she ran to the officer. They picked Jared up off her floor.

“What happened?” they asked her. She told them about Jared and how he had been perusing her, about how he came to her door and tried to force himself on her.

“And then out of self defense, I had to brake his arm.. Do you think he will be okay?” her sweet voice obviously had the cops won over. She was quickly pulling her hair back up into the bow.

“He will be fine. Are you okay?” She nodded.

“I'm just tired I think.”

“Well, we will get out of your hair, if you need us you know the number.” and then they left with Jared in tow, crying about how she was lying.

As soon as they were gone, she fell to the floor, sobbing hysterically and hugging her knees. Rocking back and forth she began singing “hush little baby,” till she finally fell asleep on the floor in the fetal position.

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Lilly awoke to her alarm going off and pressed the snooze button. She slowly drifted back to sleep knowing that it would be useless. Her dad came in and turned tthe alarm off.

"C'mon Lilly," he said, sounding a bit disgruntled. "Get up and get to school. I need to go to work and your mom left early again."

Lilly woke up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Her dad rushed around the house getting ready for his day while she took her sweet time getting dressed. He was standing in the kitchen tapping his foot when she finally entered after brushing her teeth.

"Took your sweet time didn't you. Now Dad's gotta get off to work, I'll see you when you get back from tumbling ok?"

Lilly nodded. "Bye Daddy, I love you." She said as he stooped down to hug her goodbye. "Tell Mom I love her too k?"

"Sure thing Pumpkin, now get on the bus!"

Lilly grabbed her bag and ran out to the waiting bus. The doors closed behind her and she saw her dad driving off in the opposite direction, towards the highschool. Maybe someday she'd get to have a counceling session with him. She walked towards the back of the bus and sat next to some other girls who were talking about boys. Lilly didn't see why they even cared, boys were gross.

It was a long ride to school and Lilly spent the ride moping. She hadn't had any fun the day before (forgeting her morning run) and she probably wouldn't get to have any fun today.


Her day at school went by fast enough. Her teachers spent their time talking and generally didn't notice that Lilly wasn't paying much attention. She was more excited about getting out of school and into her tumbling class with Miss Bell. That was usually the high point of her weekdays.

After school finished she got dressed into her tumbling outfit and ran over to the gym where Miss Bell was starting class

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Vicky woke before her alarm, the floor had made her back sore and achy. She jumped into the shower, hoping the hot water would help rid her of the pain in her muscles. She dropped her pajamas to the bathroom floor and avoided the mirror. She didn't like looking in them if she could help it. She did notices the dried blood on her shoulder from the night before. She sighed, trying not to think about her mishap the night before and climbed numbly into the shower.

She quickly cleansed her body of the dirt and sadness that was stuck on from the night before. She dried off, ate a protein bar, drank some juice, and dressed. It was a typical morning for her. She grabbed her bag, and stuffed her books from the night before into it. Lastly, she pulled her now dry hair up into a bow and hurried out the door to class.

She took her psychology test, and felt pretty confident about it. The rest of her classes went by in a blur, unimportant, unremembered. With her last class of the day canceled, she ran off to the gym to get the last bit of her routine for class taken care of before the kids got there.

It was a simple but pretty routine, something easy enough for her class to memorize. She was hard at work, sweat pouring from her brow when the kids started filing in. She said hello to the parents that came to drop their children off. She gave a friendly smile to her favorite student, Lilly as she entered.

Class went pretty smoothly, they worked on an old routine until it was time for them to leave. They did well, and Vicky was feeling exponentially better by the time they were done.

“Okay kiddos!” Vicky called over the chatter. “We are done for the day, those of you staying for my championship team please take a seat on the bleachers.” The kids that were not staying filed out leaving only Lilly and a few others. She let them breath for a little bit before she made them get down to business.

“Alright, I have a new routine for us to learn before the big competition next week. I know it is last minute, but I feel like we might need a back up...” She was quickly cut off buy the alarms blaring. Vicky gave the flashing lights a quizzical look.

“Are we having a fire drill Miss Vicky?” asked one of the girls.

“No,” Vicky answered. “That is the lock-down code” Sure enough, the intercom started up.

“We are now in lock-down.” the woman said over the loudspeaker, her voice was panicked and shaky.

“Okay girls, to the locker rooms, come on...” She herded them, her own heart pounding in her chest.

“Is this a drill?” one of the ten girls asked.

“It's okay,” Vicky dodged the question, “Just head into the locker room okay?” They followed her instructions, although not silently, despite Vicky's attempts to shush them.

Vicky pulled out her cellphone, looking for answers. Her mother didn't answer her cell. When that didn't work she started Googleing things on her phone. Thank god, for technology. She didn't find much, just news that Freeman Medical Center had an incident. The hospital was also in lock down.

She locked them in the locker room, trying to keep calm. Hopefully answers would present themselves.

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Lilly was in class learning a new routine for the championships. She performed many different leaps and rolls in synch with the other girls. Miss Vicky seemed more than happy watching them. She cheered them on as Lilly did a triple backwards handspring into a backflip. Right when Lilly landed, an alarm started going off. What is that? She wondered as all the other girls started talking about a fire drill. It didn't sound like the alarm for a fire drill to Lilly.

A lockdown? Lilly thought to herself as a panicked voice came over the intercom, confirming her inner question. They were herded into the locker rooms and the other girls started whimpering and asking if it was a drill or real. Lilly began to get sick and tired of everyone blabbing about wanting to go home. Miss Vicky was obviously scared and it was almost certain that this wasn't a drill. Who gets scared over a drill anyways? No, this was the real deal.

Lilly walked into the locker room with the other girls who were still whining, "Shut up!" Lilly said, finaly at her breaking point. "Can't you guys just stop whining for a second so we can let Miss Vicky think? God, it's like you guys are 5!"

The other girls quieted down and looked at their teacher for guidance, but Lilly didn't. Instead she started looking for possible ways for all of them to get out of there if there really was a bad guy somewhere in the building. They were in the basement, but there were windows that were above the lockers. Lilly was pretty sure she could be out of them inno time flat if the time came to run, but she wasn't sure if the others would be able to follow. If they barricaded the doors with the benches, they might have enough time to get out before a bad guy could bust down the door, guns blazing.

She shook her head, what was she thinking? The cops would be here in no time to get rid of the bad guy. it was probably just some hobo looking for a place to pee anyways.

She looked at Miss Vicky and whispered, "We'll be ok, right?"

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Vicky listened in awe as Lilly demanded the girls attention. They quickly quieted under her direction. Vicky smiled a reassuring smile at the girls.

”We'll be okay right?” Lilly asked. Vicky smiled at Lilly in the sweet way she always does.

“Of course Lilly. We will be fine.” As she said it she knew it wasn't entirely true. The girls were almost trembling in their fear, all except for little Lilly. She was the bravest young girl Vicky had ever seen. She could see her smart analytical eyes searching for a way out.

Suddenly there was a large bang on the door. A few of the girls screamed. Vicky rolled her eyes, so much for pretending no one was home. It continued, a steady loud banging.

“Mrs. Darling, is that you?” Vicky asked, if it was an intruder they would already know someone was here. She hoped it was just the activities director, letting her know that everything was clear. They didn't respond, the knocking got louder and more aggressive. That was all Victoria needed to hear.

Slowly she pulled the ribbon from her hair, allowing for her beautiful red mane to fall down around her face. She turned to Lilly, obviously the smartest and most in control.

“Lilly,” The was she said her name was totally different. Her voice was totally different. “I need to to get the girls out of here.” she bent down to be on Lilly's level to make sure that she understood. Not degrading her or treating her like a child. In fact she was trusting her with something very adult.

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Lilly nodded quickly understanding. She looked at the girls around her, screaming. Her mind was confused, scared even, but her body was well trained and acted without her direction. She began moving without thinking, executing her half baked plan as soon as she figured what her teacher wanted.

She started pushing wooden benches in front of the door, blocking it from being opened. "Guys go out the windows!" She heard herself say. Knowing that the only other exit was through the barricaded door with the bad guy pounding on the other side. After she felt somewhat satisfied with her baricade she started helping Miss Vicky who was pushing the girls up onto the lockers and out of the windows. As they helped the girls the door started to crack and bend. More bad guys were trying to knock it down.

Right when they helped the last girl out, the door's lock broke and it started to be pushed open. The barricaded door started to slide slowly open and the wooden benches squealed in protest. Lilly took no time to look at the bad guys and ignoring any offered help she backed a few steps up. Then she ran at the lockers at full speed. She jumped and grabed the edge, pulling herself up effortlessly.

She rolled out the window and stood up. What she saw made her heart almost stop.

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The doors began to open as Lilly helped her push the girls out the window. Without hesitation she put all of her weight against the door. She could smell something foul sifting its way through the strong door. Once Lilly successfully climbed the lockers and was out the window Victoria ran for the window's as well.

She followed Lilly's example with a few changes, she was not much a free runner. Soon, with some difficulty, she was pulling herself through the small window. She looked into the room and was confused by what she saw. The bodies were beaten, bloody. They moved slowly, but with direction towards the window they had just left through. They walked like they were drugged, slow and staggering, bumping into things.

She had been thinking about taking the intruder down until she had heard how many there were pounding against the door. Something was terribly wrong. As she looked at the landscape around her, she knew it wasn't over yet. Sirens were loud in the streets, screams could be heard if you listened hard enough. She could see lots of cop cars over by the diner.

Many of the girls were finding their parents, they had come once the chaos had started. It wasn't Victoria's style to watch after kids anyway, but she saw Lilly standing all alone.

"Come on, let's see what kind of information we can get." She said to Lilly, gesturing towards the diner. "Those cops should know something."

She tried to push the knowledge of what she had saw in the locker room out of her mind.

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David pushed through the wreckage to reach the exterior of the diner. He scrambled out over broken beams, shattered tables and bent metal. Cross was moving ever closer to the source of the moans. Each step nearing what he believed to be a survivor from the crash. The horrifying truth however was soon to come face to decaying face with David. Cross finally made his way outside and was forced to step over two more bodies. One was of the young woman from the diner who had been lovingly speaking with her boyfriend in the booth. Now she was laying in ruined state, her body horribly mangled from the crash. Her blood matted hair sticking to her scalp in patches as broken glass clung to what was left of her once flowing locks. David struggled with the sight but powered on as he stepped over her body and the body of one of the police officers.

Cross had to get to the trapped survivor in the ambulance. The moans of what sounded like pain driving him forward. As he neared he called out to the trapped person inside, hoping to calm them.

"Hey don't worry buddy! I'm gunna get you out of there!"

David shouted as he began pulling some of the wreckage away from the door so he could reach the handle. The sound of David's voice seemed to elicit a reaction from the trapped man inside whose moans picked up in volume and urgency. They began groaning frantically as they clawed at the door.

"Just hold on, almost there!"

Cross said as he heaved and yanked some more debris away from the door finally granting him access to the trapped man. He reached up and opened the door only to be greeted by a horrific, broken form of life.

"Hey what the fuck?!"

David cursed as the ghoul fell on him, teeth gnashing. It's bony hands reaching for him. David acted on instinct putting his forearm under it's throat, keeping it from biting him as his other hand kept it from grabbing him. David gritted his teeth in exertion as he struggled to keep the mad man off of him.

"Fucking Christ!"

David growled before bringing his boot up to the maniacs gut and kicking him off of him. The ghastly creature tumbled back and slammed into the back of the ambulance. David scrambled to his feet as he stared at the man in horrified awe. The man's neck had a massive chunk missing from it, dried blood as well as fresh covered most of it's torso and mouth. It's eyes were a sickly yellow and stared out with rabid hunger. The man moaned and took a step toward David but the Ranger was not about to have a second wrestling match with this thing.

"Don't try it pal."

David warned as he brought his fists up in a standard Army CQC stance. The warning fell on deaf ears as the ghoul came for him. David responded by stepping in and throwing a hard right hook to the temple. The blow had knocked Marines twice David's size flat on their ass but this thing was something else. It fell to the floor in a heap but sickeningly got back to it's feet, all the while a haunting growl in it's throat. Again it came for him, bloody hands reaching for him. The military man countered, grabbing it's wrist with his left hand and pulling him forward before throwing his forearm into the ghouls elbow. The bone snapped with a nasty crack as the bone shattered and split out in the opposite direction. The zombie faltered and stumbled back from the force of the attack but barely seemed to notice the broken arm as if feeling no pain. David stared in confusion and horror at the ghastly sight knowing full well that no matter what you were on a broken arm should down just about anybody.

"What the hell are you?..."

He said aloud, taking a tentative step back. It was that step that granted David his salvation. He stepped on the boot of one of the dead cops. He turned and realized that the officers service pistol could mean the end of this fight. He had to act fast as the ghoul was still coming. David darted to the cops side and pulled his weapon from it's holster. A Glock 17 9mm, used by law enforcement nearly all over the world. David took aim and fired in seconds, putting three rounds in a tight grouping in the crazed man's chest. The rounds did nothing to slow it's advance. David stared in disbelief as the monster moaned for his blood. David took a quick step back, this time a kill shot. One round right between the eyes. Blood and brain matter spewed out of the back of the zombies skull before it dropped to the ground finally still.

David stared at the body in confusion as he breathed rapidly with the adrenaline still coursing through his veins. He turned around to scan his immediate area when he heard more moans from nearby. More of those things wandered the streets as sirens could be heard all over town. Chaos had overwhelmed Aurora and the dead feasted on the living. The screams of the dying could be heard on nearly every street corner as gun shouts rang out in the air.

"What the fuck is going on?..."

David muttered to himself as he stared out onto the hellish reality he now found himself in. He crouched beside the cop and searched his body for spare clips. Finding three he pocketed them before looking back up. It was then that his eyes fell on two people. An attractive young woman with fiery red hair and a young girl with a moderate tan coming towards him. His hand tensed on the pistol in his hand but that tension eased once he got a better look at them. No blood, no wounds from what he could see at this distance. They still looked very much alive. For how long however was still open for debate as David caught sight of two more shuffling corpses making their way up behind them. David took few quick steps towards them before shouting.

"Get down!"

He barked before squeezing off two shots. Each expertly placed in the skulls of the walking dead. As the bodies dropped David jogged over to the girls to see if either of them were hurt at all.

"You two alright?"

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Lilly walked with Miss Vicky towards the police cars. But as they approached it became clearer and clearer that they wouldn't be getting any help from them. Lilly had never seen anything like it. An ambulance was inside of the building and the two police cars were smashed in there too. They heard at least one guy moving around and talking inside. Mesmerized, Lilly walked towards the destruction, feeling like she was in some sort of movie. Then she heard shouts that were followed by three loud cracks. They sounded like fire works, only scarier.

Lilly shrieked and stumbled away from the sound. She started to ask Miss Vicky what the sound was when another one rang out. She turned to start running when she heard a man say, "Get down!"

Lilly dropped to the ground as the man shot two more bullets over them and into some people who had been behind them. Lilly stayed on the ground, covering her head and whimpering. Not knowing what to do.

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Victoria didn't even flinch as the bullets whizzed by her head. She knew instantly that this was the man to stay close to. He knew his way around a gun. Lilly was on the ground whimpering. Victoria controlled the urge to roll her eyes, she pulled the girl up, trying to act like she should. She held the girl's head into her stomach, trying to act the part of the concerned teacher.

She looked at the chaos around her and shook her head in bewilderment. What happened to Aurora in the few hours she was teaching a tumbling class?

"You two alright?" the man with the gun asked.

"Fine," Victoria responded. The man didn't see the body rising from the ground behind him. Like a horror movie, the body rose from its grave of rubble. He was like the ones in the locker room.

"Watch out." She didn't yell it, she said it with the deadly calm voice that she held. She let go of Lilly, and before the soldier could turn and see what was happening she had jumped over the soldier's head. She did a high kick to the monster's head, what she assumed was the easiest way to knock the person unconscious.

She looked at the thing as it started coming back to life, she was going to have to kill them or nothing. She turned to the man with the gun.

"What the hell is going on?"

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David watched in surprise as the young woman leapt over his shoulder with a stunning display of acrobatic talent and ferocity, kicking the walking dead in the head. The blow was savage and floored the corpse instantly. Had it have been alive they would have been unconscious before hitting the floor. Knock out shots weren't going to do much to these creatures unfortunately, leaving David one option. Before he could say anything else he walked up to the moaning corpse and put his foot on it's chest, pushing it back down and holding it there. As the zombie's hands raised to grasp David's leg Cross leveled the gun at the creatures forehead and squeezed the trigger. The ground beneath the head became wet with blood and chunks of brain.

David turned a little concerned with how even and measured this young woman was. Seemingly unphased if not a little annoyed at the chaos around them. She had barely flinched when David had fired past her earlier. No tears, no emotion, nothing. It was possible she was just in shock but the soldier was unsure as of yet. His gaze flicked to the little girl, now standing alone after the woman had let go of her hand to go Bruce Lee on a zombie.

"I don't know what's going on, I wish I did. To say that the dead coming back to life is a big problem though would be the understatement of the year."

He said as he slid the gun in his pants, at the small of his back so as not to have it in his hands as he reached the little girl and unsettle her further. He knelt in front of her with a warm reassuring smile.

"Hey there, my names David it's gunna be ok alright. We're gunna get you somewhere safe."

He paused and turned around looking at the woman with the fiery red hair.

"We'll get you both somewhere safe. First we better get off the street, the less we're out in the open like this the better."

David's mind, all the tactical training from his time in the military, began to page through what little he knew about Aurora and what he had seen since coming here. He was thinking about buildings, locations, anywhere that could be easily defended by one man with a scavenged pistol. It had to be somewhere small, somewhere he could easily defend alone. The less entry points the better. Stores offered a good choice. Most had those pull down security gates for locking up at the end of the night. They were made to keep out thieves, they should do wonders against the undead. Yet the majority he'd seen had those big shop windows that once broken would only be inviting trouble. The walkers would see them easily inside and their numbers would just increase. He needed someplace slightly more discrete, something like...

His mind practically screamed at him the answer as he muttered what he'd come up with out loud.

"Monster Mikes."

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Her teacher was so brave, Lilly thought as Miss Vicky helped her up. She took in a shaky breath as she surveyed the area. She felt ashamed at the way she had acted, especially because of the way Miss Vicky was acting. It was like she had changed completely. Lilly had never seen her teacher like this, so cold and uncaring but brave and aware of her surroundings. Lilly shivered even as the older girl held her. She had felt rigid, like she hadn't actually wanted to hold her or even be there. But who would want to be in this situation?

Her teacher said "Watch out," and then high jump kicked a zombie in the head. Lilly gasped when it got back up, but then the man walked over and shot it in the head. Lilly made sure to remember that part. It has to die in the head.

"Hey there, my names David it's gunna be ok alright. We're gunna get you somewhere safe."

Lilly nodded at the big man in front of her. She was calming down now, starting to think more clearly. She shook her head a little at the strange world she had rolled out of that window into. Then the man mentioned Monster Mikes.

Lilly didn't really know much about that part of town, but she knew it was in the opposite direction of her house. Now that she was thinking clearly, she put together a plan of action. She wanted to get home to see if her parents were ok. She also had to change out of this outfit. Home was safe, home had food and Daddy had a gun.

"Mr. David?" Lilly said sweetly as she pulled on the big man's sleeve. "Can we go to my house please? I need to find my mom and dad and make sure they're ok. Miss Vicky, you'll come with me right?" Lilly looked up at them, widening her big green eyes and puffing out her lower lip only a little. She let one tear fall down under her right eye and sniffed a little, just like she had practiced.

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VIcky pulled her hair up in the bow and nodded. Her eyes seemed to soften at the sight of the little girl. She looked so sad and concerned, and Vicky would want to go check on her own mother. She was terrified of what was going on. All this news about the hospital and she knew her mother would be there.

Her brother was also in that part of town.

"She is right David" The sweet soft cooing of her voice had returned. "I want to check on my family too. If you want to come with us it would be deeply appreciated. We could use your expertise. If not, I understand, I'm sure you have your own things you need to do."

She knelt down to talk to Lilly when she saw something moving out of the corner of her eye. Instinctively she pulled Lilly behind her. It was different than before, protecting Lilly was almost her prime objective. She had to get this girl home safely.

Cautiously Vicky approached the movement, it was a man, he was hiding behind a car. She wasn't sure at first if he was one of the walking corpses, or if he was just a man looking for help. She motioned for David to wait, in case it was indeed human.

She got a good look at him. He had dark brown hair, it was neat aside from the places you could see where he had ran his fingers through it in his stressed state. He looked unharmed.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

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David breathed out a quick sigh of concern but nodded to the little girl as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Yeah, sure of course. We'll find them."

David said, his voice unsure yet resolved to find the young girls parents. Trekking off after missing civilians was risky and dangerous but he wasn't about to deny a child an opportunity to find their parents. If the roles were reversed he would go to the ends of the earth to find his brother. He turned to the young woman as she tied her hair up in a bow.

"I'm with you, I'm not about to leave you two ladies out here on your own."

He said with a warm smile before the young woman caught the sound of someone moving nearby. David's smile faded in an instant as his hand went to the gun at his back. It was out and at the ready in seconds. He was about to move forward to engage the target but the woman motioned for him to hang back. David halted but kept his gun ready to drill a hole through whatever was on the other side of the car should it be hostile.

"Are you okay?"

He heard the woman say, whose name was still a mystery to him as was the name of the young girl.

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Matthew stayed hidden behind the car, terrified. He had woken up this morning and started his day as usual, then things had gone insane and the next moment, there were the walking dead - or at least something like them. It was bizarre, like from a sci-fi or horror movie. And now he was here, hiding behind someone else's car after a frantic moment of panic filled fleeing, clutching his conducting baton like some sort of makeshift weapon. Suddenly, he heard people nearby. They were far away, but he heard them clearly.

As they grew closer, he became now and more paranoid. What if they attracted one of those whatever they were? Just as he was about to peek around the car to check, one person looked over the car and spotted him. Frozen, he simply stared back, blue eyes wide and his knuckles turning white as he gripped the baton. Then, one of them spoke. The moment he heard her voice, he unfroze - her voice seemed familiar, had he heard her before? Was she student at the middle or high school? He could forget a face but he never forgot a voice.

"Y-Yes," he said quietly, standing slowly, looking around himself cautiously. "Are you?" he inquired in return. Perhaps she would recognize him before he recognized her. Depending on the time of day, he taught at the middle school or the high school - high school in the morning and middle later in the afternoon. A quick glance at all of them showed that they were far from walking corpses, and he even clearly recognized one of them - The young Lilly Williams from one of his more... rambunctious choirs.

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"I'm fine," She used her sweet voice to coax him out of his hiding spot. She stared at him long and hard. He looked familiar somehow. Then she had it, she smiled enthusiastically at him, happy to see a familiar face.

"You work at the high school don't you?" She asked. She tried to think back to before she graduated. "You taught the music class." She held out her hand to him.

"My name is Vicky Dawn. I took your class about 2 years back. This is David, we only just met, and Lilly, she is one of my students." Things were tumbling out of her mouth stupidly.

"I'm glad to see that you are okay. We are heading towards Lilly's house. We have to get her home," She turned to the girl.

"Where do you live anyway exactly?" She inquired of the girl.

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Lilly saw her choir teacher, Mr. Cave, behind the car as he came out. Miss Vicky recognized him too. He looked really scared and Lilly wondered how he had gotten there. It was strange to see him outside of the classroom. But, Lilly felt that she wouldn't see any of her classes any more anyways. Inside she felt a little jolt of excitement as she realized there would never be any more homework. Then she realized that the world she was in was a hard price to pay for no homework.

She woke up from her thinking to hear Miss Vicky asking her a question.

"Where do I live?" She asked rhetorically, thinking to herself. She realized that she knew the way, if they took backroads, alleys, and the backyards of people's houses; but she had no idea about how to get there using streets. She also wasn't quite sure how to explain it to them. She also wondered if these people would be able to follow her if she took her usual routes. They generally involved a lot of climbing, jumping, and falling from moderate heights. She wondered if these old people would be able to handle the strain.

"I can lead you there," Lilly said after a few seconds of contemplation. "But you might know a quicker way...It's close to the park. We could go there first and I could lead you from there if you want."

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"The faster we're on the move the better. I don't like us being out here in the open like this. Lead the way Lilly, we're right behind you."

He said giving her a reassuring wink before checking how many shots he had left in his current clip and eyeing the nearby streets for signs of trouble. The nearby moans of walkers were ever present but fortunately there were none in visual distance. At least not yet. David took a minute to shake the new teachers hand as he introduced himself.

"Hey there, David Cross. Hell of a day huh?"

He said half sarcastic.

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Matthew was quiet as Vicky talked, always having been a very polite man. As she asked if he taught at the highschool, specifically if he taught music, he smiled lightly and nodded, muttering a quiet 'yes'. It was comforting to know that two younger people had enough sense to take action while keeping their heads in the right place. He visibly calmed quite a bit once he realized that they were there, strongly believing in strength in numbers. He held his conducting baton loosely in one hand as he straightened his back.

"Yes, i remember you," he spoke after Vicky's brief introduction. "One of the few that paid attention if i remember correctly," With a sigh, he continued. "And i know Lilly, she's one of my current students - Also one of the few that pay attention." It was sobering for him to think about how many students tried to take his class for an easy A (although they quickly were proven wrong when they're lack of work ethic earned them a very solid D or F). Teenagers now...

He was pulled from his thoughts when the man, David, spoke up. He offered him a smile as he introduced himself. "A pleasure you meet you Mr. Cross, although i wish it would have been under different circumstances - Hell of a day indeed." Offering his hand politely, he spoke quietly. "I'm Matthew Cave," Once the pleasantries were finished, he quickly shifted his attention like flicking a switch.

They needed to get Lilly home - And she was the only one who know how to get there, so she would have to lead the way for all of them. Hopefully they'd make it - Alive.