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Winter Wise

0 · 204 views · located in A mansion for the ill in the land of Ferya

a character in “Barlo Mansion”, as played by org.xii.psycho


Name - Winter Onyx Wise
Age- 20
Gender- female
Race- Demon
Personality- Acts like a normal 20-something, but becomes icy when asked personal questions. Likes to change the subject, and avoid talking about her history. Enjoys being alone, but forces herself to interact with others. She likes to keep up appearances. Once she makes close friends, she opens up. But she has yet to make any close friends to open up to. Sometimes she burst out in misplaced anger/sadness from bottling things up.
Appearance-Tall, 6'0, and skinny. Could be a model. Long dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. Is missing her left arm, and has many scars covering her entire body. No scars on her face.


So begins...

Winter Wise's Story

'Crap' Winter thinks to herself as she walks up the long walk way. It's already dark out, so Winter knows she's late. They probably won't even let her in.
'Wh-where are we-e?
Winter sighs as she knocks on the door. 'At our new home, kid.' She thinks. It's cold outside, and winter is glad she wore a sweater. She's also glad she didn't pack much, only a backpack with a few outfits inside. She shifts on her feet as an uncomfortable feeling washes over her. She can no longer tell if it's herself or if its her. That's why she's here. Hopefully someone will be able to help her. Or help her help herself. Winter knocks on the double doors again and hopes someone gets to her soon. Her sweater isn't that thick.

Lark hurried to the door. The young man was in a complete frenzy. Too much was going on. Where were those dammed birds!? "Gahhh!!!" he exclaimed in frustration as he pulled on his hair. He opened the door and looked down at the shivering girl. "Hello young ma'am... holy 'ol cow, ya' look frozen!" he exclaimed. He would have given her his jacket but... wait... oh yeah, he had just given it to Alice. "Come on in and get warmed up..."

"T-thank you." By the time someone had gotten to the door Winter was feeling as cold as well... winter. Once she was inside she looked around, the house was beautiful, and well decorated. Someone spent a lot of money turning this place into was it was today. She looked at the young man in front of her. He looked riled up, and stressed. "I'm Winter, sorry if I'm too late to get a room. " She said.

"It's never to late to join us here at Barlo Mansion." He told her with a friendly smile on his face. "Did you bring any extra clothes?" he asked as her looked her and down. She wasn't wet, but he was pretty sure that clothes could remain cold for quite some time. "Make yourself at home, dinner will be over soon but you can always ask the chef's to re-heat some food for you..." he said as he gestured towards the hallway that led to the dining room.

"Or, if you would like, you may go find a room right now and get warmed up... or I can take you to one if you want."

"I think I'll go find a room." Winter said, "And change my clothes." She looked at the stairs. "Are there rooms still available on the second floor?" Lark looked to busy to really know. Winter shifted her bag on her shoulder and grabbed what was left of her her right arm. She did this when she was nervous, feeling as if this would cover her more.

Lark shrugged, "Im sorry, but I had some business to attend to earlier... so I am not sure as to who lives where..." the young man looked pretty embarrassed. "Not many people have arrived here yet... so there should be several rooms left upstairs," he said with a smiled. "If you need any help, just holler!"

Lark was still wondering where that blasted bird had gone off too!

Aria had tears in her eyes as she began choking, she managed to let out one strangled cry, loud enough for anyone to hear. "Somebody.... HELP!!!" She grabbed at the shadowy fingers that had captured her throat. Her hands passed through the shadow and she was unable to get a grip on him but the fingers around her throat were definitely strangling her. She struggled but began to lose air. Is... is this it? She thought through the choking and the tears.

Tears streamed down Aria's face as the shadow, whatever it was, continued to squeeze at her throat. She couldn't breath, couldn't swallow, couldn't scream. Her brain was beginning to go haywire from lack of blood and oxygen and she began to thrash violently, it was the only thing she could do. She swung her arms and twisted her body but the hands were relentlessly glued to her throat. Her feet kicked the nightstand causing the lamp to fall with a loud crash and her fists went above her head to bang on the closed door. Someone... please... help us... She thought frantically.