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Barlo Mansion

Celebrations Hall


a part of Barlo Mansion, by Alappassi.

This is where all celebrations are held at Barlo...

Alappassi holds sovereignty over Celebrations Hall, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The celebrations hall is a large room with columns and a fireplace at the farthest end. The ceiling has detailed artwork etched into it and there are chandeliers hanging there as well.

This is where the winter event will be held!
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Celebrations Hall

This is where all celebrations are held at Barlo...


Celebrations Hall is a part of Barlo Mansion.

1 Places in Celebrations Hall:

7 Characters Here

Damakos Zanaver [22] Dangerously Genre Savvy
Tarik [22]
??? [14]
Tawny Manubrium [11] Violence begets violence.
Aamu [11] A temporary character

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#, as written by Savance
Tawny was actually having a decent time as long as she was at Tarik's side - it didn't even matter that there wasn't anything between them but for right now, it would suffice that they were on as friendly terms as they were. It felt strange, feeling as liberated as she did after she'd been set straight from her old ways - there was always the old demon that lurked at the back of her mind that called for blood, that called for someone to draw their own blood but she would not listen, she didn't want to ruin the moment.
The way Tarik offered her something to eat made her feel in a way that perhaps /he/ wanted something to eat so she went off to the buffet table with a tea plate and looked over some of the deserts on display - they all looked so good but surely, there wouldn't be enough space on the plate if she wanted to carry one of everything so she would merely have to choose the best looking thing and hope that Tarik is pleased with her decision. It was then though.. that tragedy struck.
The glass shattered and the entire incident played in a slowed down version of what happened - the shadow of something monstrous appeared behind the window and cracks appeared first as the creature struck at the pane and then.. it happened. Her eyes immediately flew to Tarik and she screamed as the shard of glass whizzed past his arm; she, unfortunately, was not as lucky; she began to run to him, feeling quite restrained in the dress and found herself struck twice - once in her torso and another that barely glanced her forehead but still made purchase. The Coronai winced as blood poured out, staining the dress then shivered as a strange heat overtook her body.. she was hurt but it was starting to feel.. good.

That creature though.. it better not.. be thinking about hurting her Flyboy.

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#, as written by Savance
Darla had actually missed seeing both Tawny and Tarik on her way going to and coming from the dressing room so changing was uneventful for her. It would've been uneventful either way since her doggy-mind didn't care if anyone saw her naked; granted, her human-mind did care but it was often overwritten by her animal instinct in this matter, for the very least.
Upon returning to the Celebration Hall, she padded along and kept her tail in her hands to avoid having it swing and bump someone's drink into them as had happened earlier; poor Darla already had enough attention as it was wearing the kami-shimo.
But.. she would need to see Mr.Barlo, wouldn't she ? He'd chosen the Noh Mai dance, a traditional Japanese dance that normally had men playing both the roles of men and women but she would have to alert that she were ready anytime he wanted her to perform. It was then though.. that tragedy struck.
As she stepped closer to Mr.Barlo and the tiefling, the glass broke and the ultra sharp projectiles flew everywhere, Darla held her hands in front of her face defensively but nothing happened to the young inu - by her own power or otherwise. The creature stormed in and a burning anger filled her, just what was this thing and why would it hurt all these people? Not all of them were her friends and the only nice one was probably Mr.Barlo but.. but... why? Her hair bristled on end, she wanted to growl but she couldn't.. so she kept her glare fierce on it until it left.

--Warden Kerovski--
The only /real/ place to find any sleep was, of course, going to be in the Celebrations Hall, Warden didn't want to risk being seen by that girl again who'd made fun of his Toxic Breath - partially because he was embarrassed of how he acted and partially because of the aforementioned fact that she'd made fun of him once so she would probably just do it again.. that's typically how he was treated. The sounds of glass breaking and people screaming reached his ears even before he got into the grand, decorated hall.. just what was going on today? First that girl, now this? Perhaps it would've been better to just leave and head somewhere else that didn't have so much chaos going on.

Regardless, he sped into the hall, almost being flattened by the creature that was on its way out and followed after it - there was likely nothing he'd be able to do in there but maybe he'd be able to put his Toxic Breath to good use if that beast had caused so much suffering inside.

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Damakos is caught off guard by the perplexity he’s experiencing. He expected an answer like this and he thought it would make sense, but it does not. This is especially true while pondering every occurrence leading up to their encounter. It is not good when an answer raises suspicious questions. It annoys him. The second question serves to further irk his nerves because it implies that Mr. Saifforo knows more about the Tiefling than he is letting on. It is as frightening as Jordyn stalking him; damn near the same concept even.

His prepared response is interrupted by wind beating furiously against the large windows. Damakos can only glance above with his jaw agape as nature impedes his exit the exact night he plans to leave! The most frustrating aspect is how it came literally out of nowhere, almost like magic.

An equally interruptive thump causes the Tiefling to follow Mr. Saifforo, but does not turn away immediately when he does from the window.

He squints at a mysterious creature tapping against the glass. It is easy to spot from inside due to his Dark Vision, even with the chaotic flurry of snow. “Everything is not well” he affirms, glancing back to the man. His suspicions are confirmed through the bursting of glass, scattering debri and the people with it in a fit of panic.

Damakos used his quick reflexes to evade the significantly larger shards. He then catches a glimpse of the creature direction before it goes down the hall. Having ignored Alice, Airi and Jordyn earlier, he is unaware of the danger they were in. The only person whose life counts at the moment, besides his is Mr. Saifforo’s.

"If you need help training guards" he grunts, "Then start by sending them after that beast".

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(Bump to Etoile!)

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Mr. Saiforro raised an eyebrow at Damakos' comment. It was blunt but certainly made a large deal of sense. With a snap of his fingers the three swallows were at his side, "Go after him," he ordered. The three birds flew in two circles before darting off down the corridor after the winged beast.

He then looked at Damakos once more, "Do you care to watch?" he asked as he strolled on down the hall at a casual pace. He was in no hurry. Even as his guests hurried past him and ran out the door he did not seem to once raise a hand in comfort. Whatever was going on, it was not the highest on Mr.S' priority list.


Tarik froze in a moment of fear as Tawny ran to him, blood staining her beautiful white dress. "Tawny..." he whispered as he stared at her blankly. A strange shade had passed over his eyes, as though something far worse had happened. Something that had interrupted everything in his life. Something... ominous. The man's body began to tremble as he stared at his friend blankly.

Aamu ran over to the two of them and took Tarik by the shoulders, then shook him gently, "Tarik!" she waved her hand in front of the man's face. "TARIK! Wake up!" She snapped. "Come on, we have to help before the guards kill it!" Of course, Tawny knew nothing about the Barlo Mansion curse of never being able to die or leave if you spent a night there. The woman had a strong sense of helping others and no creature was worth slaying.

As the clock struck 12:01 a strange panging sensation rang through her chest. She winced and looked at Tawny, then back at her friend. Tarik's expression had returned to normal. He nodded in response and flew up to the ceiling where he grabbed a curtain rope and threw it back down to both Tawny and Aamu, "Lets go!"

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Damakos shakes his head and brushes away the offer. He makes very little haste while following alongside Mr. Saiforro, who adopted a surprisingly leisurely demeanor during a clearly unstable situation. On the other hand it has made the Tiefling much more aware of his surroundings. There is no telling what else entered the mansion. What is twice as off putting about Mr. Saiforro is what he had stated before.

“Who are these ‘people’ you thought may know of others in need of ‘assistance’ here? Specifically in relation to me” he inquires “And furthermore, what ‘assistance’ are you offering here?” While asking this question, he hears Airi scream from down the hall, but she is of no real concern to him at the moment. He will definitely have to stay in the mansion right up until the storm clears up, watching his back the entire time, but the least the man can do is acquire answers while the opportunity remains.