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Barlo Mansion

The hallways


a part of Barlo Mansion, by Alappassi.

Long carpeted hallways travel all throughout the mansion...

Alappassi holds sovereignty over The hallways, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

475 readers have been here.


The carpets in the hallways are red and paintings decorate the walls. There are various statues as well.
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The hallways

Long carpeted hallways travel all throughout the mansion...


The hallways is a part of A mansion for the ill in the land of Ferya.

4 Characters Here

Jordyn McTosh [39] "Sleep. Gotta stay up... Sleep. Gotta stay up..."
Alice Harrison [35] Shy, loves the rain
Airi Saifforo [26] Lark's little sister...
Isamu Korino [21] The head guard at Barlo Mansion

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Character Portrait: Aria
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Aria made her way down the hall, worried and upset, wondering what she'd done to upset the boy from earlier. She let out a slow sigh and made her way down the hallway. Her wings were drooping sadly.


3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Alice Harrison Character Portrait: Jordyn McTosh Character Portrait: Airi Saifforo
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#, as written by Savance
He continued his march as random indescribable images of horror assaulted his senses even going as far to not just affect his sight but also his smell and touch; the smell of sulfur and bird made him sick to his stomach and ever so often, he would feel a feathered wing brush past his arm. It all felt so much more vivid now; heck, maybe it was a mistake coming to Barlo in the first place if holding in his "sickness" only amplified the intensity of it - his stable mind that struggled to hold on feared the end of his dementia.

'For those of you at home who still don't get it; it works like this..
Phase 1 : Depression. Something pushes me into an unrelinquishing sadness and gloom.
Phase 2 : Hallucinations. Very.Disturbing.Shxt.
Phase 3 : Unadulterated Violence, maybe some anger. You ever see in those cartoons where they drop a safe on a guy?'

Jordyn blinked hard, why did he suddenly feel the need to explain.. to no one, in particular.. how his madness worked? Geez, he was really losing it now, wasn't he?
The young man cupped his hands and curled his fingers inward so the sand poured into his hands, it was then he had a sharp encounter with reality. Alice! He dropped the sand that, regrettably, might've landed on her foot - there was nothing special or strange about it unless it got in one's eyes. As a Sandman, he had the ability to give and take away dreams but one thing he realized was that, according to psychology, dreams were only available during R.E.M. sleep. This meant, in essence, that /he/ had the power to inflict sleep onto whoever he chose; while it wasn't easy at first, he came to be able to make that hypothesis a reality.

Regardless, the colour drained from his face and his eyes were as saucers in his face when he saw Alice and little Airi.. who.. were they? Their bright shining faces were cloaked in light and he knew he /should/ recognize who it was but..this was weird..
Jordyn shook his head which sent his blonde hair this way and that then he cupped his hands as he had them before and took a fast step away. Would he get away? But, oh yes.. he would. Before the sand filled his hand to the point of overflowing, his body flickered out of existence once.. then he was there again.. then flickered again.. in a few moments, he was invisible and sped from the duo, whoever they were.


4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Alice Harrison Character Portrait: Jordyn McTosh Character Portrait: Isamu Korino Character Portrait: Airi Saifforo
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#, as written by étoile
"Jordyn..." Alice whispered beneath her breath when she watched his strange expressions, the uncontrollable sand, the flickering of his presence. Just as she reached out to grab his hand he he disappeared. She stared at the blank space in front of her, stunned. Why was he leaving, why didn't he stay with her and Airi? Was, he couldn't be one of..

Chaos from the Celebrations hall Behind them awoke Alice out of her reverie and she shook her head. She felt more alone than ever, confused and wanting a friend. Unfortunately, the only one left had fled from her, rather unexpectedly and left her with millions of questions that couldn't be answered now.

Alice whispered beneath her breath, "We need to get out of here..." Grasping Airi's hand, she started down the hall in search of r Jordyn, but she couldn't find (or see, since he had gone invisible) anyone. They hadn't gone far--her damn heels were weighing her down. Alice stopped short and whipped off her heels, tossing them aside. The cold floor sent chills up her legs and knees. She knelt beside Airi, looked into her eyes. "How're you doing, are you all right? We're going to be fine, just..stay with me." But Alice didn't know she was going to be fine. Or that Airi would be safe just with Alice.

Her gaze shot up around her. There was only one last resort, and that was to find Isamu.


5 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Alice Harrison Character Portrait: Jordyn McTosh Character Portrait: Isamu Korino Character Portrait: Airi Saifforo Character Portrait: ???
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Airi had tried her best to keep up with Alice, but her legs were beginning to ache quite a bit. She whimpered in pain and clung to the young woman's dress as they walked. Upon hearing the loud crash from the Celebration's hall her grip tightened even more. "I wan't my p-papa!" The small girl whined, tears welling up in her large eyes.

A sound echoed through the halls. A bone-chilling, toe-curling, blood-curdling sound. Tap... click...tap... click... the sound came closer and close and soon a shadow appeared on the wall. A gigantic shadow, shaped almost like a dragon. The noise stopped and the shadow remained in it's place, sticking to the wall, quietly.

Upon seeing the shadow Airi let out a scream.

The shadow's head turned, and then the body seemed to lift into the air. Before they knew it the large beast from the Celebration's Hall stood before them, it's tail curled at it's side and it's eerie amber eyes studying their every move.