Taron "Grim" Stern

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a character in “Barren Planet”, as played by Ken Shiro


Character skelly: Taron "Grim" Stern (No idea what you mean by 'skelly' but im guessing you mean name?)
Race: Half elf half human.
Description: 6' 6" tall, 210 lbs, bald, dark brown eyes, well toned muscles but not too 'bulky'. He wears a pair of fingerless black gloves, a long leather trenchcoat, a tight black tank-top and some quite baggy cargo trousers. His shoes are just a pair of normal black and white trainers in quite bad condition.
Age: 26
Role: Fighter, semi-caster
Abilities: Has extronary skills with hand to hand combat and with most melee weapons. His skills as a caster dwindel but is still able to cast the most basic of defensive and ofensive abilitys.
Gear: He carrys;
A large 2-handed sword on his back:

Two modified sawnoff shotguns on either hip:

He also carrys a device strapped to his right forearm which acts as a serrated scorpion balde and can flip out into a small single shot crossbow:

So begins...

Taron "Grim" Stern's Story