Don't underestimate the power of Blood, it is life after all. (still fixing spelling.)

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a character in “Battle of the Elements”, as played by MañanaSeeks


Name: Hel
Pack: Strigoi
Gender: Female
Description: Image

Though Hel is still a bit smaller than most wolves she has a very daunting appearance. Her jet black fur is a gene passed on by her mother, and her yellow eyes (meaning not only her irises but the rest of her eyes as well.) a genetic defect from her abnormal birthing. Her fur has blood red patches in it, that havebt gone away since the firatbtime she used her "Rain" ability.

Her paws are quite large, suggesting she may still be growing and her fangs hang out of her mouth in a near awkward way. She has longer fur than most, with a fluffy tail tipped with red. As mentioned her yellow eyesbare a defect, with her irises being a darker golden green color and giving them a glowing effect.


Hel is known for her attitude, wich is quite snappish and mean. She thinks nothing of hurting others and is often very moody. She is smart but doesn't like to share her smarts with anyone and is defensive of anything she has. She is known to attack when angry and has a very, very short fuse. She is darkly morbid and most thoughts she share centers on slaughter, gore, and the sweet taste of blood.

She can have sweet moments though, mostly only if she is great friends with the one she is sharing the moment with. She often expresses her love for young wolves as well, and has a soft spot for them.


Hel has adapted feom a sickly pup to a strong and resilient adult. Her body is much different from those of her land and thus has gained an ability called "Rain" in wich she is able to use her body as a sprinkler to jet toxic blood at attackers. This however has its downfalls. If she uses this ability for too long it will drain her. Or if she goes a short time over the limit of what she can use it she may loose some of her blood regenerative abilities.

Also as a sort of extra Blood ability she can change the "Rain" to a single blood strand that extends from her back kind of like a whip. Its not as powerful as the "Rain" and has a very short reaching distance. Its only upside is that the blood doesn't leave her body once she's done using the whip.


Her blood whip could be considered equipment, but other than that she carries only the fur on her back. She likes living dangerously near death - its a thrill for her.


Her mother spent most of the pregnancy starved of blood, struggling helplessly to keep herself and the pups withen alive. She was the packs Omega, and only became pregnant because of a dominance type thing. She died giving birth to Hel, who happened to be the only pup still alive. She however was very sickly, and almost every member of her pack thought she wouldnt survive infancy. She was given to a pack caretaker, whom helped her to survive those first few weeks where her body continuously rejected the blood that would save her life

After she surpassed the expectations of deatg she trained her body to handle the copious amounts of blood withen, and hones her abilities the best she could. She grew in rank among the pack until she was no longer seen as a sickly pup who could die at any moment. She became a real fighter for thebpack, training along side the strongest of the fighters. Her "Rain" ability developed late in her years, and surprised many as nobody else in the pack knew how to control that ability

So begins...

Hel's Story