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a character in “Battle of the Elements”, as played by MañanaSeeks


Name: Kadver
Pack: Alva
Gender: Male
Description: Image
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Personality: Unlike his brother Ikol, Kadver is much more calm and relaxed. Though his blood still sings to slay others he can control his most primal urges. Being around him for many of the Avra is a nearly soothing effect, as he has a strong mind that allows him to plan and strategize his kills. He Is often the only thing that stands between Ikol and the slaughter of others. He tries to be the sensible one, but he won't hesitate to kill. He will stand up for any wolf in danger and has too much compassion.

He is considered a strange but welcome force among his pack, and is often tasked with taking care of injured pack members.

Abilities: other than the usual his only special technique is Fear Fog. Wich has beeb detailed in Ikols Sheet.


Bone Armor just as any other Alva wolf, though his bones come from his grandfather who happened to be one of the fiercest alpha wolves in the pack up until an ascension was made on his spot and he was killed defending his position

History: [in editing]

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